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Be honest
Do you think you'll be able to forgive humanity for what it did to you?
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Only if by the end of my vengeance it has the capability to forgive me.
I already have.

Original post there.
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So I recently got rejected by a girl. In specific a girl that gave me a reason not to commit suicide in middle school. I was so autistic, fat ,ugly you name it. Anyways she comes back to me after all these years and the happiness she brought comes back. I ask her out and she says she wants to hang out more first, which makes sense considering I hasn't seen her for so long. Our schedules dont line up so we have very few chances to hang out. On the days we did something would always come up. Her daily texts stopped and now it was a cycle of me sending a text, getting left on read, and then repeating. I acknowledged this and she said it was because she had two jobs, which made sense to me. So I say fuck it, I ask her if I'm bothering her and she says no, and that shes still interested in hanging out but that shes bad at texting. I think okay, whatever. And text her more. She leaves me on read. I am in peak desperation mode and just straight up ask her if she wants to fuck. She says haha no thanks. My friend thinks it would be funny for him to try, I asked him not to but he says he didn't hear me. He asks to fuck and sends her a Sprite cranberry meme. Her response? Oh yeah we cant right now because I'm at work. I'll text you when I'm on break. When she rejected me I could cope with that, but the fact my friend could beat my effort on 30 seconds with a fucking Sprite meme has been ringing through my mind all day and its driving me insane. It's all I can think about. What the FUCK do I do? I've been thinking about just ending it all day because I dont even amount to a fucking Sprite meme from somebody she barely knew. I feel sick. I know this feeling of inadequacy is going to kill me
I commend your efforts mr. Coca Cola (tm) advertisement man
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>TL;DR - They dodn't even realize they did anything, so yeah, I guess, whatevs
Of course, but that's because I'm a fucking font of equanimity, it's because my capacity to forgive is too good for this world... or something... I dunno anon. Not even like Humanity is a organized unit anyway that has acted with some some collective goal just to torment me or you, I'm not narcissistic enough to believe that. The tragedy is, all the shit in my life is incidental, it could have been me, it could have been someone else, it was thoughtless and indiscriminate. If my crummy childhood, missed opportunities, the bullying, the never finding out my talents were until my 20's etc. were a concerted and delibrete effort to keep me down, then I'd be more significant, more special than I really am.
I am nothing. I am no one.
No, I wish nothing but pain upon the human race.
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Honestly? I'd be in favor of you just killing the girl and the guy if you end it yourself. Stick it to the man before going out, in my mind in all honesty she deserves it for being such a worthless whore. You'd be doing the world a minute good by removing her and your "friend" from the gene pool.
He's not going to do anything but cry some more and suck up to this bitch and orbit her. Just watch.
But of course. But perhaps if he had the gaul, he'd do it. The world would objectively be a better place without her, and other whores like her. It burdens me every day to know that the majority of women are whores for chad, and that's literally their entire personality. You can cope with a bad body, even make it better. You can cope with a bad face, but you can't cope with an entire world falling into a degenerate pit.
No. I'm going to spend my life trying to cause mass catastrophe in some way.

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