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>high school
>have crush on cute, mousy glasses-wearing mutt girl
>very quiet and sweet
>likes art and is a decent artist
>never swears or acts like a bitch, generally just very pleasant to be around
>used to come into the computer lab and play games with us at lunch sometimes
>dunno if she liked me but at least she was nice to me and made conversation
>in second year she has an exchange student from one of those utopian all-white countries up north come stay with her family
>guy is tall af and a turbo chad, blonde hair blue eyes.
>find out she sucked his dick on his last day at our school
I dropped out a few months later but that was unrelated since i was suicidal for other reasons. I wasn't bitter or anything since I don't think i had a chance with her and i never did anything about it.
Anyway my point is that every girl's first experiences belong to Chad and not you.
You might get a turn with her when she's 30 so just keep working on yourself until then.
for the first five points i thought you were describing me i almost had a heart attack
>You might get a turn with her when she's 30 so just keep working on yourself until then.
I agree. Be obedient beta, wait until your used goods ridesm cock carousel long enough to get bored and then settle down for provider, still occasionally banging with stray Chad
File: check raise.png (654 KB, 789x720)
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Literal proof that all girls want Chad.
Just put on a backpack and hang out at your local high schools looking for cuties. Chances are that 1 in 20 of the girls are virgins and you can be their Chad after you've self improved. There is always hope.
Even the most wholesome girl will let Chad bend her over a table at a moments notice.
You can't blame then for being like this. It's just basic biology.
lol reminds me of this
starts at 1:50

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