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What's with all the women hate threads? Literally I dont care what gender you are, as long as you're as autistic and much of a social reject as me.

Incels are NOT robots. They'll never be robots. All of them belong on reddit.
I agree that incels are not robots but women hate is just something incels and robots have in common
women are the source of all mans woe
because they are more brainwashed by traditional media and advertising than their lonely outsider self- image would lead them to believe.
They don't realize that Hollywood, in particular Disney, and Madison Avenue have crammed down their throat a particular narrative about courtship and love that is quite frankly far more rare than the media would lead you to believe (hence why it's a useful narrative to use, since it's unobtainable but desirable).
Rather than hate at the media, which would be admitting they are sheeple who can't think for themselves, nor the other men (Chads etc.) - who they feel inferior to anyway, they hate women for not lowering their standards enough to validate them according to this shitty narrative about courtship.
Woman live on easymode thats why.
Fuck off, you unoriginal soft cunt.
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When I think of a robot I think emotionless. I wouldn't imagine a robot would hate much of anything but rather just be a soulless, apathetic drifter who doesn't much care about how many friends they have or how fucked society is as a robot is not a part of human society.

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