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You cannot reply anymore.

>she's not thinking about you and probably never will
>she does, and last time texting you was obviously 3-4 min after having her bf tongue in her mouth
Better to be forgotten, bro.
File: 1543558072260.jpg (42 KB, 560x612)
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>there is a girl out there thinking about ideals for a man which I meet
>there is a girl out there that meets the ideals for a woman I think about
>we will NEVER find each other
File: 1540462996022.jpg (514 KB, 1536x2048)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
And that's A-okay, my friends, I've come to a place where I can lover her without needing her to love me back.
She messaged me once wishing me happy birthday. That's enough for me, I'm satisfied.
she does, but there is nothing I can do about it anymore
but I often wonder what would happen if I told her I loved her still, probably not good things
One more for you guys, take it easy, OP.
No one ever remembered my birthday. I never realised how sad it was
>meet qt girl
>fall for one another
>becomes ldr
>drift apart
>message her out of the blue about a year later
>"sorry anon I dont feel that way about you anymore"
>"no, I'm not seeing anyone else but I just dont feel that way"
>never message each other after that
I still think about reaching out to her sometimes. Its painful to me that I still think about her often but she probably never thinks about me. It feels like I meant nothing to her.
That's why it's enough for me. I knew her since grade school so had plenty of time to make her hate me. The fact she wished me happy birthday and asked how I was doing was more than I ever expected.
File: 1519506679495.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
>She was aborted

That one pic with the aborted gf got under my skin
I met a girl like that once too. It's painful that after a couple of months they completely forget about you. I've known dogs with better memories than girls.
File: 28654051.jpg (13 KB, 448x332)
13 KB
>tfw you still dream about her on a weekly basis and she prob forgot you already
It's not fair bros, why do ppl fall in love if they now it'll never happen
There is no "she", because there is no one in my life and I don't talk to anyone or desire to speak to anyone.
>muh fee-fees muh roast beef queef a bloo bloo bloo

Nah nigga my man Dusty CHADthemhoesborough here to free you.
I like dreaming about the conversations we'll never have. Always wake up in a good mood. She could very well hate me in my dreams too.
File: wojak.png (28 KB, 332x363)
28 KB
>you will never have your cute, tender girlfriend squirm around in your arms and adjust her position beneath the duvet cover until her body can get no closer to your own then kiss the smooth skin of your inner wrist and whisper "goodnight Anon, I love you"
>you will never feel secure in a relationship with someone who you know, due to some kind of instinct that you needn't even question, loves you and sees you not only as their lover but as their best friend, and who you know you will care about to whatever extent for the rest of your life
>you will never have someone be curious to learn more about your life, about your likes and dislikes, and about your often niche and highly personal tastes and hobbies just for the sake of knowing more about you so as to have more of you to love
>you will never dress in smart clothing for a formal dinner attended by people you largely don't know but are associated with due to your employment or academic studies, and have your girlfriend tell you not to look at her until she's done dressing and finally remove your hands from your eyes and see her standing there all dressed up waiting quietly and vulnerably for you to tell her that she looks pretty
>you will never lie shirtless in bed and hold your shy, quiet love in your arms and silently communicate your mutual affection without saying a word or altering your facial expression
>you will never receive consistent, subtle, often-humorously expressed but ultimately serious and genuine encouragement from a girl who perceives your potential and is unwilling to allow your self-doubt, self-loathing, tendency for self-sabotage and occasional lapse into nihilistic apathy to prevent you from being all you can be
>you will never hear her say "I do"
>you will never make her proud of you
>you will never make her feel lucky to have met you
Everybody thinks about me. I'm awesome as fuck!
File: 1545293208080.jpg (88 KB, 493x637)
88 KB
>oneitis friendzoned me and then transitioned into a guy
>tfw she even hates you and is rude to you in your dreams
>his oneitis is a fucking tranny
At least we're not as lame as this fucking guy. lol
File: 1544022074566.jpg (69 KB, 797x796)
69 KB
at least 5 of my oneitises have been literal trannies
please make it stop for the love of god
File: nigga srsly tho.jpg (33 KB, 600x399)
33 KB
how is that possible dot com originally
I stopped messaging one of my best online friends about 2 weeks ago when I realized I was the one inititing conversation 99% of the time. She hasn't contacted me a single time since then. Feels sad man.
have you considered the possibility that youre gay?
Did they never post pics or something? Im assuming these are e-""girls"" because if it was irl then you must be blind, deaf and without smell to not notice.
>message girl on Facebook a few times, starting with telling her shes cute
>spend roughly an hour or so between each message I send her
>she responds to almost every single one within seconds but doesnt explicitly show interest but doesnt seem to want to stop talking either (just moved into a new place with her boyfriend)

Should I keep going?
>has a bf
yeah sure keep going
you might make me laugh at some point
File: 1541563380490.png (423 KB, 900x1146)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
no, saw them all in person
i ended up going to a (((tolerant))) school where they go after being kicked out of other schools for being faggots
they were all there and it was just nauseating progressive jewish madness 24/7
File: 1534467074773.jpg (78 KB, 750x937)
78 KB
>her boyfriend
>Either going to be loyal and you are not getting shit
>or she isn't, and you do get shit. A shit person on legs with a vagina in your life.

Yeah sounds like areally good usage of your time.
I feel sorry for you brainwashed faggot anon.
I had a tranny bank teller today and I couldnt look at them without feeling uneasy.
I lived with a thot and her bf and she would follow me around smoking weed with me all day while her bf was at work; and starting beating the shit out of him the very week I moved out. Pretty sure she wanted my dick

I havent met any cute girls who werent taken in ten fucking years nigger at this point I dont fucking care if theyre taken and I dont think they do either
damn how do you get in a good mood afterwards? I always feel like shit because i dream of having a good time and seeing her smile, waking up only to realize it was just a dream hurts like hell.
Like I said, I made peace with the fact that the odds the universe put up made it so it was impossible for her to like me.
I did hear from another source that she doesn't outright hate me, even tho I am a literal ghost to her.
But I did manage to kiss her on the cheek once. Her skin was so soft dude.
>a shit person in your life

Dude if I told you where I lived youd probably realize I have no choice this place is notoriously full of pieces of shit
>there is no """her""" or him
Feels good.
I'm over her, I accepted there was no chance. If she won't smile at me IRL, at least she smiled at me in my dreams. Better than nothing.
I know this fucking feel.
>invites you to hang out
>has hickee

God damn it. Never be friends with women you can see yourself falling for.
File: syam9dxcos421.jpg (52 KB, 640x1136)
52 KB
Pic: Maximum cozy
Text: Not cozy
File: v31rZQe.jpg (54 KB, 1000x666)
54 KB
>sitting downtown near university
>see a sweet girl who seems to be checking you
>looks a bit sjw-ish but...
>notice a 6'2 shadow beside her
>"meh, bf"
>Noooope, worse
>A 6'2 tranner who hopefully looks at you with a broad grin

GAAAAAAAH! Go away and DIE you fucking freakshow.
I'm managing alright, all things considered I think.
At least I tried this time. I really did try.

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