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File: stroke.jpg (1.68 MB, 2322x2462)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
>be me, 19
>Nov 2015
>Auschwitz prisoner physique basically
>6'3" @ 140lbs
>at best 2/10
>not dumb enough to not know
>needs change
>work out at home every evening
>decide to sign up to a gym like 4 months later
>getting really into powerlifting
>lifting 5x a week
>taking care of my body, going great
>manage to find an 8/10 qt3.14
>EXACTLY me in female
>edgy humor like me
>chemistry so good we fuck in less than 24 hours
>type of girl that takes a shit and sends you pictures of WW2 bombings
>only 1 month and already love of my life
>peak of my physique
>squatting 315lbs already
>gained solid 50lbs of muscle
>prospect of getting a paid spot at uni with the army
>life is good

>wake up on June 24th
>feel super sick and dizzy
>speech problems
>"it's probably just migraines"
>ER anyway
>immediately like 8 doctors swarming me
>"Anon, we could confirm you have a stroke"
>I am 22, FML
>get extreme anti blood clotting agents to try to save my brain
>doesn't work ofc
>within 3 days I am paralyzed on my right body half
>gf supportive, visits me everyday
>transferred to physical rehab after 3 days
>make good progress
>giving it my all
>gf has final exams, still drives 50 miles to visit me
>even carpools with my mom

>ffw early August
>can walk again
>motor skills in right arm start to come back
>gf gets depressed
>convinced we can pull through together
>"Anon I don't think I can recover from that"
>breaks up with me
>basically at this point I lost my physique, my future prospects and the only girl I ever had a perfect match with

>ffw to today
>you barely notice I had a stroke
>at the gym again regularly
>super weak on the right side
>can't even bench 115lbs
>still pushing through the pain of being lonely and having lost everything

Appreciate what you have before life brutally rips it from you. Pic related, it's my MRI and the stroke is the white bit in the circle.
whoops I meant June 24th 2018
Timeline is a bit messy, sorry about that
Also got my GF in like end of May, early June 2018
File: 1547250639201.png (97 KB, 689x473)
97 KB
you'll find the one, keep fighting.
You're a good man OP. Keep working on your recovery.
Why did she wait until after you recovered to break up with you? Was she fucking some dude while you were bedridden hoping you were going to die or something?
What the actual fuck is wrong with women?
File: Bronco.jpg (37 KB, 468x510)
37 KB
Be strong like Bronco, brother.
She broke up with me mid rehab.
However she did not have any other guys, I talked with her about the whole situation. It was a combination of depression and me just saying shit she completely misunderstood.
She doesn't even have a new boyfriend or anything, also she currently takes basically all day just to get to work and back.
Don't blame yourself for that shit dude. You literally had a fucking stroke.
It was completely out of your control.
Just be glad you didn't waste any more of your time on her.
This. Every day I am convinced more and more that european/SEA sex tourism is the thinking mans path.
How the fuck did you manage to get a stroke
The thing is with how much time she is spending just getting to work and back we would literally not have time for each other.
Knowing that kinda helped me to get over the issue.
Edonerpic maleate
Mirror box
Good. If she was really perfect, she never would have left you like that.
Forget about her as fast as possible so you can get your old life back, man.
She doesn't deserve to be remembered.
It's not clear to this day. They say an arterial wall unattached and reattached itself causing a blockage and ultimately the loss of half of my pons in my brainstem
No matter how old you are or how well in shape, you always have a risk of getting a stroke. Nothing you can do against that.

The chance of that happening are astronomically low but I won the shit face lottery I guess.
File: 1546391665089.jpg (386 KB, 894x894)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
not to be too mean, (but still mean enough to seem genuine) if I were her I wouldn't want to marry and have kids with a guy who is probably gonna die young

The point is she had good and natural reasons. desu you shouldn't have children if you stroked at 22.

also wondering if you used any steroids some shit because obviously strokes dont usually happen for 22 y/os
Well I can see your point although I pretty much live a normal life again.
Also I never touched anything that wasn't OTC like shakes or creatine.
What an absolutely selfish cunt you are.

If someone you love is suffering and the only thing you could care about is how it effects you, you don't deserve to be in their life anyway.

Truly worse than garbage.
Well, even true love can die with a bad start.
I was barely dating her for like a month when it happened. If I was together with her for a year I would absolutely fail to understand.
But I mean a month is nothing in relationships, what godly relationship can withstand such a major event after so little time?
File: 1459216534666.png (1.37 MB, 785x1230)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
I want someone to be in my life because it makes them happier and improves them in a general sense, which makes me happy.

If they feel guilted into staying around me because its expected, then I would rather them leave.

Sure some situations are temporary, but this guy's situation is permanent because strokes at 22 are not just a random happenstance, its for a reason and will happen again.

That being said once marriage and especially kids happen, then theres commitment, and the bar should be raised obviously.
Not necessarily. I've got a higher risk now, yes, but it's not greater than a smoker. Like, I'm still super sportive and healthy, I still don't smoke or drink.
Doctors told me it's likely never gonna happen again. I mean they checked everything like 3x cause I'm so young.
File: 1510905344463.jpg (2 KB, 122x125)
2 KB
It could be slightly worse anon, I had similar problems with my body and it turned out to be MS. I will suffer like that my whole life while you can stand on your own soon again.
I think 120 is all I've ever benched. But I have cancer and don't want to exercise
MS is the pinnacle shit man. We're basically sitting in the same boat, i feel ya.
Hang in there buddy
Man, you should feel so proud of yourself. You're a strong fucking person if you can go through all that.
Shut the fuck up. I never had a girlfriend, you cant imagine how bad this is.
>Hole breaks up with you for retarded reasons, was probably fucking other dudes while you were in the hospital

>Go outside in the rain and get wet

Don't think I see a difference in likely hood between these scenarios anon. Sorry that that happened to you though.

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