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Why am I so fucking annoying
You're unable to identify the things that annoy people and avoid doing them around others.
i don't know dude but you're pissing me off
I was called annoying growing up. By my family, friends, and teachers. I grew into a recluse and still sort of am to this day. Now, though, people don't think I'm as annoying. Or I try to control it a bit. But really, there's only one underlying thing that changed.

I became attractive. That's literally it. You're probably either ugly or somewhat below average OP. If you're attractive people will laugh off your annoyingness or be nicer to you about it.
>I became attractive. That's literally it. You're probably either ugly or somewhat below average OP.
Hurts just a little bit.
People don't tell me I'm annoying but I know I am. I just constantly find myself talking but not really saying anything and I think its the main reason no one likes me.
I also am very unattractive but I hope there isn't too much truth to what you said
I'll say this much..... Looks don't determine EVERYTHING. But they matter so much more than anybody will ever admit. There was an interview with Brad Pitt, early in his career, where he was asked a question by an interviewer about whether or not he would have gotten so far if he hadn't've been so good looking. He was troubled by the question because he had asked his mother the same thing, by his account, and his mother told him something along the lines of, "you have a gift, and you have to use it wisely". But he ends the entire response with, I think, one of the most savory quotes that you'll find (I'm probably butchering it):

Looks get you in the door, but they don't keep you in.

People can overlook how you look if you pay attention to how they respond to you based on how you look. Incels and those people overblow just how important looks are by focusing on surface-level things like instant attraction and instagram model photos. The truth is somewhere in-between it being the be-all-end-all, and it not mattering. You're probably not horribly unattractive and it's probably not going to be the end of you... But just take heed that people will absolutely treat you a certain way based on how you look. And you have to find a way to either play INTO that, or play OFF of that.
You have absolutely no life. You killed it because you're a coward. Which is understandable. But now you've decided to push your retarded way of life on others which is a big mistake. You need to grow up and do the right thing.

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