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File: CsRd-T9WAAADc_d.jpg (58 KB, 734x680)
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>be me
>34yo mommy's boy
>live with mommy because I have an anxiety disorder and ADHD and can't function on my own
>mommy gives me my tendies, cigarettes, and money whenever I want
>buy meth
>do meth
>do meth with old friends sister
>she becomes my girlfriend
>mommy loves my girlfriend, she does dishes and let's her use her food stamp card
>mommy lets her live in the basement with me
>girlfriends kids live here too
>do lots of meth
>mommy doesn't have to worry about me anymore because my girlfriend does everything for me
>mommy spends more time with her chad boyfriend
>get mad
>ask for tendies and money
>mommy gives me a car and money to get tendies for myself because I am an adult
>thanks mommy
>drive girlfriend and her kids to Wendy's
>hit curb
>scrape wall
>kids crying in the back
>have anxiety attack
>girlfriend goes on bipolar meth rage
>get tendies and kick them out at a park
>go home
>no gf
>mommy not home
>can't eat tendies because I'm on meth

feels thread
what's your budget for that, bro?
>Fake reddit story
Why do you even put in the mental energy to ask?

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