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Do you think bikinis are in good taste?
>shows off breasts in elevated fashion
>reveals navel and legs

yes. dont ask stupid questions
Only if she has a nice body
I hate seeing fat bitches in bikinis
They can be nice to look at, but I don't know if that necessarily means they're in good taste.
It's basically walking around in your underwear. As a guy I think that's hot as fuck, but it's questionable to wear at the beach. They make more sense as something she wears to go swimming in a pool with her bf. I don't necessarily find it slutty to wear at the beach though. It seems fairly normalized.
What about the ones where you can see almost their entire ass cheeks?

people like to be naked in the water. wet clothes suck. nudism is shunned in western culture so we just wear bikinis and swim trunks, which are both just stylized underwear. there's nothing inherently wrong with it, unless they're being a whore about it.
I love seeing all the cute teenage girls wear those... yeah I guess I wouldn't let my wife or daughter wear those. Matters of sexual decency seem interesting in that you have no problem if it's "someone else", you probably even enjoy it; then with your own family you want them to be decent. It might seem hypocritical, but that's only if you see decency as something universal, rather than a tool used to establish your own status over others. Like throwing a party. You throw a party so you and your friends can have fun, but you throw a lavish party to show off.
>in Florida a couple years ago with my family
>dad sends me across the street to get him a coconut
>waiting in line
>behind, literally, the most perfect ass I've ever fucking seen
>thin line of turquoise fabric separating the cheeks
>round as a dodgeball
>light smattering of sand all across it
>perfect ass attached to a 9/10 sexy latina slut

>I say nothing.
>I do nothing.
>I get the coconut and leave.
>I never see her again.

It's a nice memory.
As a man with a degree of taste I'd say it depends on my mood. I tend to like my women with more on for both the mystery and something to tear off and play with later. I don't like the bikinis that look like bargain been walmart pieces. So no, I'm not a real big fan.
Should have taken a picture.

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