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It's been over a month since he ghosted me and I still dream about my ex every night. Does it ever stop?
No. You're stuck like this forever.
It's like every day I have to calm myself down and stop myself from missing him, and I usually manage to do it by the time I go to bed, but then I go to sleep and dream about him and the process repeats itself.
Have you considered not being gay?
Yeah, my experience with my ex is making me consider it.
At least he's not dead. Dreams about dead people are fucking weird.
Try obsessing over a British girl or maybe something eastern Euro flavored
He might as well be dead, it's not like I'm ever going to see him again. It's actually worse that he's alive, since I'll never see him again and I got rejected.
just stop sleeping
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I know its hard, but give it enough time and itll start hurting less, for some it might take longer but itll go if youre patient enough. Im more than open to talk to you here if youd line to vent.
>shilling your discord in my shitty blogpost thread
Please kill yourself.
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I got ghosted by my ex. I proposed to her when she was 3-4 months pregnant. She said yes but her family controls her every move.. Now its been more than a year and a half. Haven't been able to get into contact with her and her parents blocked me. I've only seen my son a couple times in public and i have uncontrollable panic attacks and lose consciousness.. its horrible but it gets better. Could always be worse God is good buddy seek him. Keep your head up

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