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File: 1548102397760.jpg (42 KB, 586x524)
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>first day of waging
File: 1530204886686.png (12 KB, 387x290)
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It gets easier with each day anon, just keep reminding yourself that you're getting paid for what you're doing.
File: wagkek.jpg (107 KB, 1080x639)
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back to work wagie, stop complaining
A Happy worker
Is a
Vicious Psychopath

Especially when he's working as a trashman and has to get up at FIVE. Do you guys like the smell of trash, truck exhaust and a sea of maggots? Come join me fucking join me
retire? That's a bit optimistic.
File: 1500793479304.png (15 KB, 640x400)
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>of course! Ill fax you over a copy during my lunch break sir
>oh what? Come in on my only day off this weekend? Well if its just to finish that contract on non overtime ok
>oh so you opened a case with hr, because my desk fans high pitch buzzing is a form of microaggression? I suppose I was a little too disrespectful, ill take that 2 weeks non paid leave and demotion sir
>inflation is %10
>a "good" overall rate of return for your investments in retirement is 4%
>in a year, 6% of your savings just evaporate into thin air
>in a decade, 45% of your savings disappear because fuck you
>if it weren't for social security, my parents would probably survive to 90 years of age but run out of money when they reach 75 even if I were to get a job and pay all of my own expenses
>social security is not sustainable
>they'll have to up the age to receive benefits to at least 70
>robots are going to take all the jobs which means nobody paying into social security assuming you don't die of starvation before you reach old age
File: 1559843412992.jpg (248 KB, 609x664)
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248 KB JPG
NEET forever
Why didn't the work hours sink with the increase in technology?
File: 1529901791479.png (7 KB, 320x240)
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>It gets easier with each day anon
8 months wagie here, it does NOT get easier.
you have two options, stop caring or become "that guy", a mix between someone who doesn't give a crap about the job anymore and suffer from anger issues.
i wonder why i still wasn't fired, but whatever.
One of my housemates likes to rag on me for not having a job but then wonders why our landlord who works SEVEN twelve hour shifts in a row drinks his depression away like wagie pepe.
I think we wagies we're very bad goys in our last life.
Bcz now we're living hell on earth.
File: 1530123281836.jpg (83 KB, 1024x1024)
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>tomorrow's my last day at university
I'm not ready for the wage cage robots
File: Wolv3SZ.jpg (54 KB, 750x563)
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Modern technology is an invention of Capitalism, therefore it's purpose isn't to create some kind of aristocratic utopia where everyone pursues virtue in their leisure, but instead it creates a society of mindless, weak wagiedrones completely dependent on the Corporate/State oligarchy.
How do you pay for things?
>tfw haven't waged in two weeks

I'm fucking bored out of my mind, not sure how you guys do it
Just get a government job you brainlets. Assuming you can pass a background check (r9k is pathetic, not criminal) you can sit on your ass pretending to be busy or sweep floors or whatever and get paid very well with good benefits and are extremely difficult to fire.
Government money covers food shelter and clothing. If I ever run out, I can work for 5 days and have a grand in my bank account.
File: 1519106412786.png (61 KB, 232x197)
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Been waging for 7 years now, its absolute hell my friend
I have no choice, can't be neet or get thrown out of the house, only positive thing about waging is being able to buy beer and other things
I know neet's can do the same with neetbux, but neetbux isn't an option for me
File: 1557880725416.png (112 KB, 390x390)
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112 KB PNG
>tfw only wage 3-4 nights per week for 6 hours per night
>tfw 3 nights my only other coworker is an extremely cute, extremely nice blonde blue eyed qt who hugs me when i greet her
>tfw the other night my only other coworker is a cool old ex hippie boomer who lets me smoke his weed for free
just work the night shift bros its the only thing comfier than being a neet
>night shift
Night shift of what? The gas station? Everyone I know who's done that have had knives pulled on them
Been doing it for 4 years now
You'll grow numb to it eventually. It will never be as easy as going to school.

You"ll have ok days, a lot of low days, and rare good days.

I do miss being a neet but it had to end one day.
File: 3uuuuuuuuuu.png (408 KB, 500x750)
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408 KB PNG
How do I escape wage slavery?

The only feasible way is to accept complete poverty and live on the street with drug addicts.

How do I get out bros.

3 out of my 4 relatives who retired DIED within like 5 years of retirement.....
ok that sounds like bull shit you have a job thats just waiting for the GLORIOUS neet to come work for 5 days even though you are disabled just waiting for the day you call in to give you 200 dollars a day
why dont serious losers just move to upstate ny and become a prison guard? I think its fucking gay but I live here and see it working for everyone

>45k a year starting
>make like 55-65k after
>if not a lazy sack of shit you can take a higher position and make 75k
>get paid the second you start training a shit load of money
>lets everyone in
>always hiring
>30-35/hr overtime
>entire job is just sitting there
>literally just sit there and walk around once every hour
>can retire after 15 years
>they pay you fucking half your salary your entire life until you die
>pay raises every couple years
>barely need a hs diploma to get in
>move really far up north to the shitty part
>low cost of living
>only people in prison are skinny meth head white people and low offender black people from the city

the shit sucks you have to live in the most rural fucking cold unbearable hell hole ever but i see people buying corvettes, big houses, four wheelers, motorcycles, anything they want around middle class range with 0 work.

you have to look at dudes ball sacks and ass holes though but im assuming half the people here would either like it, not mind it, or just not give a shit at all
File: 1559589054645.jpg (47 KB, 658x501)
47 KB
>"All you gotta do is move to the other side of the world and become a prison guard, that's ALL you gotta do!"
just live in a 99% white area. the junkies are still crazy but they aren't violent, never had a single incident in 3 years working there
the prison guards who come in at 2 AM to get their coffee before their shift are all fucking miserable. they all look like walking corpses. and they work in a very low population majority white region. cant imagine how awful being a pirson guard in NY would be
If you want our early become a minimalist and you can retire by 30 like I am on track to do
Temp agencies are a hell of a thing.
my dad does it and picks his own times

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