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How many of you want to see the apocalypse in your life?
I wouldn't mind watching it from some bunker with cameras and drones but I wouldn't last more than three hours on the outside.
I want to but I also wish for a quick death. I wouldn't be able to survive and wouldn't want to.
File: 1492089663608.gif (310 KB, 830x491)
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Only if I die quickly, fuck living on rats and constantly running from roving cannibal gangs
Don't post my wife
Only I can do that
It's just a random Fallout stock character, she doesn't have enough substance to be anyone's wife
File: 1558787300253.png (23 KB, 286x302)
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I'll kindly ask you to take that back before I unleash my full power on you
fuck no
the apocalypse is horrible

I've been rather depressive for the last 4 or 5 years, and during the worst times I've always dreamed about the end of the world
I've seen everything man, I've seen a robot uprising, I've seen the deluge with krakens destroying buildings, I've seen aliens glassing cities, zombie infections, fucking DEMONS being summoned by sorcerers and meteorites putting an end to life
and every time I had to see people I cared about die before me, sometimes I'd even be the one having to kill them and other times we'd basically suicide together out of despair

it sounds cool in movies, but when you live it you realize it's not so cool anymore
File: dumb muties.jpg (22 KB, 552x387)
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You can try, I'll only turn your wife into a widow m8
File: 1469285640613.jpg (74 KB, 653x590)
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It's the only fucking thing that keeps me going. There's nothing to live for but the extermination of all mankind.
Jesus, nvm I guess
Long as it's not some nuclear apocalypse or something else that completely fucks the natural environment to the point of obliteration.
I'm not smart enough on my own to figure out how to feed and shelter myself properly from shit like that.

But in a "mass spiriting away" type thing like a rapture or a zombie infestation lone immunity kinda thing I'd be down. Internet still works, survival books still exist intact somewhere, I get to be the one to smash all the windows and break all the glass. Don't gotta learn to farm or build hydroponic underground bunker gardens.

Tl;Dr I could hack it in "I Am Legend" would fucking kill myself in any "Fallout" situation
I just want to be annihilated in nuclear fire.
These absolute dorks. How would you feel if I'd take away your doritos off your desk? You gonna cry? Then think about how apocalypse would be like for you.
Only total dipshits want the apocalypse to happen so they can LARP as a survivor from a movie. Everyone else wants it to happen so they and the rest of humanity go out together in a hellfire.
It's still edgelordy.
Not really. Humanity is a scourge and must never become interplanetary. You can post whatever emo reaction images you want, but it doesn't change history and the present.
With the rising popularity of communism we just might, albeit entirely manmade and avoidable.
Nah uh, asteroids are and black holes.
I'm already checked out of society so yeah why not. Could be fun to be the archetypal batshit crazy survivor.
Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how humanity goes out, but I know that I wouldn't do too well in an apocalypse scenario. I'm in decent shape, but I don't have any survival skills, useful skills, or weapons. Also, how do you anons think the world will end?
I doubt it will happen anytime in the near future
One of my autistic dreams is to be a colonizer, like the first guys to reach the new world. I suppose the apocalypse, whatever that entails, would give me a chance to do just that.
I'd be kinda okay with zombies but I'd die anyways since I'm in a heavily populated area

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