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Do you ever turn your ad block/u block off on certain sites?
no never
also had to get ublock origin since adblock didnt work everywhere anymore
also got alternate twitch viewer so i dont get ads their either
im so incredibly asspained when i have to watch adds that i block them everywhere
I turn it off only on the ones that dont try to fuck my ass with questionable popups. The ones designed to catch boomers.
no and I leave sites which try to force me to turn it off.
Actually that's more like "why you should turn off AdBlock for sites you actually give a shit about." I do that sometimes but often their ads are obnoxious enough I give up and turn it back on. I don't want some fucking commercial playing next to an article I'm trying to read.
I turn off adblock for a couple small sites I like. They also dont have those bullshit windowfilling ads so it isnt bad
let me guess
>give me all your ad shekels then we will finally show some integrity we swear
No, if bluecheck clickbaiters start getting more ad money they will just say wow that clickbait really worked! Death spiral.
Disable all ads.
Personally donate to the organizations you like.
Maybe only writers with souls will be left at the end of the day.

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