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File: my girlfriend.png (174 KB, 676x864)
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Guess I'll post this here and ask 4chan for help.

Progress so far:

>made a resume for her
>got her to apply to jobs
>she has now been hired at dominoes pizza, she begins soon and will be working 20hrs a week
>I'm applying to a bunch of bank jobs to make some money and go get her ASAP

Please give me some advice on how to rescue my girlfriend.
Tell her to look within herself and don't worry too much m8. Leave her and yourself some freedom
Hahaha that dude is a faggot and a cuck. That bitch would not deal with him if he was in her shoes.

Why does loneliness break men? It's truly fucking embarrassing.
Anon meet her irl and hug her for half an hour. Then whisper into her ears that you love her. From then one she'll be healed
I have helped her grow a lot man, she has changed so much. Thanks.

I plan to.
Good. Really rest is important. Ask her what her hobby is or hint her into getting a cool one. It's inportant that she understands that she can get your attention without having to cut her wrists
File: 1533992545215.png (13 KB, 645x773)
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dont listen to spergs calling you a cuck. for once i see a man taking responsibility for something, which most of the people here couldnt. keep your iron will anon and you will save her
Take her to NY, doesn't matter if money is lacking. She can get away from her family, the situation will motivate you to work harder, to actually make things happen with no way of failure. She will learn a lot from it too, becoming capable of starting a new life, with you.

>fixing a girl

She'll just leave you for someone better once she's okay. It's absolutely inevitable. Lookup Briffault's Law.
She stopped doing all that now because I told her it hurts me too, and she said she doesnt wanna hurt me. So she's stopped.

Thanks anon!

Yeah I'm working harder than ever now.

This actually concerns me, but I think it just means i'll have to be the better man.

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