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File: sad-pepe-640x480.jpg (31 KB, 640x480)
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Happened 5 minutes ago....

>be me
>parents constantly give me shit about playing too much vidya and watching anime because they think it's childish
>sitting on the couch on my phone, looking at /r9k/
>dad comes out of the bedroom
>glances over my shoulder at my phone while walking to the kitchen
>catches a brief glimpse of Pepe as I'm scrolling through a thread
>"What the hell was that you were looking at, the Cookie Monster?"
>catches me by surprise because I didn't know he was there, start fumbling my words trying to answer
>"No, I... it's not, uhh..."
>Jesus Christ, Anon, you're a grown ass man following the exploits of the Cookie Monster. When are you finally going to grow the fuck up?"

My soul died a little.
you could always you know, actually grow up
you could always you know, tell him "nah, it's just some forum where people talk about (board related topic)" and show him /sci/ or /sp/ or something normie.
based dad desu. be happy you have him in your life you beta fuck
At least we can all tell that his words fell on deaf ears.
>following the exploits of the cookie monster

I'm like you OP but my parents don't give a fuck
>Cookie Monster
Normie dad dolling our another BTFOing.

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