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>best high school friend finished an university and been doing a high paid job for years now
>i've been a neet all this time
>that sense of guilt

I hope I won't ever meet him, hehe
Lots of NEETS like you are on Grindr I wonder how many twinks I fucked browse r9k
how easy is it to find one to suck you off?
Same but those guys are still my best friends
how are they still speaking to you when you're a such a loser?
friends are friends. i onyl keep in touch with 2 of my high school friends and we were class of 2013. they have been working on their careers for 6 years now and i just graduated. i still meet up with them once a year or so and catch up. it amost goes unsaid how ashamed i am about my own shit but i also opened up with them about how my drinking and other issues fucked with me so i took so long and it was incredible to hear them tell me they still loved me and were still my bros...fuck i love those fuckers
good for you faggot BUT YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!

Just join the military it's a good start and you could go for SOF
I was already called, I'm not suitable because of health problems

not like i'd like to be a slave anyway, military is completely useless
>high school classmate made the forbes 30 under 30
He is a really nice guy so I feel good for him but fuck it's weird to see internet strangers talking about what a savant he is when I remember him as being 100% average in social skills and smarts
>30 under 30
>a bunch of egotistic normies with their fake smiles
Super easy like 100% just message you can also get drugs there if you want

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