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Ive always had the fear that people dont actually like having me around and they just tolerate me. Ive said this to my "friends" many times, telling them that no one ever talks to me, no one texts me or even invites me to things. Despite this they dont seem to care and dont even bother talking to me after the fact, which just makes me think no one likes me. What do I do now? Ive tried making new friends at college but people have made it clear that they don't like having me around, considering I never got invited to anything and I never had a conversation with anyone outside of class projects
No one likes neediness or desperation. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to learn how to be okay with yourself without validation from others. So, see a therapist I guess?
I always feel like I'm annoying anyone that I speak to. That my mere presence is inflicting suffering upon other people and that their lives would be better if they didn't have to interact with me. It makes it hard when I have to talk to people at work, for example, because I think I'm getting on their nerves no matter what I say, and any small signal they make that I could interpret in this way just reconfirms all of it for me.
What is this reddit tier comment? OP needs to kidnap his "friends" and make them wear diapers, then they will BEG him to change them.
That's not going to solve anything, if they were really friends he wouldn't have to be the one to break the ice every single fucking time.

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