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Why are my Touhous here?
Why am I dressed like that weirdo who points at numbers?
some post that le bullies pic with a lewd sexandra and some other board tangs i dont know
File: Fat.png (81 KB, 250x246)
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Heeeey gurl wana swap some nudes?
File: DenverDupdate.png (25 KB, 367x378)
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You know what goes great with touhous? The Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos are the best footballing team ever. There is no one on earth who can do footballs as good as the Denver Broncos. Many others have tried and failed to be as football. You think you can football like these guys? Heh, get in line, cuck. You'd need to get up about 12 hours earlier and spend all morning and all afternoon being football to football like the kings of football, the Denver Broncos.

Seriously, faggot. If footballing was the olympics these guys would be like the John Elway of football olympics. The Denver Broncos are the alpha and the omega of all footballs, the footballs that came first and last and shall be evermore the football. They own footballs now and forever. Footballs.

t. Denver Broncos.
Fuck the broncos
Quads and /jp/-tan takes over as Keksandra temporarily and replaces our memes with 2hu memes
Awww can we get drawings of it anyway
they are not satisfied yet, they want to raid [s4s] for real
>>5334445 /jp/ inavaders get out
what do you want to accomplish with this?
File: gettyimages-180659243.jpg (106 KB, 555x350)
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106 KB JPG
I think that Denver Broncos are going to be footballs for all time. You know how many quarterbacks the Denver Broncos are going to have? Well I'll tell you: ALL OF THEM. They are going to have so many footballs they are going to have to open new football rooms in space just to hold all the footballs and also they will have free parking for the quarterbacks.

If I were the Denver Broncos I would do nothing except rub chili sauce all over my butthole and think about how much football I am. God bless American.
/jp/-tan looks really cute in Keksandra's clothes. Why is she so pouty :^(
somebody draw /jp/ dressed as [s4s] playing touhou project with /v/ and /v/ can't help but snicker at her and /jp/'s got that "I'm going to punch you into next week" look on her face.
Someone please draw [s4s] dan dressed up as [s4s] tan and getting jizzed but as a joke lol
/jp/ is cute! Cute! CUTE!
File: 1491438402509.png (168 KB, 636x475)
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168 KB PNG
which 2hu would u bully?
"This dress doesn't even have sleeves."
"Why aren't these leggings longer?"
"Why does this stupid hat have a propeller?"
"This dress is tight around my chest."
"I don't even get to wear socks with these shoes."
"What's with this dress skirt thing?"
"Why does she even have gloves?"
"I wish I was at home playing with my Touhou dollies."
"I'm cold."
"My feet hurt."
"I'm hungry."
Nice dubs

/jp/ is making a mess and will be punished
/jp/ is trying her best. She might not like wearing Keksandra's outfit but if it means that Keksandra will leave her alone...
oh you know how those tsunderes ar lol :F

but for real, we need more pictures of /jp/ dressed like keksandra
pls go away /mlpol/
She will be punished sexually

This is lewd board
>you're playing 2hu Project in Keksandra's clothes
>she really wants to minimize going out in public with those clothes on
>let alone be seen in those clothes
>not like she ever goes out in public or is seen that much
>"Hi, /jp/!"
>are you kidding me
>it's /c/
>"Hey, uh...um, can I play next?"
>you can tell she paused because she noticed you wearing those clothes
>"Yeah, let me finish this battle."
>you focus on the 2hu battle in front of you
>/c/ sits next to you
>you catch her glancing at your hat, but you ignore it
>you quickly finish the battle
>"Was it a gift from her?"
>"I mean the outfit...did she give it to you too?"
>"What do you mean 'too'?"
>"Keksandra gave me one of her outfits to keep."
>does she have more of the same outfit?
>"No, she's sick today. She told me to fill in for her."
>"Oh, like be her and do all meme-y stuff?"
>/c/ takes the controller and starts playing
>"But you're not doing meme-y stuff though."
>"I don't want to do her thing, it sounds stupid."
>"But /jp/, you can't brush it off! Maybe you'll like meme-y stuff!"
>"How would she know I did her meme-y stuff, I'll just tell her I did it."
>"I'LL tell her you weren't doing it."
>oh, she did not just do that.
>"FINE, I'll do it, okay? You know her, right? Tell me what to do."
>/c/ pauses the game and smiles, then she
>"Thank you, /jp/. I think you'll be good at it."
>She won't stop hugging...
>"You should appreciate Keksandra's outfit, it's really comfortable and cute."
>"Do you even wear it?"
>/c/ beams. "I wear it mostly when we're doing stuff together, but sometimes I like to wear it when I'm hanging out with the others!"
>this is going to be an annoying day for you
File: 1471643231729.jpg (106 KB, 383x424)
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106 KB JPG

Very cute! I hope I can help /jp/-tan with a tip:

Check fores too, like this post above me! It can be ironic or unironic, it depends on what your mood is!
>you're out of your room now
>/c/ has taken you to just outside the kitchen where /ck/ is cooking something
>you're still in Keksandra's clothes
>/c/ hands you a piece of paper
>"This is all the stuff that Keksandra says and what it means. You say what she says and you'll do great!"
>you examine the paper
>so that's what an "ebin" is
>and that's what she means when she says "top kek"
>and she only calls things "nice"
>"Oh, Keksandra likes everything! So, /jp/, when something is good, you don't say "that thing is nice", you say "this is nice thing" because that's how she is!"
>"You mean "this is A nice thing", right?"
>"Nope, there's no "a" there!"
>great, on top of not talking like a normal person, you have to stop using normal sentence structures.
>/c/ nudges you out into the kitchen
>"You can do it! You'll do Keksandra proud!"
>can't believe you're being made to do this
>you approach /ck/
>she notices you
>"Well, hi /jp/, how are y- may I say, that looks like Keksandra's outfit. I heard the poor girl's sick today, are you doing something with her?"
>well, she's not wrong
>you hold out the piece of paper
>"What's for dinner tonight, /ck/?"
>"Oh, today's Tuesday, so I'm cooking up the meat for the tacos."
>time to "meme"
>"Well, I hope that...this is nice tacos...and they will be...ebin."
>"Trying out her vocab, I see. I think you're getting there."
>I do not want to get anywhere with it
>"I think I'll be very...uh, dank...and I will soon sound...top kek."
>"Pssst, you gotta be upbeat!"
>/c/'s whispering to me
>fine, I'll tone it up
>"I'll be nice girl with the...ebin-est dank top kek memes!"
>/ck/ laughs. "You'll get there eventually, /jp/. Hope you have fun!"
>yeah, I'll have fun once Keksandra's feeling better
>you slink out of the kitchen and back to /c/
>"Did I do well?"
>you deadpan, already sick of talking like a weirdo
>"Let's rehearse in my room."
>you lean your head into the wall.
>well, you try. your hat won't let your forehead touch the wall
Who are you quoting
Does /jp/-tan have smelly feet
nice dubs

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