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Rules of how to avoid being accuised of sexule harassment in 30 years time when you have become a very famous movie star:

Do not touch a lady's vagene or bobs without ask first

Do not do the sexule with childrens

Do not touch benis in public

Follow this rules and you should be ok ok
but ladys nevre let me touch vagene or bobs
don't becomes famous
You might be ugly in which case you will hve to offer them moneys to touch
common sense for most people, but i guess those inclined to be a part of hollywood are just very special individuals
u wil get acuse n e way LOLE
i ask womeng if i can jerking my bepper in front

they say "Yes"

now they say bad


what i do wrong

prolem is u b a boy tbh tbh wit u

y be 3dpd wen u cud be anime

the 3dpd is a sicc create with a mind of its own and this makes it dificult to deal with

first we must break the mind

i tie the cute girl(boy) down on the gurney and slowly lower my cute anime gril butte to his mouth

i am very hydrated and full of bean figurativ and literal

my cute anime gril stomach swells out miles in each direction

i begin to waterboard the 3dpd with my lewd grumbly tumbly qt pooty brown mommmy moommoo juice

y do u be 3d i ask over and over never let him repsons me y do u be a boy

this go on for many many day until eventualy he cannnot speak or even think he can merely exist

i seperate his precious anime EGGS from his pantsu special pouch and then i envelope him in my grucemly traint anime gril(boy) pucci crushing him into a 2d perfec anime gril waifu
This whole post is bad dont do any of that
wtf u jus harras me?! hek off masogenius IDITOT
good advice except

dubs! wooh!
Women lie idieot
half ppl accused now never did thing!
half did tho
but wamen lie a lot for attentions
if u touch her bober maek shure she is a mute or retarded.

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