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how strong is that bird wwtff!!!
Shiros minecraft
or how light is that elephant
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This thread has been pruned or deleted
No, it's been ROC'd.

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
that is a lewd pose and too informal contact in public, i do not approve of it but live and let live
It's been filled with helium
>>7304522 dubs
if that's lewd then wtf is this???
two same numbers
that is lewd and suggestive pose
stupid sexy crow

rare dubs
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no one wants to be mislead by a temptress but sometimes when you go deep enough into the rabbit hole you see a glimpse of the truth and that is the most frightening part, knowing the self is quite a ride
if you call going deep into a crowgirl's rabbithole knowing the self then it does sound like quite a ride lole
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that is lewd interpretation and you know it but so do i so there is no problem
are we profaned by mere knowledge of the truth or our own points of view interpretation of it, how can one call themselves human after knowing the depth of human psyche and its implications, you can't touch the wing of a butterfly without staining it to the point where the butterfly can no longer fly
you're making sense my friend
Proverbs 18:2 KJV
"A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself."
we all have an urge to know our true selves, but unless we're perfect, our true self isn't purely made up of the truth, the true self is something that still must be changed, not a perfect centre of being but a perfect view of the entire being
File: 1536277447921.png (164 KB, 286x621)
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is it not the true self objective to be as close to perfect that it can reach? why be anything but perfect, climb towards your ideal self until you can climb no more and then be the bridge for the one that can surpass you, that is the beauty of the perfect system it is a rock climbing to reach the peak but it is not the pyramid you should climb, it is the true goal of peak of the self, those who share your vision will climb behind you and will continue the climb long after your body takes you no further, to reach the heavens and beyond to climb as high as the climb takes, to help others climb and to see the perfect tower that reaches the skies and to know that you were a part of that is the best jars can hope for, why give the jars such outrageous ambitions if they were not meant to grasp at the heavens?
Too bad that all the good stuff collected in the jars gets spilled when they break.
pebbles are but coals in the end
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