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You cannot reply anymore.

Hello tech support my computer is not working what should I do to fix it
press the on/off button
crack it open and sip the juice
My wife just told me that you hosers think I'm an alien are you kidding me that's blasphemy
pour a glass of water over compuret
haha lole cute witche
Do you breathe at all ? Look, I think you might actually be dead.

Like the road workers yesterday, coming back from the shops, set up a road block with a detour to the right and around in a circle that had absolutely no access to the left and the way forward past that road block.

Look, I think they might actually be dead too. I think this happens when you try to FORCE your will on someone who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with you.
How very Christian of you all.
File: smee-8638.jpg (182 KB, 640x640)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
2018 never got paper-clipped Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin
You ? The Devil ? Hardly.

I've felt your fast running though on the other side ready and willing to sodomize my little dolly though.

It's good for you that you've been practicing your running Mr Monster Magnet aka SpaceLord.

You're going to need to run very fast for the rest of your existence when they find out what you've done to them.
And that goes for the rest of you with your pitbull mentality. Do you know why they call it a pitbull ? Because it's straight from the pits of Hell, alien.
File: bull.jpg (36 KB, 960x662)
36 KB
why are they called mr worldwides and mr 305s?
And it's really strange, I never get much harrassment from older people, apart from muslilms and boongs. I love the burning torch inserted into my anus and vagina that doesn't exist yet, Mr Boong Skinwalker who visits the delight Pam near me. You're so very droll and so delightful, I bet you'd be fantastic company Mr Boong. <------ This is sarcasm by the way, I feel like i need to constantly explain everything in great detail over and over over and over over and over again, every single day. But even that doesn't stop the rape and pain i get. Mind you, the pain is lessening, Thank Me.

Do you all have any more orders I MUST obey today Sir/Lady Dogs ?
My delightful, control freak of a sister too, sent me a message the other day too. "I'm in the garage" she wrote in a text. I immediately thought to myself "and ??????"

Yesterday she sent me a tirade of abuse, which i get constantly on the streets or in cars, that kind of look like meth-head types. I don't really need nor want any more of your abuse, anymore Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Pitbull. I get enough every single day.

Thank you. Goodbye. I doubt I'd ever want to be back.
Because 3+0+5 = 8

Like the delightful Ala's fat ugly pog of a "wife", who constantly cock-blocks and follows me around EVERYWHERE. Yesterday, the delightful dulcet tones of her constantly watching every single move i make and control freak my life to the point of not wanting to live anymore, just exhausted me I needed more sleep. But thankfully my delightful baby boomer sister woke me with the excruciating agony of electric sawing my right leg to make me get up and read her message of abuse.

But still, nothing is ever done about them. Look, I don't think Hell is on my side. Just fucking kill me so i can go home will you ?
p.s. she's not actually my sister, she's my step-sister. I have 3 of them actually, but never hear from the other two. I don't think they like me not having my phone charged or something like that. Does it make your abuse of me harder to manage or something ?
P-P-P-Party, K-K-K-Khan
Man walkin thru the Crown Plaza wit my Bally's on
I like the conversation baby you can carry on
I like dat car right there, yea the cherry one
Man ask Luke Skywalker if the force failed
I got a little woozy when I heard the court bail
Do it on a latter-way, like you're Sidney Poitier
When its all over kid put me in the pyramid
Juss like the pharoe's did
Or little Darrel did
You know the streetz is like life between the barrel kid
You know I rush like a bull at a bull fighter
You wanna hang mane you gotta pulla all nighter
I like Vo-Tires
And Wit the right Wires
I smoke too much weed is what the god tellin' me
I'm like a felony mixed witta jukebox
Den break down the weed, homie let the flute knock
They bump 2Pac, they hold 2 Glocks
And like I said first, man they bump 2Pac
Da juice neva stops, it's like a soda pop
Da best drama always comes from the coke block
Oh how kool. Always aim low. Your vroom-vroom cars are just so kool.

I've seen the green anti-shit-nigger ships myself. Great craftmanship, with the glowing Sunstone on top. The vikings used a Sunstone as well to steer their ships at sea. It never failed them and they never got lost. These ones are just a tad more advanced than your vroom vroom car type. Diesel power ? Is that all you've got ?

These ships glided so smoothly without a sound above the treeline near me a few years back. And totally disappeared without a trace when they got to the ports area near me. No movement up or down or anything.

I think they might a little more advanced than the pathetic greys. Just a little. No actually, a fucking lot.

Keep aiming low, it's working so well for you. Have you met God yet ?
It's funny too. The sound of Allah's fat ugly pog of wife when she eskorts me shopping has this wump-bump sound when she agrees with my purchase. It's funny, that Sunstone makes the same wump-bump sound when it's triggered.

You do it to yourself.
what is wrong
dont do this
i just thought you seemed like a big rap music fan based on your post history you seem very cool and in tune with the youth culture :(
older people are too scared to confront u
old ppl scare easy
they'll just call the le poe leece
Sorry it was just the image of the vroom vroom car that annoyed me. I hear their infantile diesel power sound all day long and know they're coming in for more rape.

Yeah i quite like rap, but quality artists like Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Atmosphere, Tupac etc etc. Probably the least known i guess, yet the pioneers for the genre. Not into the Normie-rap that win Grammy awards.
I also like Die Antwoord, a not very well know due from South Africa. In this song they use the background tune from Aphex Twin's Aegispolis (which is Greek for Shield City). I reckon this clip is very well done too. Love it.


yeah i only listen to that hardcore underground devil shyt that real 90's memphis shit
File: 1543823533500.jpg (99 KB, 1495x935)
99 KB
So I got abducted by aliens it legally and when I'm on the probing table I see they got three fingers and I say oh so you've only had sex with three women that means your a virgin and they go boom boom bubba bubba bubba bubba bubba bubba bubba bubba
typing is atrocious these days, hate this keyboard lol. Well known duo, that should read.
I just wanted to let you know that you'll find your sweet sixteen. I know who she is and she's about to hatch for you. Stick with your kind and we'll stick with ours. Your breeding with humans only produces Nephilim, and they are no good at all. Pure evil in fact. If you continue, I cannot guarantee your safety. No actually, I absolutely guarantee you WILL be erased completely.

poopoo peepee now mommy has to change me

poopoo peepee now mommy has to change me!













Have you read The Book of Enoch, Issa ? One of the books cut from your Bible ?

There's somebody coming and there's NOTHING you can do about it.

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