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[s4s] - Sh*t 4chan Says

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>Wanna watch too?
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Good trips good post I upvote it
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i <3 the cute brainwashing anines
fucking love this meme bro it gets me laughin everytime bro
every time
yea...... yeah i know that. i almost never do that. nor am i an "alot" guy. n*ggas think "ALOT" should be a word... smh.
anyway....... so like i was saying........
wheres mister monkey man bro i think i finally chased off mister monkey man forever bro
sorry bro please come back bro ive certainly done worse bro why was this the straw that broke the camels back bro it wasnt that bad please come back bro
monkey mAAAAAAAaoughe
you've ultimately proven that no matter how reasonable and friendly you try to be, even if you manage to be that way for an extended period of time, you always eventually end up trying to hurt the people you were supposedly friends with. nobody wants to be around someone like that.
good clean solid take!
perfectly accurate and observant take on the matter bro!!
its true!
jokes on u tho i already knew that :]
–––––––but also is that u bro?
monkey man that u?
see what hapent was
i thought monkey man was fucking with me and being passive aggressive
but i was wrong
and i probably should have known i was wrong
but on the other hand i dont really "get" why he acts that way, when he does
& so i'm always findin' myself on the wrong side of ol' poe's law . . . .
ohh poe... why have u forsaken me . . .
part of it is that i know from past experiences there's a chance that i'll be deprived of a straightforward answer while it's happening
& then i spend a week and a half demanding an answer from him
& by the time he answers he's all "wait wut hapent"
and i just didnt wanna go thru that goosechase again
so i LASHED out
'ts no excuse tho
u smart u kewl i didnt think i'd get any sort of cogent reply in this thread thanks bro
godby thread.......
I make the best memes :^)

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