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How can a schizophrenic reduce negative symptoms and imrove coordination?
there is heroin/morphine, dextromoramide, amphetamines, cocaine, pethidine/meperidine (Demerol), opium, methadone, pentobarbital, amobarbital (sodium amytal), alcohol, buprenorphine, temazepam, diazepam, nitrazepam, phenobarbital, cannabis, cyclizine, codeine, dextropropoxyphene, nalbuphine, pentazocine, buprenorphine, and chlormethiazole
exercise and pornhub
"Coordination" problems as in motorical ability deficits can be (and are likely to be) caused by neuroleptics.

If you're taking any of these, consider SLOWLY tappering them off, if you are a non-responder.

To get the facts straight, there is a 21% chance
(51% - 30%)) that you have a minimal response and only a 9% chance (23% - 14%) for a good response. In other words: The chance of not even benefitting slighty from neuroleptics is 79%, the chance of not meaningfully benefitting is 91%.

>At least a “minimal” response occurred in 51% of the antipsychotic group versus 30% in the placebo group, and 23% versus 14% had a “good” response.

For negative symptoms, see here: https://warosu.org/sci/thread/S9861757#p9862975
Stop ingesting obviously toxic chemicals everyday
t. poorly managed schizophrenia
like for you or in himself?

none of that is synptomatic. neurodegenerative implies positry of fact not negation of authority. Youre culpable as such to people still.
Im not on meds cause I cant afford them but Ive had psychotic episodes plenty of times that I just ignore. Is there any advice you can give on how to make the "noise" in my head stop Im desperate and cant sleep and honestly severely suicidal(id never do it cause my mom and shit but its all want honestly). Also I think its severely affected my intelligence, I had my first severe episode in grad school for electrical engineering and ever since dropping out I feel like my IQ dropped by 50 like I can honestly barely think or communicate properly anymore.
>Is there any advice you can give on how to make the "noise" in my head stop Im desperate and cant sleep and honestly severely suicidal

By noise you mean auditory hallucinations?

For sleep you could try benzodiazepines, the Z drugs (both for short-term use only, their effectiveness diminishes over time and you become addicted) or strong antihistaminics (doxepine).

I think the only evidence-based anti-suicidal drugs are lithium salts (watch out for small therapeutic margins and nephrotoxicity of overdosages).

For cognitive issues, stimulants, memantine or amantadine might be worth a try, but all of these can potentially exacerbate "positive" symptoms.

You could give sarcosine and/or sodium benzoate (or simpley benzoic acid) a try: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26691576
Thanks for the advice man and yeah I have auditory hallucinations but I also cant focus at all even if im trying my best to pay attention cause its just constant chatter. I cant even work at McDonalds cause I cant focus
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For your voices make sure you're taking a stronger antipsychotic than abilify because that doesn't bind good enough to the receptor. For your mood, take vitamin b complex and eat bananas/strawberries every day.
For your long term mood, exercise.
For everything else, well I can't say much, but stay away from drugs. Most anons here come with the idea that drugs boost you, whereas in reality, they frame your perspective in a certain way as to use your pattern detection systems for different purposes. You don't really need drugs, hell I consider that everything you ingest is a drug because it for starters comes with a placebo.
If you want to be of use and make some cash on the side you could start a YouTube channel with minimal funding and educate people about your combat with daily reality.
>For your voices make sure you're taking a stronger antipsychotic than abilify because that doesn't bind good enough to the receptor.

This is not true. Aripiprazole has a fairly low dissociation constant (= "good binding") at the D2 receptor with 1.8 μmol.


>For your long term mood, exercise.

Sorry dude, this is wrong as well.

>Trials with less risk of bias suggested no antidepressant effects of exercise and there were no significant effects of exercise on quality of life, depression severity or lack of remission during follow-up. Data for serious adverse events and adverse events were scarce not allowing conclusions for these outcomes.

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