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When I study mathematics for most of the day I see interesting hypnagogic imageries when I lay down for sleeping.
Unfortunately I cannot make up the details of the pages on my book.
What if I bumped like to 15 hours a day for a month?
Has any braniac here on /sci/ noticing better visualization abilities?
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Interesting topic. I love hypnagogic visions but am a brainlet
You better better run, outrun my gun.
How about you do something useful instead?
>How about you do something useful instead?
How is mathematics useless you aborted fetus?
Idk but tale lsd and do a day of math, you're gonna duce yourself
Can I ask of which mathematician pic related is about?
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>Peek read by scanning the left page with his left eye, then the right page with his right eye. According to an article in The Times newspaper, he could accurately recall the contents of at least 12,000 books.
C'mon someone surely has something interesting to report about the subject.
N. J. Wildberger
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Does anyone have this?
This. Publicly known or not, not a single significant mathematical discovery has been made in the last 30 years by anyone who hasn't tried LSD at least once.
>t. druggie
Post sources or GTFO.
Have you made a discovery? Have you taken LSD? It literally allows you to visualize 4/5 dimensions. It allows you to understand infinity, in a degree you literally cannot imagine before taking the substance.

There's a reason why, it essentially frees your conscious mind to have more control if it so chooses. The hyped up activity with areas contacting eachorther that usually don't, allows understanding things in whole new ways. It's like the ducking master nootropic. I absolutely do not believe anyone got very far without it
afaik you can't go far with teaching yourself eidetic memory

you can get very good with the loci mnemonic device, though. spatial representations of anime girls holding briefcases in a tower let's me do a few neat tricks now and then. I can memorize a shuffled deck of cards, for example, though I have to sit down with it for a while.

greeks used to teach this shit to each other. the method got condemned by the church(probably due to people often using profane symbols due to the method requiring the use of vivid imagery), and hasn't really been in widespread use since.
And what did you do that others haven't? Don't say the most advanced topic you have encountered is "calculus 3".
Then, remember that people experience mathematics differently so a few of the qualities present in your trips may be present in someone who is not on any substance.
For instance, sometimes concepts translate immediately to pictures which don't necessarily have a meaningful connection.
I think this comes from all the time spent studying.
I already can memorize decks and hundreds of digits. Loci is stupid trickery.


Levetiracetam can be bought at a lot of nootropic stores. You probably won't get that reaction though.
honestly, look into lsd.

Yeah, druggies can push it hard sometimes, but it does have some well-documented legitimate uses.

In fairness, you can accomplish anything you can on lsd without, but used intelligently, it can accelerate the process for the average person.
It's probably better to just study and memorize. You can improve visualization though. Look at Ophiel's "The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization." He is an occult authour, but his method of staring at afterimages seems to work. Other than that just practice picturing things in your mind. Eventually, you will become proficient.
>He is an occult authour, but his method of staring at afterimages seems to work. Other than that just practice picturing things in your mind. Eventually, you will become proficient.
My brain seems to have a lot of resistance to these methods.
I do exercise for a few minutes before falling asleep, or randomly during the day with afterimages.
How much time until I see any result? Months? Years?

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