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Can someone give me a quick rundown about what The Bell Curve states about average iq differences between races.
tl;dr version pls
Blacks are dumb.
That's pretty much what the IQ debate revolves around, blacks.
Go ask /psuedosci/, oh I meant pol
tldr they are nonzero.

More specifically, whites have a higher IQ than blacks on average (also it mentions that asians are about on par with whites, and hispanics are between whites and blacks)

Also the main point is that IQ is a useful metric in determining competence in many aspects of life, independently of socioeconomic status (and in fact, it's a stronger metric than socioeconomic status in terms of how well it predicts things e.g., low IQ predicts welfare dependence more accurately than low SES).
Not only blacks. American Indians (and therefore Latin Americans) are also quite stupid.

Jews are the smartest in verbal IQ and abstract thinking
Asians are the smartest in spatial IQ and the most disciplined
>Whites are smarter than blacks, and the resting but not superior to Jews and Asian in any of the IQ's, although they have higher testosterone levels which paired with a decent IQ helps explain why they have been so successful since high test = Drive
>Blacks are dumb as fuck
>Mexicans are dumb as fuck
Whites probably have a higher standard deviation in IQ than asians. This explains why whites are overrepresented at the extremes, and why whites have accomplished so much more in science and math. More geniuses.
Different races have different IQ distributions.

>It is wrong because it disagrees with my politics

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