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What should I study to be able to look at memes all day? Looks like it uses a lot of data science.
>On the Origins of Memes by Means of Fringe Web Communities

>Internet memes are increasingly used to sway and possibly manipulate public opinion, thus prompting the need to study their propagation, evolution, and influence across the Web. In this paper, we detect and measure the propagation of memes across multiple Web communities, using a processing pipeline based on perceptual hashing and clustering techniques, and a dataset of 160M images from 2.6B posts gathered from Twitter, Reddit, 4chan's Politically Incorrect board (/pol/), and Gab over the course of 13 months. We group the images posted on fringe Web communities (/pol/, Gab, and The_Donald subreddit) into clusters, annotate them using meme metadata obtained from Know Your Meme, and also map images from mainstream communities (Twitter and Reddit) to the clusters.

>Our analysis provides an assessment of the popularity and diversity of memes in the context of each community, showing, e.g., that racist memes are extremely common in fringe Web communities. We also find a substantial number of politics-related memes on both mainstream and fringe Web communities, supporting media reports that memes might be used to enhance or harm politicians. Finally, we use Hawkes processes to model the interplay between Web communities and quantify their reciprocal influence, finding that /pol/ substantially influences the meme ecosystem with the number of memes it produces, while The_Donald has a higher success rate in pushing them to other communities.
>racist memes are extremely common in fringe Web communities.
Sure, when your study only includes racist communities.
File: 1383289718711.png (17 KB, 625x626)
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This is a terrible method to study the spread of online images.
File: 1515715259687.jpg (45 KB, 411x376)
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Whats wrong with it?
>Classify images
>calculate distances between memes
>Cluster memes
>Create timelines of clusters on different sites
File: 1510311989297.jpg (73 KB, 700x460)
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To elaborate, memes and "memetic hybridation" are complex functions of an image. It is not only the image itself, but the context in which the image was born and is used at present.
The parameters by which they are identified are multidimensional and non-discrete. To say they can be traced directly to one image is very reductive, just think of this one picture related at hand.
What identifies it? It is definitely a fish and hook meme, but it is directly related to we are number one, and the format by which it is made is one of derivation AND transformation , with primary intent of preserving the original format of the primary meme it is derived from, fish and hook.
There's an enormous amount of factors going into such a simple fucking image, just think what something slightly more complex could birth.
File: 1380944814073.png (855 KB, 625x626)
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855 KB PNG
Another example of the same root, here we have the same fish and hook meme, but the spin on its format and initial context is completely turned on itself. The removal of the hook, the grainy noise effect and the change in natural color contrast from white/black to red/black is on the motif of it's happening/ron paul memes. However it is not clear cut, it's not clear where the original context comes from, so it cannot be used to identify it, therefor the entirety of the context must be taken from the present use.
How do you identify something like this on a relation within a mono or bi-dimensional distance matrix?
>muh its too complex to study, we shouldn't even try!
They use 4 features
I see no problem classifying your examples with those features. Obviously it can be improved, but you dont just shit out a fully formed framework to study something on the 2nd try.
File: 1516368250174.png (133 KB, 873x623)
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133 KB PNG
Even for a single fucking meme, you can have hard to classify images that still need to fit in your distance, and some are less related to the meme by format and motif, but still strongly related in context and meaning.
just putting them side-by-side depending on how closely their raster resembles from a source image is not analysis work, it's useless work on direct derivation of format without ever taking in account context present or original, motif and meaning.
It's fucking garbage is what I'm saying, they're studying explicitly only one of the many parameters there are without consideration of anything else related to the image. You cannot improve something like this, you gotta throw it in the trash and start over learning from this clusterfuck someone spent time on.
studying memes as a social engineering aspect has to do more a lot with semiotics.
specifically the co-opting of symbols and redefining them.

putting a pathology to these things makes little sense.
when all creative work gets on some form of block chain we can study these things as maps of the internet, but will provide little useful information other than where the best OC comes from.
File: 1517213298724.png (140 KB, 986x492)
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In conclusion, the study of memetic is indirectly related to the study of psychology and sociology only in regards of humor, an enormous amount of work has been done in the last decade by people around the world, forging the powerhouses of memetic derivation and hybridization whose entire success is based on ease of use, spread and interconnectivity. It is not something that can be studied lightly, it is enormous in term of data and it's easily polluted by accident.
when you're so deep in memeology that you start realizing the philosophical problems within science.
File: 1380560908481.gif (46 KB, 300x348)
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And let's be fucking real, if your life wasn't shitty, memes would be less entertaining and interesting to you than they are now.
Wrong. Memes are the purest form of art. Therefore, they are the most entertaining medium to consume.
File: 1472003231285.png (30 KB, 286x321)
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It's less about science and more about the kind of "science" they're trying to make a fit for, classification.
You need to fit these images under various categories and that's all well and good, but it's absolutely fucking useless. People do this by making fucking folders for their favourite format, and fuck that's even a meme format by itself as pic related shows you.
It doesn't tell you what the image is representing, what's the meaning, what's the context when it was first posted and when it gets posted successive times, nor does it tell you WHY IT'S FUCKING FUNNY
It's funny because it is a fucking mockery. You're trying to classify parodies of parodies in a recursive hellscape of concept dilution. You're trying to do so by comparing fucking image rasters to one another. It cannot even be said to be a sisyphean task, because the rock isn't even moving, there's no work being done
ALL sciences have classification problems. Like I said, you stumbled into philosophical issues of science itself through memes.
It's obvious whoever did this study is doing it to "analyze" websites they don't like. In the brief is typical lefty fear mongering coded as academic jargon. Everybody knows that the pretend sciences exist for rent seeking purposes, but meme analysis is flying a little too close to the sun. They're going to derail their gravy train if people realize that there isn't actually any difference between African/gendHer/social studies and this.

Or this is top tier Poe's law stuff in which case A+. But if I totally misread everything and there's no alterior motive, not even trying to get out of doing real work, then it's like this anon said:

>It cannot even be said to be a sisyphean task, because the rock isn't even moving, there's no work being done
The study was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie ENCASE project

>ENCASE (ENhancing seCurity and privAcy in the Social wEb) aims to design and implement a browser-based architecture for the protection of minors from malicious actors in online social networks.

The main research and innovation objectives of the ENCASE project are:
>a) to understand the security and privacy concerns of online social networks
>b) to research methods for performing user profiling, as well as sentiment and affective analysis
>c) to design algorithms and machine learning (ML) techniques that detect malicious behavior and fake activity and warn the users or their custodians of when they are being or are about to be subjected to such online abuses
>d) to design effective content protection mechanisms by employing watermarking, steganography, and advanced encryption techniques.

Protecting minors seems like a good cause, but they are funded (2 milion euros) by the European Union, the same EU thats doing this:
>the law will require all content uploaded to the internet to be monitored and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyright is protected
>the stringent copyright protections of Article 13 would damage the sharing of parody content and memes which, while themselves being original and creative works, are often developed from other people's original content.
>European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said he wanted "journalists, publishers and authors to be paid fairly for their work".

Its obvious they want to study the spread of memes to stop them.
File: Meme Studies.png (3.88 MB, 2220x1728)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB PNG
Most progressive colleges have meme courses you can take.
File: Folders.png (51 KB, 512x138)
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There was someone who was doing a legit anthropology study about memes and how they evolve and are disseminated. That was like 12 years ago that I met that person. They used 4chan almost exclusively for research about it. I remember that was just before everything turned to shit on 4chan. Too bad I didn't keep in touch, I'm kind of interested to know what happened with the research.
>12 years ago
a time when textual form was the main expression of memes. Text was king, it was form, meaning and partly context. It was the limiting factor at the time, you could only convey so much with short text. The main mechanism by which this was remedied slightly was splitting it in two, a title or primary and a subtext, or secondary. Purism was still a thing, text was separated from the image or superimposed with readable background on top of it, usually a speech bubble, or in a part of the image that had a readable background color. Motivational posters were still a thing, because they offered exactly that, with some drawbacks. Easy to produce, lightweight, offered context and allowed meaning to be explicitly offered separate of the joke, if any.

What a time to be alive
File: 1528616145940.png (77 KB, 380x349)
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i legit find meme-theory extremely intersting
like the relationship between wojak and pepe. and how over time memes transform like how wojak went from
>feels guy
>pepes friend
>megabran (tfw too intelligent for..)
>pink wojak
>grug (anti brain wojak)
and now on /fit/ and /v/ we are seeing the rise of "that 30 year old boomer" which is a variation on grug. the mechanics behind this fascinate me. truly modern day Apollo/Dionysus
>"that 30 year old boomer"

The age used in that evolved too. Most of the first ones were in the teen ages, but that didn't get as much of a negative response as the 30yo age. Mostly people just devolve into which generation is which name though.

>a time when textual form was the main expression of memes. Text was king,

You mean image macros & copy pasta?

>Purism was still a thing

Until I found that changing an established meme (Grinman likes to grin) was a far better trolling method than what was going on at the time. Of course now if you don't check in every week you can be completely lost at how fast a meme morphs into god knows what. Like this image in >>9809294 has like 6 or more older memes in one yet is entirely different. "Memes" evolve faster than any other form of social interaction. See older ones changing here >>9809270

Well, prior to memes changing so much the top thing was to change slurs against community users. n00b to newfag and of course flavors of the month for a few years like nigger, hipster, ect. Now it seems all of them are being used all the time. "Boomer" being a new highly forced one. Read "grimoire of the troll", there should be a free version somewhere. It is so old that it even uses the old school "n00b." Some of the trolling techniques are still used today.
>12 years ago.
>Just before everything turned to shit on 4chan.
Must've been the Hal Turner raids attracting stormniggers and turning raids from a hillarious thing we did for the lulz to politically motivated things they do for reverse social justice.

Memes were better back then. Nowadays the site is full of brainlets who don't even know the difference between a meme and an image macro.

Fuck off retard.
There was always a lot of social justice stuff then too. /i/ type content was a big thing and like 6/7 of it was political in some way.
You sound like someone who wasn't here 12 years ago and go his knowledge of old 4chan from encyclopedia dramatica articles.
>Mostly people just devolve into which generation is which name though.

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