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If you were floating in zero gravity in a location that could have artificial gravity through centrifugal force; would you still be floating if you didn't touch whatever constitutes as the ground when it starts spinning?
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Yes. There would be no forces affecting you.

On the other hand, if you were already spinning and jumped, you wouldn't just magically start floating, depending on the velocity of your jump, the ground would move under you, but you'd still land.
So If I went to elysium and never touched the ‘ground’ I would float around? It sound obvious enough but still
Didn't watch the movie but I'm assuming a spinning tube filled with air in which case no, the air carries the same rotational rate.
To elaborate on what this guy said, the wind would accelerate you, meaning you'd eventually fall towards the ground since any direction the wind can take you puts you closer to the ground
I think static wind would still act on you tho
>static wind
>since any direction the wind can take you puts you closer to the ground
except for directly towards the center of the circle, but good point
I thought the pressure from the mass of the air would push you down like a centrifuge separates heavier elements from lighter. I thought you people were supposed to be smart! This shit wouldn't work in a vacuum though, unless you were attached to the spinning device and it was stable.
And what I mean by that is that you are being physically spun on the end of a rope or pole from the spinning device.

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