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File: FL.png (8 KB, 419x407)
8 KB
Florida thread. Post age, sex, area code and Snapchat/Kik username (specify platform)
>slowlychanging (Snapchat)

Looking for fem gays/traps/trans girls/girls to talk to or hookup with

kik: hinoarashi
xedi91 (kik)
Looking to do something on this rainning saturday.
Got Snapchat? Celestial_9
Yeah it's an_normie
are you near ruskin?
File: 1457484833053.jpg (16 KB, 275x275)
16 KB
key west!!!
M 26 straight
Just moved down and I'm so lost, anyone feel like giving a man the welcome tour?

need some new friends to hang out with

kik: seanrb78

just wanna drink and get to know some people


Collegefag in tallahassee here, i want to show you my panties and suck your cock
Anybody going to the pop-punk show in Margate tonight?
27 m 772
PSL is lame
Tallahassee here but im just trying to smoke some bud damn
Anyone in the area? Kik?
M 24
Bored and down for whatever. Will smoke you out if you want. Also a couple of events nearby that I'd be interested in going to with a fellow anon.

Kik: cooldude1784
Anyone into beast? I'm in Metro atl and willing to drive a while
Collegefag in tally as well, hmu on kik: tallyanon

Looking for friends to hang out with to do nerd shit and drink with.

Kik: JirentheAyy
29 850

come at me
File: IMG_1909.jpg (1.2 MB, 2250x3000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG

kik: probablyer1c

looking for a friend who is into music/art/writing. bonus points if female
>just moved to key west
Why tho
Does anyone go to fau?
It seems like such a normie school
25 m from 561 straight

Would love a hookup, but also friends, convos, etc. Indyfox007 is my kik

just looking for traps
I do, but the medical school, not undergrad.

It is kind of a normie school

Looking to be submissive for someone
I also like twinks if you're not the daddy type

Sc: tarinx

I like to smoke and trap.
File: IMG_20170930_131428_529.jpg (1.31 MB, 2448x2448)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Snapchat: kyle_m1989
Looking to meet up.
File: fuehrer.jpg (105 KB, 1024x576)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Meetup thread
Shit I was about to post my ASL and then I got to thinking, "I don't have time for that shit"
God damn it I should make a Kik anyway tho to spread propaganda pic related :^)

772 as well, this shithole's slowly being overrun by Miami "people"

Here's a D-cord server, I'm cool with the owner
5'4" ~170-180
Kik avemariadeusvult
Looking for traps/trannies/girls to hook up with. I'd enjoy a good cuddle too, I'm a big spoon.
Do you have a kik? I'm in 954 and like to smoke but have no Snapchat
came down to restore an old steel body truck for a guy. an to see family threw out FL. now I'm here and i'm stuck. come on vacation, get stuck on probation.....
Cum tribute my 23/f sub (she lives in Florida, maybe there can be more later)

Kik: BrooklynSir
25/m 813
bi guy with a gf, she doesnt like to play with others but I do occasionally, also up for chat or whatever
kik is gatorguy45
snap is jbellion84
O shit you actually got a GF now?

Where'd you meet her?
321 23 f
30/m and 28/f
LF another F
Kik: kdtf
Up for doing something? This place is boring as fuck
941 29 m 25 f couple looking for chill people, also go to tampa area a lot.
28/M/305 and 954. I'm 420 friendly.
Snapchat: kyle_m1989
Looking to meet up.
Come on vacation
Leave on probation
Return because violation
kik me anondontknow
Miami people Aka
3rd world shit skins and faggots.
Whitey is being overrun but this town is not full on degenerate yet.
File: fkup.png (365 KB, 1025x372)
365 KB
365 KB PNG

kik: Ishygigity

girls are preferred but I'm just bored and lonely
25 M 772
kik: jjjwalk007
girls or trans girls
Down for whatever

anon is right, PSL is lame.
File: ddnkutk1.jpg (118 KB, 720x540)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Euro just moved to Miami area, looking for girls to hang out with

kik: markk1911
Destin area next week.

Kik: funfun650
hmu on kik dburke315 20 y/o bi n hung
RIP Pill St. Lucie

Go back to South Beach

Where at?
Puerto Rican direct from Hurricane Maria's crisis. Staying at the 305, where's the coffee/weed? 26/m
Kik: pizzapartyyy
Looking to find a girl to hook up with, NSA FWB. All body types welcome.
Snapchat: dannysawrex
Looking for someone to smoke with preferably a girl, dtf? I got the Weed
Hey, 29 m here. Live in 239 but work in 941. Also travel to to Tampa area. Busch Gardens sometime? Maybe something else?
Kik: slicedbologna
self bump
Fuckit, I'll post. 26m here in Tampa, kik is TampaGamer91. Looking for girls mostly, not interested in one-time hookups but definitely interested in smol/nerdy/spooky/tomboy type girls who may be down to cuddle and watch some nerd shit

Also have Discord and Steam but I don't really like posting them unless someone requests it
....Kinda doubt this is legit but I will bite...

Were in the 321?
850 kik funfun650
go back.
25m w/ 21yo female looking for help with mfm kink. Kik me pumamade12
hey guess what fuck you
goteem xD
20/m/bi/561/hook up
kik: thousand80p
Looking for girls of any body type to hookup or hang.
18/m/850 collegefag
just tryna get high desu

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