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File: 1543109110438.png (76 KB, 1200x712)
76 KB
New clean Kik thread:
Wholesome version

Post some stuff about yourself, what you like, what you do, and other cool stuff!
File: 1543762449160.jpg (96 KB, 600x810)
96 KB

Looking for new pals. I like food, outdoors, sports, movies and memes. Really into music, and I make some as well. I use to post on SoundCloud, but never really got listens so I keep it all to myself.

Kik: iiam_lisa

Looking for friends needs to be social, I like metal,rock,anime, i am going to gym and uni so i don't have a lot of time but still for friends i am sure i can find some ;)

kick: acoman32
File: 1542728641413-wg.jpg (533 KB, 1000x1544)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Looking for some chill people to pass the time with. Movies, video games, music, animation, philosophy, up to chat about anything though.
Would prefer a female to talk but I'm open to whatever ultimately.
Hmu whitesox247 male here
File: IMG_20181203_202531_119.jpg (1.02 MB, 1729x1729)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG

My kik is walabix

I like drawing, videogames and listening to music, I've been really into car seat headrest these days. Also pic related I drew/made this collage for some reason. Also I love rpgs and mmorpgs and talking pretty much about anything. Also I'm hella gay or something and i don't know why I'm disclosing my sexuality, it kinda feels like I should and shouldn't at the same time, anyway message me if you wanna talk about literally anything
i like music, drugs, art (creating and consuming it), paranormal things, anime, etc
plz be my friend
kik: hosiannamantra
File: 20181110_130920.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x1440)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG

Kik Outlawpuppy

I like psychedelics, vidya and the world outside.

Lets be friends.
Hmu to chat. Females preferred
File: sesbeef2.jpg (1.43 MB, 1177x998)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
31/m Australian

Chats about food/cooking, cyberpunk (books and movies), horror, sci fi, music (top 3 are Fugazi, The Pixies and The Strokes), happy to listen to you vent, or talk about deeper topics of conversation.

kik: nowhere.plains
File: IMG_20181204_203310.jpg (2.6 MB, 3465x3000)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
Food, cooking, travels, music, etc
>Looking for
Anyone (Mostly girls) to chat and share expericences.
KiK: jizzus90

Pic is my dinner
I've tried making vague posts before but since many here struggle to spark up conversation lets try a different tactic.

If you are a ideological driven person i want you to explain your ideology to me and make me understand.
If you draw I want us to exchange drawings. Same with photography.
If you play RPG's we can talk about what class we play and what character we romanced.
If you read articles we can exchange interesting links or youtube clips.
I like different kinds of metal and classical music but you can try get me into rap.
If you are a book reader we have something in common.
If you want to die I can tell you about when I wanted to die.
If you have any interest in anything at all, tell me what it is.
If you want to talk anything related to sex you have to be a female.

Lots of possibilities if you can muster something more than "hey whats up". Don't be afraid to offend me. Bonus points for long term chats.

Kik is CarryOnJeeves.

F18 London
I love food, music, swimming and running

I also occasionally play games

Not looking for anything sexual
kik: moore_my
File: y76oahl1grkz.jpg (67 KB, 753x703)
67 KB

Just looking to have some laughs with people. Food, music, memes, being a retard are all a okay. Just be nice.

Kik: kasspelll

That's three L's, you welcome (:
26M 24F/ Sydney,

Looking for couples and girls mainly to have fun, chill, play games and do more if we get along. Apart from that anything really.
Add us KazNZ
Snap or kik?
It's a kik.

>>>27322284 (You)
>Snap or kik?
19 f
i'm a banana lover
send me bananas from all over the world xoxo
kik: vodevil69


Mostly just looking for new late night people to talk to. I like RPGs, rocks, evolution of anything, and pretty much any non topical talking. Anyone is cool. Not really looking for sexual atm so hmu

Looking for just chatting and small talk - about anything! I love to share photos of my python.

>I love to share photos of my python.
you and all the guys on here

happy to chat about almost anything :) also interesting photos/scenery from your day would be nice

I cook, watch anime, read books, write, play vidya, and do DnD
kik: jmtaka
Looking for guys
Kik me at whitesox247 male 23. (:
I have both, same username for kik or snap: jizzus90

Looking for new friends.
I'm a cook, i like anime, games, drugs .. maybe its just better to add me and ask to find if we have something in common

Kik; filetmignons

Very into music, art and funnee people. Locals would be cool but not necessary.

kik - ghostbags
Kik: Alpha_Hillbilly
Hai, I like anime, baking, reading, and video games (casual tho). Just be nice, that's it.
Kik: natlesw
Looking for someone to talk to and have some ongoing conversations with. I really enjoy art, music, the outdoors, psychology, and just whatever brings good ideas together
Kik: MLSheik
File: 4729310.jpg (42 KB, 430x368)
42 KB
I made a new account because the last one was old and had tons of people added on it I don't know and it was too much to sort out, made a new one and will repost info. Message me again if we where talking!

Kik: NeonFeels


Just looking to have some laughs with people. Food, music, memes, being a retard are all a okay. Just be nice.
Bambo1000.com (no www)

Wanna talk? Me too. Send something cool and let's talk about it. No dicks, and no assholes please.

Kik: the__alek
Much older guy just looking for people to talk to.
Well past the age of showing off the junk if you know what I mean.
Avid musician who has started experimenting in synth sounds.
Actually I'm pretty boring and more interested in listening.

Kik is tryme705
almost 30/M/Netherlands
Mostly looking for a gaming buddy for L4D2 or Borderlands 2 or Rocket League. Dutch is preferred but my English is fine. I have a thing for Denmark, Danes are free to add me too. Also like anime, electronic music genres (DJ myself), arthouse movies, Star Trek, left wing politics. /pol/tards can stay away.

Kik: TeddyLewd
23/transguy/outside of the U.S.

Into animals and wildlife, gaming, sharing tunes, shooting the shit, and drugs. Stuck at home doing fuck all today.



College student. Interested in: depression; linguistics; philosophy; metaphysics; psychedelics; suicide; etc. Also music.

Just looking to chat. I speak English, Spanish, French, and Italian; so feel free to hmu in those languages if you want.
18 m bisex italian
Send me anything
Female Is better

File: no one.jpg (71 KB, 750x716)
71 KB
>What I like
League of Legends
Crying about everything
Answering your question
Memes of course
>Things that I don't like
As long you don't show me your dick
As long you ain't horny or tryna sell me whatever you got
>About myself
Just a loner boring ass motherfucker who just wants to talk about whatever you want. I don't have much people to talk to so, you already know why I'm posting here. Also I don't mind if you're going to ghost me afterwards, but be sure to spare me some conversation before you disappear.
Kik is tsmzik

I just wanna meet new people, make some friends or even more. I sometimes crossdress, i love music and drawing.

Kik: xx.Aurora_
24 m France

Up for anything, just bored :)

I'm a developer, metalhead, biker, and I love discovering people and new things :)
File: 1304376955947.png (341 KB, 500x375)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
18 m ny
History, reading, tv, film, comedy, vidya
>Looking for
I got a vague idea what im after im just doin this shit off gut instinct
Guy somewhere close to age, someone to talk to if it clicks off, never been in anything before out of general nervousness, lets chit chat see where it goes
>Not looking for
Anyone over twenty, reddit types, girls

I live and work in the middle of nowhere so don't get the opportunity to talk to people much anymore. I just want to talk about bullshit throughout the day honestly.

Kik: secretskin
File: IMG_20181207_001953.jpg (588 KB, 1080x1333)
588 KB
588 KB JPG

Don't waste time messaging these other pussies. Ive got best stories, self made memes, and might care what you say. Extremest politics as well, if you care.
ust got back couple months ago from killing retarded Russians, can't wait for more.
Kik: dirlewanger14
Hmu at whitesox247 (: male
I'm still up for a chat if anyone wants to chat with me

Kik: walabix
31.m.West coast. Looking for long term chat friends to bullshit about whatever throughout the day.

I ended up doing pretty well in life and love mentoring/coaching people. If you need help with public speaking, communication, or any normie skill development stuff feel free to send me a message. Other interests: Motorcycles, music (many genres), travel, cars, lifting, technology, business, finance, reading, personal development, games, anime, random other stuff, and general chat about nothing.

Idgaf if you're awkward, I'll try my hardest to keep the conversation going.

Kik: crotchpunched
Posting my girlfriends kik: slundgren98

I recently got thoughts about buying female clothes but im a bit embarrassed by this feeling, dont really know what to do with this.
Feel free to send me whatever u want, i try to be open to anything!
M32 french, looking to improve my english by discovering girls around the world. Maybe you will learn some french. Torchq

Just looking for decent chat

18 latino male. looking for any fem boys to talk to. kik:fooperfloper for pics
File: 1209483091824.jpg (1.09 MB, 3024x4032)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
i know some of you are awake

22/F/US (DMV)

probably autistic, likes anime+gaming+movies+boardgames+otherweebshitlikekpop, wants to become an hero

not looking for degeneracy

KIK: birdplaneflyingroach
I'm a feminine gay guy. Just for clarification. Sorry to the guys who added me and hoped it was a girl

I just work all the time, looking for peeps to chat about random things and hobbies

Discord: MonoBlast #9857

Im a netfilx addict! Im a gamer

Kik - Tommsen92
18 London
Love running and swimming, also do play some games :)
Anything really lets chat
28 male from leafland
kik: justneversleep

Let's talk about anything and everything
Pay hoor
27/M /FL

Looking for new people to chat with. Anyone is welcome. I have a general interest in most things so I'm down to talk about whatever.

Kik: 6andSix


I'll give my best to appear interesting :)
I just enjoy chatting with various people.
Swaping my ex gfs' nudes with another girl's nudes
Kik : BCGderler
Bored and want to chat with someone. Big nerd so I like videogames, anime, manga, horror movies, etc.


kik: slq66

i'lli'll give honest and detailed rate to girls (face, body, outfit,...)
Into a lot of music (rock/metal) and art, movies and whatever else you wanna talk about. It’d be cool to voice chat because that’s always awkward and fun.
Kik is @skeet971
21 m
just wanna chat clean with someone, preferably girls. Im into a lot of things: music, movies, science
kik: Luu07283

Wow I'm the oldest person here! Probably means that I am immature or something.

I like hearing about other people's lives.
I'm from the US but have been working overseas lots as a skydiving instructor.

Currently sitting in a hotel in TX icing my balls with a bag of frozen peas after having a vasectomy reversal yesterday. Ama!

Kik: kjerag
File: Spider Girl 2.V2.png (238 KB, 600x800)
238 KB
238 KB PNG

I'm hoping to find some people to talk to and any potential new friends. I love to draw so any other artists who want to share or even just critique each other's work would be fun. I read both lit and manga books. Huge fan of horror movies and cheesy monster movies.
I'm also into tabletop games and weeb stuff like anime. Vidya is a given but not something I spend hours doing like I used to do. Any reptile fans out there who want to share pics of their pets feel free. I have a pet snake and I like taking pics of her

Kik: RoarOfSea
Kik owosleepyhead
>24 f Colorado
>likes; anime, games, art, aesthetics, music (plays piano and guitar), animals, stuffies, photography, horror films (I love movies), cuddles and comfy chats.
>dislikes; rude ppl, overly clingy ppl, I work a lot but my hours got cut and I'm two hours early today, holidays
Looking for some pals to chat with, not very hopeful but I've found a few here before n.n
25/F/The Netherlands

Really into cars (jdm/euro mostly, but can appreciate american aswell)
Enjoy food/cooking, love pets (esp cats, I have 2 ^^) Play games on PS4/Xbox One/Switch, sometimes on pc. Looking for chill peeps to talk to

Kik: ArcticKitsunei
File: 003edit1.jpg (994 KB, 1980x2640)
994 KB
994 KB JPG
Clean chats only
I enjoy being outdoors, cooking, sports/Motorsports, games, and more.
Kik: Ol.la.la
Kik hmphrr

22/m, drinking in a bar right now, bored out of my mind. Looking for a chat with anyone about anything. Let's talk about some good bands or crossdressing, or you can ask me about how boring it is to live in rural Finland!
19 Female US
kik: kellywolf3

Im looking for peolple to chat and share expericences. I love food, cooking, animals, nature, travel, beach, music, etc

Nothing like a good chat to escape of routine :)

My Kik is jizzus90 (jizzus its and old nickname my friends gave me because my last name is Jesus, im not a perv)

26 uk

Lonely, bored and need company. Grills preferred but not necessary
HIIIIIIIIII From Mexico 35 : versustodo
just woman, thanks :)
> about me
I’m 27, M, heterosexual, Northeast US. Big, hairy and bespectacled with pale skin. I’m a writer and also work with kids in education and tutoring. I’m really into film, vidya, philosophy, psychology, and I want to expand my knowledge of art and literature. Love to analyze things and experiences, sometimes very abstractly, and I enjoy sharing that mental process with others. I’m a bit inexperienced with sex and relationships for my age, but some girls seem to find me cute (something about being a “dorky professor” type with a teddy bear physique). I can be depressed and anxious a lot but I always try to be there emotionally for my friends and partners.

> looking for
Someone smart, gentle, curious, creative, nurturing and maybe a bit sad, who feels things very passionately. If you’re studying any of the subjects I mentioned above or you like to make art, we’ll instantly have something to talk about and hopefully even provide input and encourage one another in our various projects. Sexually I’m very eager and curious to try a lot of things, most of them soft but passionate, letting me explore every inch of someone’s body and mind. I like using my words, deep voice and big body to gently dominate, but I can also follow orders and submit (so basically, I’m a switch). If we can watch lesbian porn together while whispering sweet dirty things to each other, I’ll be over the moon before we even touch. Basically I’m looking for any combination of friendship, sex and intimacy with someone who likes really talking to one another.

> contacts
Kik = two_five_zero_one
Discord = 2501#1917
Tumblr = project-two-five-zero-one

Militaryfag, about to be stationed in Germany.

I like boxing, reading (currently Cormac McCarthy, Aurelius, and Schopenhauer), hiking, meditating (I'm a novice). I also used to actively play the piano and compose from time to time. Would like to meet someone long-term.

35 m
Looking for women to chat with.
Animals lover. Especially primates. Gorillas, mainly.
Have dogs. Play guitar. Work out.
Transport dead bodies for a living
File: zero eyes.jpg (205 KB, 1080x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
34 M Philadelphia
Looking to talk to someone who is F and local
Let's talk about this god-forsaken city

File: 20180925_190122.jpg (32 KB, 278x162)
32 KB
28 M bi

Looking to talk to folks and get to know them over kik. I want some long term chat and to build some relationships; sick of being ghosted by all the flakes who disappear from conversations. I'm into gaming, animation, film and television, sci fi and fantasy, nerd shit, sexuality, and fitness. I'm perfectly ok with sexting as well if that's your thing, just looking for ppl who stick around.

Kik is Kyleshere100. Let me know your ASL and orientation. I'd prefer it if you have a pic of yourself, cause you can learn a lot about someone that way. Ages 20 and over please.

File: LHKfcMY_d.jpg (24 KB, 502x502)
24 KB
Neet looking for a girl to talk to and maybe play some vidya with
Kik: Lukewarmth
Thatbambo 18 f no one under 21

Pretty bored looking for a good convo

Kik: outtaspace95
Sat in my kitchen having a smoke
Up for talking about most things and meeting new people
Apparently good at giving advice too
Interests include music, games, history and pipe smoking
Kik thewatchtower016
File: polska.jpg (254 KB, 865x966)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Kik: Anonku

Clean chat about various topics, i like cooking vegan food, sports, including anything with cars, discussing politics & current events (not a leftist), memes and sharing music
moved to new place and i’m rly bored/on drugs
Looking to meet new people (preferably female) for any kind of chat on any subject, dont mind whether its clean or not.
Im an open minded person with many interests so feel free to bring up any subject/idea you have in mind.
Kik: Last_interceptor
Fuck it
Up because work. Just wanting some conversation and such. Into bondage and a gamer pc master race, mtg player and such
Female uk 19
Username: Maritr1999
liyah0x15 black girl from germany
You sound nice desu.
Ooga booga.
Cute snek
Tell us more about yourself.
Male NZ
>what you like
just vidya,sports,arguments and other gay shit
>what you do
your mum.
>and other cool stuff!
well, i train mma and im good enough to compete at a national level, which isn't that impressive when you live in a tiny fuck-off country like new Zealand
If you wanna talk about whatever hit me up
username: Dildo_faggins_918674
Sub boy
Looking for a dominant Guy
Kik : Doctorneo9898
19 female
Bored want to chat.
This one is just a cam whore
Drinking, memes, videogames, movies, used to workout and trying to get back into it, pets and photography
I'm pretty chill but I don't want any lewd shit just looking to chat
not work

Movies, music, history, memes.

Nice people that are willing to keep me company because I'm bored and lonely.

Kik: nadia.bl
20 f usa

Let’s chat
File: yy.jpg (903 KB, 2651x2224)
903 KB
903 KB JPG
25 M, traditional guy, gym and training MMA, like memes, rock, meaningful books, video games...
Looking for conversation and fun.
Kik is: BruceW47
Yes that is me in the pic and can be easily proven.
P.S Females only
It does but it would be nice if you fucks would stop sending dick pics.
Odds are if its not working I blocked you.
I get that I don't respond quickly as well. I'm sleeping and working. I don't text and drive.

Looking to trade pics with girls.
Kik: ryanfinley24
I just wanna talk about lizards and memes
m 18 white
not even trying
I still don't even create a like might not do it
I have a test in some hours and I haven't slept shit, still is piss easy.
Idk why I'm interested in talking to older girls, I'd like to hear experiences
Nice try, Zucc

I have recently just cleared 4 months of cocaine sobriety. I had a crippling addiction that nearly ended my life more than once. I never thought I could do 4 days let alone 4 months. Addiction is a choice, and I made the choice to put Colombian Powder up my nose, over and over again.
I would like to offer anybody the opportunity to talk to me if they need help trying to get themselves off of drugs, or even just a certain drug (KIK at the bottom)

I wanna find more UK people to talk to! Unfortunately when I left the drugs I left the criminal lifestyle behind (which goes hand in hand, hey the drugs are cheaper that way) and all of my friends within that world turned their back on me (Law & Order Theme)

I have now found a real job and I am currently training to be an Armed Police Officer in London (We do get some weapons)

TV Series (Blue Bloods at the mome t), Gaming News, Musceums and Heratige

>Looking for
Everyone! I don’t mind, not really looking for nudes swapping or RP etc. U.K. based users especially south U.K. would be great!

KiK: Lukus6008
Truly an awesome person

Trying to look for people to talk with really. Share memes and whatnot. Not looking for lewds specifically. I study comp sci and work part time as a tech support. I rollerblade a ton, so if you're into that that would be amazing (doubtful).

Kik: Oneandonlydennis
37 m american living in Australia

I'm big into basketball and films

Can be clean or dirty, straight or gay, whatever. Just looking to get through this 12 hour night shift. Tell me your story

Kik melbukowski

lookin for a cool friend to shoot the shit with, don't care about gender as long as you keep it clean and have a good sense of humour :^)

i've based my life around music and songwriting so far but i like doing anything creative i can find. other interests involve cooking, vidya, yoga, drawing, Big Doinks and watching king of the hill

send me a joke or something interesting about yourself! i might not be around for a couple of hours but i'll reply before my night is over

kik: thebigeggconspiracy

Honestly just bored, looking for good conversation. Im into music(I love music recs, into indie, psych, jazz, etc), video games, food, weed. Feel free to vent/rant about anything so I can forget my own problems. May or may not be into sexual talks and whatnot. just ask nicely.

kik: kidklimax (also have snapchat, just ask first)
Congrats on the sobriety man
File: loadedwafflefries.jpg (1.21 MB, 1120x780)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
31/m Australian

Chats about food/cooking, cyberpunk (books and movies), horror, sci fi, music (top 3 are Fugazi, The Pixies and The Strokes), happy to listen to you vent, or talk about deeper topics of conversation.

kik: nowhere.plains
i like guns , knives ,series, eerie weird stuff
i am very isolated so hmu

kik : dressedinblacc
Thanks man, it wasn’t easy... it still isn’t. When things get a little hard, I crave something. Ritalin, Methylphenidate, Speed, Coke. Stuff that’s made to make people go super duper just made me normal.

Ladies and gentlemen please, take a hint from a random person on the internet.

Drugs are bad.
Kik LitFire420_

24 Male US

Lonely, bored, procrastinating just want some female friends to chat with, feel free to vent, I’m a great listener

Hit me up if you wanna know my interests or for whatever reason I guess
KIK GROUP: Latinass Candid ...own material of latina girls
File: blueman#2.jpg (4.22 MB, 3840x5120)
4.22 MB
4.22 MB JPG

Simply looking for someone to chat.

I'm a hobby actor and I like to paint (pic related).
So I'm into theater and art in general.
I also love music. (socalled - told me so ; a gem i found today)
Also kinda into fashion.

Kik: my.Size69
File: 1523148239119.jpg (11 KB, 261x193)
11 KB
Vidya, music, philosophy, film.
>Looking for
Females. Dirty or clean chat.
>Not looking for
Looking to meet new people (preferably female) for any kind of chat on any subject, dont mind whether its clean or not.
Im an open minded person with many interests so feel free to bring up any subject/idea you have in mind.
Kik: Last_interceptor
File: corona.jpg (128 KB, 1280x853)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
38/M/MEXICO Pics candid vouyer,porn,own material, etc. kik: versustodo
31 MF couple.


We are bored
>What I do
I study philosophy, politics and economics at uni, I'm only first year so if you wanna talk about any of that then I'm not bored to death of my degree yet!

>What I like
History, football, pretty much whatever's going on in your life (I'm really interested in other peoples' lives, especially from other countries).

19/m/uk btw
Kik: Bored_Scot
Looking for some one who can send dick pic or pic tributed to the girls owner if intrest kik me flavius900 for accounts
It didn’t show up.
24, nb, USA
Engaged to an grill.
>What do I do?
I work sales at Best Buy!
>what are your interests?
I play a lot of video games, and I DJ a webradio on Mondays. Used to watch a lot of anime. I guess I'm also trying to get into cute clothes.
>what's your kik?
Swaping my ex gfs' nudes with another girl's nudes
Kik : BCGderler
M-29- Alaska
White, fit, Straight. I have depression and anxiety.
Looking for girls to chat with about whatever, but anyone can message.

Haven't posted her in months, idk why I am again.

Just looking for wholesome and nice chats. Really into ck, mu, and o. Urban exploration is pretty cool as well.
Kik: isv.m
19 f japan

Just looking for nice people to chat

bored at work. hmu

Just looking for people to talk to/maybe play games with.

Likes: PC Gaming(CS:GO, Skyrim, etc.), Anime, Animals(2 cats i'm willing to send picks of).

I'm a great listener if you just need someone to vent to and i have no life so i'm always free to chat. Kinda shy but i eventually open up if you want me to.

Kik: jiblits_
File: yxxy.jpg (1.39 MB, 2591x3187)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
M/25/Europe, looking for a woman to chat.

Gym,MMA,politics,psychology, art, videogames.
Kik: BruceW47
Pic for reference
I'm really into motorbikes and like to go on /o/. I enjoy synthwave and other relaxing tunes so any unknown songs would be cool to hear. I enjoy cooking and have a doggo, and enjoy taking photos of my bike and nature. Id like to think I'm pretty good. I'm free most of the time, so you should message me.
Hopefully that's enough stuff to get something other then just a boring 'hi' message.
Kik: neon.dreamz
Into playing music, weed, Karate, some vidja. Going through a weird spot in life. Need to keep my brain from idling too long. Trying to make some connections and maybe become less misanthropic.

Kik: ghostinthemachina
20, nearly 21/ m/ usa
Just looking for casual conversation and to meet new people. Would prefer only f to add me though as guys always just want to show me their dicks. I'm into reading, music, viddiya, and going on walks. Just have been bored a lot lately I guess and would like some people to talk to during those times.
Kik: corysmith0
I just want someone to be nice to me I’ve been having a rough time.
Kik: princess.amanduh
Kik Brohamsandwhich
Pretty easy going and open to new people...extrovert and ready to get out into the world for people to see. Hit me up anytime and dont be afraid to be honest and blunt because ill respond well to it as long as you know ill be honest right back

Just chat, grills preferred but not necessary

26 m uk
not found..
18/f kik-naturekai
i’m a high science nerd and love thrift shopping. i love places like flea markets etc and have a big collection of random stuff also love all things science and nature and currently trying to become a scientist
my music taste is like the front bottoms, ajj, folk punk, and fidlar
Kik surprisebinch
Male, late 20s, west coast, gay
Interested in talking to down to earth people to talk to, male or female. I like all the basic stuff ranging from movies to music, I dig animals (come chat to me about snakes), some games, anime, manga, video games, whatever. My only requirement is no politics or religion, they are just plain boring. Keep it light and fun. Please have personality and can hold a conversation.
20 f usa
Whole lotta kiks, whole lotta no responses...

kik: slq66

i'll give honest and detailed rate to girls (face, body, outfit, ...)
Up for almost anything
Looking for male friends to practice my english and french. Casual or academic conversation are fine with me. Plus if you hate ch*nks and their diaspora. I can bring you to the non-tourist place if you want to. No girls please atm because I am not that alpha.
File: IMG-20181210-WA0098.jpg (160 KB, 1280x853)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

hi! i'm clara
i really like cats and dogs! i find they bring me so much peace after long days with people~
i also enjoy reading quite a lot!
i absolutely love movies
and, i guess that's it!
hit me up~

File: IMG_20181213_135406.jpg (376 KB, 1080x1063)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
File: Img_472937472018.jpg (54 KB, 413x736)
54 KB
20/M/dutch lad in US

Going to save you some time and let you know I'm one of the few people worth messaging.
Why? Because I live in a fucking van and actually do what I believe in. You'll soon come to realize I'm an extremest, and actually be able to hold a conversation.
Don't waste your time with everyone in here that's exactly the same as the poster above them.
Kik: jewsfearthegoosestep
File: down the winchester.png (171 KB, 480x480)
171 KB
171 KB PNG

Looking to chat to people on Skype (voice only preferably) about games, music, art, philosophy, whatever takes your fancy. Ideally girls but if you're a cool guy I don't mind.

Myself I'm a big fan of reading, writing, music etc, favourite author is probably HP Lovecraft. I also am super into Graffiti, so I guess that's art (or vandalism depending on your viewpoint)

Snapchat & Kik: itsdatboiipepe
File: tenor.gif (1.26 MB, 432x498)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF

Hi, I am into art, animus, eating, photography and learning new things.
Hopefully I'll meet some nice people, my Kik is, asamisan_

who hurt u
Way to prove his point retard.
Kik: ffdrive
Looking for long term chats with basically anyone. I'm mostly into tech, wildlife, cooking and photography. I like learning new things and listening to different ideas that might differ from mine. Anyone welcome as long as you don't ghost within 24 hours. Also, bonus points if you reply quickly like I do, unless sleeping or working.
Currently very bored and can't sleep so annoy me please

Kik: ghostlydevvin
25/m/not a robot
Kik is polarfunction
Likes include various human activities and hobbies, Wes Anderson movies, Interstellar.
Dislikes include strong magnets, high molarity acids and bases, and paradoxes. And rap.
>this meme was made by CAT GANG
File: 1544235300906.jpg (31 KB, 512x487)
31 KB
underage b&

pretty lonely.
i like memes and animu
lets send songs to each other
be my friend until i get overwhelmed with anixety and stop responding kthnx

kik: pukebag

Ello I like memes Vidya (a bit) food, and memes. Big into fit.
Send something cool and we can talk

Kik: cop.killer
File: 1540361296068.jpg (214 KB, 699x919)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
your hair is soooooooo pretty, I'm envious as heck

who hurt u

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