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Are any of you people up in the Payson area? Im going for a few days and I want to know if it sucks.
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Still looking for heroin
25 M Bi Up near Sedona
Kik is Applesauce1234321
Payson isn't terrible, but it isnt the most exciting place in the world
I'd be looking for heroin too if I lived in Picacho. Best of luck to you, anon.
Looking to meet others maybe smoke some weed too.
27/m/oro valley/tucson

looking for pals

kik - ghostbags
i go up there sometimes. lots of places to eat and its pretty

anyone have the az discord server?
I moved here from Washington a year ago. It's pretty quiet which is nice, but there's nothing here anymore. So boring. There's only a little over 80 people living here now, apparently everyone's been moving away and much of the town has been turned into highway and interstate.

Still being able to have a 15' fire and talk as loudly as I want and play music at full blast at any time of day is pretty nice.

Probably moving near Phoenix this year
Hey m19 bi in Gilbert down for some fun kik orion0 for details
18 m bi from pinal anyone got az discord server
Dreng_#5771 i don't have a server but have my discord tag ;)
27 m bi Phoenix area
Kik warmmittens for bi fun
M/ 18/ Phoenix

Looking for any sissies that want to have some fun

Kik: AJLoyal13
Hey all,

Tucson here. Bi and chubby. Looking to get fucked. Kik me and mention this thread and maybe we can arrange something :)

21 m bi curious
Anyone in the flagstaff area?
Tucson here
Hit me up if you wanna chat or wanna take it further I like having fun

Kim selectdriver


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