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You cannot reply anymore.

Why isn’t there one of these
fuck off boomer
I will take one for the team to get this started. 35/f from Minneapolis, kik is eminekochan
The boomer cut off is typically considered 1964, sweet summer child who can’t count
>yikes and oof oh my sweet summer child
I'm not sure how the thread is going to go, but I'm 31/f.

What are all of you currently up to in your life? Have any plans for the next few years?
I’ll be 30 next month.

Definitely feeling like I’m not as far along as I should be by now. Employed, but still broke/in debt with no end in sight, and I spend all my time just trying to keep my head above water. Never get to meet girls anymore, either. I used to meet girls all the time, but social events are few and far between as I get older and people start to settle down. I know its going to be harder and harder to meet girls as I get older and that kind of worries me. Feeling a bit lonely lately :/

I feel like I got stuck and everyone just flew right past me, but I don’t know how to catch up...

Pic unrelated.
M 33 UK, this year / next plans.
Bought a house this year, having a baby this year getting married next year. Basically the 3 most stressful things a person can do in life all within in about 15 months.

31/m - starting up a business, going all in. Spent a long time doing shit that I just wasn't passionate about, and genuinely hated in hindsight.
30 year old boomer from Texas reporting in. Live alone and do nothing but work. Can't meet single females my age that don't already have kids. Younger girls are kinda crazy. I just want to settle down and have a family. This isn't how I envisioned my self at this age.
Still browse here from time to time and enjoy talking with others. Kik is Downlow2986 if anyone is interested

I just feel lonely and stagment, I guess. I'm not close with my family, I don't see the few friends that I have left too often, I get along with people at work but no one that I would really consider a friend, and dating has mostly been a bust. My current job is stable, but I don't think its something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I've been considering studying for the GRE and going back to graduate school, but I'm not sure if I actually will.
33 m from italy

Let's see

Kik milkcarton86
Pulling in a little under $50k + benefits as a government lawyer. The two big goals are leaving the wizarding guild and getting hitched. I can't put into words how frustrating it is seeing all the fat, jobless, literally retarded losers trying to get on disability that have a wife and kids.
33/m here looking for some cool people to talk to
20 M, but if any older ladies want to chat then feel free to add me on kik: CoolKid19907
Just turned 40 male

Life is mostly awesome!

I guess we’re posting kik’s Also
34/M US

Lazy night and I'm loving it! Have the house to my self for the first time in what feels like years.

kik: wood4free
I'll be there soon too. Really need help.
30 m UK here

I have things sort of where I want them to be but I own a house in a shitty area in an expensive county. I don’t plan on living here forever but I don’t want to end up back home either.
My career is currently on track and because it takes me all over the world and challenges me I’m pretty fulfilled. The only reason I’d seek further education than my A-levels is for career advancement.
I have few genuine friends, even fewer that are close and my sexual experience has been limited a lot by being a sperg in my late teens and 20s.
Bottom line: I have a house, a career and a stable relationship but there’s something missing. Something intangible
31/M western yuropoor
Fucked up my life because of a bad relationship +5 years. Its been extremely lonely lately since noone confronts me with this shit. Its my last weekend on booze and shit. Gonna be a normie like everyone else on monday and cut off shit people. Spend more time with family.
Seems like I’m an outlier here, but whatever.

31, male, good job with savings and a pension, own a house, truck, recreational vehicles. I definitely overwork myself sometimes which is why I haven’t done the family thing yet. I don’t feel much urgency to find a wife yet though. All in all life is good.
Still around?

Pity you're old so you won't know any pretty young chicks up there.

Do you know how to win over pretty young chicks other than be rich or be good in bed?

Like how to get say, 21 year olds to like virginal 35 year old dudes?
That's wonderful! If you don't mind sharing, what kind of business is it? I've thought about how much fun (and how challenging) it would be to have a little place of my own. If you're worried about sharing what your business is/will be, I at least hope it's related to something you enjoy and it all goes splendidly!
We're in a similar boat then. I'm hoping this year with be the year I stop being afraid and leave the guild. Sorry about what you deal with when it comes to people though. I imagine that seeing it day after day would be frustrating for anyone.
I'm here. I was just slow because I work a lot and spent the evening cooking for the holiday. I finally have a day off today, which is really nice. I spent half the day sleeping though...
Show tits
Thought i posted. Guess i didnt.

37m working in South texas for a bit. Would love to find a femanon to play with. 18+ doesnt matter. Just hanging out here for a while.
> a pension

Holy crap those are rare these days! How did you get yours?

34, f. No kids, not looking.

Currently just started some contract work. It's nothing fabulous, but it's good to have a stable contract. Freelancing can be exciting but also a massive pain in the ass. I got tired of over a decade of dealing with people who have no clue what they want. Contract work at least means they know why they hired me at all.

Next goal: full on remote job. Something with salary and benefits would be awesome.
30/m, things aren’t too bad but I’m busy as hell trying to juggle work and grad school. All in all life is a hell of a lot better than it was 5 years ago, I ‘made it’ as far as work goes (great pay in a relatively LCoL area, pension, etc), now to try to settle down and get a house after graduating I guess? Not sure.

Kik mydicchurt

Kik: seawaguy07

Chill guy. Well-educated. Always up for a chat.
>Have any plans for the next few years?
Yeah, playing vidya. 35/m
30 yr old ginger male socal and can verify
kik is growershower
looking for ladies and couples, but dont
mind showing off for anyone.
40/m/Michigan Looking for online fun. Discord only leave your contact info.
>posting on 4chan after you hit 30

31 / M / US- Indiana

I have schizoid personality disorder so I've been ok alone. I think it may run in the family. All 3 of my dad's cousins are unmarried and pretty much keep to themselves. Maybe I'll end up like them. Still, my mom suggests I reach out and try to meet people. Maybe it would be healthy to meet people on here.

Are you hot?
the fact that you only have discord & only want online stuff tells me you’re either incredibly ugly/fat & or married

or both
I'm 49 & have no shame.
> healthy to meet people on here
the fact that you dont like discord & don't want online stuff tells me you’re either incredibly ugly/fat & or married

or both
Well at least some of these people share my interests and lifestyle.
File: 1448864632977.jpg (7 KB, 219x230)
7 KB
35 m bachelor here. I'm a lost destroyed soul even though I own my own house, dog, car, make 110k/year + benefits for my non existent family, have a masters degree, etc. This world is evil and I'm ready to die alone, that's my conclusion.
43/m St. Louis
Never married no kids that I know of.
I’m a mechanic, I fix cars get high and have fun when I can
You sound hurt and bitter. Want to talk about it?
Shes a hitman
It's cute you think you won't still be here at 30. Don't pretend you're getting out.
This X10000
33/M, UK, Getting life on track after setbacks, need to buy my own place, in a weird stuation where i'm living with my mum and she's dependeont on the rent i give her. If i leave home she'd actually be financally crippled which makes it kind of awkward.

Living at home makes me retreat from dating though, i'm pretty sure most women expect a guy my age to have their own palce to be considered datable.
A good person would understand the situation knowing a lot of people fall on hard times, so don't let that stop you from dating. Only a nozzle would think badly of you for helping a parent and holding off on your own life.
>tfw 28
Talking to young femanons is fucking exhausting, and older femanons have no interest in me
Guess I’m in a two year limbo zone
File: pJzIIsQ.jpg (96 KB, 749x694)
96 KB
>tfw 20
>tfw into older women
>Tfw they don't date 20 years olds
File: zorua & N.jpg (57 KB, 500x498)
57 KB
I'm dating a 21 year old. He's adorable! Don't lose hope. Try age gap threads and look around for places with "cougars".

As I said, it's nothing exciting. I'm literally writing information for teachers on how to become a teacher. It's pretty dry stuff about certification, state law requirements and the like.

The young ones see you as too mature, but you're either not developed enough to attract an older gal or looking too far ahead in age. Work on self improvement and possibly shoot for girls around age 25-30 to reduce the age gap a little. Also keep trying. Giving up means you won't find anyone.
Thanks for advice lady. ;)
>ask me for free nude of me
Oh so you just want a sugar daddy, not a Daddy. Got it.
40, single, M Southern USA reporting in.

Things are good. Could be better though.
41 M UK

Suicidal, married, father of 3. Literally the only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I have kids.

Seriously been considering it this week...

Kik: alad.insane
I'm a 27 year old guy and went on a date with a 32 year old woman last night

Was an ok time but nothing much happened, just getting drunk and playing pool for hours, and she turned out to be a smoker trump supporter with herpes and a 12 year old son, none of which was indicated on her Tinder profile

Best to aim for women your age or under imo
And that's why you don't use Tinder....
File: 1561877203720.jpg (19 KB, 720x469)
19 KB
>12 year old std
Whats it matter if she supports trump?
Killary and her Epstein is much better i reckon.
35 m straight
37/m/ US. Actually glad to find this thread. Looking for females mostly, but if guys wanna chat, cool

Married, kid, house, car, job in IT.
I play lots of vidya, shoot firearms and bows, do a lot of social work as a volunteer.

Looking for some online interactions, also with femanons, who don't mind me being married.
>31 m, socal,
>married with 4 kids (all boys, shits nuts)
>just bought a hous
>making 80k per year, wife is making something like 65 or 70
>small a.f. friend circle because raising kids doesnt lend itself well to meeting/making new friends.
>the best part of my day is when i get to go pick up my oldest from school and look at the milfs or younger moms picking up their kids from kindergarten lol.
honestly at this point i just want to chat with a girl who isnt wifey because i have such little female interaction in my every day life
Yeah, who needs that lady who gave you 4 boys? Used up bitch, am I right? LOL
The boomer containment board always fails

34 male mn

House job 401k yadda yadda

Humans are social creatures, tbus site is one of the least judgemental but at same time most brutally judgemental social site out there. Bars are cool n all but cant beat round the world melting pot of weirdos
thetineline29 forgot contact
Haha dumb ass, you chose to be successful instead of miserable and fulfilled!

Family, no debt, no sex.
Wife keeps telling me to bang hookers, but I'm too damn frugal to waste money like that.
Doesn't help I make very little money and survive and take trips from my Credit Cards.
What's the point of the thread? Soon to be 31 asking

Wrong generation my dude, I believe we are the millennials, if friends are to be believed.
>Getting married

Hah, you don't want sex apparently
Who actually wants to make friends these days? People suck
You have discord? leave your contact info...

Moved states and got married just for her to cheat (divorced now). Focusing on just living life now, trying to travel a bit and generally taking care of myself. Work full time, have own car, help take care of elderly mom (the only family I got). Vidya, animu's, arcades, cons, renfaires, hiking, honestly if it sounds fun I'll go. Very blunt which most people can't handle but eh.Please be aware conversations are 2 sided. One person shouldn't have to carry it/start it every single time. Put forth some effort and some effort will be given back.

Discord: Faytx191#5968
KiK: Taku191
Forgot to add I'm interested in women, but not opposed to guy friends.
File: DiQKr_uX4AAvZ-v.jpg (182 KB, 1200x720)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Boomer is a state of mind, my good man. Grab a Monster and join the party. You should also be aware that married individuals have more sex on average than singles, not less.
This is 100% a dude, posting a vag without time stamp is like taking a picture of your beard.
Is everyone 30+ or will I find skanky meme spouting kids in there too?
been coming here since my early 20's and im 34 now just see all kinds of shit

snap is shatteredhopex my kik is the same
34 male btw
Worse, you'll find adults using discords, acting like man-children spouting memes, and a few incels.

That's my bet anyway.
File: sinSCOTTsim.png (115 KB, 880x880)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
File: IMG_20190709_003932.jpg (2.33 MB, 4032x3024)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
35 and got nothing to post but my soft dick to ruin this thread.
Pretty sure people just spam random discord’s everywhere and say it matches the board topic.

They don’t.
30 male uk. Just sorting my garden out
35 Boulder CO. No Kik. Someone local convince me to get one
The point of this thread is I am awake, bored, and want to talk to someone. And I probably will be for about two or so hours.
joe.p35m is my snap and kik

just a 35yo bi guy here looking for fun!
34M khhv NEET OCD here, hope everyone has a good day at work
34 m in Bay Area, Mechanical engineer making $75,000 (2 yrs experience). Married with 7yo and another on the way. Wife makes 55,000 and full benefits, but we are always broke and pay $2500 for 2 bdrm duplex. Feel like I’m never going to get ahead living here, even if I make $100k. Just want to own a house with land and not have to commute 3 hrs/day and not see anything for it.

As someone who has had a similar salary in multiple states/cities, you're definitely shorting yourself especially with a degree/prospects like that.

Your collective salary can get you literally everything you want and more in places that are a lot better, especially for raising children, than the bay.

Unless you're targeting a specific company or job, I suggest exploring other options while you're still young.
How are you guys that bad with money?
I pull in maybe 12k a year and get by fine.

Sell your duplex, and commute to work along a train or bus line Jesus. You'll leave no wealth for your kids.

Spend 600 or less on groceries a month
Spend 120 or less on eating out a month.
Spend 300 or less in Utilities and Entertainment a month.

10% of your pay should be saved immediately.
250 into a HYSA for Emergency Funds
250 into a College Fund
250 into a repairs fund
350 into Index Funds.

There, after those are budgeted you can pay off any debt and car payments you have. I assume two cars. One older one already paid for and a reasonable 250 a month payment for a newer model. Maybe an extra 200 a month for insurance, not sure what the rates there so I just doubled the average to cover higher cost.

Still leaves you with plenty left over.
If you're buying more than you need outside of that budget well, fucking don't until you're in a better place. Aim for a mortgage of <$1500 a month.
35 m bwc looking for femanons to talk to and maybe swap some pics. Drop kik or snap.

You clearly have no idea how much children and wives cost...
File: 1287028343613.jpg (7 KB, 110x170)
7 KB
34/M/Southern US
- Current music: Cannibal Corpse, Metallica
- Current vidya: Quake 1 [epsilon], WoW 1.12, Darksiders 1
- Keto diet
- Cannabanoids

>>Looking for
- Chat

37/m here
There used to be comfy 30+ threads on /soc/ but they don't move fast enough to stand against the tide of dickposts.
I mean, I guess if you're a cuck and don't teach them responsibility and self discipline they'll just drain you of any and all resources?

What do I know?
I only have a kid, wife, and elderly disabled person I'm taking care of.
Y'all need a financial adviser and life coach.

Do you live in one of literally the most expensive places in the world to live comfortably? $120-130k salary is definitely a liveable wage for a family of 4, but it's not gonna be nearly as cushy or easy as you're suggesting in the bay.
I have an economics background and I see people overspend at every level. And yes the bay is actually the most expensive place in the world to live, but if he's paying 2500 a month, he can get cheaper and should. Hell, he could afford to rent his place out to cover the mortgage and go for a place that costs half that. Build up some realestate wealth.

At 130k it covers the housing cost, and the budget numbers I gave, were indeed for the bay area. I just didnt' know the exact insurance rate. Food / Utilities / Entertainment don't fluctuate much compared to the rest of California above a 15% premium. I already calculated for that, and added a 5% buffer.
My math is sound, the spending is not. I would need to have detailed look at their financial statements and bank accounts to give a full 100% breakdown of things they could do to save more money. But I wouldn't do that, literally the type of thing I get paid to do. This was just me chatting / being helpful.
File: image.jpg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I’m over 30.
Kik: bobbyboy13205
What kind of white trash shithole do you live in where you can live off of 12k a year? Do you get money from the government and live in a trailer?
So right now, I'm living in a white condo with 4 rooms and a balcony.
I travel alot. In S.Korea right now.
Like I said, I manage my money well. My wife has her own income, which I also manage. I've never actually lived in a trailer. But I'm sure if someone did live in one it wouldn't make them a bad person, why so hostile? As for my living arrangements I have one place set up permanently in the states for my disabled parent, they pay about 600 themselves, but that's mostly for the property tax and utilities, and they're able to afford that. I take care of the rest, it's a 3 bedroom rancher. I got it for relatively cheap 20 years ago and fixed it up.

The reason I only make 12k is I enjoy my time, and only work about 2-3 hours a week. I'm college educated, and have been frugal my entire life. Because of this I've saved up enough to play around with simple dividend accounts. I have over 12k in assets as well (personal assets not family). I also do alot of online jobs. Small ones, and mturk stuff if I'm feeling board, or want some more cash, but in general those won't give much more than an extra 100-150 a month.

Funny you should mention "getting money from the government" literally any small business or disabled person could. Another way to get out of debt if you are an over spender. Stop spending, get money, set up a realistic budget. Then open an ABLE savings account. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Increase your income flow, and live appropriately.
I funnel all of my spend through CC's and get free Airfare and Hotels for my travel to different places.

Hope that answered your questions and made you think harder about your life and choices in it.
35/m here, still wear sonic the hedgehog shirts and live like a bum. you?
This reminds me that I saw a guy come in where I work wearing a Labyrinth shirt a couple weeks ago and it was awesome. There are a surprising amount of nerds around here from some dude wearing the Kame house emblem on his shirt to a girl in her 20's with a Kingdom Hearts backpack and a couple even came in with a daughter named Aerith.

As for me, I'm planning to finish renovating my house soon, move in, focus on finding a new job because I'll be losing mine within the next few months and hope I can get over my anxiety and distrust of men so I don't die a virgin.
File: Me2.jpg (676 KB, 902x1200)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
believe it...

Mrgoood52 m24
kik jb820000

usually alone and bored as fuck
Only 27 m bi
Kik bgee91
But I love ass! Older asses too
I also like cock and pussy
Anyone want to trade pics. I'm always horny and up for trading with anyone.
Kik bgee91

la redondo area
making over 200k a year doing engineer stuff. have a wife but still do stuff on the side.

Just looking for some chicks to have fun with

Kik lowfrequency12
yea at least 50% of people in general are morally corrupt, so your anxiety is warranted. but just try to focus on the fact that life isn't all about finding the perfect relationship, you should check out Sonic Mania :D
If I could have proper "cosmetic medical" help to look like this, I could earn a cute female in her 20s... :( and have something to offer her.
But there's no "cosmetic medical" help to improve shitty personalities bro. :(
File: FACT!.jpg (339 KB, 742x1815)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Personality traits are considred shitty based on looks anyway.

There's a study involving pairs of mothers and their daughters.

It shows the following:

Mothers and daughters universally picked good looking males irrespective of personality traits, while less attractive men with ideal personalities were still not picked.

The "shitty personality" meme needs to die and stay dead. It's the same misandrist horseshit that creates "nice guy syndrome" yet expects people to have high self image, over an apparently undesirable appearance, while faulting them for not being better looking, but with low/lower standards.

Catch-22s are garbage and you know it.

So assuming a lot of guys in a shitty boat have a shitty personality is pretty much gaslighting. Kind of hard to emulate or perform a good personality - IF you are in a situation where it must be positivity and rays of sunshine and selflessness for nothing in return, either indefinitely or for an unreasonably long amount of time sans reward. Because, reward and motivation are root cause of happy chemistry in the brain, thus, of course, more chipper displays of personality.
Okay, calm down man.
I was just joking around.

But to get real for a second, working on your personality- has actually been shown to improve your looks as well. Look into that.
Nah, barring the fact you're a cripple, just smiling more, doing light exercise, doing hobbies outside of your house- all do wonders to helping improve sociability, health, and personality. And, it might just have a side affect at making you feel more confident and look better.

Trust me, I do understand what you're saying. It is way harder to be a male from 10-30, than it is to be a woman. However, when you hit around 27,28 you'll start to see the tables swing back around.

Once you hit 32, and you're in your adult prime, and women your age all see super desperate and thirsty it's kinda entertaining in a freudenschade way.

I think the biggest problem right now for men, is this eco chamber constantly reminding all of us, at how UNFAIR it is. Not that it isn't true, but boy does it breed some resentment. Which makes it all that much harder to work for your goals.

Women aren't magical creatures, but they aren't inherently evil- they're just the opposite sex constantly called out for being a slut or a prude all day, and it makes it hard for them to focus on what they should be. So yeah, some just get either the most stable guy that can spoil them, or a hot piece to make them feel needed in society's eyes.

Nothing we should degenerate or be jealous of, and yeah if you get surgery, you could probably go pick up twenty somethings into your late 40s with little issues, but, you could also earn it. It's that "earn it" that's suppose to separate our sexes right? Men believe in work, progress, nothing's free and should be handed to us, we need to earn it!
And that's exactly what we do when we get arrogant and talk shit about other men getting it easier, we feel they didn't earn it, because of looks, luck, or prosperity. But, how would we really know?
That experiment approximates a dating site reasonably well, but that's not the only vector to work from. You should also be networking through friends/interests and even just winging it and going out to meet people. Aggressively chasing the small and medium victories is how you position yourself to actually get the big ones.

You can do this; try to rekindle that resolve.
This is LIFE man. YOLO and shit. It is limited, it is scarce, and well, being the creeper or weirdo for life, or considered too shallow simply because you can not match up once, with someone to your tastes, is a bit ridiculous.
>calm down

There is no need to frame me as histrionic when you so clearly and haphazardly jest about the fates of thousands, if not millions of men.

"improve your personality.."
How does one prove an improvement in a variable that people's assessment of changes depending on expectation of return behavior based on variables such as age, appearance, and outcome expectation (for example, just friends vs the more than just friends zone)

What is your definition of pleasant? "Positivity"? Okay, and http://portlandmindful.com/therapy-and-psychotherapies/on-bullshit-psychology/ can explain why "your personality is broken" is unlikely to create said improvements.

32 is adult prime? Strange. I was sexually invisible at 14% body fat when I could be assed to give up so much as a cookie, pizza or anything with real sugar in it.

And women my age have been unattractive to me since their twenties, sadly many chose to sleep around/get tattooed etc. thus, even the women today int heir mid 20s are looking 35+ :(

Women might not be magical creatures, but to those of us more "incel" they are definitely, and certainly impossible to "earn" or win over.

And I never wanted just sex. But I also never yearned for just inner beauty, or waiting until she looked like mommy to start touching her, looking at her, doing it. Or a blimp. Or even a former fattie (sorry ladies...)
Oh and the dating sites/matching apps are all owned by IAC/match group. I'm banned from OKStupid (right after they took my money for a month of OKStupid paid of course... ) and Tinder is a wasteland within 200 miles.

Bumble within 100 miles has no matches either.

I am of course, willing to pay 10$ to Tinder, lying about my age, to get plus again, but... changing geography and a few more super likes (supers seem to be the ONLY thing that gets me noticed at all) well, not sure what location to even target?

"Friends" and "interests"
The friend zone is a big problem for me, so I don't do "friendship" anymore. Men are malicious, backstabbing, two faced, AMOGs and beta male frustrated chumps and women are, well, a sisterhood....

Everyone anyone I know of would fix me up with is too old, was too burned out by their 18th with tattoos and bastard children, etc.

I mean trust me, it's tougher than you make it sound, especially when people have an idea what "league" you belong in, and the moment you see someone and like their outside determines precisely that they'll reject you/shun you/be too good for you/nothing in common.

It's terrible. And, well, I was a born romantic. Some other guys like cars or some "hobby" ass shit like that, I like/liked affection, romance... etc.

> works 3 hours a week
> Gets 330 a week, roughly
> 300 an hour....?
> Only 12k in assets, but still dividends

> Spend 300 or less in Utilities and Entertainment a month.
> Lumps in utilities *and* entertainment

A lot of this doesn't add up. I know tons of people aren't good with money and should save, but your math looks wrong. Either you are living off the wife's income lumping it in with yours or have some sort of income you aren't adding in.

Also $300 for utilities and entertainment is super low. My power bill with AC this month was almost a hundred. And then there's car insurance (not everyone has a train or metro!), gas, regular insurance, phone and internet.
> Gets 330 a week, roughly
Yes roughly.
Usually get paid around 100 an hour if I want to break down my actual work, tutoring session, or financial management session. I always make at least 1000 a month.

Dividends can be received for as small as 30 dollars, but you're right, I don't count my retirement portfolio in with my assets. I should have said 12k in cash available assets, because I want to help promote the idea of having a large emergency reserve saved up.

300 is actually the high rate.
90,000 won for electricity (close to 80 dollars)
30,000 won for gas
Internet / TV comes with apartment, I spend 15 bucks on Netflix.
I eat out once a week, and go to the movies once a month. (Movies cost around 40 bucks for a family of three)

Now in the states, electricty is actually CHEAPER, so, you my friend need to invest into some smart plugs and turn off your power breakers when you leave the house. It will make a huge difference. You should be spending more than 50 bucks for every two rooms being powered.
Yes Car insurance does range from 50-250 a month across the US. And is a huge burden, but usually people have cars for decent paying jobs and should be able to cover it. I don't have car payments right now. As I tend to use a lump sum on a (2-3 year old low mileage preowned w/ warranty) And pay it off in about a year or two. That car, is actually with my one parent, and they pay their own insurance to use it.

My wife's income, I do handle it, but like to keep it separate. I use it for her half of living expenses, food, and child expenses. The rest, I put directly into her retirement and emergency account. She doesn't receive much, she does some teaching, pulls down 2,000,000 won a month. (equal to only about 1800 dollars), most of the excess goes to paying HER insane college debt back, one of the reasons we do not share joint finances. My credit score is mid 800s and I have 0 debt. So I can leverage that any time I need.
Hope that helps.
Yes. It IS super low. Just electricity will run 200$ish a month in a POOR state in the south.

I don't want to think of what it is in yankee land.

I don't know what fairytale you live in with 100$ bill even with A/C but you must never actually USE your A/C.

Electricity isn't cheaper here by the way.
There's no such thing as a "smart plug".... and most people aren't going to turn off things like clocks or electronic device chargers.

My credit score is only around 780 :( (took a 13 point dive for some reason, never recovered, and absolutely no change in spending or debt was the cause... so that's just weird...)
So, with electricity, you can actually monitor it yourself, see where the peaks are.
What GPU do you have? Going from a 1060 to a 1050 ti for example will lower you bill 20 bucks a month.
200, is insane, unless you're heating / cooling a big house. Even in the south.
Average HOME cost for Electric in the eastern states hovers around 100.
If you have cable boxes / entertainment centers-systems / TVs plugged in, you'd be dumb not to have them on an easy switch or timer app plug - whatever you want to call it. Those things will seriously fuck you in the ass while you say "Nope, I'm just gonna be a lazy Southerner, too much bother to click a switch when I leave or I'm not using it."
All joking aside, try it for two months, see if it doesn't drop your bill be 25% or more.

The good news is that 780 is considered top tier excellent to most lenders anyway, and see no difference between 780 and 850. If you have 0 debt on top of that, you have access to the lowest rates.

And, if the electric is just fucking you because the state. Save up 5k and get a small solar array installed, to limit the bullshit mark up your state's trying to grease your asshole with.

You're absolutely 100% full of shit if you think you can magically pull this off in the states, especially the bay. I'm telling you that even being 100% penny pincher frugal with your finances, you would need multiple times the amount of income you're suggesting to live in even remotely comfortable conditions (read - not squalor) in most places in California.

I live in a place that is so hot, just running your AC at night to sleep comfortably costs about $200 a month. Please read that carefully - having the AC turned down just enough to sleep well, and only for the coolest hours of the day, costs nearly $200/mo for one guy in a small apartment. Most families of 4 or more here regularly pay $400mo+ on electricity alone.

It's cool that you live in bumfuck Korea or whatever, but stop pretending like you can apply the same principles to a place where the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.75
Wow calm down bro, not sure why people in debt or bad with finances always get so damn hostile when offered good advice out of the kindness of my heart.

You've already shown your ignorance, so this is gonna be a bit hard to explain to you. But I have property in the US, and I'm currently in Korea- because I can be.
So, you think you need at least 360,000 dollars to live "comfortably" - you are the worst of your generations out of touch idiocy. Spend spend spend, gotta keep up with people to be "comfortable" no... what you're seeking is not "Comfort" what you're seeking is fucking Luxury, that you can't afford. Also, thanks for doing the world's shittiest math and proving that yes, electricity roughly costs about 100 a month per person, slow clap for the angry troll-tard. Also, way to prove another point about cheap energy and needless consumption. A gallon of that same gas in Korea is avg. 5500 won. (4.80).
Now suck my dick MORAN.
The vast majority of people in the USA don't make $100 an hour. Many are lucky to make $10 a hour. You are lucky to have landed a high paying job that lets you work so few hours.

Internet is expensive out here. Anything that's not a dialup connection costs at least $60-80 a month. TV makes it worse. I know people paying $300 for TV and internet. Unless you are moving in with someone else, no place out here has free internet or TV.

Food is actually not too expensive. I pay around $250 a month and eat pretty well. That is one good thing about the USA: food is plentiful and not expensive. I eat a lot of veggies and limited meat (one meal a day). Most of my protein is dairy based or onions.

Some places make you pay for water, trash and sewage. I don't have to, but I have learned from those that do that you can expect to pay at least $100 a month in water alone. Sewage is extra as is trash.

I wish electricity in the USA was a cheap as you think it is. I actually use my AC very little. It's 80 Fahrenheit indoors, 90+ outdoors. I use fans as much as possible and have everything well-insulated. I also have all entertainment stuff on rocker switches already. I got some nice, big industrial power strips just to be safe.Cutting the power box would make my food spoil so I don't do that.

Others seem shocked my electricity bill is so low as they often run 200+ in the summer. This guy, for example:

Solar arrays are a nice idea, but not always possible. Condos and apartments don't allow them. Even if you are allowed to put up a solar array it's expensive and you will need significant battery backup to make actual use of it. Batteries hold excess power for night time, times of higher power use, or less than ideal weather. No batteries = need to buy electricity anyway. The panels will need cleaning and maintaining as well. It's a nice idea, but not a cure-all.

No debt, last I looked my credit was in the mid 700's.
> onions
Stupid spell check. Should have been plant based. No idea why it says "Onions".

> Wow calm down bro, not sure why people in debt or bad with finances always get so damn hostile when offered good advice out of the kindness of my heart.

The hostility is because you are in a unique situation yet seem to think everyone should live like you. Yes, a lot of people spend too much on luxury items. This said, the USA also has a lot of rampant poverty. You literally make ten times what most people in the USA make per hour. You can live in two countries. Your Bills don't look like normal USA Bills because you live in Korea and the wife lives in the USA.

You mean well, but it sounds like preaching from a high horse to an American who is living on less than $10 an hour and paying a lot for things you are lucky to be able to save money on.

A lot of American also are very bitter about how financial things are going in the USA. People literally are making half or less what their parents did. Here's a link on that.

They are finding out everything they were told would help them when they were growing up is not true and they are trapped in debt with no hope of finding a decent job. The world changed and we're right in the gap where things don't apply anymore, but we never had the time to really get ready. Some people thought ahead and were careful. They are OK. Most, though, are pretty screwed over financially and pissed off about it.
Yeah, that's fair. Where you live is relative to how much you'll have to work with.
But, literally all I needed was a simple college degree and some experience. However, I think my personality would be the same if I was working part time and only making the same at 20 an hour.

TV to me anyway, is such a waste of money. Internet is a necessity. I'd skip going to the movies if I needed high speed in a rural area. The US monopoly on Telecomms is awful, hope they break that shit up soon. Most of the world prices highspeed at about 25 for 100Mb+

USA, the food is so much cheaper, but the eating out is insanely expensive. Also, woot woot, OMAD, I do that during the week too!

Again, electric is all over the place, but research all the money saving tricks. Hell, just getting a dehumidifyer makes a place feel more comfortable, add a fan, lose some weight, and it feels nice and breezy. Open a window on the shady side. These are suggestions. If it's swamp of dagaboh out there, fuck opening anything.

Batteries are more for sustained electrical use. If you do a simple grid tie in, then you'd get the reduction the A/C causes at peak heat. If you want whole house / night time use, yeah batteries are needed.

If I look at the metrics of a single town, and what someone is working, I can give an exact number of what they need to save, live, and be comfortable.
Commiefornia is unlivable *anywhere* and anywhere where the jobes are is arguably gentrified to such an extent that it's absurd and obscene while simultaneously enabling horrible employers like Blizzard and Amazon.

And the average price for gas in a cheap US state is still 2$+ when it's LOW.
I didn't mention solar arrays but wish I could afford housing/an apartment with such. Wouldn't even sell it off if possible/I were wealthy enough. I'd just let my neighbors use too.
Just want to correct one small thing.
Yes, "100" seems like a lot for an hour. But it's very finite. There's only so many classes I can schedule, there's only so many clients that need help. 100 is a service fee, and I do work for it.

It'd be actually easier to get a full time job in the states and work for 20 something, to reach that 35 / 40k average. Then reach 35 with what I'm doing. So it does work for me, but not for people that would want much more, if that makes sense. The funny thing is, from all the criticism, I wasn't imagining anyone thinking I was "high up" or above anyone.

My first business venture didn't go well, dumped all of my savings into it and was left with debt. I was trying to get rich to convince a certain girl to marry me; needless to say it didn't work out. The follies of youth! Now I'm working on a startup with a friend, and we're making good progress. I learned a lot from my first business attempt and have a good network to leverage for my current project.

Current goals are to get this business off the ground, then find a nice girl to marry and have kids. I've always wanted a family.
Evading sons of shitlords post ban.
>If I look at the metrics of a single town, and what someone is working, I can give an exact number of what they need to save, live, and be comfortable.

Well, that is at least partially doable. The metrics for many cities can be found on the BLS website. Type in any state to the search box, then click "State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates" and "Economy at a Glance". Larger cities can be chosen to allow you to zoom in.

The rest is trickier. Maybe try something like Angie's List? That site tends to under-estimate things, though. Apartment finder websites are another good resource to calculate the cost of living. Look at walkability scales. The lower they are, the more someone will need a car and the more gas they will use.

That's fair enough. I've been there and know how it feels when work is limited and you have to do the best you can on what you've got. I also know you still have to do work for your wages as everyone does.

Just never underestimate how bitter, angry, and hurt some people are thanks to the financial situation in this country. We elected Trump because of this pain. The suicide rates are skyrocketing among males because they feel like such failures in this economy. It's sad out here in the USA. You were lucky to pick the degree you did and get into your line of work. To many people it seems like a far off dream.
I'm 30 and trying to finish up school, paying for all out of pocket. I work a fast food job with a bunch of teenagers and early 20's kids and I want to fucking kill myself. I think about it daily.
I’m dismayed this turned into a cockfight, but I suppose that’s always a reliable outcome, here.

I’m around and awake for probably about another hour. If you can’t think of anything beyond “hi” or “hey” to say, I’m gonna delete that. Give me something to work from, please.
M19 thin guy into girls pooping, just hit me up, any ages welcome (18+)
willing to show off

kik: luca.962
Forget the dating site - it approximates life.
I know of two women - Brandy and Courtney.

Courtney is chubbyish/curvier. Mediocre but not too revolting tace. Stereotypical chunky girl titty shape but they were perky at 21 for tubbier chick boobs (She went on /soc/ once as "Sweater Chan". - her now boyfriend - is literally a brick shithouse. Now this chick might be okay as an artist... and maybe have been to culinary school or something...

But when brick fucking shithouses, even thebald ones are trading down?...

Oh how about Brandy? Thought I was sexy 2 years ago, and I rather needed someone in my life to replace the superior Bradie (who was smarter intellectually, cuter facially, younger, didn't have a pot belly and oh yeah, no herpes)

Naah, she had to go, change her mind radically, "hate me", have "no time for me" etc... she was so trying to "find herself" or whatever at 26 right?

Fast forward two years and miss "I'm tired of men they don't satisfy me, I have several fuckbuddies and one I want to be more than friends with who doesn't want me like that and one I don't want like that that wants me like that" now has a... boyfriend...

Who you guessed it.... built like a brick shithouse.

Meanwhile I can't even manage to make myself not want to walk to circle K to raid a milkshake machine to try to binge away my emotional and sexual wounds/neediness....
And wasn't even at my prime, able to ever compete with these fucking brick shithouses...

BUt now, they're going for 4s, 5s and 6s... I mean man, what the fuck? How do you even be that buff *and have a fucking real adult job*?

life is awesome.

Kik/sc/Reddit: deseoyaccion
This is me, >>27991449
you seem quite interesting and seem to be working on having your life together which is pretty awesome, down to hmu on discord?
>Florida Man#0676
36/m here. Working on getting a small niche business off the ground, no kids, no wife, never married, kinda geeky looking, my hobbies are hunting, fishing, camping, playing vid games and listening to what I consider music instead of what the freaking local pop station considers music.
>You were lucky to pick the degree you did and get into your line of work. To many people it seems like a far off dream.

Honestly, my degree title was a bit useless, just the fact I had a four year degree was good enough to join some volunteer things. One thing I signed up for gave a small stipend, over time I got experience and connections- it's just about motivation. There's plenty of things to risk, with possible upsides. I think our generation has become very risk - adverse. The fear of failing, of looking foolish or bad among their peers, but really. Anyone could work a dead end wage monkey job, save up, pick up a hammer, learn basic trade skill, buy a shitty 30k fixer upper in a medium sized city and try their hand at realestate, housing, or renting. All risks, but all skills that can be self started. And if one person failed, they'd at least have some equity afterwards.

Again, just small examples of what someone could do. I honestly think the problem starts with our highschools, they don't teach financial or modern day survival skills worth shit. They're still stick in a post-industrial era, and fail the country and the youth as a whole. Colleges have gotten better, but not everyone needs college, or to sink money into one.
Well, I can rant and make my self bitter and angry as well- but now you know why I've taken the simple and relaxing life.
I encourage anyone not happy about their situation to change it, even if it's a risk.
Good luck to you as well, nice people deserve to get ahead.
You in the ga/al area?
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.
I couldn't land *a secretary job* with it, or anything with the state/the government, etc.

By my junior year (I was originally pursuing pre-law and DID like political science and history and don't like, say, environmental science?)

So 10 years later, I went to pursue an MBA, thinking hey, better than a 2nd undergraduate, right!?


So I'm dirt broke, watching even the most mediocre of women in their mid to late 20s STILL fucking Chad fucking Thundercock and the nerd/alternacore version of Chad, quite literally, as two former sex (one is a former love/crush that it still hurts to think about....) and yeah nerd guy, looks like a basedboy BUT is made of muscle and is a strongman, pull a truck type. Ugh....

All I wanted or needed money for was to bribe/buy a wifeworthy western woman (nothing east of the prime meridian or south of the US-Mexico border please)

I mean I only took out 39k (and it's supposed to be 37k because I was supposed to have gotten 2k in compensation for college loan from the BBB office I was working with as an intern that semester....)

I have no changes left I can make, and I'm too old, poor and lacking in support to do that stupid gym thing "for myself". As when I was able to do that when I was healthier/more energetic? I couldn't break 14% bodyfat and... still a fairly/very low free testosterone (just within normal range, like 6ng/dl = normal...)

I wish I had changes I could make left that actually did something irl for me, that improved my "league" with women, or gave me a large sum of money in return.... but without either of those? Zero ... anything...

And to be honest, I'd rather not have to buy the woman, so that depresses me too... but it's the most I can hope for.
I hate being 30+.
The women suck as even the best made up looking.... still need heavy makeup, likely fake tits, bras to make them look perkier/perky when they aren't..

Unlike the early 20s women :(

But without being filthy rich, nothing counts as something to "offer" a woman.

Sadly... before anyone says "personality" or "rotten personality"? I know of two rather dim, quite vapid, but at least fuckable (and in one case, kind of cute to me personally) women both now dating *brick shithouses* despite being worth minimum wage.... and trashy....

So yeah... I know exactly what females want, at least the ones that aren't blimps, former blimps made of stretch marks, loose skin and poor sad lil flappers, or .... babymommas.

I'm bored as hell and having to blow another 10-12 grand in student loan.... on a certificate program online in graphic design (the only I can find) though that cost is only if I graduate....

And artsy subjects are things I'm not traditionally good at so I'm terrified I'll end up wasting 5k or so in student loan for no reason. Worse yet, I learn better in person... but I'm trying.

Means I can't do anything else for a year though since it has to be full time.

I wish I had someone to look forward to, think of and get a schoolboy crush on.

All my male friends, what few I have are pathetic incels, one nig who white girls chase and who gets lots of female attention according to himself, that doesn't want it, and a couple of women too gross for anyone to fuck at all/women between serial monogamous boyfriends.

And that's about it.

And I have never been sexually attractive (other than the one woman dating a brick shithouse mentioned above) to any woman between 18 and 25 with between an 18-22 body mass index and no kids. :(

It's lonely, lame, boring, sleepy, god I want so much sleep and I'm eating out of boredom and mood and it's never enough and I'm always hungry. Ugh.
It's a meme but they are correct.
Fucking summerfags calling everyone over 25 "boomer" is ridiculous.

Oh I didn't even realize this was the same thread I'm so bored. Fuck.
Ugh you sound horrible
I am. I don't want to be, but since everyone says oh you're bad or have a rotten personality but you should BE MORE POSITIVE!!! - I mean, I swear it's some sort of nigger rigged catch-22 meme shit ala Star Trek Captain Kirk level Kobayashi Maru shit.

You seem wonderful though! Honest! Like, it's almost like you can totally tell someone is horrible or wonderful from just their FEELINGS!

Oh wait, right. I'm bad or awful because of my feels, but you are what? Great and wonderful because you like sloppy mom tits or something? Puh-leeze.

No, you're awful because you're a huge fuckin crybaby about your feels. Have some damn dignity. You don't need to be more positive, just less of a complete pussy

Refer to that old chinese proverb - girls already have a pussy, they don't need another one... unless they're a lesbian, in which case they aren't fucking you anyway
Okay. So why is that awful?

Is it only awful because a profession (psychobabblers) just happen to make money by stigmatizing being open about feels/rough shod types like you hate it?

I would rather everyone be more of a "crybaby" about their feels and be more sensitive, compassionate and open.

How bow dah!?

Yeah well, it's kind of hard (impossible) to fake being this stoic, alpha male stereotype.

I've yet to find a pill that akes me happily asexual, happy to have no sexual function (due to the pill) and doesn't cause profound weight gain and somnolesence.

As you're asking for all males to either not have emotions, or only talk about them to "paid professionals"...

And that paid professional can't even suck me off or cuddle me...

Which, is what *I* need out of someone being paid that much to care about my feelings.

See I don't have the option to be less of a complete pussy, because murder is still illegal, thus I can't just fucking blow the heads off of those more alpha than I am.

Or, you know, I would, and voila, your snide little belief would go away really quickly.

If it didn't, I could always show you the mountain of dead bodies of people that said I was a big pussy huh? :)

Or does it only count when you do it via fisticuffs?

Admittedly I'd have needed my family to not consist *entirely of women and lanky figured beta males* for that...
Oh, and dignity, right. I don't have any. I'm asphyxiated in shame. Kind of hard to have dignity when you're literally the lowest peg sociosexually AND socioeconomically.

I mean, shit, look at guys like Louis CK or Howard Stern? They're rich, successful, what have you. STILL no dignity whatsoever.

Guess the world needs more bi-curious dykes. Sadly lesbians never look lipstick/like pretty young women, which, sucks. The moment the gay infects a pretty girl that used to be straight, she gains weight, cuts her hair all dyke like, dyes it, etc. Fucking libtardation....
You are awful because you lower a rooms happiness level by you inflicting your feelings on other people. Get over yourself an man the fuck up. People want to be around happy people not miserable losers.
Again I can not change my "feels" to accommodate that room, if that room is doing nothing to create said feels?

I am not certain, however, how that constitutes a character flaw.

Hey Otto! You're sad! You told other people or are visibly sad! YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF SHIT!

No wonder Otto died of heroin overdose... oh, right, you didn't care. Otto was a rotten human being.

RIP Hedberg...

Oh right. let me just fake a completely hollow, vapid, impossibly fake, impossible to imagine emotional state based on an environment, sexual and economic life options that create *exactly the opposite*.

Tell me something, are these "happy" people also *ahem* FAKING IT?

Because unhappy is only a threat to *fake happy*.

Or to happiness that was gotten at the expense of the unhappy person. Like when that one guy fucks the schoolboy crush inducing female that someone else also could fall in love with.
So again, you have not coherently, tacitly and explicitly elucidated why unhappiness is a character/moral flaw to begin with. You can't. It isn't.

It also isn't a choice, you weird Buddhist fucks. Fuck I hate hippies. They're so awful and they don't even put out like good little sluts. No point in all that nu-age, neopagan horseshit if they can't even be good sluts with it.
Happiness is a choice...
A choice that usually involves hookers and blow.
-Ancient Buddhist Proverb
Happy is a reaction to stimuli.
Stimuli that ake you happy = happy.
Stimuli that make you hurt = trauma/suffering/unhappy.

Again, psychobabble /=/ fact.
Buddhism is garbage and I'd assassinate that faggot ass motherfucker, along with BF Skinhead, Sickmind Fraud, that faggot Jung, Jesus of Nazareth, Muhammed, Laozi, Kong Qiu and all those other metaphysical, philosophical, happiness is a choice bullshit artists.

JUST to finally be rid of that entire line of "it's all in your mind"

Funny how I've yet to be able to touch a single mental vagina that's all nice, pink, tight, waxed/shaved etc. all in my mind, oh, right... because I can't mentally power over the *physical world*.

And happiness, is, a physical world, 3d reaction. It is as much events and the reactions of others too you (are you ugly/pretty to them, do you get sexual attention, are you suffering in poverty or are your job options good, etc.) as it is a chemical reaction (notice I said reaction, not action) in your body to said stimuli.

That is, you can try to drug it in, but you'll fail, because correlation /=/ causation, thus the chemical underpinnings of an emotion or feeling do not said emotion or feeling make.

Hookers and blow are... trashy, std ridden, expensive and illegal.

Oh and I'm poor and teh women my type fit the girl next door/classy stereotype.

Ever try to find, say, a classy looking, lady like, 25ish year old cellist named Ellie that's a fucking hooker? I have. They don't exist like that.

If everyone cried and complained about their feelings as much as you do nothing would ever get done. The world wasn't built by crybaby carebears in a huddled in a hugbox. Human civilization has been built by strong people who shut the fuck up and put their backs into it.

You can either keep crying on 4chan, or you can suck it up and channel those feelings into something that might benefit you and other fuccbois like you. Maybe you'll even find a girl who appreciates you for being passionate about something other than whining. I heard that's how girls work.
>25ish year old cellist named Ellie that's a fucking hooker?
Yeah, her name's Yin, not Ellie, she gets off on that kind of thing, but plays beautifully. What? You didn't think playing in an orchestra covered all her bills did you?

I might have to point out the subtleness of my sarcasm, but that wasn't a real Buddhist Proverb by the way.
I have no doubt, you can't magically switch happiness off and on in your brain. And from a clinic side, it sounds like you're experiencing severe depression. Talking to an actual therapist (not the drug everything kind) might help you reevaluate and sort stuff out better than talking to us assholes on the internet.
Still better than a dishonest world full of fucking fake-happy fakes whose fakery is threatened *by fucking feelings*.

Here's a novel idea: stop demonizing those of us with feels because we don't have umpteen gillion bucks to pay some headshrink to psychiatrybabble us into having no sexual function and STILL being unhappy and bloviating. Oh, did you think psychiatry cured feels?

Having feels around other people isn't a medical disorder. It's a statement of *need*.

Sadly need is frowned on, as men are expected to have none in this bullshit, bass ackwards sociosexual marketplace, where males are stabbing each others backs/stepping on each other to get to the top, while women prosper.

Women work by being shallow and choosy because even the most mediocre woman can.

How you've heard they work is contradicting how I see they work.

As even faking having no emotion doesn't seem to work. They can still "sense" need.

But since I can't FILL that need - because they ARE that need, it's a catch-22/impossible to beat scenario.

They work, in just such a way, as to screw me in all ways but the good one.

"something that might benefit me and other "fuccbois" like me? 1.) What constitutes a "fuccboi" and 2.) "something that imght benefit me"

Well multiple degrees/education doesn't benefit me, and my body is gym-immune to anything but workout resistant skinnyfatness and chronic fatigue.

I'm not seeing how involuntary celibacy benefits this ME person you keep speaking about and DO see how romantic and sexual affection I like looking at SOBER DOES BENEFIT ME.


That's on starting the biz! I'm working for a similar change. 43, software engineer, single-income family (great wife, 2 awesome sons, extraordinarily blessed).….but after 18 years in the software filed....it's starting to all look the same.

Would love to be known or leave behind some more creative or concrete legacy you know?
I hate chinkgooks.
Their facial structure, scent and accent are wrong.

I mentioned Ellie because I know of someone named Ellie who happens to be 25ish, long hair (maybe not now), cute face, soft pale skin, western European (not Russianish) descent, classy, artfaggy, etc.

I know it isn't but it might as wel be.

Happiness is NOT just in our brains.


Fucking cheaters. Why did you win? Why did all the tv ads and PSAs saying cheaters never win lie to me?

"severe depression"
>makesurdixafloppin HCL works wonders for ECONOMICS OR SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS HUH!?

Oh wait, your "threapies" do not work, do not "treat" or "cure" this "severe clinical depression" but do cause dick dysfunction, acceleration of the wrinkling process, hair loss, weight gain and the like.

No I will not take a pill to make me sleep 22 hours a fucking day and try to force me to smile with saggy mom bods, inner beauty and being stuck in the white trash doldrums.

That's not a biochemical disorder in my brain. It is a disorder in my environment that Ihave no further power to change, as I have done everything in my physical and genetic capcity to get out of, and your "therapies" can not further help me with, as they only help the "therapist" or "physician" who administers them make more money off of my expense.

Try a high class, girlfriend level, "experience" who can sleep with me bareback and cuddle. i still won't be happy, but I will be distracted as that is the closest I can hope for to what would have made me happy.

A classy-ish young, pale, western European descended female leting me be with her romantically, like most men get by the end of high school or college before it was too late.

Getting to not die the creeper, forcefully forcefed pills to try to force me to feel feels I do not fucking feel.
"clinic side"
there. is. no. such. fucking. thing. as. a chemical. imbalance. in. your. brain.

Read Noam Chomsky's manufactured consent. See also Robert Whitaker's Anatomy of an Epidemic. See also Prozac Nation.

"channel those feels"
I suck at art and it doesn't get me paid or laid to suck at something.
So channele feels into something that sucks... still sucks.

Unfortunately I'm too old for and too "clinically depressed and unfit" for the military, so I can't just kill sand niggers for money and then get to be hero over here in the USA to a pretty younger white girl.

Which makes me a rotten human being inside, but the ones my type I stare at and sigh over from afar were always too good for me anyway. The real "cause" of the "depression".

Being the B student.
Being "mediocre" or a "jack of trades" at literally everything I'm okay at, and sucking at manual labor and STEM
Steroids being illegal.
Daddy makeovers being too goddamn expensive.

I don't have anyone off the internet to actually talk to *I could respect* anyway.

I refuse to serve as some fucking middle aged bible bumper's paycheck when that old lady/man couldn't even get decent dick/pussy.

If they can't get it for themselves, they can't help me either.

So what is some "therapist"
Some minimum of 32ish year old, out of touch, already sagging tittied/mom looking thing or some fucking boring old man with a limp dick since 19 and an ugly old wife becaus he was a beta male *supposed to do for ME*?

They can't even have what is a good life to me *for themselves*.
You're already tech/STEM smart.
You already have.

You could always build websites for fun though.

It's too technically/language based complex for me. Hell I can't even pass fucking Google Analytics. My brain is just... turning off. :(

Looking for a MILF
kys. you sound insufferable. I'm glad I don't know you irl
Yeah. Aren't you though?

I'm glad I don't know you either, you sociopathic, unsympathetic, moronic pile of douchey shit.

I mean, hey, I didn't set supply and demand market rates.

The only thing I need to be happy are perky, natural, western white girl titties leting me touch them.

That's it, a child free, single female between 18-26ish with between an 18 and 21 BMI that speaks English natively (no funny accents) and that is western European in descent (read: white, or ethnically British, ethnically French or ethnically American-white/ or whatever ethnicity my people would be conisdered, as non colored types of western Euro stock.
>hey anon why don’t you like people your age

This thread is a roaring example holy shit
Because of sagging tits/fake implants.
Bastard children from their unhappy first marriages or the chad they fucked in high school/college who wasn't me.
"Maturity" (God I hate fucking mature people so much. They're dicks. There's no upside either, they won't pay me for any work...)
"Inner beauty"
"spirituality", "meaning", "philosophy"

Hell as much as I hate to see someone young and cute trash themselves, ruin their brain's potentail and waste their looks early, partying hard and burning out beats.... taking moderate care of yourself to the best of your ability, getting degrees and trying to wait until you can finally earn the same quality pussy Chad Thundercock was plowing at 16.
you can probly stop posting bro
i think people would like that
I could. But Google is failing at the following:
>How to pick up a younger woman when you're immature and can't get mature because you lack good/mature people experiences instead of only negative experiences.

>How to pick up younger women even if you are sexually inexperienced and socially awkward.

>How to pick up younger women when you don't have six pack abs or a seven inch dick or a big bank account.

>How to get a woman on seeking arrangement to fuck you without paying like Caleb BlackDragon Jones has mentioned with "sugar baby game" despite not being wealthy and loaded like that guy.

>how to find women with daddy issues/ that are immature but still cute and pale and not tattooed that keep their hair long and are *submissive* or obedient. Or at least soft and nurturing.

So, yeah. Maybe they'd like that, but since they're not putting out, well. :)

Tell you what though? The moment those people you mention would be on my side in pussygettin? Hey. :)
Fuck off sons of shitlords.
A younger woman? The old “van by the high school” trick sounds about your style.
"by the high school"

Yes because 18 year olds and above are typically "in high school"

Let alone 18-30. Holy fucking daft motherfucker.

By the by 17 is the AOC where I am, and 99% of the ladies here have had more sexual partners than I have or a *husband* by then...
Also I'd never drive a van, if I could ever medically/legally drive.

I'm not a kidnapper. Kidnapping and rape are not my style. Please, just stop.

I just can't earn enough to earn women on, like Ashley Madison or Seeking Arrangement... :(
rope yourself, even if this is all ironic
>I'm dating a 21 year old
This angers me.
I don't have the balls.
Also really, lynching is not a common suicide method... and nobody says "rope yourself".

You're telling me to kill myself, by the way, just for wishing I could at least afford to buy an attractive woman's affections, because "good personality" is not only vague, but apparently requires having a great mood and high self image without any outside input, for absolutely no reason, forevermore... for ugly women/inner beauty in return. Naah senpai, I pass on that bullshit.

You need to snap out of 4chan meme speak mister over 30 who claims to be more mature than me.

Also you just told a person to *kill themselves*.

But you're such a wonderful human being right?

It doesn't even faze me.
She could be fat, ugly, tattooed, dyke haired or a single mom.

If she's a cute lady like pleasant type though to complement my crass, verboten, stereotypical maleness, god I'm jealous.

Like I can't even ever hope to earn enough to buy that.

Which is all I ever wanted or needed in life, reallly.
dude this is so boring reading about bills and shit holy fuck this is depressing
Yep. Because life/reality are depressing. Sadly.

I don't even want money/paycheck.

I just want a sugar baby to not let me be homeless or starve or be in rags or whatever.

She can have 100% of what I earn. I can make due with, like 1k a month or something, tops.
This fucking guy telling someone to snap out of 4chan speak lolololol
Pretty sure I'm heterosexual.
I wish I were a faggot, I mean, males are easy and there's so many trannies here these days, I mean /soc/ has more fucking degenerate delusional trannies than it does FEMALES.

Alright sure. 32 m here, Denver. Make pretty good money (117k), prestigious job, etc. Decent face, body, somewhat athletic. Life is ok i guess but I think my wife wants a divorce, so i guess anybody down to fool around?

Are you an engineer or something?
I could buy a pretty wife my type with that, even in Denver.

Sadly the best offer I've seen for an entry level job I can qualify for is 38k in Co. Springs.


Yes, by the way, I will literally leave to any decent US city/state...

You should just get some sort of legal contract so she can't take your money.

Then go on seeking arrangement. God knows I would.
File: X4T3G41.gif (4.4 MB, 500x281)
4.4 MB
4.4 MB GIF
>This one fucking doomer
Either get professional help or never leave /r9k/ again. Jesus Christ.

Yeah i am. Lol, where do you buy pretty wives? Share your secrets.
"professional helP"
Why are they "professional"?
What does even a PhD in psychobabble confer that I can not read out of some Buddhist or Taoist babblespeak anyway? CBT? DBT? ACT? ECT? LGBQT? It's all alphabet soup diarrhea dump ASS.

Seeking arrangement lets you buy pretty dates.
I imagine that pretty wives are EASIER than that.

And sugar babies aren't entirely unwilling to fall in love...
Not my fault that Eliza is the only girl in r9k. Even I can't go there, too drug addled/aged by legal age, heartless, soulless, std ridden and.... skanky and dim :(
hi local maniac. i'm a psychiatrist. I was around for the advent of /soc/! it sure sucks now.

The difference between reading something and going to therapy is that there are fundamentally aspects of an intersubjective (between two people) experience that are not accessible to a person alone.

Additionally there are a bunch of things about yourself, your relationships, your way of being, your behaviors, etc that are out of your immediate awareness and that are actively shoved out of your immediate awareness/resistant to your lonely self's change.

this is why you are still the way you are. good luck!
Oh so you make dicks not work, wrinkle people faster and make them fat so you can "earn" 200-250k for sitting on your ass?

Well, sadly your "profession" is the only thing that the kikes took from Nazi Germany that they LIKED. Keep the masses, drugged, hopeless and in line. A modern day replacement for religion as the opiate of the masses.

There's nothing out of my fucking "awareness". You fail at fucking psychobabble you wannabe shrink.

"intersubjective" uh okay mister have to make up a new neologism ... but the term is "subjective". There is no "inter" in the term. THAT'S WHAT THE DAMN TERM MEANS! THAT THE EXPERIENCE IS VARIABLE BETWEEN DIFFERENT OBSERVERS. HOLY FUCK.

"?going to therapy.." uh yeah the difference is some fucking middle aged, unhappy, fat, ugly bible bumping fuck gets money to fucking "therapy" me and tl me how I should think and that how I think is broken, or tell me I lack self awareness, but need a higher self image - but not TOO high a self image, subjective precisely to their ambiguous and nebulous standards.

In addition, what I "SHOULD" be happy with, is contrasted to what I WOULD be or AM happy with.

There are no "behaviors" out of my awareness, you dim witted tool

This is not the reason I "am the way I am".

I am the way I am because I can not change the reaction of sexually atractive young women to a poor or average looking male with an average dick.

You are welcome to psychobabble THEM into finding me sexy though. I still won't believe I am, but at least I'll be distracted.

There's nothing "shoved out of my immediate awareness" or some "lonely self's change" (by the way, your grammar and syntax are awful, how the fuck did you pass undergrad?)

PS The advent of /soc/ sucked to begin with. It meant the death of contactfagging pretty barely legal camwhores.

Which means... too much attention and no hoking up or e-sex or more.
Furthermore - you are not a "psychiatrist". No psychiatrist would be caught dead on 4chan. They literally outearn anyone on Earth but fucking hookers...

Which should tell you how much porn stars and high class call girls are worth to mental health by comparison to brainwashing, drugging headshrinks, but hey, I digress there Sickmind Fraud.
What a fun atmosphere!
Welcome to your 30s!!
Welcome to life beyond 21 if you didn't peak in high school, really. :(
What is your actual age?
Well over 30, sadly. :(
That's all you'll get. I saw like, some of the eighties and stuff.
How many disabilities were you born with?
Other than the autism you'll taese me for (low oxytocin receptor density...)

Busted ANS thanks to being too drugged, though it possibly would have happened to begin with.

And ended up with a pinched spine nerve by 21. Ugh.
I'm not going to make fun of you for the autism, I will point out it was evident.

I was born with Spina Bifida. I had surgery at 18months old.
I had surgery at 12 years old, 14, 15, 17, 19 - roughly. I believe I had 8 surgeries all together.

I could not walk unassisted from 13-22.
I did not have a normal teenage-hood.

I did not have the same opportunities as everyone around me that could walk. At times I felt bitter, even jealous.
This only let my arrogance grow at a time when I believed I was smarter than others around me. However despite my IQ being higher, I still had a developmental delay between processing words and thoughts in head and actually writing them down.

Why is this important? Because I stopped comparing myself with others. I decided to focus inward. I did 30+ hours of physical therapy a week. I watched friends quietly as they socialized until I started to notice the tiny normalized social cues that go unspoken. Eventually, I regained some confidence, I learned to walk without crutches AFTER I was an adult. I tried online dating, what a fucking shit show. But I just started being myself, not caring, broken but reborn. My burdens were my own and I did not share them with anyone.

I hear your frustration, I know it well. Life is fucking unfair, and no one can tell you HOW to be happy or what the best path is.

I'm not sure you're even going to fairly process this without making a comment about it, but. When I say a therapist, I do not mean someone that prescribes mind altering drugs. Too much trial and error in that. I mean, someone maybe even a councilor that you can talk with to help you think, not tell you how to think.

I wish you the best in finding yourself out of the dark hole you are clearly in, admitting you need help isn't weakness it's a realization. Hippy shit or not, that's true. Autism will just be the thing that makes your social IQ 10 times harder to understand, but even that can be overcome with support.
Technically my conedome/egghead and ugly aren't a disability.

Sorry about the spina bifida.

I never got to see boobs until, what? My late 20s/early 30s? Well, in person, on a woman I'd wanted to see them on.

I've tried everything including not caring, but I can't break myself of the actual caring, of the hating being ugly or a creep, of the wanting, needing to be worthwhile.

Or the need to hear, from the right audience, you're not creepy, I can like you, I can let you lust me. From just the right female to just let me lay her head on my chest....

"admitting I need help"

There is no help for pussy getting.

As for the help I need and WANT - cosmetic medicine costs too much.

Know what help I DO NOT NEED?
So called "medication" that makes your dick not work and makes you fatter.

And well, again, no good pussy getting help. I've looked. Therapists are all old anyway, like 30. They know bupkus.

Social IQ is not a thing.
IQ is a thing.

I recognize that people put me in the low bin socially yet claim I am imagining it or paranoid or am rude or annoying or what ever.

The WHY of it eludes me.

The therapist, as such can only say positive thought shit.

But until someone with perky natural tits and a cute face and nice body and good mannerisms means that nice shit, it won't work.

I've had plenty of therapists. I call them rental friends, like how you use a whore for just sex, only... therapists lack that, so... I'm not sure why they're being paid.
nice trips
Haven't posted in /soc/ for a long time because it's been ruined by gays and trannies. That being said, hi, 37/m here. I've met people from /soc/ before as well as other boards. These days I only occasionally browse threads where girls post tits.
wow, this thread is extremely sad
Haha ! I am though. I also know colleagues on here. Not /soc/ though, just some other boards. You'd be surprised.

I think the rest of your content speaks for itself!
That's just that one ID with 42 replies

30s+ on 4chan are nothing surprising, considering how old this website it.
Some change their browsing habits, some don't
I know mate, I'm 32 and I've been on and off of 4chan since 2005. It's amazing how just one guy can make an entire thread loom miserable.
I think your ego and snubbishness speaks to yours?

If you're so great at therapyin - why does therapyin never lead to good pussy instead of white trash pussy or your hand and those ssris, snris, "mood stabilizers" (read tranquilizing brain damaging toxins) , more toxins, etc?

In fact in 20+ years I have had not one therapist with a wife/girlfriend I envy them for, or six pack abs, or a big dick, etc. No reason to respect them or their opinions on human behavior or sexual behavior at ALL.

Sadly I wish I had somewhere to even go. When even 4chan won't have you, it's kinda like being popular or loved, but only by little girls, old ladies, and redneck white trash with 2-3 kids minimum and saggy mom bods. I don't think I need to tell you how depressing that is.

You're welcoime to be "happy" irl/elsewhere, since youre such a "happy" person.
This set of people constantly break the rules... why are they not banned?
File: glowcat.jpg (93 KB, 600x482)
93 KB
Report them whenever you see them. You can choose "spamming" or "avoiding spam filters" as you feel is applicable. They mostly are dodging bans to keep posting, so we just have to keep reporting.

Yeah, though it's always possible to swing things back to happy stuff. You just have to be the one to start posting things that aren't miserable.

Speaking of which, just finished the training on that contract! I finally get to start working. Man, it's going to be nice to not have to hunt for work any more. Moving from Freelance writing and editing to Contract writing and editing is awesome.

I hope you guys have better things happen to you soon, too!
I do. They're avoiding filters.
Speaking of the devil...
I think of reporting discord spammers as a game of 4chan Whack A Mole. How many can you report before someone else does? It's fun going for high score.

> Current high score (one day): 30
The sad part is if there were any good Discords I wouldn't report them.

Whack a mole sounds fun....

But I kinda wish you could use real people you don't like... :D
büzz jä
Well, therapy isn't conducted on this board, for starters. Not all psychiatrists do therapy either, the majority do medication management.

Finally, psychotherapy was created to treat conversion and other disabling symptoms, not get you laid. It evolved to address function from a standpoint of a capitalistic society interested in the productivity of an individual after that. Again, not to get you laid.
"Therapy" isn't
"conducted" at all.
All Dr Shill McGraw/Dr Drew Pencildick types annoy the fuck out of me.

Stop trying to turn everything into something "clinical". That's precisely why "therapy" sucks.

It isn't friendship OR fucking/love.

"conversion and other disabling symptoms"

You can't treat a symptom often enough, without treating an actual illness. Labels are neither symptoms or illness. Your opinion of a "symptom" is an opinion, based on a flawed dominant paradigm of society/social norms etc.

Again capitalistic society is predatory and profits off of people's misery.

Furthermore people can not be "mentally healthy" or "functional" without "get laid".

But, if you weren't such an idiot you'd realize that sexuality and intimacy are basic human "mental health" needs.
do you know that you talk past people? You read (and probably when you listen) some words, and then they activate your network of thoughts, and you start feeling angry or irritable. Then you pour out all this content that wasn't really related to the conversation. Nobody needs to be there. It's just you.
If I talk through you, you're either being perjorative and dismissive under the faux guise of innocuousness, or you are intentionally being arcane, obtuse or daft.

When this occurs I am left little choice.

I read/listen plenty.

You are trying to psychobbable my brain into some sort of misfire or dysfunction or "irrational anger".

But what emotion IS rational? None. That's why they're emotions and why we're fucking human beings and not Vulcans from planet Vulcan Doctor fucking Spock.


The context was plenty there.
Stop acting like I don't see or perceive a world around me while you're at it you gaslighting faggot.
why go on the web and be angry?

hope it's working out for you well.
Because I can't be happy without what I could be happy with. But as you can't "earn women" (they are not a prize) and platonic love doesn't make me happy/isn't rewarding....

Well... :)

There you go.

IDK why you addressed this to me though?
Anger is a natural reaction to sets of unjust, unfair or otherwise maddening phenomenon by the way.
34/M/PA. I recently broke off a long engagement because the relationship had become unhealthy for both of us. Also I've realized that I really want kids, and she didn't. So after nearly 7 years with her, I'm starting over from scratch on the quest for The One.
It's good that you both understand this. Happy hunting and good luck!
>see 30+ thread
>expect nice civilized discussion
>instead see half the posts are by an angry teenager edgelord incel
There's a teenager here?
Look dude, you have done nothing but spew incel copypastas. Incels are a cult of teenagers, not 30-somethings.
Thanks, Anon. It's actually pretty exciting being able to go out and pursue women again, especially now that I'm at the point in my life where I'm looking for actual women - not girls. It's a very different outlook than when I was in my 20's. And I feel so much more alive than when I was trapped (largely by my own fear and insecurities) in a sexless, loveless relationship.
*sigh* if only women had the bodies they have at 18-21 at 30+ instead. Unfortunately "maturity" seems to be the polar opposite of beauty, firmness, paleness, luster, etc.

"incel copypastas"
No copypasta
Incels are not a copypasta.
Incels have valid grievances against a clearly skewed sexual marketplace.
Not all incels, in fact most never wanted just sex.
You should not need six pack abs to sleep with *ONE* six out of ten BEFORE she looks 30+

Incels are not a cult of teenagers.

Go back to le plebbit with your left wing propaganda and/or libtardairheadean MRA/MGTOW bullshit.

30 somethings still need sex and still need *attraction, affection, etc.*

You can not "therapy" that away, and a chud or some fucking toy or pet can not substitute.

Attractive enough human females between, say 18-27 require 1.) consent 2.) competing with chad on looks or 3.) competing with the wealthy older guy who was smart in STEM/IT on the basis of money since 4.) we can't possibly hang with our fellow "mature" guys on the basis of EXPERIENCE, which, oh yeah, requires CONSENT from a woman pretty enough to *actually get it up to without being drugged so stupid that suicide is a more humane option*.


I sense an over 30+ year old female in the room or a man fucking white knighting for pussy scraps.
Incels are a copypasta, literally your entire belief system is based on memes of raging teenagers.
1.) No.
2.) "Raging teenagers" - anecdote, ad hominem, strawman
3.) "copypasta" - No. Based on both personal observations of social and sexual behavior
and the observations of others in a similar situation of social and sexual behavior.

4.) You're assuming 1.) just laid = the goal.
Even if so than 2.) You STILL need VISUAL attraction because 3.) Viagra and Cialis can not aid erectile dysfunction or orgasmic tone that is a result *of a lack of chemistry*.

Now suppose I have done all I can with what little I have? Suppose I am STILL stuck with women simply too unfuckable for me, that's right, I can't even fwb these chicks, they are literally unfuckably bad. And the fuckable ones, maybe a milf or whatever, she wants a commitment I can't give her, and a stepdaddy I also am not capable of giving her son or daughter, as well as a man who likes her "new" more motherly breasts/body instead of her pre baby boobs.

Now what?

Exactly. This is not copypasta. You are libtarding. My god why is the argument of the left always "muh entitlement" and "muh immaturity"?

Jesus H fucking Christ. It's not like you'll even let us incels earn enough, even if we could buy a sugar baby, do you know how hard it is not to hurt endlessly when you have to suspend disbelief you are literally hiring her ala seekingarrangement?
"belief system"
you are confusing observation and how I am reacted to with a "belief system" such as Christianity or Psychiatry/Psychology.

THOSE are "belief systems" as there is no tangible way to prove or disprove them. They are simply always correct no matter what.

Quick question -

Are you self aware enough to understand that you've inundated the thread with lengthy diatribe and are annoying/alienating everyone around you? Does that not concern you?
Also: Wow I see the fucking libtard le plebbitor got a different ID.

Do I care that you are annoyed by "lengthy diatribe"? No. See opinions are like assholes, we all have one ;)

But I, at least, keep mine clean. Yours on the other hand, well you should probably shower and wax your ass hair.

It does not concern me because I have no way to NOT "annoy everyone around me". Perhaps it is due to the inherent lack of ability to bond with anyone not an incel? Possibly something to do with my fellow members of "society" arguably agreeing with a nigger rigged game or even actively contributing to the continued livelihood of CHADs or other corrupt entities.

See, I'm plenty self aware, I just don't particularly care about YOUR opinion, since catering to YOU will not do anything for ME anyway.

What would being a FAKE PERSON do for ME? Exactly. Nothing. More punishment avoidance, and still no reward.
You're welcome to tell me how to not "alienate" and "annoy" everyone around me *while sitll being myself and expressing my thoughts and feelings, you know, speaking/communication* without having to be a walking, talking, living, breathing fucking fake. I mean, it's bad enough I can't just kill my competition and take the spoils, that whole law, order, guns bombs and tanks thing keeps me from ever doing that or being a successful westernized white nation dictator... so...
How do I meet people in my 30s? Where do people in there 30s hangout on the internet? Are blogs dead?
Probably. Blogs are definitely boring.
But I'm not a typical 30+.
Nor do I want to hang out with them, unless they know how to get under 30s (that are mature for their age but on my sexual inexperience/immaturity level) to hang out with me or more.

Good luck. We're definitely out here.
36/m/soc oldfag
I wish this place didn't suck so bad now.
Same :(
Older folks around colleges (especially professors), game shops, Barcades, arcades after 6 PM and old school bars and brewhouses are decent places to find folks within our age range.
Solid list there. Also speak-easies, piano bars, and other places classy (and therefore expensive) enough to keep the kids out.
I'll add bdsm clubs to the list. You actually find some pretty good people there.
Along those lines, the bars attached to upscale hotels are also a decent choice. Small cafes in upscale areas are also a good bet. Avoid Starbucks.

Man, I wish these weren't so hard to find. Sometimes there just aren't any around, others you need to know a guy to get there and good luck finding the right guy. It's hard to tell which is which at times.
Would you be willing to meet someone from here to go out on a date, after you had talked with them for a bit?
File: 20190715_005038.jpg (598 KB, 2640x1980)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Just turned 40 looking to be a kik sissy slut for top guy. Kik' bicurioguy
File: 1490082518520.gif (287 KB, 480x360)
287 KB
287 KB GIF
bravo good sir!
>35yr old dirtbag also
You are a fake person. Use your self awareness if you have any. You are not a real person, you are a hollow shell who filled himself with incel cultist beliefs. You literally have no personality or your own thoughts. You are an automaton repeating the few basic lines he has been programmed to repeat.
I am actually quite a veracious sort. "hollow shell"

"incel cultist beliefs" - listen to what YOU Believe.

I "believe" based on evidence. My feelings, perceptions, human behavior, female sociosexual behavior...

YOU believe based on a dogma that says "hate incels" and "incels are a cult" because le plebbit told you to.

I am not programmed or repeating anything. I am stating *my own goddamn feelings and thoughts* and take umbrage at the fact that you have to resort to a vacuous ad hominem AND strawman AND goalpost moving in order to achieve any teetering semblance of validity.
Doesn't seem terribly soft to me.... are they sure they're not just compensating?
If you based even a fraction of your beliefs on evidence, you would not be raging like a mentally ill teenager. Instead you would have a good happy life and have a gf/wife. But your incel cultist beliefs forbid this so you make up all sorts of excuses and falsehoods.
"on evidence"
When academia is a left wing echo chamber how do you expect me to prove an argument, if I can not prove the evidence, because the opposing side is hogging the resources?

"mentally ill" - define mental wellness. Define why celibacy should create mental wellness. Define why you think maddening conditions shouldn't create so called "mental illness"

"my incel cultist beliefs"

My beliefs are MY OWN. "Incel" is a *label*. I don't have the option of claiming my celibacy is voluntary (it isn't) or that I am asexual (I am not) or that I can become noncelibate, that is earn consent from a woman that can get me up with, le alone without a little blue pill?

See *attraction* is kind of a thing for boners, and for happy/mental wellness chemicals in the brain.

"excuses" I am not making an excuse. i am out of things I can actually do. I have schoole all I can, i have worked out all I can. I am exhausted and can not "lower the bar" any further.... my "looksmatch" is just too goddamn ugly to *just fuck* even polyamorously.

Now add demisexuality into that....

it is a *FACT* to ME* that is MY reality has it as a FACT.

You are not ME and are not going to have the EXACT SAME ENVIRONMENT and thus will merey call MY LIVED EXPERIENCE a fucking FALSEHOOD.

Can you stop doing that? It's called gaslighting.

a good happy life"

And how do I attract someone I can get it up for? I can't get it up for the 30, 40+ yaer old women who wouldn't let me see them naked or touch at 20, 25, 30. I asked, I begged, I tried.

I can't "behave" to earn it, since that's considered "nice guy syndrome" or "manipulation".

What the fuck is left? Fake happiness? no thank you. You want a "positive attitude"? EARN IT THROUGH MY FUCKING ENVIRONMENT AND INPUT.

You're welcome to suggest things I haven't heard instead of spewing HuffPo/libtard talking points from leplebbit.
Jesus Christ dude. I have seen lots of mentally ill people on 4chan over the years but you are on a different level. Seriously, get help. You need help. You are severely mentally ill. Please get help before you go Elliot on innocent people.
The easiest way to make him stop is to not reply. He seems to be doing a lot of replies to replies, mostly. Also talk about other things.
"get help"
Where's the help for pussygettin or being better looking once you've looksmaxed to the best of your ability?

How about improving bank accounts when you've got a couple of college degrees and can't break 40k a year in most places?
:"mentally ill"
Again why does having feelings/thoughts other than happy or what you deem as normal or "sharing feels" or what have you = ill?

What = well? Why does it = well? Who says?

By their dichotomy and reckoning some people can never be "well" just punished for "ill" because, for some to be on top, others must be trampled under them, and naturally those under them will be maligned and feel discontent.
I try to think that way, but when you're in your 30's, a woman, dreamed of having a family, yet are so freaked out by what has happened to other women in the family dealing with shitty men, I feel like I'm pretty screwed here.
However, I do have Sonic Mania and it was bretty good. I never got around to collecting all the trophies though, which I should do. There are too many video games coming out! My library keeps increasing and I have fewer and fewer hours to play. There's a teenie tiny part of me that can't wait for my job to end, so I can stay home for a little while, play video games and just do house stuff.

That sounds darn brutal, but I wish you all the luck starting up another business with a friend. I think a lot of people would be terrified to go into it again, so good on you for sticking with it despite the setback in the past.

That sounds absolutely awful working with a bunch of teenagers in that kind of atmosphere. I work with a few, but they're good kids besides slacking off once in a while to look at their phones and text. Hope you're almost done with school and can get out of there haha!
I guess you have never tried dating sites due to your fear? Do you consider yourself attractive?
File: yeeee9.gif (1.04 MB, 320x320)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF


Son, you're gay
no need to put up a smoke screen
"faggot looking for older faggots to pay me for constipation therapy"

have fun
remember, you will become them, sooner or later

Dating sites will skew your world view into a very jaded one. The stats are only the top 15% of males will match with the "top" 80% of females. Dating sites are purely superficial based.
I would recommend Fetish / Hobby / Entertainment sites before anything, talk to people that share similar likes to you, discuss things with other equals, and go out to places where "your people" are from. Don't have stardards higher than you expect from your partners.
Nerdy? Go to conventions
Sporty? Go to mudders / tri-athlons
Introvert? Find extroverts that are the complete opposite of you but want some downtime.

Good luck.

How much do you have saved up?
Or are you draining everything for school?
File: 20-02.jpg (16 KB, 285x241)
16 KB

>Expecting to find a girl on 4chenz

yeah good luck with that
File: dindu.jpg (644 KB, 917x4143)
644 KB
644 KB JPG

>35yr old, bi

son, we can decidedly say that by now, you're just a faggot.
50% of people are not morally corrupt,
society would literally be unable to function if that was true
At worst it's
0.1% Psychopath - True evil - Serial killers, Murderers
1% Evil - Sociopath choatic evil - Gangsters, Drug dealers, rapists
5% Morally corrupt - Lawful Evil - politicians, laywers, Fraud
10% Neutral Evil - Thieves, robbers
15% Greedy - Opportunistic Evil - Left Wing Voters, Welfare, Poor people
at worst about 30 to 35% are morally questionable in some way
and will Steal, Assault, or Kill to get what they want, or just for fun

That still leaves about 65 to 70% of society that are decent people or better.

I even ran the numbers on Homicide in the USA
in the USA there are an estimated 7,000 to 15,000 homicides in the USA each year
the USA has a population of about 330 million
that's 1 out of 22,000 or 0.0045 %
to 1 out of 47,143 or 0.0021 %
serial murders 70 to 150 per year
with between 25 to 50 Serial killers committing them
only 1 out of every 2,200,000 people, or 0.000045%
to only 1 out of every 4,714,285 people, or 0.00000000002% are even serial killers

in contrast the leading causes of death
1. Heart attack 23.4%
2. Cancer 22.5%
3. Flu 2.1%
...10. Suicide 1.6 %

She has a higher chance of killing herself, than being killed in a homicide or by a serial Killer
The Majority of Homicides are committed by a Family Member, Relative, Friend, Acquaintance, or Co-worker
The Majority of Serial Killers attack Strangers that have a common trait deemed important to the serial Killer.
And even then she has less chance of dying by suicide, because
The majority of successful Suicides are committed by Males.
Though Females account for the majority of attempted Suicides.
This is the 30+ thread, stop spewing teenager memes. Those "stats" are pure garbage made up on incel blogs.
19m here looking for a horny milf to chat and maybe more

kik: Jens_manla
Didn't realize the dating app lobby had shills on forums.

I guess if a mean is at least 13 years old, it would make it a teenager wouldn't it?
As for the stats being "pure garbage" do you have any evidence to support what you're saying?
>Incel Blogs
You mean, like /soc/?
OH, Zing motherfucker, did you see that shit coming!? No seriously, what incel blogs? Like Jezebel or something??
>15% of males will match with the "top" 80% of females
You made a pretty bold claim there, aren't you going to back it up?
Absolutely nothing in that article is even remotely close to what you claimed.
Doesn't matter, you should read it, if you're on here shilling for hook-up sites.

Absolutely nothing you've said has refuted what I said, so for now we're at a stalemate. Oh wait, no- because I posted more and you clearly didn't read it yet.
The way it works is, you make a claim, you give something to back it up. You pulled some wild numbers out there, saying that 15% of males match with 80% of females. Since that number is very dubious you better provide some proofs of it. Otherwise everyone will think you pulled it out of your ass.

Well, are you going to post a reliable source for those wild numbers or are you going to admit you just made them up?
The way it works is, you make a claim, you give something to back it up. You pulled some wild accusations out there, saying those stats are pure garbage. Since that number is very common you better provide counter evidence to your claim. Otherwise everyone will think you're lazy ass trying to get others to do your work for you.

Well, are you going to google the shit yourself or admit you just a shill?

Burden of proof homie. You made the original claim - no one has to refute anything until you provide some substantial evidence to support your claim.

The world doesn't just give you the benefit of the doubt just because you think so. Your word means shit until you prove otherwise.
I'd rather not.
He started a pissing contest over nothing.
I really don't feel like hunting down every damn study about Tinder, to prove a point, and get farther and farther from my original intent.

>Which was

I would recommend Fetish / Hobby / Entertainment sites before anything, talk to people that share similar likes to you, discuss things with other equals, and go out to places where "your people" are from. Don't have stardards higher than you expect from your partners.
Nerdy? Go to conventions
Sporty? Go to mudders / tri-athlons
Introvert? Find extroverts that are the complete opposite of you but want some downtime.

>Good luck.

Because it's better advice than, "Hey, try a dating site unless you're ugly!"
But I guess you want scientific data, advertising research, and 16 Chinese grad students to peer review it before it's considered a good opinion, huh?
>good opinion

I'll let everyone decide that for themselves. The point stands - he is justified and well within his right to question random numbers that you may or may not have pulled out of your ass. Whether or not any of it fits into the context of the convo is irrelevant.

This is called devils advocate, and it exists to keep people in check.
Nice de-motivation
I improved it
I'm over it.

I only remember it was a tinder study, from 4 years ago, when I was doing a marketing class.
Women on average receive 5-10 replies and comments for everyone a Man gets. This tends to skew things, and make people (Average Men / Ugly Women) that use those systems jaded. No I do not remember the exact study.
>pissing contest over nothing
You said something obviously wrong so I asked for proofs. You failing to provide it shows you just made it up. And now you are trying to change the subject when you were caught lying red-handed.

This is how incels "debate", they always backpedal and try to back down when someone calls them out on having just said something false.
I'm sorry but... when has anything ever happened like that bullshit image you posted?
>well I saw a study once I swear
>google it I'm not going to look it up for you
I have tried to look for legit studies that would show patterns or men/women matching, as in how many men and how many women get matches and to what level they are consistent. I haven't managed to find anything, and certainly not something that would use actual tinder data.

How about you get back to the subject on hand, admit that 15/80 thing was pulled out of your ass, and move on?
>Is this the ultimate form of autism?

How about you suck my dick?
I said I was over it, but you just want to get one more word in? How about you just admit you're a shill, and move on?
I'm actually married to a girl I met on /soc/ about 7 years ago. Sometimes I forget that's how we met and I feel like an asshole when I remember.
Turning 30 didn't suck as bad as being 29. Once I actually was 30, I stopped worrying about it and stopped caring. But being 29 and knowing I'd be out of my 20s really freaked me the fuck out.

I guess my point is that you will probably quickly get over this idea that you aren't "far along" enough once you actually are 30. It's just another year and no one cares when/if you accomplish anything.
Okay good it's over, you admit you posted some numbers you pulled out of your ass in an attempt to derail the thread. Back to normal.
i posted in one of the discord threads but ill post here too (since everyone there was < 30 it seemed)

I dont use social media/messaging apps (im very basic in the social media arena. intentional)
Discord : Isard#6859
>derail the thread
Bitch, did you even read this thread?
How old are you?
You've made 8 posts, and they were all either shilling for Online Dating, or flipping your asshat about me discouraging those shit show sites.

And no, numbers were not pulled out of my ass. Here's some facts.
Stats by gender on Tinder
Males - 65% Women - 35%
Males tend to swipe more to the right, compared to females only swiping right about 14% of the time.
>Men see that they are matching with few people, and therefore become even less discerning: women, on the other hand, find that they match with most men, and therefore become even more discerning
So, yes, taking those numbers it's no wonder to see why only about the top quarter of men, on a site like that would receive most of the attention huh?

Oof, did that hurt bitch?
That was my experience. I did what 12-step programs call a personal inventory, and I realized I had experienced and accomplished far more than most of my peers. And now at 34, I've come to realize that I've only become more confident and charismatic over the years, so my dating stock has only gone up in value. Chasing women is actually fun now, because I've become the kind of man they want to be chased by. It was a long road to get here, but it feels really awesome.

Sounds like the real issue is self-esteem. The age issue is just a smoke screen that is allowing you to lie to yourself. Being depressed and emo was cool at 15. You're not 15 any more. It's time to man up and rediscover your self-respect. But respect is earned, not given, so get to work earning it. Only you can do this. You have total agency here. No one can do it for you. Become the man you want -need- to be.
>Men see that they are matching with few people, and therefore become even less discerning: women, on the other hand, find that they match with most men, and therefore become even more discerning

I often think about what the dating scene will look like in 25 years. How females will handle fighting 100% of all the women for only 20% of the men.
You can already see some of this in opinion pieces
>I did what 12-step programs call a personal inventory
Good for you man. Did you do it to just improve yourself, or were you in an actual 12 step at the time? Either way, it takes dedication and will power.
My bad, I read the entire thread now and saw your earlier spergouts. You are a troll and not a very good one. Your earlier posts were full of shit, and just like now, you chimped out when people pointed you were spewing bullshit. You pull numbers out of your ass and then get mad when caught lying. And then strawman like hell to try to change the subject.

Seriously you should not be in thread. It is obvious you are much, much too young for it.
Dude, just stop. You're embarrassing yourself now.
How about you take a timestamped picture of where you are now, where we can see that you're clearly in Korea?
File deleted.
I tried to start one up, but never even finished typing out a profile. One of the sites that has more involved where you focus on what someone typed out is probably my best bet.
Like most people, I have days where I think I look good and others where I feel like a hideous beast. I have low self-esteem, so I lean more towards the beast side. On the other hand, I've been given kind compliments by people I don't know in my daily life.
By the way, this thread sure did go places.

Well, I was personally thinking more about cheating, abandonment and abuse rather than theft and murder.
Those stats make me scared to see what all that could be boiled down to where I live though...I feel like theft is at least way higher than 10% with what I've experienced.
Just did it myself. That said, I have struggled with very bad, compulsive eating habits that check most, if not all, of the boxes for addiction. My dad has been going to AA meetings since I was 3, so I'm well acquainted with this sort of thing. But yeah, this is why my weight has gone up and down more often than Oprah's.

A much more recent personal inventory is how I finally acknowledged that I needed to get out of the long term relationship that had long since gone sour. I stopped lying to myself, acknowledged I was only still in it due to a sunk cost fallacy and fear/insecurity that I'd never get another shot at happiness. But what I had wasn't happiness, it was miserable.
Then you've truly experienced life.
I hope you're able to have fun with it now.

As for food, have you considered looking at diets that reduce the carb intake?
I did that back in January and I'm down to a weight I had before I was 14, now (235->180) evidently eating carbs or going on binges causes you to stay hungry instead of feeling satisfied. I switched my diet around a little (lean meats, seafoods, yogurt, almonds, pecans, unbreaded chicken wings, tons of eggs and cheese) and reduced (all sugar, no more bread, pastas, no HFCS.) I still indulge half a pizza on Fridays though. I just keep my Carbs to under 40g a day Saturday-Thursday.
Hope that bit helps.
If you can follow through with personal inventory, I think you have the will power to stick to whatever you chose man.
>By the way, this thread sure did go places.
Not one, but two insufferable autists hijacking the thread and making it all about themselves. Didn't expect that to happen on this thread of all places, unfortunately.
Yup, I actually do the full Bulletproof Diet. I keep my daily carb intake to less than 10 grams. And right now is day 8 of a full fast. I've had great success with this in the past. But until recently my weight was just stuck because I wasn't psychologically ready to let go of the fat. Now I've gone down 4 or 5 pant sizes in 10 days by mentally exorcizing the demons.
This thread is a bit depressing. Way more virgins and hard luck folk than I was expecting.

34/m here. Good career, homeowner, happy relationship, just had my first kid (a boy). Not looking to cheat.
Agreed friend, these threads for people our age should be more positive, not for sob stories or autistic arguing.

42/m here. Good career, safe and well paid job. Single and enjoying it, no kids. I'm free to do what I want when I want.
>mentally exorcizing the demons.
Haha, set them fuckers a blaze!
You are now the one in control of your reality man.
I guess the only draw back to all that, is needing new clothes.
You're doing great in life man. Cherish everyday with your kid, even when you're exhausted from it all, they really do grow up quick.
Oh God I know. He's grown so much in the last 3 months. Way too fast. Luckily my work is relatively easy, just have to drive a lot.

Yeah. Every life has ups and downs, I try not to talk about the latter, especially online.
LOL "greedy opportunistic evil" - "left wing voters, welfare, poor people"

Poverty/need are not a result of character.

Furthermore while only an idiot would say I don't' mind being killed, so murder isn't bad, most evils/goods are entirely subjective and relative.

I'm nerdy and fail at athleticism (I tried) but conventions suck because of the feminism/leftism OR far rightism and how all the even kinda fuckable chicks are either Heidi Atelier booth babe/con famous level, jailbait or just plain taken and there to torture me. This culture HATES older men-younger women and loves tattoos, weird piercings and the like, and well, I kinda have a turnoff for fugly/weird fetishes and ugly aesthetic damage.

I want to find an extrovert, even though I'm not a true introvert, so much as an autistic, failure extrovert that's shy because they know how ugly and weird they are.

I'd love to find me a nice cheerleader or sorority girl type or something that hasn't tanned themselves or whatever, but as an older male, I don't know how.

Since you are all but claiming to be an expert...


Sure they care.
Good luck getting a date that still has firm natural titties or a cute face.

Hell good luck getting a cute single mom to fwb you. :(
> evil and good are entirely subjective and relative
the famous quote of any true psychopath or sociopath.
thanks for showing your true colours
Okay first of all:
You are misusing the word "psychopath" and "sociopath".

Second of all you are overgrouping them to include any/all "murderous" sorts. (Wonderfully arbitrary but objectively false.)

So let's spell this out for you: do you think you are a good/moral person?

I bet someone else also finds themselves a generally good or moral person.

Morality, again IS subjective and relative to an individual. Furthermore the guilt/shame trip to try to get those YOU see as a "psychopath" or "sociopath" to "admit evil" is not only ridiculous, but absurdity akin to a witch trial. Why?

How is morality enforced? - That's right! By *violence*.

Shh now. It could easily be said those with the most firepower/guns/biggest muscles/mob at their side has "morality" on their side.

Oh and protip: sociopathy shouldn't count against a society that repeatedly wrongs you and says you have a victim complex, here, take this dope that makes your dick not work, ages you, makes you fat, makes you stupid etc. Nay, I dare argue that such a society is cold, unfair, partial, biased and unjust.

And why, praytell, should I care for or like a "society" like that?

I shoudn't. At least, to MY morals.
I've been here since I was 14.
You're here forever too, even if you don't know it yet.
Way to break the law and be a complete dickhead.

Seriously, coming here since jailbait. :(
39/m, happily married to a woman i met on a local /soc/ thread six years ago, bought a house two years ago and expecting first child this spring! feels good man
Awesome! Glad to hear everything is working out for you.
a psychopath is someone who kills and hurts other people
a sociopath is someone like you that thinks they are above the rules of society
No. A "psychopath" is a cold, calculating individual able to mirror "social norms" and emotions to manipulate society/social norms for their own cold and callous benefit. It need not be associated with violence *at all*.

Henry Kissinger, for example, has likely never killed an individual in his life but could possibly fit the definition, though I don't know enough about his life or other traits to make this assessment.

A sociopath is made not born. "Above the rules". No, I merey point out that argumnet ad baculum, argument ad populem and argumnet ad hominem, are all, in fact, logical fallacies. Guess which ones you just employed?

I don't think I'm above OR beneath them. I think I have to put up with them as part of a class/caste struggle of minority vs majority. That is, rule by majority (ad populem/populism/pluralism) is, what you find moral, even in cases where "society" is incorrect.

Society's rules for example, say whores are illegal. They say bareback in porn/whores is illegal. They have a such thing as "illegal drugs". These rules do not even affect YOU of course... but, you nonetheless insist I am some sort of callous, villanous murder rapist who is "above" society.

Guess what? Society is an abstract, and a low one at that and law is the least bungling rule to fit the most average of scenarios.

I feel myself "above" the "rules of society" because your rules are stupid to begin with and I never needed them to not kill and maim and rape without reason.

As for killing, maiming, or what have you to defeat competition, your current society is no different, enfranchising and enshrining the privileges, status, and needs of a few or of the chosen/popular above the minority/unpopular/weird.

Again, you forget about concepts like justice.
PS: psychiatry and psychology are pseudoscience.
God, not you again. I was hoping you'd left 4chan.
Well I can hope that a younger woman that isn't a single mom or a tattooed, weird gauged, trashy harlot would let me get to, say third base with her too.... but...

Also fuck. YOU again! I was hoping you'd got hit by a fucking eighteen wheeler or something!
That does sound like how you'd wish for problems to be resolved. Just log off and go be a man. People have been telling you that for years. You've instead opted to be a sponge. Aren't you tired of a failed fucking life? Why not, just for novelty's sake, stop bitching about how beautiful young girls don't want a fat autist and actually improve yourself?
But but by I blew it when i was younger! I spent my formative years on 4chan jerking off to unrealistic porn and now I’m in my 30s and want a second chance because I missed out on a *big* part of growing into an adult!!! Can’t the internet arrange that for me??
"log off and be a man"
What does "be a man" mean? As opposed to be a woman? Be a zebra? Be an amoeba? Be a planet maybe? Fucking dumbass.

I'm not opting to be a sponge. Am I tired of failed life? I have been since 20. Does that stop repeated failure? Nope. Are you suggesting I fail at even more things with more money I don't have? I guess. Does that make any sense? Is there any probability of success with things I suck at even more than what I don't entirely suck at? Nope, but hey.

"Improve myself"
1.) There's no way to "cure" autism.
2.) I'm not fat you fucking moron. I don't know who you have me confused with, or perhaps you're from /fit/ where EVERYONE over 12% body fat is "fat". In which case, you're welcome to pay for the physiotherapist and personal trainer combination for my actual disability as well as somehow buy me a fridge, a kitchen and a way to live on nothing but lean chicken breasts into perpetuity. Oh, right, YOU probably actually get to eat something other than chicken and brussel sprouts huh?

Oh, and I've been to the gym too. Sorry fifteen years ended up in skinnfat failure at 14% body fat before I just got a.) too fucking tired and b.) too unable to go without so much as a fucking pizza while c.) having a physical condition that causes faintness *worsen*.

How about instead of chiding me for wanting beautiful young women, you help me get one without having to be a fucking brick shithouse?

Women, seemingly can have brick shithouse men fuck them with ZERO investment, ZERO self improvement.

But you don't define failed years at the gym OR a college education as this "self improvement" SO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU COUNT?



I'd wish for "problems" to be resolved in a way amicable to me. I'd prefer the methods be amicable to others as well, but I will not selflessly put others' interests above my own. Sorry.
"Unrealistic porn"

No dude, porn is plenty realistic, its feminism/wammyn eating like pigs and not taking care of themselves, getting any maintenance or surgeries, getting tattooed/pierced etc that is making such seem "unrealistic"

But most camhoes on /soc/ or /b/ or what have you should be plenty "realistic".

Unless you mean the anime shit, in which case, bravo! I have never been able to fap to photos, le alone cartoons.
Yep, there it is. My 3mo old son cries less than you do.
>>> you're fucking an old nag in your own age group and knocked it up. You're clearly fakehappy./humblebragging and since I contradict the chipper narrative you have assigned for yourself.
No they don't.
Also you're a horrible father figure. You slept with an ugly/old woman.

Your son is doomed but you'll train him to feel like he's doing well.

"there it is"

Well I mean when you're trying to trigger someone just because they're not sexually attracted to fat wenches and old ladies/single moms?

I mean, let's face it, you had to do someone so ugly, nobody else wanted to fuck her/knock her up for 30+ years...
Keep hanging in this post complaining about things as your life rolls worthlessly on — we’ll make a 40+ post for you in a few years and maybe THEN you’ll understand what’s really going on.
"Man up" means to wish for broader shoulders, not a lighter burden. You can scream and stamp your feet like a child, or you can take responsibility for yourself and act with agency to control your own destiny. That's your choice.

Yes, women have a much easier time finding sex and relationships. Get over it. The exalted status of Manhood is not given freely by achieving some arbitrary age - it is earned through trial and hardship. Rise to the occasion or die trying. That is a man's lot.
One generally gripes about a legitimate GRIEVANCE.


So unless YOU are somehow getting ME a NON STEM ,NON IT JOB in fields I HAVE APTITUDE TOWARD....

That PAYS ENOUGH TO BUY SOMEONE and BUY COSMETIC MEDICINE to "self improve" further...

But you are not suggesting any of this.

Uh okay then... you know broader shoulders are...genetic, right? I can work out until I'm blue in the face...

And I have.

I NEED a lighter burden, it's not even a want, it's a need.


manhood is a gender not a status.

Fucking hardship breaks more than it makes.
I’m actually the HR director for a company that’s searching for someone with zero real world experience to do a reeeeally aggressive podcast about waifu body pillows and I think you might be qualified.
Uh huh, sure you are smartass.
I’m offering you a job, son.
I think you're offering me sarcasm...
Have you considered setting up a youtube channel? You might gain a fan following with your angry rants.
You miss all the shots you don’t take.
So where is this podcast then?
Yeah, there's a lot of wizardry going on these days. Some of those wizards are very loud, too. Ok, so it's mostly one *very* loud Wizard at the second. Like if Merlin had PMS and a bullhorn.

Oh yeah. We've made it past the annoyances of the 20's. It's good to know what you want in life and enjoy it. Single is fun sometimes.
It’s not made yet - which I why we’re looking for a host. It tested really well in our focus groups and my colleagues want to move forward with it. Anyways, doesn’t sound like you’re interested, or are stuck in this skeptic kind of mindset, which is too bad. I won’t take up any more of your time.
haven't read the thread
you called?
You seemed a bit sarcastic with the waifu pillow thing.

Also even the therapist thinks I need a social worker not a therapist.
You missed...

A guy in Korea who doesn't get what's wrong in America right now.

Merlin with PMS and a bullhorn's ranting. Also one wizard who is seriously messed up in the head who is shouting death curses. We'll call him Voldemort.

A few regular people talking about adult things. Mostly drowned out by the shouting wizards.

Anyway, welcome in!
I actually thought I was posting on /b/, good thing I didn't read this pile of shit
bottoms up kids
Not that they can get me paid more than "minimum wage" either.

The last thing I need is a call center job designed for a sperg because I'm not brilliant at IT or STEM.

Shit I even LIKE life sciences, I'm just not a straight A student, so medicine was never in the cards (well, that and I suck to holy hells at maths...)
Lol. This is /b/, only with more dicks and less furries. Also Discords. Discords everywhere. Samefaggotry is even more evident so people literally reply to themselves.
What? My wife was twenty when we started dating. Do you think the perfect woman doesn't age? Or do you plan on leaving any theoretical woman once she reaches a certain age? I say theoretical since we both know it'll never be put to the test.

It makes sense that a sperg would take s job designed for a sperg...
Exactly this.

I don't get this posting either. I'm completely lost by what the fuck they're talking about....

How many shrooms does shit like that require?
File: 20190715_180352.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1440)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
37 m USA here. Not studying the kiddie bs. Some of these kids act like they haven't been weened off of mommas teet yet.
Again, my shoulders are as broad as genetics literally and figuratively will allow me.

Personality is mostly genetic and the rest is environment. Even your hero Jordan Peterson realizes this you fucking "man up" fruitcakes.

No. But I do think 1.) the "perfect" woman doesn't exist. 2.) A close enough to perfect woman does, takes care of herself to the best of her ability through not eating like a pig or sun damage or tattoos (and is willing to get a lift job/mommy makeover etc post childbirth if kids are a thing) 3.) definitely does not make you wait until a kid/she is 30+ to start seeing her naked/doing it 4.) does not use the stupid "aging happens so you should start out there": argument.

You are utilizing moved goalposts and a strawman. Again, saying something I did not say to begin with was my argument.

What I think is that I'd have had enough time/years with someone when they were still cute for it not to matter.

There is one milf/puma I know of (near 30, doesn't look it, but I could do without the uglier turquoise hair dyeing, the pink/on the tips was fine but I prefer her natural lovely brunette shade :( ) has one child by a father who was an idiot... or maybe she was a mean cunt, I don't know the story... but I digress.I wonder what she looked like in her tits (which are sad little floppy things) BEFORE the first kid and if under the shirt she has the cottage cheese momtummy. She's gonna have dark nips and areolae and vag lips now, because even if they were bright pink before (ahh = though that trait is rarer and not 100% necessary it IS very highly alluring to me) they won't be post child.

TL:DR I wish childbirth created no permanent physical alterations to a female body. I'm not even against stepparenting from a fiscal perspective. I'm not ready for it financially or emotionally though, but my main gripe is really never getting to experience what that guy that creampied her at her perkiest did.
Do you really think looking mean and sounding like a "hardass" does anything but encourage sociopathy and further criminality/deviant behavior in your precious society mate?
You do realize your misery doesn't matter to me, right? Life owes you nothing, and I owe you less.
This is what I look like. I can't help that I'm a hardass / realist. Sociopaths aren't going to change. Idiots will continue to be idiots. I take care of me and mine own. I don't even know where you're coming from desu
You do realize that's the definition of psychopathy then? ;)

You do realize that, the majority of the world having that attitude, and so called therapists NOT really caring about MY misery and just being obedient to the state/to society is why I'm like this, aye? Particularly for a profit motive at that.


Again you would have to assume the motive is pure joy to somehow just walk around murdering people randomly ala the Joker, rather than out of revenge/to right a wrong/to level the playing field, all of which, while considered "immoral" are neither amoral nor unjust from an individual perspective, and are even perfectly reasonable responses to desperate/insufferable conditions.
Oh and you got wordfiltered to desu. So whatever insult you used, I missed it.

Try evading those ;)
Just ignore those and talk to other people. It usually works pretty well.

Oh and I wasn't bashing him, I mean, maybe he wouldn't let me drop the bar or pass out in the gym or something...

in a hotel for work in atl. doing my best to enjoy it.

I don't know what drugs you are on, but you should really take a break lol. You are friggin nuts.
If someone isn't drugged you think they should be.
If they're on drugs/drugged you think they shouldn't be.

Fucks sakes you people and your media fed, brain dead "thinking".
Probably needs more drugs. At least a chill pill.

Well, at least you have free internet and an entire city to explore. Atl... Atlanta, right?
There's an absolutely fantastic restaurant half-way between Atlanta proper and Marietta called Canoe. It's at 4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339. It's a little pricey, but well worth it. The ambiance and atmosphere are also perfect for inviting a nice, classy femanon, should such an opportunity present itself.

And don't forget to order the popcorn sundae. It's a religious experience.

On the tail end of a Vicodin addiction. Not sure what this thread is about.
What you call a "Chill pill" is not merited.
As my circumstances/environment do not merit "chill" or "content".

Thus your incessant obsession with toxically altering my brain and biochemistry to suit your fucking OPINION is only going to create the opposite of the "chill" you insist on.

Does not need more drugs. Or any drugs.
Needs an atractive younger female I am into to let me see her naked, touch, not break my heart, not be a lower stnadard, not want bastard kids, and some sort of stimulant that works to keep me awake, functional and alert enough to work a gainful, white collar job.

Or somehow magically force my brain to like STEMmin and IT'in.

As your so called "chill pills" just remove dick function/create sleepiness and fake happiness they are the exact opposite of a "need" for me, they are a do not even want.

Noted Marietta and Atlanta.

Us. It's about us.
I'm picturing female Dr. House here. Not exactly pretty but maybe cynical and a bit funny.
We're discussing how our bloodstream is at least 50% Monster Zero Ultra at all times.
I wish that worked for me. Reminds me though, I want some energy drink now.

Actually I want those Arby's sammiches, no matter how expensive two of them are for way too little sammich, but..

Doing good mostly moving up in the racino industry got promoted and settling into the position looking for some fun and excitement from the work life Male or female kiks myst513
I shattered my wrist and ulna slipping on ice after getting off of a bus almost 3 years ago. I got the drugs and I loved the drugs and I've struggled to keep a job because I wasn't able to type or lift. Not sure what else there is for me out there.
Just people who are supposed to be adults in a thread with some people who are clearly freaking out. Good on you for getting off the Vicodin!

Mine is usually 50% ginseng green tea because I'm lame like that.

"Adult" is a meaningless term from anything but a purely physiological perspective. You're trying to assign an expectation or connotation, where only a denotation should exist.

Also ginseng green tea is the shit.

Yeah that's not really you, that's not having a better way to manage pain, those things screw with a lot of pathways including mood or appetite.

Try CBD to be honest. It's the best non opiate neuropathic pain/pain treatment I CAN think of.

Tianeptine is an atypical antidepressant that might also deal with it some. Huperzine can tank some neuro pain, but is fairly... sedating/can be disassociative depending (it has minor and probably not relevant NMDA antagonism effects.)

Exact opposite boat here, chronic fatigue/ no attention span etc. Can't use the treatments that would normally work, as they end up SEDATING me or something.
Tried CBD and it did nothing, but there are so many accessible options now and maybe I just didn't do the right thing. I'm still on Wellbutrin for depression (and by proxy smoking cessation).
Preferably looking for females but down to chat with anyone

Just reinstalled Kik: LolDoYouEvenVape
This has legit been his thing for years. He has problems, the only cure is a hot 18 year old girl to fuck, and everything is bullshit because he can't get that. He has zero self awareness, just accuses anyone who gives advice of not understanding, being with fat/ugly/old women, being brainwashed by media, or all of the above.

1.) I never said 18.
21, 23, etc are fine.
2.) Everything IS bullshit because without sexual you have no romantic attraction. I can't take the good puss off the pedestal. Only condom ridden whorehooker dirty bitch skank sex, and single mom sex etc.
3.) "advice" of "not understanding" - is neither advice nor proper grammar... (sic)

You ARE all rather media stooges, but especially any who say the word "misogyny" or go about feminism, etc.

Oh I have "problems" you say, well why can't your "prfessionals" help me with them? Ahh yes, because social work, counseling, or drugs to make my dick not work, make me fat and make me bald and make me happy about all the things I am quite literally UNhappy about/over, is not a treatment or cure for any illness and actually worsens my "health" from any reasonable physiological standpoint, but hey, you do you with your insistence on bullshit "psychotherapy" and "medication"....

PS even psychotherapists fucking agree with me.
I just can't help but feel that attitude is somehow directed toward me. -__-

Am I combative? Perhaps.
But, imagine for a second if you were to travel back in time to say post Rome Europe. And you could tell the people tons of useful for information they could use, but they instead just start chimping out and not understanding your advice, claiming you were just some stupid witch. be rather hurtful wouldn't it?

I understand not everyone will like or understand my advice. For the most part I was having some fun conversion with a few cool people here, in a few cases I was just trying to keep the thread going. I only went "bullhorn" mode, when someone called me a liar or a fake. Nothing I've said is incorrect, just hard for some to understand. And I'm not one to shy away in life. I was just hoping people would be a little bit more mature by the this time. Sorry if I've sunk to others levels in order to get any points I made across.
No, moron. (You) (accuse) (anyone who gives advice) (of not understanding...).

You're an insufferable cunt. Like, you're not bearable *here*. God only knows how awful you are in person. And I'm not some free love, we're all equals hippie. Some people are assholes and don't deserve love, respect, or attention.

Anyways, going to filter you out now. Please remember that you're going to die alone and unloved.
I only accuse someone of something, that from the perspective of observation from my senses (sight, hearing, etc.) seems valid.

So no (You) "moron" you are an insufferably pretentious jerkass who insists on settling, inner beauty or some phantom "advice" that I have either a.) already tried b.) failed at literally over 9000 times c.) Is impossible or d.) is psychiatric and thus not advice but a punishment.

Drive through.

I already know I'm going to die alone and unloved, because, unfortunately the PROFESSIONAL HELP CAN'T SEEM TO HELP WITH LOVERS AND OUTER BEAUTY! GOSH! FANCY THAT!

And, I mean they're PAID for that fucking help. A MINIMUM of FORTY GRAND A YEAR.

I can't even get forty grand a year to pay for MY college education.....

In business.

God forbid what you consider bearable!!

Oh you must be absolutely chipper, for no good reason, or else you have a "bad attitude" and a "bad personality" but here, let's talk about "changing personality" (a genetic, hard coded trait that interacts with environment, a trait beyond an individual's control/power) while we simultaneously ignore the explanation for why this is both impossible and arbitrary nevermind impossibly VAGUE.

What is a "good personality"? What do people *want*? Why do they not REWARD for that?

Why do you equate LACK OF PUNISHMENT with REWARD?

They are clearly NOT the same variable, are they?

But again, you can only utilize ad hom and troll logic, rather than intellect, intuition, or human sympathy and compassion.

You are the enemy. You are the wannabe AMOG and, well for shits like you, you are alive only because your precious "law" protects you.

Feel happy about that. Jerk.
Maturity is a bullshit buzzword/term used by old miserable people to pretend they are better than those who admit they are unhappy or do not behave in some bullshit, socially constructed, prudish fashion.
PS Bald mean looking guy.
Picture of the wife/girlfriend when you first started fucking her.

Money bet you're a miserable shit too and lying about it. :)
Dude, why don't you just fuck a fat lonely girl that may or may not be autistic?
Work your way up from there.

I know it's impossible to give you advice, but I'll try one more time.
>Stop eating sugar, all sugar.
It's making you lazy, and will increase health issues with meds. including the ones you're complaining about.
I feel you harbor hate and resentment towards things you don't understand. Or maybe you do understand them, and it just angers you more?

I know you think therapy is like a "rent a friend" and paying a sex worker is consider "disgusting" in your eyes. But, have you considered combining the good points of both?

Hire a skilled escort to listen to you complain, give suggestions, discuss how you feel. All the benefits of a therapist. Then after you're done talking she can give you a happy ending. All the relief with none of the worry about disease or paranoia.

Because, you need something man, and "self help" shit won't help, you've made that clear, you're mired in your own doom, incapable of taking inventory of yourself. Most of that is associated with your disability, so I do feel for your situation.
File: insanity check.png (298 KB, 500x375)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
No, you aren't the bullhorn person unless you want to be. I was just trying to give the fastest, least Tl;DR overview of what's been going down for someone who just randomly fell into the thread from /b/.

On a related note: We scared off someone from /b/. This is a sign some people need to chill.
File deleted.
1.) Penises and hearts (the emotional heart anyway) function based on visual stimuli, moreso for males than females, though females have been found to lie about how important appearance is (to the point of being out and out liars...)

2.) I am not lonely because I am obese. I would HAPPILY get surgeries and such to improve mye xterior, whereas these women expect "love" for their INSIDE which I ADMIT I can not offer without the outside at least being there enough.

3.) I can't take GOOD pussy off the pedestal and you can't "work your way up" from fat and ugly. I tried. Bad mistake. All I got was guilt, shamed, called creeper, humiliated, more guilt, more shame, more loneliness, etc.

Unfortunately ugly woman experience/ugly woman behavior towards the less sexually nuanced doesn't convert to the attractive women. That is, even if they strictly function sexaully the same, my guess is looseness/tightness, hormone differences, etc make their turnons/turnoffs/attractions different or something.

Uh listen I find the sex worker disgusting because they're dicteasing or even taking what I find sacred and reducing it to economics.

Furthermore "therapy" isn't disgusting it just DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. I HAVE LITERALLY TALKED WITH A THERAPIST STUPID.


It's "disgusting" because some cuckold is paying for THEIR equallY worthless SOCIAL SCIENCE DEGREE at MY EXPENSE.

again you don't get it.
I don't have the money and even if I did would end up mistreating her and having nothing work.

Furthermore escorts always LOOK AND FEEL LIKE ESCORTS

the proper, lady like, cute girl next door type always marries/dates happily (and has the tightest pusspuss) and NEVER escorts.

Only money grubbing parasitic leeches escort, because, well they can siphon males like me/
Okay so I am this "autistic" stuff.

How do you not go about PUNISHING me for this "autistic" label?

Have you ever thought that I can offer ANY behavuior and get LESS SOCIAL PROOF/REWARD FOR IT THAN CHADLY MALE SPECIMEN!?

Nay you insist an escort or therapist somehow treats or cures this "autism" humanely.

When in fact BOTH are a money sink.
I'd even be okay with buying a nice, submissive, western European, native English speaking (no heavy funky accent) white western wife. And not strictly as a trophy. I don't want to show off, I want someone *who I enjoy*.

Uh and again, your help will help how/
The escort can't help, she can only make me hate myself and hate her for being too ugly to fuck for free by any woman I could ever apprecaite sexually OR morally. Again, whore = bad/low morals and parasitic money grubbing leech using her body because she has no real intellectual or physical labor anyway.

And "therapist"?
Even the therapist said uh, hey, I can't really help. We can talk or listen, but...

Also at 50, 100$ an hour, do I look like I can afford that talk/listen from a guy who can't even fuck a 6/10 themselves?

You can't combine the good points of both
because that would not be an escort...

That would be a LOVER.
Aka: a friend/best friend and a sexual partner.
Ugh I didn't actually mean to post that. But hey their stuff is cute.
Side note: ever try to afford 1x day cialis and the type of escort you're talking about *AND* bareback experience complete with the friendship?

I mean a *bought and paid for* FWB is a REALLY expensive proposition and there's the danger I'd forget about the money too..

I defiuitely do agree, I do need something. I've tried therapists and self-help to no avail.

I really wish so called "cosmetic medicine" were treated like every other type of medicine. That would be very helpful.

I've taken plenty of inventory, might I add.

But again, if I'm so invalid as a person.... why not just kill/murder/euthanize me?

If I'm so valid as a person, why does someone need to be paid to care I even exist?
Wait, you can scare people from /b/?

I mean without doxxing or CP (ew gross)....
> Brace yourselves, I'm replying to the guy... pic related.

Apparently so. Or more aptly, you did. You really are both loud and very obsessive. Anyway, See below and note lack of further posts:

When something is as important as "life", say food, water, clothing, shelter, oxygen, mate?

It isn't "obsessive", it's base human need/instinct.

Note lack of intentionally avoiding your stupid "social cue" to try to tell me to not post/shutup because I have hated being told to shutup since I was a toddler.
Also this is /soc/ not /b/ and I have scared nobody from /b/. No one. Shh.
>Note lack of intentionally avoiding your stupid "social cue" to try to tell me to not post/shutup because I have hated being told to shutup since I was a toddler.
My post simply stated observations as to your behavior and the response of another poster.

And here are some scientific facts: a mate is something you can live without. Is it nice? Yes. But it's not on food and water levels for survival.

Past this point it's all opinion.I know you don't want my opinion as you'll just reject it and put in your own, but here it is anyway:

If you want a mate you need to learn to stop being so bitter and obsessive. It's not about shoulder size or money or looks. It's about being someone who as a person is someone people want to be around. It's about attitude and loving yourself without turning into a narcissist with an ego (sadly common these days). I have discarded males who were wealthy but assholes. I have rejected "big strong Manly men" who didn't know how to respect others or listen. I don't care about your cock. Dildos are a thing if I need to cum right now. I care about who the cock is attached to.

And you, sir, are one ugly motherfucker. This can be changed, but you need to learn to LET GO and stop blaming literally every single person you meet. The fault is YOURS. Only YOU can fix you. That's why therapy has failed. You aren't fixing YOU.

And that's my ten cents. I don't give a fuck how much you're going to rage in umpteen posts about it.
Behavior is a response to a stimuli.
Okay so stimuli evokes response X.
Let's suppose you touch a hot surface, and you jerk away to not burn yourself, aye?

Okay the problem is in THIS instance, *I* am not applying the negative stimuli. Society, environment, or the outside world, or pressure sbeyond my control are "psychically" (I hate that word/term but it's not a physical wound per se, though it can be witnessed from a neuroimmuniological perspective) wounding.

"Stop being bitter and obsessive..."

Again one "obsesses" over what they lack, naturally. Would you tell water to NOT BE WET? No? Then telling me that is basically being perjorative needlessly.

Don't be bitter? I would need a happiness inducing stimuli to override it. I don't have that, of course, so bitter is the predominant feeling. And feelings, are, not a choice.

But you know this already, aye? So why do you insist on the suppression and repression of honest feelings and thoughts in exchange to preserve some social decorum ala fakery? What does that do for me OR the people I am faking for? They're faking too, aye? And STILL find me creepy or annoying but are faking otherwise?

"let go". I can not let go. That is the happy place. A NEED. Not a "want". You want me to "let go" of a need. Or "let go" of past trauma. This can not be done. I invite you to look up "On Bullshit Psychology" from Portland Mindfulness Center. Give the guy a call, ask for your free consult. Ask about a man who called him recently...

Now unless you have the hundreds of dollars hour for hundreds of hours worth of sessions every single day of every week....

"only fault is mine". Incorrect assertion.
I have done all in my power that I CAN DO to improve my lot in life - with *zero fucking real HELP*.

Lower standards or inner beauty. Pick one and onlyone.
Ever think you think higher of your opinion than it merits and that you're spewing empty, vacuous, religulous sounding psychobabble at someone who has heard that blame psychobabble shit since he was a child?

Blamespeak does not work and is why I hate every major religion in the world - it is always "everything is your choice/fault no matter what because other people say so and you can't debate us because you are one and we are many"...

Of course, this asserts ad hominem, ad populem, ad baculem, appeal to/from emotion, argument ad absurdem, ipso post facto, and lack of parsimony fallacies, but I mean, hey... you're so "logical" and "reasonable", right?

I am a *fucking miale*
I have explained exactly how sexuality AND emotionality both work for me (hardons based on looks alone) AND that emotionality/how I percieve a woman will be based on *looks determining my finding a personality pleasant*

Someone with ONLY a pleasant personality is a guilt/shame trip that makes my dick soft and my heart hard.

Exactly the opposite of what is needed in a mate - a woman that makes my dick hard and my heart soft. Duh?

Only "I" can fix me/ Negative. Cosmetic surgery/medicine has existed for decades and can fix me far better than I can.

I can not change my facial boen structure, body type, free testosterone level or the like - but cosmetic medicine CAN. That way, when I try to apply an "inside beauty" or "personality trait" the outside world will respond to it differently.

I can only fault you and the outside world for not openly admitting you respond to personality/looks in exactly the same way I do despite a plethora of research on the topic....

You may be a female, but you could be an UGLY female.

And wel, I might care who you are inside, but like Caleb BlackDragon Jones says - he might still love you but he isn't in love with you and ain't gonna fuck you till you get better looking again.

There's MY ten cents dimwit.
Oh and women are different than men. Gender norms are a thing.

You say my "personality is ugly"

What is a "pretty personality"? How do I PROVE this if only ugly women or no women put out to it aye? Does merely requiring reward for a behavior make my personality ugly?

But by that definition *99.999999999999999999%* of humanity has an ugly personality according to YOU.

"narcissist". Sweetie, again, stop, spewing, psychobabble.

You call everyone who isn't a selfless martyr some sort of self-obsessed psychopath? Grief.

Are you obese? is that it?
> "only fault is mine". Incorrect assertion.
>Behavior is a response to a stimuli.

This is shifting the blame of your actions from yourself to others. You are a thinking being and can choose your actions. You also can change the way you see the world.

> Again one "obsesses" over what they lack, naturally.
Choosing to dwell or even obsess over something's absence will not change it. It only makes you bitter that it's not there.

>Don't be bitter? I would need a happiness inducing stimuli to override it.
Or you could stop inducing bitterness by not being so obsessive. That works, too, and doesn't rely on others to get the job done.

> And feelings, are, not a choice.
I have chosen to push back feelings before. It's how you move past them long enough to understand the cause and fix the root of problems.

> I can not let go.
Being unable to do this is why you are miserable and lashing out.

> Or "let go" of past trauma
People do it all the time. I have done it. What's your excuse?

> have done all in my power that I CAN DO to improve my lot in life - with *zero fucking real HELP*.

Everything but take responsibility. Hate to be repetitive, but you also are obsessing while blaming others.

> Lower standards or inner beauty.
Inner beauty is a standard. A rigid one.
File: Manko.gif (519 KB, 400x225)
519 KB
519 KB GIF
What happens when you're wrong though?
Have you run this scenario through your head?
What if you achieve the financial goal or comfortable and affording surgery to change your outward appearance, but it turns out this wasn't the issue?

Have you thought about this?
Things you can change:

Things you can't change:
People's ingrained opinion of self
That girl you're crushing on, but has no interest

Things you can manage:

After careful consideration....
You need a sex robot waifu, that agrees with everything you say, and doesn't challenge your perspective. The technology to make machines love is only 20 or so years away, so hang in there!
File: debate pyramid.png (101 KB, 468x468)
101 KB
101 KB PNG

> Ever think you think higher of your opinion than it merits and that you're spewing empty, vacuous, religulous sounding psychobabble at someone who has heard that blame psychobabble shit since he was a child?

Ever think you just want someone to fight so you think everyone else is all the same and should be ignored?

> *looks determining my finding a personality pleasant*
Double standard: you complain about women being shallow...

> Cosmetic surgery/medicine has existed for decades and can fix me far better than I can
Then get it done. If you spent the hours you spent here working for money, even at a menial job, you could have done it by now. According to other anons this is how you roll... hours of ragey ranting and barely reading anything.

> I can only fault you and the outside world for not openly admitting you respond to personality/looks in exactly the same way I do despite a plethora of research on the topic....

You don't know me. I have dated people who were deformed because I loved them as people. Bodies get old and saggy. Minds and personalities are slower to fade with time, barring dementia or something.


>Gender norms are a thing.
Only in as much as you want them to be. Also you are obsessing again.

>How do I PROVE this if only ugly women or no women put out to it aye?
Women are everywhere online and off. Some are ugly, some aren't. Just because they aren't waving their tits like a flag doesn't mean they don't see you.

> You call everyone who isn't a selfless martyr some sort of self-obsessed psychopath?
Again, paining in whatever you wanted to see without any evidence.

>Are you obese? is that it?
Couldn't come up with anything better to say. Defaulted to an insult. Sad.
You are assuming my wrongness due to an inability to plead or prove my case- that is, you are not relying on my being incorrect, so much as my inability to, on my own, prove corectness against a series of unfalsifiable allegations/"truths" held sacred by "social norms".

I have run a LOT of scenarios through my head.

But all end up similar... I crave running one scenario through my head but I can't realistically get it to point a, let alone to finish.

A happy romance with a cute girl next door type I actually like visually. She doesn't need to be a genius but isn't dumb, and she isn't fat or hideous and cares/respects herself and her femininity.

Appearance? I worked out in the gym for many years before finally caving due to a combination of a condition that *causes* deconditioning and a lack of a dietician to somehow create the perfect meal plan for me that would be no fuss, no worry, no counting/micros/macros whatever etc.

Mood? My mood is based on environment

Finances? Again I can't FORCE SOCIETY or THE FREE MARKET to hire me equal to or over *the literal 500-1000* other applicants for every entry level job. Go ahead and look up the epidemic of long term under/unemployment. I dare you. The BLS states that 30+% of males between 20 and 65 years old (retirement age) are not participating in the labor force... and those are just the ones they count! They willfully leave out the ones that are "invisible"!

Goals? The female is the only thing I really wanted. An empty house, a full bank account, a fancy car (not that I can drive without killing myself) are, indeed, worthless without someone to share them with, without the memories, without the feels, without attraction ,without the *experiences* I actively missed out on, not by choice, but because I keep getting hit with a higher and higher bar for expectations than the high school football chad... who literally just has to exist for just sex OR a love affair.
"Manage deporession"
That's not managable.
My "depression" is not a BIOLOGICAL ILLNESS and as long as you try to DRUG MY BRAIN TO BE HAPPY WITH WHAT MAKES ME SAD while using drugs that make me fat and break dick function? I'm going to rebel. If it has more side effects than a sugar pill, my answer will be no every time.

Wannaknow a secret? Oneitis *CURES my so called "depression".

Now as for managing "disability"... I would like you to contract dysautonomia. I would summarily like you to cure/manage a pinched nerve in your spine since 21. Good luck!


I can't manage what I can't get because *I can not force GAINFUL EMPLOYERS to HIRE ME.*

They hire plenty of wammyn and minorities for jobs in copy, social media, marketing and the like. Again, I can not FORCE them to hire me, out of state, no less.
I do not need a "robot"

I need the ability not to have a trillion different obligations met first, in order to acquire what a CHAD can acquire, at least vapidly *for no effort at all but his genetic code*.

Oh and those girls I could crush on that never have interest...

Yeah the problem is there are no others that I CAN be interested in or that WOULD make me happy. That is just it - no oneitis/crush potential - no love OR lust at ALL.

And, le's face it, porno starlets do not do bare backed experience booty calls and treat some stranger as a close friend still, even if they're poly like Lexi Lore.

PS that technology will never exist.

They can't even get fake titties on a real woman looking like real 19 year old titties....

You're saying a whole woman can have a coded personality.

If this wasn't 4chan and you weren't a dick, I'd just show you.
You had no central point.



You don't believe everyone to be "equal" stop that bullshit now.

I don't want a fight. I have to fight for me because nobody else WILL.

Again - I would get the surgeries. No double satndard at all. I can't be deep but would do all I can to looks max.

These women do not looks max at all while simultaneously demonizing me. Except WOMEN calim THEIR SEXUAL FUNCTION is BASED ON PERSONALITY.


Did you wait 30+ years to fuck mommy/granny? No... exactly.

Did you sleep around with the uglies in high school with their pity sex and NOT have them demonize you or entrapment pregnancy you? I didn't have that option.
You want, a good looking woman, that will put up with you, while not being too smart / dumb for your tastes, and respects her femininity while putting out?

>Have you considered a blind scottish woman in her mid 20s?

>If this wasn't 4chan and you weren't a dick, I'd just show you.
You know, I feel like I've been one of the more patient people here.
Again I can not force someone to hire me for a GAINFUL SALARY in something that I can ACTUALLY DO...



Thus no money/"muh free market" value because I can't STEM/IT. 100% of my aptitude is verbal.

"even a eenial job"
You have never heard of healthcare expenses, taxes, rent, food, etc. have you? Of course not.

Great. You've dated the deformed. Virtue signalling = big fucking whoop. Unless you're willing to show you are relatively cute? Shutup.

Gender norms are a thing not because I want them to be but because I am attracted sexually to FEMININITY. Not to MASCULINITY.

Oops. Now, since my dick goes soft to masculine women, and since my heart gets hurt/mad/angry to being "dominated"....

Nevermind I know of NO cute feminine, submissive cutie types that, do men who are not ... manly/masculine. None. Ever. You're free to show them to me though....

But I've never seen a single attractive female dom and I've at least seen fuckable female subs. That alone should state why gender norms are valid.

I'm not painting in whatever I wanted to see.
You are claiming I am a "narcissist". This means that I must somehow think too highly of myself, aye? But then you'd fault me for low self image too. Wait, wut? Oh, right, you have no logic. But, you're probably a wammyn, and well wammynists are CANCER.

I defaultd to an insult because you are making claims and bold statements but you are also NOT PROVING ANYTHING.

Thus an ugly woman could simply default to "I have a good personality because I'm deep".

No bitch, you have to lie to yourself and insist that being with people in your league makes you moral, like how christian consrvatives fucking their wives makes them moral.

It doesn't and you're grandstanding.

Also take note.
Suppose I would be considred in the upper average range of the IQ curve?

Does that count as smart to you?
Does an MBA?

I'm sorry I'm not asking for a tattooed slut with 5-15 partners by 18 years old with an IQ of 85 (I have a sibling that fits this description) that's literally done meth, but god damn.

There are no blind scottish women that exist and are attractive.

Also if you want to say I'm so fucking hidous, why do the ugly or ugly-average say I'm average? Is it a consolation thing? I have some sort of resting bitch face, the male version... I can't really do anything about that and I've always felt ugly due to a 100% rejection ratio.

Oh and I said no funny accents. Basically this means white, western Euro (read: USA, maybe Canada or Uk, definitely not Scotland)

Oh an dyou might be patient, but this is still 4chan.

But let's just say one young woman I could crush on is even 29 and just happens to look good for her age/be recently single. She might be putting on a bit of pudge from depression or a breakup or just starting to not care anymore. Which sucks because I could probably be more fit/caring if someone else were around to be supportive.

I never said she couldn't be too smart by the way.

I just wanted her to not be too DUMB. You rather misread that.

My "tastes" are rather fucking wide in regards to IQ.

I don't understand why any o fthat is an issue anyway?

Why are they willing to do it for that guy who cummed in them their first baby? Or that guy who is good looking to them? Or that guy that gave up on them/left them/cheated on them?

Why am *I* bearing the cross for THEIR sins?
File: who is most pathetic.png (333 KB, 500x375)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
>Did you sleep around with the uglies in high school with their pity sex and NOT have them demonize you or entrapment pregnancy you? I didn't have that option

So we're getting somewhere. You feel inadequate and demonized. You are clinging to crap that happened at least 12 years ago. You feel entrapped. Did you end up stuck with unwanted kids?

> These women do not looks max at all while simultaneously demonizing me.

So if they were hot it would be OK for them to demonize you? Also, nobody here sees you as evil. Angry, obsessive, hurt, maybe, but evil? Nah.

> in order to acquire what a CHAD can acquire, at least vapidly *for no effort at all but his genetic code*.

Jealous of an imaginary person who does not exist. Clinging to the idea of "Chad" is a form of blaming others for your failings. It's all because of Chad... not you... (no, it's not. There is no Chad)


> My "depression" is not a BIOLOGICAL ILLNESS
I agree. Most of the time depression is a slapped on diagnosis for when they give up on treating what's actually bothering a person because they don't want to face it and handle it themselves. Sad but true.

>Oneitis *CURES my so called "depression".
So why aren't you with her instead of bitching here...?
>There are no blind scottish women that exist and are attractive.
A bit harsh don't you think?
I know they can be a little rough around the edges but they're strong, and a good ally during the zombie apocalypse.
32 here. I have a degree in STEM, make good money (over 100k). All my friends have gotten families and moved on. I am single and live alone. Loneliness and depression is killing me as I try to get my self off of benzos. Spent countless hours and money on online dating to get nothing in return.

I didn't think I would be where I am when I was in my 20s. Hate my job and the loneliness is never ending. I have done many things out of my comfort zone to meet new people to no avail. I can understand how some people go crazy about this kind of stuff. I have to play shrink with people but it seems like no one gives a shit about my problem.

Had to be there for 2 people who both got sent to the funny farm. I hope I am not next.

Message for the kids: don't let a doctor put you on benzos for years on end. I am going to quote Rick james and say it's a hell of a drug.
I feel "inadequate" and "demonized" miss psychobabbler because *I am* demonized.
I can not attain the "goodenoughness" and as anyone can behave a "personality", the factors leading to rejection or sexual unattractiveness HAVE to be *surface based*.

I admit fully how I'm wired, I can't find a crone or whatever hot like that and hate them for making me wait well past high school or college while they either slept around or marred unhappily in these stupid christian virgin till marriage desperation marriages they have to spend 50+ years in never seeing another titty or whatever in their lives.

I am not jealous of an "imaginary person that does not exist" nay, I am jealous of the women who have to put in no real effort and can still have a brick shithous fucking them despite being 5-6/10.

What's actually bothering me is a complete lack of sociosexual upward mobility you wannabe headshrink.


I can not fix that! The therapists can not FIX THAT.
They are, themselves of low social and sexaul marketplace value.

I'm not with her because, like all women who could give me an erection even with a bad personality, she is too good for me, and heaven forbid anyone I find sweet or cute.
100% rejection ratio genius, remember? A woman has to be too unattractive for me to monogamy/chubby or a former chubby with a ruined formerfatgirl bod in order for me to *exist*.

She by no means can be a cute faced, slender-average otaku that's delicate/gentle/a bit neurotic or whatever, or that intellectaul gamer nerd with the long blond hair, doe eyes and femininity still intact.

Oh it's mostly the accent. Ever heard a Scottish woman? Saw a barely legal speak once, oh sure she had a hot body but I understood not a word out of her mouth.

Would totally be down for scotch with her if she wouldn't break me, but we're talking a hypothetical, nonexistent stereotype here.
Welcome, you've (unfortunately) came to the right thread!
You're not wrong. Benzos fuck up your GABA system HARD and they're best avoided unless desperate.

Certainly not meant for use for years. Ouch man. I hope things go well. Don't Rick James. You're smart in the subject the "free market" values that I'm stupiddumb at. Fucking IQ variation, I got a woman's neurological profile to a T but I'm a male and wired like/crave male things.

I hope you're not next either.

In the interim, I can't suggest much, but you can buy some picamilion. It's GABA bound to a niacin analogue. It might at least help weaning off be a little less painful.
Hey appreciate the info. I just microdose with marijuana... lol. Seems to help. Anyways, I haven't eaten a bullet yet so that's a plus. Bottom line is honestly sometimes you get dealt a bad hand in life. I am very fortunate for what I do have and I would never discredit someone who is going a tad crazy due to loneliness.
CBD is actually a good bet though it's a different system.

GABA is a weird system desu. I'm borderline immune to all but high ass doses of booze for example and even moderate high doses make me giddy and/or depressed buzzed rather than drunk.

Weirdly enough I might have too much sitting in my cerebrospinal fluid. Just a hypothesis about the chronic fatigue/sleepiness though.

And yeah, loneliness, rejection, they drive you mad. And it sucks because, well the state WILL pay for endless shrinks and generic, toxic psychiatric drugs...

But even the best litany of escorts wouldn't wipe away the sleaze and ugliness I feel for having to settle that low to begin with....

Not that a bareback, girlfriend escort could count as a "mental health therapy". Probably should though. There are incels who probably wouldn't even mind buying desu.
This thread is a complete failure, let it die already. It's nothing but two extremely autistic obnoxious cunts arguing.
File: fun things are fun.jpg (33 KB, 473x311)
33 KB
Yes fun things are fun.

They all require the woman's consent however....

Rape, after all isn't fun.

Or, at the very least, so much money that by the time you earn it, you can't do the fun things due to no energy when you- finally have enough money.

That being said, cute manga ladies xoxo <3
Oh can you leave autism/autistics and what have you out of it? We're really tired of your normie bullshit.

Go to le plebbit since you're so fucking normie.
jesus christ this guy is still posting here? lmfao hahahaha
>117 posts
over 1/5th of this thread's posts are by this lad
Oh go fuck a post hole digger smartass.
It's hilarious how hard you're trying (and failing) to convince everyone else in here that you're not the loser you're making yourself out to be with your responses. Do yourself a favor and perform some deeper introspection than the superficial shit you've attempted so far, and if it helps you get rid of that stubborn unwillingness to improve upon your current flaws, maybe, just MAYBE, women won't be immediately repulsed by the red flag that is your utter disregard for others as seen in your insecure kneejerk dismissal of opposing viewpoints.
>tfw was only 24% of the thread's posts when I last checked but is now 28%
>tfw uses Reddit spacing yet tells people to go back there
"Loser I'm "making" myself to be"
Yes yes, if someone is a loser it is 100% THEIR fault! Why no losers have EVER JUST FAILED AT TRYING TO NOT BE LOSERS! HOW FUCKING INSANE WOULD THAT BE!
"deeper introspection"

I can't "introspect" any fucking "deeper" man.
You're basically saying the equivalent of examine my own thoughts. They're mine dumbass, I can't very well fucking examine something further when I already have examined it under a goddamn metaphorical microscope.

"insecure" "kneejerk"
Insecurity comes from no reason to be secure in X variable. For example why would the ugly, or the weird be "secure"? Should you feel "secure" in your little *lower social value microcosm* place that "society" (the sacred, precious thing that can never be wrong) has placed you in? Nay. Fight for yourself you nutless, "secure" people!

As for "kneejerk" uhm, would you prefer me wait 5 minutes? Or 10? For exactly the same reaction? If a reaction is reflexive, perhaps you should consider that reflex is, in fact, a human function, not dysfunction.

I am dismissing these opposing viewpoints, because, like I have not lived THEIR lives andw ould NOT BE HAPPY with WHAT THEY ARE HAPPY WITH,t hey have NOT LIVED MINE.

They are not in my body, they are not in my brain, they have not lived my life, and they can not say.

"Reddit spacing"

Was not fucking aware that was a goddamn thing. I heard it was called paragraph structure, sentences, syntax. Writer's fluke.
I'm sorry you're too much of a brainlet to comprehend the reasons why you're in the situation you're in. The phrase I used was "making yourself out to be", and what it means is that you're making a fool of yourself with your incel sperging - projecting with that misread isn't helping your case one bit, either. Maybe if you stopped wasting time wallowing in self-pity and blaming society for your shortcomings, you could actually do something productive with your life.
>tfw made him mad enough to start making serial typos
Gentle reminder that rage is an animalistic response that real proper humans who aren't mentally ill have actual control over, unlike yourself.
Hilarious you think an IQ that can't be lower than 115 *is a brainle*.

Again, incels don't have a choice in inceldom.

"Wasting time"
":blaming society" - where the fault lies, they get it. Do you think 100% of the ills in YOUR life are YOUR blame/fault? No? Good.

"Blaming society for "my shortcomings".... alas I am not. I have done all I can with what little I was given genetically.

And human beings are animals. Rage is a natural response to injustice and unfairness you socially darwinistic pukefuck.

"aren't mentally ill..." - ad hominem, grandstanding, virtue signalling.

"actual humans" - which are animals, stupid.

"control over it"...
Even if I had none over it that would be irrelevant. But I haven't tried to go on any homicidal rampages yet? Clearly some control is there, even if it is solely due to fear of punishment.

You seem to want to evoke rage, so you can blame rage on an individual you see as beneat you. Congrats shitbag.
And I actually was *NICE* to you!

But hey you'd rather spout the psychobabble bullshit of *the same shrinks that got you addicted to benzos*

File: Farely thread a.gif (2.18 MB, 435x250)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB GIF
File: Farley Thread 1.gif (782 KB, 280x158)
782 KB
782 KB GIF
File: farley thread 2.gif (1.2 MB, 455x275)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
Farley was massively overrated.
While they don't pop up often, I've never seen this happen before. It was usually pretty chill and relaxed in these threads when they happened. I remember one time a few people posted photos and it was a grand ol' time. I guess we're not allowed to have one nice thread without massive levels of douchebaggery or a penis no one asked for.
File: 1561636902853.jpg (11 KB, 228x213)
11 KB
why are we still feeding this troll?
how is no one in this thread able to just ignore the incel?
>the desire to be right on the internet
It's no use, even if no one replies to him he will find a random post and rage at it, writing TWO post FULL of CAPS.
Sorry, but attempting to be nice to one person after spewing all that bullshit doesn't entitle you to gentle treatment. In the real world, you get judged for your actions regardless of whether you consider yourself a nice person for not being mean to some inconsequential stranger.
The first step to getting help is acknowledging that you need it, and your dismissive overuse of the word "psychobabble" suggests that you've merely been subject to a long string of incompetent professionals to the point that it's made you resistant to the idea of receiving proper treatment, regardless of whether it's going to be effective, but if you're really as smart as you claim to be, go do your own cross-referenced research instead of depending on information spoonfed by others.
As someone who was fed up at dealing with more than one incompetent psychiatrist since childhood, I finally ended up taking charge of my own treatment by doing my own psychopharmacology research, and making informed decisions regarding my prescriptions instead of waiting for the doctor to suggest trying the next random drug in the list - seven years ago I was at a low point where I was just quietly tying up loose ends in preparation to kill myself without telling anyone but am now completely off meds with no ill effects.
This isn't for everyone, though, since it takes proper critical thinking skills to discern bad research while also acknowledging and dispelling any misconceptions that you may have had during the process.
Whatever gets the thread to bump limit faster, I guess.
Also, I was given benzos on more than one occasion but never actually took them except for the odd recreational overdose or two because I was mindful of the addiction risk, and never without a clear head and full knowledge of what I was getting myself into.
>That sounds darn brutal
Other people have been through worse and bounced back, no reason I shouldn’t. I was in a bad spot for a while (more psychologically/emotionally than anything else) but managed to sort myself out and get back to it.

>I think a lot of people would be terrified to go into it again, so good on you for sticking with it despite the setback in the past.
I was honestly not sure what to do for a while. I was offered a pretty decent job like 2 weeks after I closed my doors, but my head was too far up my ass to take it. I have been offered some composition work (I compose music as a hobby) as well, but I also had my head too far up my ass to take it. I’m lucky that my friend decided to offer me a partnership, because I’m not really sure what kind of work I’d be doing otherwise, and it feels nice to be building something again.
>calling everything/everyone you don't like/that "annoys" you a troll
Wow you sound positively enlightened!

I wish someone would rage at your face with a dumbbell. Just as well, I mean there's nothing inside that skull but hot air anyway.

:"spewing bullshit"
there was no "bullshit" spewed.
What "actions" are you talking about precisely?
The two college degrees but the "wrong major"?
The endless years of failure at the gym because I didn't reach the capstone of /fit/ due to not being able to live on nuts and berries or however those people manage to eat perfectly white carbless, perfectly portioned, perfectly rationed, perfectly counted food, when I can't even remember what I had to eat on any given day half the time with an adderall?

There's no such thing as a COMPETENT PSYCHIATRIST.



You got lucky. Some ill effects are permanent.

I've done plenty of research. My decisions lead me to conclude that a lack of a sufficient mate and lover can not be treated or cured. That my inability to put on or maintain musculature or stay conditioned can not be the result of a "neurotransmitter", or at least any monoamine for certain, and that you sir are blowing some major smoke out your ass.

Sedate/drug someone else. If you want me to think or feel something, provide the fucking EVIDENCE and also MAKE ME FEEL THAT WAY FUCKING SOBER. NO psychotropics.

You'd be welcome to full testosterone therapies or to a personal trainer and physiotherapist or to any "cosmetic" medicines such as a daddy makeover just fine. The things that WOULD earn/have earned the one thing I wanted and needed out of this world that I'd have been happy with.

There is no "misconception:". Do not try to drug me.
There is nothing wrong with how *I* think anymore than there is with how YOU think. You and I both think based on our FEELINGS and our SENSES. If you DRUGGED yours then there now IS something wrong with how you think and feel, as you are not SOBER.

On the other hand, weirdly enough I'm just fine with recreational usage but find hippies and their love of pot, shrooms or other psychadelics annoying as fuck. The addiction risk is a big turnoff for me though. Oddly enough, except pot, which... just doesn't do anything for me that alcohol, ironically doesn't do BETTER, and, you know, less illegally.

I would like to see how that one interacts with adderall for attention span or focus, because I've heard things, but that's a little experiment I can't imagine ever getting to conduct. I sure can imagine being ravenously hungry though. Jesus.

Oh and even the bounciest of balls eventually loses its resilience.
D'aww anon, why thank you! (Cutesy voice! - Like Nemsy from Hearthstone!)

But I'm sure there's more than just two of us! :)

This is 4chan after all.
Either of the females still around?
31/ m/ 856
Working on getting my masters in library science.
There were probably traps
Or morbidly obese chicks, though, if you like fatties they're prolly still around.
There have been more than two in this thread.

That said, There's not much point in talking in this thread. Almost 1/4 of the posts have been screeching from one pathetic obsessive guy who can't get over high school despite being over 30. He's either a very dedicated troll or insane and needs to be kept away from the computer as it's not healthy for him to be on a place like 4Chan. Either way, your posts are going to get drowned out making it hard to follow conversation at all.

Stop promoting yourself....
"Top" 3 posters of this thread are....

WLAmH4GH - With 128 posts, congrats, you really made this thread about yourself, and didn't let things like civility or reality get in your way, you've won!

The runners up were myself with (47) and 3PUHhJo7 with (27)... it was a good race, but even our large numbers combined just didn't have a chance to reach number one. Oh well, we tried.

Perhaps the winner would like to have a few --wo-- paragraphs... a few paragraphs. HAHA, why am I even asking, I know they're coming! ^_^
And with this post you've made this post about your idiocy.

Try conversation. I hear it helps?
Also "reality".
Yeah I hear that that is dependent on my senses and my environment. Maybe your "reality" is different because, rather than the objective components such as thread on /soc/ and internet, etc. you are picking straws over SUBJECTIVE components such as "muh autisms" or " civility" or other opinions you may strongly hold as fact, rather than argument ad populem or argument from authority!
Does this mean I win a cookie and you get the whole box of cookies? Yay... Well, we tried to have conversations with people.
Yeah, but they're oatmeal raisin.
I actually like Oatmeal raisin so it's a bonus.
Please. Not the whole thing!

Besides, I made those, and they're oatmeal molasses. Whole wheat flour and TLC was used and they kinda go good with honey or peanut butter.
File: Free Cookie Day.jpg (353 KB, 950x1126)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
You can have them, they mess up my Keto too much.

But hey, in exactly 9 months, you can get a free cookie.
Two times the free cookies- one batch now and one that isn't oatmeal related in nine months. This is now a blessed thread.
And the top 2 are the ones who ruined it. The mentally ill raging autist making everything about himself. And the obnoxious know-it-all who gives everyone unsolicited "advice" in the form of irrelevant factoids and numbers pulled out of his ass. If both of you kindly could stay out of these threads from now on the rest of us could actually enjoy them.
There is no such thing as "all viewpoints are valid" when it comes to objective scientific fact. Politicians thinking with ~~feelings~~ and their goddamn pocket instead of facing facts is what got our planet into this sorry fucking state, but then I wouldn't be surprised if you were a climate change denier too given your closed-minded attitude - you may not be a boomer in terms of age but you sure as hell sound like one.
Moaning about side-effects from treatment is like avoiding chemo because you don't want to lose your hair - unwillingness to pursue legitimate treatment options was what killed Steve Jobs after all. Dealing with extrapyramidal side-effects and risk of tardive dyskinesia from antipsychotics with nonstandard mechanism of action was an informed decision I made because I had nothing else to lose, and it paid off.
Plus, you're talking as if comorbidity isn't a thing that exists - dealing with your flawed mental state and skewed worldview isn't going to magically solve all your problems, but it'd at least leave you better equipped to deal with everything elsewith a clear head. Or you could just continue sitting there crying like a manchild and playing victim instead of making efforts towards changing your situation.
But hey, maybe there really is no hope for you after all, since brain damage has been shown to be a possible cause for the sort of narrow-mindedness you've been exhibiting, and that sort of thing would likely be permanent if it's indeed what's making you stick your head in the ground like this.
Fuck off dating site shill, no one cares about your bullshit.
cause millenials suck.
test fsdafsd
oh no no why'd you revive this thread, it was about to die

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