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Yami Kurosaki#1843
I am looking for a girlfriend who doesnt have any other friends and is very clingy.
19/M/Washington State.
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You're better than this
Take a step back bro
You're embarrassingly shilling yourself on the internet for a girl that does not exist.
You're not even ugly man
Just go to the gym, stop making these threads
Thank me latet
>You're not even ugly man
yes I a hence why im on here
and i already do go to the gym
>this is the face of the guy who has been spamming on /r9k/ and /soc/ for a gf he thinks he deserves
You do a favor for the people you block
Bro don't degrade yourself like this. I can guarantee you're better than this. Embarrassing yourself on the internet isn't worth it for some online poon.
I have a gun btw
I dont get embarassed I can only care about one person. You wont understand because your probably a normalfag who has had friends his entire life. I only want one girl to be alone from the world with for the rest of my life with.
this is a good documentary for emcels who think life is all about pleasure to watch:

He's not ugly but he's obviously super autistic and a creepo.
File: aspie vs neurotypical.jpg (178 KB, 1276x830)
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you say autistic like its a bad thing
when will you normalfags just leave?
i genuinely cannot imagine being mixed race. i pity you, whatever this thing is
I know right if i was white i would have a girlfriend by now
Can you post a picture of yourself?
I'd like to do a comparison between a mutt and a racist.
bro you can't be serious
this is satire right? or am I retarded?
You do realize that's a form of paranoid behavior right? It's not normal. And it makes you look weak. 10 out of 10 times, abusers will alienate their victim, not let her have friends while acting jealous. Women pick up on this, and know you're a social pariah right away.

What you got to do is build confidence and then go for those lonely girls when they're most valnerable, believe it or not, when they're out in public. Trying this shit online- no, that's where lonely girls are their strongest.

Pick them up at book stores, libraries, conventions- they'll be alone and nervous, just smile and ask how they are, tell them they're pretty and you'll love to meet up for coffee. Fucking easy bro. Build that up.

Also, chase money not women at your age, improve yourself, before you seek others to validate you. But you won't understand that advice until you're much older.
other men who are pariahs get girlfriends and so can I
I already have money that i earn myself though
dude I'm as much of a spergy robot as you but even I know that what you posted is full of red flags. don't let a woman hear you saying this shit (or the feds for that matter, as you've put it in your video).
File: grug wojak.jpg (122 KB, 1000x972)
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ooga booga muh social hierarchies
goddamn normies are so primitive
I dont care. All I want is one girlfriend to be alone with and ignore the rest of the world. Other people have achieved this who are of less value than me and so can I.
Just wondering, If normies are happy all the time, then why are they so mean spirited?
Yeah, I feel like you're not quite listening bro.
>Other people have achieved this who are of less value than me
Arrogance and ignorance are both very powerful, but never a good combination.
Who are you to judge other people's value? You're still a child with a jaded world view.
This is what I mean by improve yourself. I understand you have emotional / behavior learning handicap - but you can improve it just like anything else, it'll just be harder for you.
im 19 how am I a child?
I did improve myself I lift weights everyday have a job and am growing my hair out so i can straighten it. I cant undo my worldview because of too much childhood trauma.
>I cant undo my worldview because of too much childhood trauma.

There we go, address it directly. This "trauma" is still affecting you. If you want to be happy in life you need to get a counselor or therapist and work through the weird mental shit it gave you, knowing the pitfalls it created helps avoid them. This is the only way to be happy moving forward.

And yes 19 is still a child, but someone that's 19 just can't understand that. Your brain is technically still developing, and everyone on your campus, not just you is still a child until they are into their 20s. In just 4 years you're gonna look back and say, "Damn I was just a child compared to what I know now."

I do wish you luck, and suggest you take down that video now, before it returns to haunt you in the future.
I dont regret anything and ill be glad if people use it against me because they will know my true preferences
Do you not get that... shit changes? It's the one constant. You might sound, and even feel "Bold as shit!" saying that, but fucking preferences change. Jesus christ, if I had video evidence of every "True Preference" I had as a teenager - I'd fucking pay thousands to have that shit terminated.
You won't "be glad" if someone uses it against you 15 years down the road when you have a sensitive job, or a good relationship- and you might have to go into awkward detail about being a dumb teenager when you made those.

Hey, if you trust the girl you're with to show her how you used to be, then great... good for that trust and exposure you'd share. Not so great, if it embarrasses you publicly.
what type of jobs can I get fired from for that video?
You know what... I've said too much.

I'm just gonna level with you.
I'm you... from the future. I'm not technically allowed to do this, but I need to tell you three things.

1. Delete that video, it will ruin your social life.
2. Find a much better therapist, it took sometime, but found one that really changed your outlook.
3. Invest in small amounts continuously into Vanguard ETFs, start at 50 bucks a month, then when you move up the career ladder do 200 a month, then after that one promotion 500 a month.

Good Luck, Also it's not worth it, you know what I'm talking about.
>it will ruin your social life
>ruin your social life
>social life
Fugg I missed the vid, what was it?
as a girl i can say i’ve seen your threads being posted constantly, and you don’t look bad physically but it’s your personality that’s so off-putting. a couple others have already pointed it out; wanting a girl to have no friends is already a HUGE red flag. secondly, the desperation is pathetic. you need to focus on YOU. having a girlfriend will NOT make your life better. if you think it will, you’re wrong. you’re on the outside looking in. a relationship isn’t always happy rainbows. it’s about commitment and being able to stand by each other no matter what. you’re 19, you’re young, just focus on yourself for now and worry about that later/when the time is right. thirdly, any girl who would respond with interest to threads like these probably isn’t a quality girl (although i guess it’s fair to say the same of you at this point as well). the right person will come along at the right time. don’t force something because then when it doesn’t work out exactly how you want it to, you’ll turn all MGTOW incel warrior on us.
>Flag with puzzle pieces and shiny orb.
The pinnacle of an autist’s existence.
Yeah, I really don't get why people keep mixing those two things up. He just wants somebody who can relate to the loneliness he feels. He wants her to be clingy too. These two things point to the idea of him wanting to spend a lot of time with her. This is what he wants in life. Not all that other bullshit others suggested. These are his needs and wants. Everybody is different. A girl who will only want him once he's at the finish line is a whore not worth shit.

Switch the genders and she'd have a different date available for every day of the next few months. Nobody would bat an eye.

Every person should be cautious with the people they interact with, regardless of how they may seem. Those who don't are stupid and could eventually learn a valuable lesson the hard way. That's the only way some people learn.

Wishing you all the best op. I was hoping you'd find somebody due to all the posts you make.
I met mine on the shut in network.

She has like 2 friends that she basically only talks to once a year. Other than that she just plays video games with me just about every single day.

It's really fucking great that she has no friends. Since whenever she says or does something that I don't like, I just ghost her for a few days. Since she's so afraid of losing me and being alone she does everything to try to fix things and make me happy.

My favorite thing about her is that since she's so shy and scared of going outside, I know that she'll never cheat on me. I love how good of a practice gf she is. Once I feel like I've gotten enough experience from her, I'll try to get a better one.
glad to say i left shut, yiiiikes
you need to be loved to be happy the whole "love your self before others will" is a meme. Im not an incel just too picky when I cant afford to be due to my unfortunate looks
I dont feel loneliness though in fact I prefer being by myself. I literally spend entire summers in the forest practising bushcraft

blackpills for you normalfags:

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