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This is like the 3rd time I make this thread but I always end up making these stoned and forgetting all about them untill they 404’d so new try soz

Are there people on here into feederism? Yeah I know it’s a extreme fetish but there are a lot of fucked up fetishes

I’m a feedee (F), and stuffing my fat face and getting bigger is a huge turn on.
Like seeing your body change in to this soft fatness and being way fatter than your feeder is instant wetness. Handfeeding, forcefeeding, facesitting, contrast, humiliation (not too severe) are the things I like the most.
Is that your kik
And for the 3rd time, I'll say this thread very much seems like a larp.
Can't tell if real
This is my favorite thing.

Kik: overheredummy
yeah there are definitely people into it, I'm one of them, 20/M here

I've never had a feeder but its something I'd really like to try, the idea of having a partner who grows over time is an amazing turn on for me, also just feeding her or watching her eat until her stomach is rock hard then eating even more later on is just mmmmmf
Just go on feabie
It's a shit site but what did you expext from a bunch of fat girls
any girls into this who happen to live in australia? i will cook you infinite spaghetti
File: gain d e t e c t e d.png (1.86 MB, 1000x1132)
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1.86 MB PNG

hehe I'm into making women fat yes

on the other hand I can't fucken find a gril to do that with
Fuck it, why not? I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been into this.

Let's get redlobster
time stamp on tum or fake gay filipino man larp
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>tfw ywn hand feed a girl cake while she sits on your lap cuddling
why even live?
File: 20190716_023219.jpg (87 KB, 366x366)
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I'm into feederism (19/M) but I've had no luck on Feabie because there's only one girl from my city on there.
Fuck yeah I am.
Any Ohio chicks into this?

Discord's Gryeen_Leader#1144

Site culture is shit and a lot of people expect to just get free stuffs with no intention of ever meeting up... I've seen people pop on, e-beg, and then never log in again after a month or so.

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