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Do you support the MLS + Liga MX merger?
>do you support pro/rel in MLS as MLS is the second division and liga mx is the first division?
yes, I do

Mexicans need to stay where they belong
Hell the fuck no.
Very stupid idea.

MLS should be dominating Mexican teams within a few years - or whenever they feel like raising the salary cap.
No one should support this.
Believe it when I see it.
Tell me who'd win:
>17th place in Liga MX, with a front office not paying players and fighting with the manager
>Current MLS champions, playing Altidore
No idea
Take a guess. Current MLS winners against a broken mexican team selling all of their players. That can't be hard to guess, right?

Mexican team
No. Chicanos should stay where they belong, nobody wants those poor beaners back.
MLS actually dominated last years champions league.
Chivas stumbled into the trophy
What's the wage budget of the top Mexican teams? I know the MLS salary cap is a bit under $4m.
LigaMX is too good for the MLelS
Usually around 20 to 40 million.

MLS has done a pretty damn good job building a strong infrastructure- self owned stadiums, diversifying ownership groups.
Now they have billion dollar ownership groups.. they're damn ready to become a top 5 league, but the cheap owners are fighting with the progressive ones now.
>Usually around 20 to 40 million
So how can you compete? Poor little USA.

>diversifying ownership groups
What is this and why is it important?

>the cheap owners are fighting with the progressive ones now
About what?
Sure. Can MLS beat the 17th place in Liga MX though?
We already do compete, incredibly.
that's why people are so bullish about MLS.
Top facilities, natural athletes, start buying top coaches and youth coaches, most of all Money

Because one owner worth 50m used to own 4 teams.
Now 1 team is owned by 15 owners totaling over a billion.
Meaning they can spend a ton more.

Cheap owners dont want to raise the salary cap as quickly, progressive ones are saying its go time.

All in all I can not criticize MLS in the least.
During basically MLS presason
Toronto beat tigres handily
Toronto beat club America
Red bull dominated Tijuana
Red bull absolutely dominated Chivas but didnt score and Chivas went through on away goal tie.
Chivas beat Toronto.

The gap isnt wide. Its close.
Now top to bottom Liga MX is one of the best in the world, literally top 8. But MLS is also excellent top to bottom (parity - bottom team is close in talent to top team, instead of the common 3 horse race that most leagues are.)
MLS can't beat the 17th place in Liga MX. MLS can't beat a managerless Tigres in preseason mode.
Salary cap is pretty based, it allows you to spend on important things. Sir Alan Sugar said the money in English football is like prune juice: it goes right through the system i.e. wages for the players and agents.

>We already do compete, incredibly.
It doesn't seem like you do. Mexico always win the CCL.
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Who can stop them? New franchises are begging to get on the gravy train. Choo choo motherfuckers. soon to be a top 10 league in the world
Alright you sound dumb now.
Toronto was in last place and got to the final.

Were Starting to compete consistently.
The level of MLS changes dramatically every year.
This last CL was far better than we've ever done.
Chivas wasn't in the last place because Veracruz was trying so hard to be worse than them back then it wasn't even funny. Also, players were not being paid. And still Chivas won.
Yeah this is exactly what attracts ownership groups, they will actually incur large debts off the bat just to have a valuable asset.

Being 40m in debt is fine if your purchase has gone from being worth 50m to 250m in 10 years.

Expansion fee used to be like 10m, now it's something like 100m just to join the league.
Cool felipao.
2 last plays teams got to the final, it happens.
Why are they increasing in value so quickly?

America is soccer mad. The league is growing every year in viewership and sponsorship. Not to mention the quality of the actual football is also improving. And no signs of slowing down
Also average wage is approaching 10k a week. They'll soon be stealing the top players from the other American leagues.
Big emphasis on youth academies in recent years. This should provide strength in depth to the squads just by brute force given the numbers of kids playing the game in the states today.

Major roadblocks are poor standard of coaching and the retarded cost signing your kid up to a team or camp. Muh capitalism
Demand as well.

They're improving the pay to play system already.. MLS themselves are setting up big academies and integrating into youth system
CHI League

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