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The #MeToo movement seems to have entered the cricketing arena too with prominent singer Chinmayi Sripaada posting a tweet on behalf of an anonymous woman, claiming that Sri Lankan cricketer Lasith Malinga sexually assaulted the woman during an IPL season in a Mumbai hotel.
Sripaada shared a post on Twitter where she put up the anonymous woman's post, naming, 'Cricketer Lasith Malinga', since the alleged victim did not name the cricketer in her statement.
"I'd like to remain anonymous. A few years back when I was in Mumbai, I was looking for my friend in the hotel we were staying in. I bumped into a very famous Sri Lankan cricketer during the IPL season who said my friend was in his room. I go in and she's not. He then pushed me in the bed and proceeded to climb onto my face."
"Mind you I'm tall and about same body weight & I couldn't fight him back. I closed my eyes and mouth but he used my face. Then the hotel staff knocked on the door to replenish the bar which he went to open the door. I quickly ran into the washroom, washed my face and left as soon as the hotel staff left. I was humiliated. I knew people would say that you knowingly went to his room, he's famous, you wanted it or worse you deserve it," the alleged tweet read.
Lankan seamer Malinga has taken 306 wickets in 207 ODIs and 90 wickets in 68 T20Is played so far. Malinga also claimed 101 wickets in 30 Tests.
According to Sripaada, the alleged incident took place during an IPL season. Malinga has played for Mumbai Indians in all the 10 seasons of the IPL. He has 154 wickets to his name from 110 matches in the cash-rich league which also makes him the highest wicket-taker in the history of the IPL.
not going to read this wall of text pajeet
just use a toilet instead
open ur mouth
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Here you go
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of please, based Chris Gayle was #metooing these bitches before it had a name
virgins will defend this
Didn't read but I hope he raped her in the ass
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Sri Lankans beating Indians at their own game looooooooooool

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