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File: RJ211399_img_main.jpg (344 KB, 560x420)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
This thread is to catalog any torrents of movies, comics, or games featuring men being screwed to death. Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion, all are welcome.

Old thread here: >>756306

Thread 1 Archive: https://archive.loveisover.me/t/thread/587097/

Thread 2 Archive: https://archive.loveisover.me/t/thread/628279/

Thread 3 Archive: https://archive.loveisover.me/t/thread/664519/

Thread 4 Archive: http://archive.loveisover.me/t/last/50/696740/

Thread 5 Archive:

Here's a dump from everything in the old threads. Since the list is so large, I've put it in a pastebin.
Torrent for the game in first post:

Info: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE211399.html
what're the chances of this game getting translated?
Not very likely IMO. It's got nice art, but like most Dieselmine stuff it's pretty shallow. You just avoid heart stuff unless you're wanting to see the porn, the game can be cleared in under 3 hours or so, and most characters other than the brown loli and the one just to the left of her face in the OP pic get a single scene with minor text variations.

It's sad since the fact they gave those chars profiles and such there might've been more to them, but nope. You just get the 1 scene with minor variants no matter how many times you talk to them.
New succubus prison translation update!
will someone post the link for the prison?

Can someone tell me how to escape? (Walkthrough)
Gallery for the game. Includes animations.
File: 1503262085900.jpg (407 KB, 560x420)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Reposting link for English release of Succubus: Six Spells in case someone missed it.
what scenes were translated?
Can someone upload this game please
There is even a few videos in youtube
but I can't find where to download this game
Muchi Puri!! Giga Motion ~Tifa~ [640x480] [cen]
old reverserape 3D movie with nice kill on the end
Search for the file name from the Japanese D#L#S#i#t#e, for this game it's RJ141547.
E.g. I found the follwing link:

Before you download, check if the filesize matches the filesize on the official site. If it matches you have a good chance that's a genuine link.
I still got your back Anons.
Huge Succupri gameplay update:

I finished the whole game and unlocked everything. Feel free to ask if you are missing any scenes.
The last summon battle is missing :D but thanks anyway :D
Is it even available for non donors yet?

anyone got this?
Can anyone upload Mutiny? I can't find any torrent for it on piratebay

missing the extra route dlc I think
File: 01.jpg (417 KB, 560x420)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Is there a guide for what you need to actually do to beat Succubus Prison?
Now that I've played a bit and understand just what unrepentant sadists the girls are... I am curious what the "good" ending is, without spoilers.
You should be able to find a walkthrough in the thread over at ulmf
ulmf . org/forum/hentai/hentai-games/12748-rooted-in-the-succubus-prison-imma-house-~?t=29499
Yeah that literally doesn't work.
The thread won't load anything but page 1 which doesn't have anything anyway.
File: 1474554136849.jpg (64 KB, 843x815)
64 KB
Without spoiling too much, I can explain to you how to beat the game by explaining how the door works.

First of all only a demon can touch it. Tricking or using the girls in any way is not an option.
Try to "build" something so you can trick the spell into thinking that a demon is touching it.
Apparently even the remains of demons work, as long as it is something not from this world.

Then there is the lock. You will have to obtain the key to unlock it.
So far I have only found one way to get the key. And obviously, the master of the house safeguards it. Lucky for you the master of the house is also really bored.

Then there is another defense mechanism that has to be overcome by a magic artifact. It works by draining demon energy. One of the girls has locked it away in her room.

Beating the game is actually not that hard. You will get there eventually, even if you will die a lot.
Guide succubus lewd prison part 1

09:24 am – in your room read a paper from trash bin and look through window
09:28 am – Nemea is no longer in hallway so you won’t get caught if you get out, get toilete paper from wc next to your room.
09:31 am – get gloves from bathroom downstairs, top right corner of room
09:35 am – get kitchen knife in the kitchen top left part on counter, check the blue trash bin for some papers, get to trap door a bit lower from table (pass 3984) and get revolver from small water puddle.
09:40 am – you can go touch the front door and get small picture and try to use gloves (they wont work).
09:50 am – go to Vinum’s room and make a deal with her wherein you will deliver a sacrifice in exchange for the ancient key she have.
10:05 am – go to Nemea’s room, read a book from top left bookshelf, check for CD just a bit right of PC, go to pc and watch it, there is a blue vial in the white wardrobe thingy top middle of room, chek it out if you drink it you lose some hp though. Open the computer , browse the internet and ask for a pizza delivery ( yes the pizza boy is your sacrifice ) set the timer for it to be on 12:00pm.
10:50 am – go to Vinum’s room, turn on desk lamp to be able to search (loli grandma is sleeping there) read red book on her desk, read book in top left bookshelf, left side.
11:00 am – go to Muska’s room, red book on floor contains the code for trap door 3984, the trash can and the book over the table. Check the trash bin it has a wallet there, read the book on her desk lower left of room.
12:00 pm – Look how Vinum rapes the poor pizza guy and get a key (don’t know for what)
Guide succubus prison part 2
12:05 pm – Muska feeds on some “poor” soul until 13:00 pm.
13:00 pm – Muska is in bathroom, you can give her a hand if you want (is useless but Muska is naked e.e)
13:10 pm – Nemea starts to rape some blob tit, make sure you are not in hallway as she will pass with him
14:15 Pm – go to Muska’s room and get her hair (you will see shining lil stars on the floor by the tv)
14:16 pm – go to Vinum’s room, read all books on all bookshelves (check them all), you will get a black vial go to small table next to the mirror and use the revolver to shoot it and get black pendant
14:55 pm – go to Muska’s Room and use the black pendant near her while she sleeps.
14:56 pm – go to Vinum’s Room and use the black pendant near her bed. (sometimes u are unable to do it, but dont care u just need to wait some time and try it again. (of course when VInum is not there)
15:00 pm – go to kitchen and get milk from the fridge, optionally get another vial from dining room above.
15:10 pm – go to the bathroom and give Nemea a hand and get her hair.
15:50 pm – go back to the bathroom and get muska’s and vinum’s pantsu from top left drawers and thingy below it
15:55 pm – go to the librarie and make deal with Vinum, if u found the book (can be in bookcases on the girl’s rooms or not) that she is looking she give you the house key. (you must back to the library with the book when she is in there to complete the quest, you can drag only 1 book so don’t mistake) [There are 2 options to deal, options 1-2 to get the pen, 1-3 to do the quest).
Guide succubus prison part 3
16:00 pm – go to the librarie and read the book on the desk, then go down the librarie until you get a message, after that move up until you find nail polish on the left side near the wall (it will be shining stars).
17:20 pm – go to Nemea’s room and get her pantsu, bottom left of the room wardrobe Nemea is in the dining room.
18:00 pm – Nemea gets back to her room, nothing interesting I found this hour untill 19:00pm
18:05 pm – go to the summoning pit, put muska’s pantsu in, choose first option and yo ushould summon an imp, choose 4th option when dealing with him and he will drop ashes in a bag, use it on magically blocked
18:30 pm – go to their bathroom AGAIN and get vinum’s pantsu from top left drawers and thingy below it (is the respawn, you can get 1 every time you use it for summoning.
18:40 pm – go to the kitchen and get the sauce from the closet next to the microwave.
19:05 pm – afterwards go give that dirty loli a bath and get her hair too.
19:40 pm – Nemea is asleep, go to her room and find the bib on her small table between couches (it can used to summoning’s bad ends). then use the pendant near her bed (u get the max upgrade pendant after use it 3 times, it helps you to scape from the strong magic barrier)
20:00 pm – go to the summoning pit, put Vinum’s pantsu in, choose first option and you should summon an imp, choose 4th option when dealing with him and he will drop ashes in a bag
20:05 pm – If you put the ashes, the sauce and the key now you can escape but is not the Happy End yet (i think) so dont do it if you want to discover another way.
21:00 pm – go to Muska’s room and get the red cristal from the box on left bot, then look at the mirror where you can see her feeding in a love hotel.
And here im stuck again, at least i have discover how to get out to this house (with bad end), but i only have discover 3 Dead ends by summoning (the fucking BBWxShota is my fucking weak point !!!)
Decent guide but not saying when and whether to eat/sleep kinda messes things up a bit. My timers got thrown off early because I ate then slept instead of only sleeping.
File: 1469715859853.gif (278 KB, 450x450)
278 KB
278 KB GIF
I am working on a spreadsheet that shows every girls routine and the game has some really hilarious bugs that occur when the girls walk through the hallways.
There is also things like them disappearing from their rooms when you are inside of the room while they wake up.

I will post their routines once I have finished my sheet, so you can experience all the small events.
Upon using it for an extended time, there's definitely a multitude of errors.
>The black Mysterious Jewel does not need to be used on the beds (maybe to trigger Myusca's hair reacting, maybe not), but merely used after acquiring each girl's hair
(Amusingly, your guide has you using the Jewel by Vinum's bed, but after getting Nemea's hair. And then by Nemea's bed after getting Vinum's hair. Bed isn't involved at all.)
>The black vial is Holy Water, and the example of it from reading the book in Vinum's room is just an example. No clue where the real Holy Water vial is.
>In turn, there is no 4th option if you summon a little red asshole demon. The first 3 options are weapons, and the demon disappears if killed, without leaving Ash.
>If Vinum is in the library, she does not leave until later much, though this seems moot since the nail polish is not picked up even if you discover it, since he narrates that it isn't useful. But if you waited until she got there before searching for nail polish, that wouldn't go well.
>I also couldn't shoot the table in Vinum's room, but her first key opens it anyway for the jewel. I think sacrificing some random guy might be why the ending is bad, karma stuff... if you can just shoot the lock for the jewel, then you don't need to feed Vinum.

tl;dr - Holy Water where?

For some reason this game is giving me shittons of errors. I think I just don't have the patches right. Anyone want to upload a copy of their game? Or at least the patches?
Timeline I found in another thread
Nemea: big sister,
Myusuka: Black hair schoolgirl,
Vinumu: Loli
9:20-28 - Nemea ambush outside your room, moves to her bedroom
10:06 - Nemea moves from her bedroom to dining room
10:19 - Vinumu sleeps
10:50 - Myusuka moves from her bedroom to your room, leaves house
11:12 - Nemea returns to her bedroom
11:55-56 - Nemea leaves the house through front door (bugged)
12:05-06 - Myusuka returns to her bedroom with a man, they fuk
13:05-06 Myusuka leaves her bedroom, moves to your room
13:07-59 - Myusuka bathes
13:10-11 - Nemea returns to her bedroom with a man, they fuk
13:59-14:00 - Myusuka moves from bathroom to her bedroom
14:00 - Myusuka sleeps
14:00 - Vinumu wakes up, moves to library
14:37 - Nemea leaves her bedroom, moves to bathroom
15:38 - Vinumu moves from library to basement
15:38 - Nemea leaves bathroom, moves to her bedroom
16:10 - Vinumu moves from basement to library
17:20 - Nemea moves from her bedroom to the basement
18:01 - Nemea moves from basement to her bedroom
18:30 - Myusuka wakes up
19:00 - Vinumu moves from library to bathroom
19:10 - Myusuka moves from her bedroom to your room
19:35 - Nemea sleeps
19:40 - Vinumu moves from bathroom to her bedroom
21:02 - Myusuka enters her mirror
21:30 - Vinumu moves from her bedroom to the library
22:20 - Myusuka moes from her bedroom to your room
23:00 - Vinumu moves from the library to her bedroom
00:00 - you die
>but is not the Happy End yet (i think) so dont do it if you want to discover another way.
Well I managed to find the Holy Water in Nemea's room thanks to simple google, which allowed me to get the Ash, which allowed me to try the door and prompted me to get the Honey from the kitchen.
And escaped.
And it just seems like a good ending?
Watercolor scenes of the city, end in a cafeteria.
Amusingly, just before the scene ends and it cuts to credits, I wear the sprite girl in the bottom left corner is Myusca... but it just sent me back to the main menu after that.
Does anyone have the November update for ROBFEOY? Ever since ulmf updated the website, I can't send PMs to Ramza for the update, or anyone else, including mods, so I can't validate my account.
I can view my old conversations just fine though. Also Ramza wants to find the japanese text for Porings h-scene, but I can't send it to him with PMs being fucked up.
If you wanna upload the file he's looking for here, I can send it to him on ulmf/patreon. Also no game update in November, despite the title being "November update". There is a new one for December though on his patreon though.

Not him, but Ramza is looking for two text files in Japanese, "ero01a" and "ero01b" in the Data\texttest folder. I'd rather not redownload the whole game, since those two files were translated to English already when I looked at them.
Of course, it's possible that someone else already gave him the files, Since it's been 2 days since he asked for them.


Just fyi two nice topic relevant games are getting translations.
Does anyone know how to wash them when they want it "gentle"?
No matter how I adjust my mouse they always say it's either too soft or too hard.
Yeah I don't know, I never seemed to do Gentle well. I think maybe I did it right a little bit by just... gliding(?) the mouse back and forth?
Skipping the minigame still gives their hair though.
But I won't be able to make my mistresses happy...
Speaking of succubus tower, does anyone have the 3.0 version?
Couldn't find those files myself and it looks like others didn't see them either, but maybe I'm just retarded.


Always check the ulmf thread
The real Holy Water is in Nemea's room. The blue bottle from her drawer.
Yeah, it was late and I was being retarded. Thanks
Does anyone have anything other then games??
what happen to the pictures and movies,definitely need more movies!!! =P
This content is more ‘reverse rape femdom/sex slave,’ but it’s well-made and death by snu-snu is sometimes teased.

File: ero_01.png (40 KB, 710x503)
40 KB
I assume he means these files, but mine are translated and Ramza wanted the original Japanese text. I don't check ulmf though, and he very well may not need them anymore.
100% patch is now released.
anyone got a copy?

Happy new year Anon!

says I got no folder access permission
File: rip.png (20 KB, 494x290)
20 KB
Thank you very much
Best new years ever! Thanks!
how do I run succubus prison? I can't seem to get it to startup.
File: 7487957834.jpg (167 KB, 640x480)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Translation works but now the game keeps throws up error messages saying audio files are missing. Tried running it without the patch and the errors don't show up, so unfortunately the patch is breaking something. Using v2.00.

Need JP locale, or run it from game.exe inside the sys folder.
get the voice dlc or turn off voices
Thanks, that did it.
is there a list of all summons? I tried fapping on Nemea's pantsu but nothing happened

>09:50 am – go to Vinum’s room and make a deal with her wherein you will deliver a sacrifice in exchange for the ancient key she have.

Is there something to trigger this? I can't get this to happen.
you need to choose a specific dialogue, not the one where you say you mistakenly thought her room was the bathroom.
File: 65990725_p0_master1200.jpg (216 KB, 424x600)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Is anyone on this yet?
It isn't out yet but I don't know when it will be out
Well you can order it on Melonbooks and stuff. That means that only the Doujinshi in bookform is out (since the 31.12). Last time it took about a month for it to appear on DMM as online version.

Considering that DMM accepts paypal I probably am going to buy this one just like the last one.
You need to choose the "Let me go" option to start the event
The Demonic Bib has two scenes.
One happens when you enter the summoning room while wearing it, and one uses it as a reagent. Warning: Save in a different slot before using the Bib as a summoning reagent. (You can still press P to quickload, if you forget.)

Other Scenes involve the Dildo (Myuscas room), Nail Polish (Library), Doll (Nemeas room table), Gemstone (Nemeas room beauty cabinet), Bewitching Salve or Nemeas hair, and Vinums hair.
Any of you gentlemen of discriminating taste have a lead on a decent mobile game, an app of quality hentai gameplay if you will?
Every one of those links just takes me through a loop of ads
If the Android version is as good as the PC version, this one should be pretty fun

>Warning: Save in a different slot before using the Bib as a summoning reagent.

If I didn't save like a madman I would've been very angry with this.

Incredibly fucking dick move game. This is almost on par with that one boss in Gunstar Super Heroes that is your actual save file and killing it deletes your save.
Anyone have a link to download Echidna Wars DX? Figure it is close enough.
May I ask what happens if you don't?

Your save is overwritten with the bad end.

Like it boots you into the bad end scene instead of the game.
File: 59b6a323a3e7b.jpg (117 KB, 560x420)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Here you go!


Thank ye kindly!
Looks promising. Free version, a torrent even, perchance? This is /t after all.
Hopefully this gets translated soon.

Final Succubus Prison patch is up, and it's completely public!


He cum until his soul come out in the succubus.
How do you get Myusca nude's boobjob?
Anyone know if Succubus Stayed Life 6 & 7 are being translated by anyone?
File: 6356365.png (1.49 MB, 1034x800)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Don't suppose anyone can help me out here? I keep sleeping with Lily to go to Arne to sell sperm to buy mandragora to give to Verna then going to the forest to collect plants, I'm completely lost since I can't get into the door, oh and there's a loli that wants a password that I dunno how to get
Where's the link/magnet for succubus prison again? archives are fucking dead
Go into her room at night, when she's in her underwear, reading a book. Bug her a bunch and she'll do it.
That door opens at night.
Can't remember what the password is, but it unlocks the full scene gallery.
Catch her when shes done bathing.

Door opens at night. Password is irrelevant.
Many thanks, last stupid question, how do I make it nighttime? I've spent almost an hour running around doing stuff repeatedly and had my charm points go up to 80 and my mana points to drop to 10%
Nvm I figured it out, go to bed and hit the first option
Anyone able to access this dude main page? http://www.pdcreations.co.jp/
All i got was 403 No Permission Error
His Latest post was on his Second Work and a Trial Version File. But i can't access cause of the stupid error. Can someone Bypass it?

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