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File: mame.png (106 KB, 760x233)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>MAME Plus +6000 Roms (Mame32v1.84.2)

Someone should unrar this thing. No need to use that method and if there are any missing pieces, you are fucked.
tested, works fine, no missing pieces
Rar for +6000 ROMS? Ok then.
I have more than 9000 snaps (screenshots) of these games for version 0.192, I made them all by myself.If you guys are interested, would some kind person walk me through making a magnet: url in Deluge to share them?
Someone seed this ho
File: Snes_control.jpg (186 KB, 1678x893)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Anyone want to copy the magnet links from >>756520 (archived) over to this thread?

Alright, I downloaded it all, but what do I do with it now? I'm somewhat familiar with Mame, but it seems that all 196 files contain identical files.

I've read through the txt file, but it seems to be fairly generic in covering stuff.

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm not sure how to deal with what I now have.
Why not go over here: http://www.mameui.info/
Download the latest MameUI or IV/Play version.
The "roms" come in the "roms"-folder, "samples" in the "sample" folders - you get the system?

Then start the "Mameui.exe" and you should be good to go.
Word of warning: Since I do not belive that you will have the latest set of roms for the latest version of Mame, you will not be able to play ALL games - a lot are not fully emulated anyway...
No, I understand how all of that works, I had a hard time figuring out how to integrate all 197 rar files into one Mame system.

I ended up just selecting all of them at once and unzipped them together into one folder. It worked out well.

That's usually how you do that. You could also set custom path(s), if you wanted to e.g. seperate roms by platform or have your roms bootable in different emulators.
Doesn't the Mame Site still keep the older versions available? Which one would work with these ROMs?
Name and rom version should be identical. And yes they have all the previous releases.
no shit, like this fucking idiot played and beat 6000 games to see if they all worked. youll get three weeks into a high score and a missing bit will crash the game because some dipshit tried to compress them all for distribution. morons
There are tools for verifying the integrity of ROM sets... plebs
I believe Mame has built-in tools to check the integrity. At least it did in the past.
those are from 0.119, there is a more complete 0.149 version.
>artwork, etc
I'd love that

Thanks for this magnet though! Downloaded it and will keep seeding.
Doesn't even download any data, so I don't even know what it is.
Anybody has the "up to date" Roms? Mame is at Version 0.203...

Also: Anybody has the >>complete<< Softwarelist Roms for the Mess part of Mame (more than 520GB)?

Also also: If anyone would post the complete Roms for HBMame, it would be very much appreciated...

Please don´t say pleasuredome...

anyone got a working link
No-Intro 2018 Collection

Nintendo GBA megapack (2437 games)

Nintendo DS megapack (4851+ games)
Nintendo DS [0001-6668] (No-Intro Collection)

Nintendo 64 / N64

Nintendo Gamecube (Europe)
Nintendo Gamecube (USA)
SEGA Dreamcast


SEGA Megadrive / sg100 / master system

>PS2 (USA)

PSP megapack (184 games + 73 minis)
Collection of 250 decrypted 3DS ROMs for Citra Emulator

Extensive Amiga Collection 93GB

MAME 6000 Roms
Video Game Manuals

No Intro Contains
Atari - 5200
Atari - 7800
Atari - Jaguar
Atari - Lynx
Atari - ST
Bandai - WonderSwan Color
Bandai - WonderSwan
Casio - Loopy
Casio - PV-1000
Coleco - ColecoVision
Commodore - Amiga
Commodore - Plus-4
Commodore - VIC-20
Emerson - Arcadia 2001
Entex - Adventure Vision
Epoch - Super Cassette Vision
Fairchild - Channel F
Funtech - Super Acan
GamePark - GP32
GCE - Vectrex
Hartung - Game Master
Leapfrog - Leapster Learning Game System
Magnavox - Odyssey2
Microsoft - MSX 2
Microsoft - MSX
NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16
NEC - Super Grafx
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance (e-Cards)
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
Nintendo - Game Boy Color
Nintendo - Game Boy
Nintendo - Nintendo 64
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Pokemon Mini
Nintendo - Satellaview
Nintendo - Sufami Turbo
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Virtual Boy
Nokia - N-Gage
Philips - Videopac+
RCA - Studio II
Sega - 32X
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - Master System - Mark III
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis
Sega - PICO
Sega - SG-1000
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum +3
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket
Tiger - Game.com
VTech - CreatiVision
VTech - V.Smile
Watara - Supervision

And here's a link with a text file containing all these and some more from a previous thread

thank you! we all be historical preservists now.
I am on the same boat my dude. anyone?
Are Eu version included ?
Well, now that you have the easy part behind you (dl the roms from the links here in this topic), you need to choose an emulator for the system you want to „play“. Depending on the system you want to play, you may need the „bios“ (firmware) roms for the emulator. Some systems are in mame, the setup is tricky and not all systems are working. It is best to use a seach-website of your choosing and spend some time reading about the emulators for your system, „if“ any exist.
The setup is (usually) like this: Put the BISO files in folder x, put roms in folder y put (for mame) the samples in folder z.
The controls also need to be set up: keyborbd, pad, mouse, what ever you play with…
Then you start the emulation and play the game…
Recommendation: Start with mame and get the idea behind the setup and configuration, then look around for the console emulators.
Yes, all this souds very „low key“, it is… „if“ you search the emulator you want to play, then you will also find a guide on how to set it up and play. For mame you can try the MAMEUI version…
Have fun playing
I don't want to be a requestfag, but I was going to bump this quality thread to save it from morons creating new ones anyway.

Maybe some of you have magnets for the Sega Saturn? Awesome console.

I've found a few huge rom torrents for Sega Saturn, but they were either marked as "virus" or not seeded.
>I've found a few huge rom torrents for Sega Saturn, but they were either marked as "virus" or not seeded.
ROMs can't contain viruses.
If they are zipped, they certainly can.

here you go anon

keeping the ROM thread alive and kicking
Thanks but learn2torrent. DO NOT COMPRESS FILES ANON MMMKAY.
is there an active Genesis torrent? the no-intro one stalls at 99% forever

I put the no intro set on my drive for you. am seeding the 2018 No Intro collectiong too.


Bless you anon!
Is the NDS mega-pack suppose to have the same magnet as the mega-pack (no-intro?
Yes, my mistake. Those are one and the same torrent.
What is the difference in-between them?
is it just as the title would apply non of the roms have intros when starting the game?
Has anyone got Marvel VS Capcom 2 to work on MAME?
Some people who used to dump roms added their own intros to them which is stupid but whatever. These are just proper rom dumps with nothing added, that's what no-intro is.

No-intro or ReDump are the romsets you want. Always good dumps.
Deciding what to play can be a bit overwhelming when you have a full romset available. Here are my MAME recommendations for you. I have a later set than what is on offer here but I'm pretty sure all of them will run. File names for the required parent roms in parentheses.

Alien vs. Predator (avsp)
Art of Fighting (aof)
Art of Fighting 2 (aof2)
Art of Fighting 3 (aof3)
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (baddudes)
Blood Bros. (bloodbro)
Captain Commando (captcomm)
Contra (contra)
Crime Fighters (crimfight)
Darkstalkers (dstlk)
DonDonPachi (ddonpach) (ddonpachi)
Dragon Blaze (dragnblz)
Dragon Breed (dbreed)
Fatal Fury (fatfury1)
Fatal Fury 2 (fatfury2)
Fatal Fury 3 (fatfury3)
Fatal Fury Special (fatfurysp)
Football Champ (footchmp)
Galaxy Force 2 (gforce)
Garou (garou)
Green Beret (gberet)
Hook (hook)
In the Hund (inthunt)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (jojobaner1)
Killer Instinct (kinst) ---> Requires CHD to be present in a seperate directory "kinst" inside your ROMS directory
Killer Instinct 2 (kinst2) ---> Requires CHD to be present in a seperate directory "kinst2" inside your ROMS directory
Kung-Fu Master (kungfum)
Light Bringer (ligthbr)
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (mshvsf)
Marvel vs. Capcom (mvsc)
Metal Slug (mslug)
Metal Slug 2 (mslug2)
Metal Slug 3 (mslug3)
Metal Slug 4 (mslug4)
Metal Slug 5 (mslug5)
Metal Slug X (mslugx)
>>866240 continued

Moon Patrol (mpatrol)
Mortal Kombat 2 (mk2)
Night Slashers (nslasher)
Ninja Spirit (nspirit)
Psychic 5 (psychic5)
Real Bout Fatal Fury 1 (rbff1)
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (rbff2)
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (rbffspec)
Ring of Destruction (ringdest)
Samurai Shodown (samsho)
Samurai Shodown 2 (samsho2)
Samurai Shodown 3 (samsho3)
Samurai Shodown 4 (samsho4)
Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5)
Sengoku 3 (sengoku3)
Shadow Warrior (shadoww)
Shock Troopers (shocktro)
Shock Troopers 2 (shocktr2)
Soul Calibur (soulclbr)
Soul Edge (souledge)
Street Fighter Alpha (sfa)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (sfa2)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (sfa3)
Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting (sf2hf)
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike (sfiii3) & (sfiii3nr1) ---> Install both parent and clone ROM, but only run the clone (sfiii3nr1) to avoid the lengthy optical medium check on boot. Requires the CHD to be present in a seperate directory "sfiii3" inside your ROMs directory.
Streets of Rage 2 (mp_sor2)
Sunset Riders (ssriders)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ssf2t)
Super Street Fighter 2 New Challengers (ssf2)
The Cliffhanger (edrandy)
The King of Dragons (kod)
The King of Fighters 94-2003 (kof94, kof95, ..., kof2003)
The Last Blade (lastblad)
The Last Blade 2 (lastbld2)
The Outfoxies (outfoxies)
The Punisher (punisher)
The Super Spy (superspy)
Three Wonders (3wonders)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (umk3)
Undercover Cops (uccops)
Vampire Hunters 2 (vhunt2)
Vampire Savior 2 (vsav2)
Vendetta (vendetta)
Vigilante (vigilant)
Wardner (wardner)
Warriors of Fate (wof)
Willow (willow)
Windjammers (wjammers)
World of Heroes (wh1)
World of Heroes (wh2)
X-Men (xmen)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (xmvsf)
X-Men Children of the Atom (xmcota)

All Neo Geo titles require BIOS "neogeo" to be present in your BIOS directory. Just place all BIOS files from the "BIOS Devices" set for your romset inside your BIOS directory to avoid ever having to deal with this issue. It's ~90 MB or so.

Good shit. Entire U SNES library including a lot of fan translated Js.

God bless.
my brother bought a me a raspberry pi recently, been looking for somewhere to dl whole collections. cheers


Also if you have a Pi Zero take a look at

The hero we need
File: UaEscmK.jpg (104 KB, 1080x810)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

Unless I'm missing something, it seems like some of the roms (AF2, Garou, MS) are working fine but others (Crossed Swords, Marvel Vs Capcom, UN Squad) are missing files.

i.e: Redownloaded Cross Swords from another source and it ran normally. m1m1 isn't in the zip

Nevermind, I'm fucking retarded. Kawaks just reseted the rom pathing for the pcs2/1 roms.

Raspberry Pi can't do PS2 or N64.
It's doubtful it can do PSX or Dreamcast.
a Pi 3 can handle PSX you nigger
psx, sure on the pi3. pi zero, not as much.
Any luck whit roms for MAME 0.206 ??
do i need to install windows to play these or are there emulators for all old consoles on linux too? i know zsnes but not sure about the other consoles
Use retroarch on Linux
What you think is the best portable emulator console ?
ps vita ? psp? maybe 3ds ?
brainlet here
can't seem to get retroarch to recognize this romset, work's alright with vanilla zsnes though.
I like the idea of having all my emulation needs in one program but it seems like a clusterfuck, no gui mame feels more intuitive tbqhwu senpai
File: 1374796030634.png (117 KB, 444x440)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>work's alright with vanilla zsnes though.
What is wrong with you? Will you use Snes9x at least. ZSNES is hopelessly outdated. Jesus, that shit hasn't been updated in over 10 years.
just werks tho

If someone can tell me how to run Cowboys of moo mesa I would fucking love you forever.
It's extremely special to me since it was an arcade game me and my younger brother would play all the time. But can never figure how to get it to run
Just tested it. Runs fine in MAME 0.185 - which is outdated now. We're at 0.207 now. So it's been playable for a while. Seems like a fun game.

How to:
Just make sure your ROM is from the same romset as your MAME.exe. They need to match. That's all there is. The game does not require any additional files. No CHD, no BIOS. It just runs if you boot it in MAME - at least from 0.185 onwards that is. Older versions I can't say.
Oh and of course you do need the parent ROM, not the clone. There exists a clone version of that game. Clones do not run by themselves. They're different versions of the same game, but the clone ROM only consists of the data that is changed from the parent ROM. Parent ROMs run by themselves, clones need the parent to run. They're not the full game.

The parent ROM is called moomesa.zip and that will run by itself. The clones are called moomesaaab.zip, moomesabl.zip, moomesauab.zip, moomesauac.zip. These will require moomesa.zip to boot. They're most likely versions of the game from different regions. The files are smaller if you inspect. Again, they're not the complete games. You can find all these in a split set. Also don't unzip MAME ROMs. Leave them zipped.

Everyone struggles with MAME a little bit in the beginning.
>just werks tho
Not really. ZSNES can not claim high compatibility by today's standard. Some titles outright do not work. There are several cycle accurate choices for the SNES you can pick from right now. Snes9X isn't one of them. It is the perfomance minded choice in 2019 with higher compatibility than ZSNES and the added bonus of still activevly being worked on. It is the new ZSNES. Get with the time dude. Last ZSNES update was 2007. It's dead.
File: SM1.png (96 KB, 1920x1080)
96 KB

I feel a lot of people use sznes for the nostalgia. It was my first emulator and the interface is cute - that said, Snes9X is far superior indeed. Played S Metroid with the 3x filter the other day; good stuff.

>cycle accurate

I heard higan/bsnes did that back in the day. Is it noticeable in most games? I can't say I felt any difference from the actual console in most vydia I tried so far.
File: Hagane.jpg (2.29 MB, 4233x3240)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
>Is it noticeable in most games? I can't say I felt any difference from the actual console in most vydia I tried so far.
In most games? No... and cycle accuracy still does not mean perfection. But SNES emulation is amazingly close to the real deal right now. If you use higan or bsnes and there's a bug happening in game, chances are it can be reproduced in the same manner on actual hardware. Does the framerate struggle? Then it does so on a real SNES as well. Unless it's your PC buckling on the load because that is the downside to higher accuracy. It requires significantly more computing power. I personally don't use higan - for different reasons.

>Played S Metroid with the 3x filter the other day
Shaders are fun too.

Oh, I see, that makes sense. I might try it just to see how it feels - I always assumed the mainstream options were already as accurate as it gets for some reason.


Man, what a piece of a good game. Those screens look damn nice too. Gotta stop being a casul and finish it sometime.
combined and cleaned up everything
Any torrents for mame .207?
Also looking for more up to date mame torrents
pleasuredome has up-to-date mame torrents and you can download them as soon as you sign up (everything else you gotta wait for).
Anon... you are a godsend.
You truly have no idea how grateful I am to you right now, I truly am. Thank you
Glad to help.
I fell way behind on MAME shit and I'm running MAME Plus! 0.159, what are my options for updating?
Yeah, about that... you don't have any options for updating really. You need ALL the update packs between your romset version and the one you're trying to upgrade to. That's how it works unfortunately. You can't just get the latest update and leap versions.

MAME gets updated every month, and so does the romset. Every month there's an update pack and thus a new romset released. One month after your 0.159 set was brand spanking new (all the way back in February 2015 btw), there was a new 0.160 set available alongside an update pack that brought the romsets out there from 0.159 to 0.160. So you would need 0.160, 0.161, 0.162... you get the idea. Every one of them represents a monthly update missed and you will absolutely not be able to find all these. Hell, PD kills the update packs like a month after release these days. Either you're on top of that shit all the time or you stick to what you got for a few years and then download the latest set. The romset isn't even that big, the CHD set is what really fucking makes this a bummer. That shit is like 400 GB now. Then again, you rarely need a CHD anyway. But for some gems you do. Like Third Strike or Killer Instinct for example. Also, regular MAME is very usable now compared to a few years ago. No need for any other forks.
Ah fuck sake, well the games I want 'work' well enough so I guess I'll just suck it up
So... Quick Question: Can the console stuff that's getting posted here be used with other programs? (PS1 roms for ePSX or Retroarch, etc. etc.)
Of course.
Retroarch is a front-end (GUI, if that makes it clearer) to make it easier for people to play games via emulation modding their console.

The ISOs' aren't formatted for any particular emulator or front-end.

Thank you to the OP, by the way.
File: wastedlife_atari.jpg (124 KB, 400x553)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
*via emulation OR modding their console* .. Apologies.
Friend runs a little grocery store. He has a Tekken 3 cabinet, but the fucking monitor is broken, and it's obviously old.
Could I set up a MAME emulator on something like a retropie and have it function with the coinslot? Or could I set up the coinslot to run a program that lets you use the device for x minutes?
You want to charge people money for playing an emulator, you fucking low-life lunatic? Fuck off!

>"Hey Jimbo, can we play some Super Mario World on your weak-ass Rasberry Pi(ece of shit)?"
>"Okay... but it's 50 cents per life."

Repair the goddamn machine or if you're not willing to deal with maintenance sell it to someone who is. No emulator can hope to match the original hardware experience, especially not if it's running on a Rasberry Pi.
Hey, while you're at it why not give the CPU a slight damage boost with a cheat file? How does that tickle your fancy? To really maximize that ROI, you know?! Fucking piece of shit.
Isn't that the nature of all arcade games? It would likely be time-based, because that's the least dickish way I can think of.
I couldn't diagnose exactly that it was the monitor. It seems like the little control board (with a shitload of potentiometers) was the real problem, but I'm not intelligent enough to figure it out, and everyone I've asked for help hasn't been able to imbue me with enough temporary, fleeting knowledge to make the diagnosis simple. I've pored over plenty of enthusiast diagnostic guides in .html format, but haven't found what I needed.
Oh yeah? Setting it to free play mode is the least dickish (and only acceptable) way I can think of. Having a MAME cabinet set up in your store isn't exactly legal to begin with. Doesn't even matter whether you charge for playing on it or not. We're essentially talking about making money off piracy here. Just because you owned the system board at one point in your life doesn't mean you can charge money off a backup copy for the rest of your life. It's just scummy.

Dude, you didn't even react to the accusation of wanting to scam people out of their money. You would rather focus on diagnostics, I get it. But you were pretty intent on getting that coin door chute up an running again and I doubt it's because you can't figure out a way to get the game started on a MAME cabinet without throwing a quarter in there. That's a trivial task. You don't need the coin door. Just set the game to free play mode. Look, I don't doubt that you tried to find a way to fix that machine and I'm not saying it's a mundane task either. I know I couldn't do it. But I also don't own an arcade cabinet for that very reason - among others. All I'm saying is, don't charge for emulator play. In my eyes that's a scam and illegal. Don't gut that machine just to replace it with an shitty version of the same game. Cause that is what it's going to come down to - especially on a Rasberry Pi. If you can't fix it, sell it. Maybe it's time to let someone else take care of it. It's a beloved classic and someone wants it I'm sure.
You're going to have to talk to yourself about how you feel about this before you talk to me. I'm not going to be the sounding board for your moral fucking dilemma.
Emulator play is no different than anything else; I put the effort in, we charge for it.
Guess what else is illegal, dumbfuck? Playing emulators.
Fuck off then.
You don't run this fucking thread, dude. Go back to Facebook.
>Smoking weed and selling it is the same thing
>I stole this thing so I have the right to sell it now. It was hard stealing this thing.
Suck my dick. You're a grade A scumbag.
Oh yeah, that reminds me I need to unfriend your mum. That bitch's been after my dick all week.
>Category: Crash / Freeze
>Severity: Critical
>Status: Confirmed
>Reproducibility: ALWAYS
>Steps to reproduce: Pick any character and finish the game.

>Bugs: Tekken 3 (and MAME) freezes after beating the final enemy

Buddy! I'm beyond dismayed at the news. RIP
Can I ask questions about emulation in general? What about Xbox Emulation? I heard theres no good emulator for xbox out there.
Or to save you some time... don't even bother. The way to go is a modded OG Xbox with a SATA adapter and big ol' harddrive inside. There are like maybe two emulators that are even able to boot into a game.
i just want some old school xbox exclusives :(

How is the PS3 and 360 emulators?

Also, go to /emugen/ >>>/vg/248795000
didnt know about emugen my bad thanks for the tip
Gotta give some love to the scrubs from time to time.

Pugsy's MAME Cheat File Archive:
Mame one gone, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File: _pdp_sq_.jpg (62 KB, 1000x1000)
62 KB
My dad bought discs to this way back when. I'm sure I could find em somewhere
these are great thank you
why the fuck doesnt retroarch detect roms to download cover art work shits annoying
File: Sources.jpg (1018 KB, 1311x3032)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
>why the fuck doesnt retroarch detect roms to download cover art work shits annoying


>RetroArch Playlist Scanner

>RetroArch incoporates a ROM scanning system to automatically produce playlists. Each ROM that is scanned by the playlist generator is checked against a database of ROMs that are known to be good copies.

>In order for content to be correctly scanned, you must:
>Have a compatible core already downloaded and installed
>Update Core Info Files via Online Updater
>Update Databases via Online Updater
>Restart RetroArch if any of the above was just done

>Finally, the content must match existing databases from the libretro-database README (See: pic related)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plG0ZpbN--s here is an explanation to set up a coin acceptor with a retropie.
The MAME pack set off my antivirus anything to worry about or false positive?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Any guides/docs on using something like RetroArch or emulation thats is networked to a drive?

The aim is to have all my ROMs and stuff on my PC, then use my laptop, phone to play them remotely. Also thanks for the links, will keep seeding them indefintely.
Map the PC network drive on your laptop, then scan from those directories to build playlists in RA:
bump this shit
There is a flea market near me with a small arcade setup where they charge people to play emulators. They let you pick the game but it's something like 25 Cents to play stuff like metal slug on mame.
They also have other dubiously illegal things set up like a Nintendo Wii U in like a cage where they charge people to play Smash and Mario kart. Mostly younger kids. This costs more, either $1 per play or like $6.50 for 15 minutes.
Strangely enough there is a legit King of Fighters 98 machine and there's always some people playing it on it. Mostly of Hispanic origin but not always. It's actually probably the most wholesome part of this place. scummy little fake arcade bullshit. Anyway, what would you do? I kind of want to report them because it's exploitive and clearly illegal, but these kids can't afford to have consoles at home otherwise why else would they be there paying to do this instead...? So I am of two minds about it and don't know how to approach it. Like do I tell the cops that someone is stealing video games...? because then maybe the kids can't play the games at all. Either way it is a shitty situation. It is only open on weekends also. Not sure if that matters for investigative purposes.

Anyway this is a very blessed thread and I wanted to say thank you to everybody here especially the magnet posters and fellow seeders as you all brought lots of enjoyment to other anons.
whats this autism
how fucking retarded are you?
File: Shinji_PRC.png (7 KB, 156x176)
7 KB
I need Ridge Racer V and it isn't in the PS2 megapack
does this LOOK like /r/ you faggot?
It's fucking video games. Even if it's legal it's shitty because they're an utter waste of time and the only weak exception to that is if people are actually having a good time and bonding. Instead of reporting them, you should provide Intel of alternative places or introduce them to emulators on their pcs if you feel that bad about it.
Can anyone recommend a guide to setting up and using MAME targeted at complete retards? This is the only emulator that I can't make heads or tiles of.
It's the same as every other emulator in existence.
-Run the emulator
-Set your rom folder in the options
1. MAME and the romset should be of the same version. IDENTICAL. Otherwise you might run into trouble. For this reason, every source of ROMs you have that does not clearly state the version, is crap!

2. Get the BIOS pack. Just all of it. That's ~100 MB of data. Some machines will require a BIOS. Unless you want to have to go hunting each time a game requires booting, just get them all in advance. Done.

3. When talking about games or ROMs. There exist parent ROMs and clone ROMs. You always want the parent ROM present of any game you want to play because those will run on their own, while clones will not. They require the parent ROM as well. MAME will tell you wether or not a version of a game is a clone or parent.

These are the common pitfalls beginners struggle with. There's more though. Like if you're on PC always make sure they controller you are using and mapping inputs to is connected the whole time MAME is open. Otherwise it kills your remaps immediately. I know they do this on purpose but it is not easy to circumvent this for beginners as you need to write a custom remap file that uses the controllers stable hardware ID (PID). I found this most annoying until I fixed it.
A shit I forgot. Some (few) games require CHDs in addition to the ROM file to run. Get rekt. Think of them as dumps or image files, like ISOs essentially, containing data from the arcade machine. Usually from a HDD I believe.

These aren't that many though, like I have maybe ~100 games "installed" and out of those like 5 require CHDs. Unzip them each into its own directory within your ROMs directory and name that directory like the ROM file it belongs to. Leave the ROMs zipped though at the root of the ROMs folder.

Oh yeah, and since you're a noob. DON'T UPDATE. Just don't.
I'll keep these things in mind. It's having to update the roms when I update the emulator that confuses me most, but I guess it's because I don't really know how arcade cabinets work.
>It's having to update the roms when I update the emulator
What did I just say? Do NOT update! I mean you can but it is a royal pain in the ass. You'll have to make sure you get every update each month. You can't ever leap versions when updating the romset. There's a new version of MAME and a corresponding update to the romset every month. If you miss one and can't find it anymore it's RIP. You're now stuck at that version as far as updates go. To top it all off, the CHD set migth receive and update as well, as might the BIOS set. Though this happens less frequently. So in summary, do not update and just get the latest set you can get your hands on.
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don't die
Does anyone just have the newest version of MAME .211 in torrent form? I don't want to mess with running updates
Stay alive this is a great thread
Safe bump
>No emulator can hope to match the original hardware experience

It is though

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