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File: Devonshire.gif (946 KB, 250x184)
946 KB
946 KB GIF
90 gigabytes of Devonshire's Holy Grail of BDSM videos


Feel free to download and share and if you find missing content tell me about it so I can add to the list
90 gigs of Grail and only one picture to show what its about? What's grail about that? 90 gigs of waxplay?
You can google the name Devonshire Productions to see if you find anything appealing to you and download specific videos, it's not only waxplay.
There is also a small folder picture folder wihtin the torrent files.
Those tits look faker than a $3 bill
That, my ignorant young anon, is Summer Cummings, one of the most famous big-titted bdsm and fetish models of yesteryear - basically the first hucow :)
File: C3HdCeEUcAAvKtn.jpg (127 KB, 872x1200)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I love summer cummings so much. I only wish there was more B/G and not so much BDSM, but my dick doesn't seem to mind.
>no source found

please check magnet
How similar is this to Insex? Is there torture or mostly bondage? Google Images returns mostly bondage
It consist mostly of bondage, but there is also breathplay, spanking, petplay, latex, inflatable gag, infatable dildo, wand torture, waxplay. vacuum encasement, anal hooks, suspension, pussy and tit clamping, and etc.
File: Bondage_in_Latex.jpg (247 KB, 984x1046)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
File: Summer.jpg (100 KB, 885x585)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What should I filter for if I just want Summer Cummings?
Or actually, is there any hardcore with her?
File: B4GuZpBCQAMNbBz.jpg large.jpg (219 KB, 2048x1370)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Nevermind, found a 14gb pack of her stuff. Will post thread if i succeed.
>tfw no big titty latex gilf sugar mama
Yeah share the summer Cummings
Looking forward to it
Thanks, I'm going to download it and see if I can filter it in some way
Seconded more Summer!
Clips that have Summer:
9 B. USA
LL - 34
watched a few clips that are already finished.
really boring stuff.
are there any orgasms or insertions?
How about an ElitePain collection? Haven't seen one in years.
No insertion...
Knowing what happened when hot wax splatted on my hand... That bitch's tits are going to inflate bad. also she'll probably never be able to use them again.
Nigga what sort of wax are you using? It is not that hot. Either you are a pussy or you splashed some ridiculously high melting point wax on yourself.

Most wax melts ay around 75 degrees. Just barely enough for a 1st degree burn.
hows that summer torrent coming along?
the quality seems low

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