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...lots of it, often on women who don't shave anything else either.

This is disgusting...

I don't think I'll ever fully understand this fetish. I find it easier to understand scat actually.

I'm so glad I didn't have sex in an age before women knew how to shave. But I suppose if I did I might have a nostalgic relationship to this stuff.
it's the other way around, this is natural

How easily the sheeple are brainwashed by their culture, etc. Very few women in the West were shaving before the 1920s or so. Pubes were considered hot af in the Victorian era, probably for the same reason I consider them hot: they remind me of our primal reality while we're all trapped inside a dysfunctional culture with ridiculous attitudes toward sex.

Interestingly enough, the woman whose magnificent cunt is pictured, is a classically pretty 20something from Russia, who when given enough rubles was happy to do absolutely nothing to what grows naturally on her body. She's not really that far out on the bell curve of female hairiness, like at all.

It's as natural as not cutting the hair on your head, not shaving your face, not cutting your finger or toe nails, not popping zits, not putting band aid on wounds, not washing your hands, not cooking your food and not wiping your ass after taking a shit.

People have been shaving their pussy since ancient Egypt 3000 years BC, and probably even before that. The dark and VIctorian ages were the exception, not the historical standard. And I can see why oral sex was considered perverse and disgusting in those days.

Pubes were considered "hot" under the regime of queen Victoria only because that was the closest you ever got to seeing a pussy under that ice queen of prudeness. There's a reason underage sex work became extremely popular under the reign of that horrible bitch. Men couldn't wait to get away from their yucky, frigid wifes and the hairy hole between their legs that they had no idea what to do with except hide.

mmm *fap fap fap* you were saying?
>their yucky, frigid wifes

"Yucky?" Lol roasted by underage b&? God damn man what fucking site am I even on?

Listen friendo, while yr grandpappies were jerking each other off under London Bridge, my grandpappies had their pigs in a blanket with your grandpappies neglected wifes, so

I guess anybody who likes hairy pussy is now ever so SLIGHTLY morally obligated to oppose your narrowminded bullcrap and download 0.99GB of hand-curated pics of yucky hairy wifes holes ;)

I'm saying you're weird. Probably you have a nostalgic relation to this because you grew up with it, or maybe you are a closet homosexual. I don't know.

To each their own. You can literally eat shit if you want to, I don't mind. But it's not my thing.


Good luck OP. I'm sure there is someone who appreciates it. And well done putting work into sharing regardless!

No worries my friend, I'm really just hoping to plant seeds, since for a long time 95% of available hairy pussy porn was all either horrible quality / ugly people or magazine scans from the 90s and older. It's a brave new world now, those of us who like the tickle of a woman's bush on our nose don't need to live like that any longer. Safe travels!
fetishizing pubes and just thinking they're a normal, natural part of the body, and being phobic against them are all different things
If anything, it's a brave old world... I know my grandfather likes it.

Porn has so much competition, is so accessible and is so easy to make, that except for censorship (notably of minors and animals) you get a very accurate impression of what people want to see, just from what porn there is most of on popular sites. Girls shave their pussies in the porn you see, because that is the porn most people want to see.

Please do not plant any "seeds". You might like to get pubic hair and bits of toilet paper between your teeth and in the back of your throat, I don't.
the average porn consumer doesn't (necessarily) represent the average individual you dumb fuck, if you are going to argue, at least read the logic for dummies book

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