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File: SWDaa.jpg (292 KB, 960x1440)
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Films that deserve to be seen again, and are being seeded.

File: watchTERMINAL.jpg (38 KB, 338x507)
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File: gene.jpg (30 KB, 320x282)
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The Gene Generation is a 2007 Biopunk science fiction film about an assassin who battles DNA hackers. The film was directed by Pearry Reginald Teo, and stars Bai Ling, Parry Shen, Faye Dunaway, and Alec Newman.

The soundtrack for the film features various tracks by Combichrist, Encephalon and Tribal Machine, while the score was composed by Scott Glasgow with additional music by Ronan Harris of VNV Nation.
Thanks, just watched it and that was quite fun.I recognise Ms Ling from a few other dodgy Chinese films.
File: Split1.jpg (205 KB, 680x640)
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Glass has just released in cinema.
Many of us have seen Unbreakable, starring Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis. But did you know that there was a sequel?

Split is actually a lot better than Unbreakable. It deals with mental health issues and handles them very well.

If your'e interested to see Glass, see this first...
> mental health issues and handles them very well.

I liked the movie, but this is a complete horse shit statement
Well done.

Might you suggest a movie that you think does it better?
>fictional mental disorder treated like magic super power
>treats them well
You're retarded, that nonwithstanding it's a good movie. I just think you're deficient if you think anything like that is respectful or reasonably depicts mental illness.
Dissociative identity disorder is fictional. [?]

And you think I am the retard.
Anyway, ITT post films that you think other people will enjoy.

>Split is actually a lot better than Unbreakable
lol no
and nice way to spoil the fucking movie retard
Unbreakable is lame as fuck. Split is a good movie. Get some taste newfag.

Ah Terminal. Absolutely beautiful cinematography. The story has some big issues, but it's still well worth a watch. Seconded.
>dissociative identity disorder makes you jacked and able to do impossible shit

You aren't? I never said it was. I clearly stated it's not a fair depiction of any mental illness. Maybe come up with a real argument before trying pathetically to put words in my mouth. Full stop there is no fair depiction of mental illness in that movie.
it is not fictional you dense motherfucker
>way to spoil the fucking movie
Because the very existence of Glass trailers didn't already do that.
>Because the very existence of Glass trailers didn't already do that.
didn't even watch those. i guess there's not much point to my post anymore then
I think you all have shit taste anons and therefore I'll pass on this thread. My rationale for reaching said conclusion is that if you think a jap/chi-made western can be any good then I think its only possibility is that it's so utterly lobotomized and terrible that it becomes a cult movie for being super idiotic, and also likely taking itself seriously. Seeing also that the mood here is all but jocular, it looks like you think these horrors are seriously good.

I'm going to put some distance now between me and this thread.
Bye, anon! Nobody will mourn you when you inevitably an hero.
nice try chud
I will watch this with my family
thank you anon
/r/ing an old Jap one called Prophecies of Nostradamus. Never got an official DVD release. It would also be nice to find the 114 minute version.
no one is seeding.
File: yooot.jpg (74 KB, 963x1024)
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nevermind, I have the downs
Karuturar Apropopriationu
Puris Astopu

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