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This thread is to catalog any torrents of movies, comics, or games featuring men being screwed to death. Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion, all are welcome.

Old thread here: >>847238

Here's a dump from the fist few threads. Since the list is so large, I've put it in a pastebin.
Link to title image:
No stopping ever
Reposting this from last thread because I would like to know where it came from
The way I see It, It looks like someone took a shot at writing a succubus erotica. An okay one at that too. Don't think It's from something though...
This meant to be a reply to this
It's not fucked to death, but eaten after death, so close enough:


getting eaten after fucking definitely fits the theme here.

not enough spider girl love

Can anyone find where to watch this movie or at least where to buy online steaming?
Look at all those images. They exactly match this thread.
All of the series here.
I think i watched it a while ago, it was in the first page of this topic, I didn't like it, it was very boring.
No it was "Siren X" that you watched on first topic, this one didn't get shared :)
It was about the ghost of a woman taking revenge on people who were a gang when they were younger and raped and killed her.
Then she came back later, seduce then and they die during the sex.
But somehow it was not very arousing.
And I usually like this kind of plot very much.
Sooo, disappointed after having to struggle to get it.

We shall get it FREE!

Great news a new translation has come!

what's the name of the hentai? can't seem to be able to get past the sadpanda :(
(C94) [Tiramisu Tart (Kazuhiro)] Inma Kyuusei 2 ~Shota Kui Succubus Oneesan~ | Semen Searching Succubus 2 - The Shota Eating Older Sister Succubus [English] {Stopittarpit}

File: cover[1].jpg (92 KB, 350x497)
92 KB

Didn't see english translation for it sadly.
File: 15[1].jpg (548 KB, 1280x1813)
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548 KB JPG
File: 19[1].jpg (326 KB, 1280x1809)
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326 KB JPG
File: MG_0239.gif (15 KB, 247x756)
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https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=60797553 anyone know what this is :D
File: 73024869_p3_master1200.jpg (822 KB, 723x1023)
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822 KB JPG
File: 72766288_p0.jpg (292 KB, 777x885)
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292 KB JPG
Dammit... Looks like these Siren Series have eluded me. But there is a site that... from the crude translation seemed to be the Japan version of our thread. It seems that there are some over there that shares our taste.

In the thread they posted several titles that would depict energy drain scenes or maybe even snuff scenes.

File: 001.jpg (67 KB, 748x538)
67 KB
The very first of the Siren Series, the 1993 Minayo In Seirene Ghost Story or 妖女伝説セイレーン seemed incredibly promising.
File: 002.jpg (59 KB, 751x539)
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File: 003.jpg (57 KB, 754x529)
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File: 004.jpg (46 KB, 642x468)
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The sheer beauty of the screenshots makes it all the more frustrating that I can't find a legit video download for it.


This torrent link might be the video in question. But since my PC is down for the moment and I have to use a library PC, you guys go ahead and torrent this and help me to confirm if it is what I think it is.
Since there no seeder I can't download it sadly :/

This is even worse than the fact that amazon have no stock of the vid.

Even if they have, it's on the ancient VHS tapes.

Just gonna put this here in case newcomers missed it
if you use a vpn one of the siren movies is on jp netflix
And another one
Hoshizaki Hikaru] Sweet Spot [English] {Hennojin
Page 99-106
Man, that last page needs to be edited. Pretty good until that part though and still a lot better than the usual "Oh actually you're really good at sex and now I'm in love and I won't kill you, theehee let's marry!"
Sword of Succubus just got an official English release


I will be honest I found the last page more comedic than anything.
[Tiquitoc] The Predatory

[Joshi nimo Katezu (Niryuu tkys)] Drain Succubus - Level to Seieki Suitsukusarete Yuusha Yamemashita
they didn't make a good video of death by snu for a long time , the last good one as far as i think was immorality

I was able to fap even through the moon runes
This is by far the stupidest thing I've ever watched. Neck yourself for even posting this trash.
It was pretty stupid yes, but it fits the criteria
It's on topic :D

Come on, man. This fetish is still a niche fetish.

You keep that attitude up and no one's gonna contribute to this niche anymore

Nope , im gonna keep contribute as much as i can :)

Here: https://e-hentai.org/g/1377733/1ede95048b/

Didnt read it yet , go ahead and take a look
I remember sharing this on Thread 1.

Took them long enough to translate that.
Hopefully English comes soon.
cute. Where's the rest?
Here goes.

https://motherless com/40B588A
Guess who isn't going back in the time anymore?

without a doubt, one of the best scenes i've ever seen

So she's the succubus version of Cthulhu
anyone have the monstergirl quest turn based rpgs? not the original 3 but the 2 that came after
Image of a panda?
You have to set up an account at exhentai.
Anyone has heard anything about Akazawa RED forth chapter of their shota succubus series?
Judging by the release schedule of their previous chapters the new chapter should come around in one or two months or so.
If there is something than he has prob mentioned it on twitter... So just look there I guess.
Succubus clip
Demon takes your soul
both links dead
I ran across this. Never seen it before. Not sure if all parts are like this. Space between hentai and cafe. It's hardcore.

https://hentai. cafe/samozumo-tooru-extreme-sex-evil-doctrine-chapter-8/
cba to go to exhentai anymore, what's the title of it?
... here you go
Takatsuki Ichi] 闇堕ちのリーア 裏切られた女エルフ (Seigi no Heroine Kangoku File Vol.3) [Chinese] [这很恶堕 x Lolipoi汉化组] [Digital]
More stuff for this threads

Decapitation at the end :


The chapter starts on page 242 , dont know if there is something more or not :


I dont have time to check out the rest of it right now , someone take a look and check out if there is something more.
death by snu snu
Yeah he finally tweeted about it, it's gonna be a thing eventually.


That's good. I'm starting to get into the story.

If I didn't know better, the White Mage had a hand in the Hero's unexpected demotion/alienation/prosecution in Chapter 1
Not to mention what happened with Lilith and Lilim.

Are they the new Dark Lords now or are their empowerment from absorbing Hero Will is just temporary and they wasted all those powers by lazing about?

If the latter is true then Hero Will died a humiliating death... Which pretty much serves the series' theme
Nah, that ain't right.

We should be looking for girls fucking the living shit out of the guys with her body instead of bashing their head open or stabbing them with a knife.
Oops forgot the link

K/DA Evelynn's True Nature | ZuriKat #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73580046&mode=medium
Beware of wild Gardevoirs | Lolicaust #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73644286&mode=medium
I dunno man... Doesn't it reminds you of this work?

サキュバスのおやつにされた | わ~く #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=66029483&mode=medium
【ゴルドー逆レイプ】 (差分) | 水川哲也 #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73450523&mode=medium
Nope. Sorry.

That's all there is.
you mean paradox?
yeah they're on mega for download, mostly translated to english:
That'd be interesting. I just wonder who's getting drained next chapter. The white mage is probably my favorite character appearance-wise. It'd be cool if she wasn't a succubus but still drained with magic or something.
I hope this time around they cast older characters more. Maybe from unmentioned party members of Hero Will like a black mage, or a tanker, or a ranger. Your typical JRPG combo.

Or perhaps shows those damn ministers getting fucked over by succubus for fucking over the Hero in Chapter 1.
I agree with this but I didn't want to be the first one to say something. What he posted was just vanilla sex with a murder at the end; doesn't really fit the description.
>Whether it was by life/energy drain, loss of fluids, soul theft, or sheer exhaustion
I want to thank him for marking it though, some people don't even do that.
I think the sword boy is gone too far to be saved anymore, but it wouldn't surprise me if he is drained off-screen, and we are gonna see more of mage boy.
I honestly think there are not enough drain scenes in his story... So far we got the hero and the kid in the first story. But since he continued with Part 1, 2 and 3 only one person has been drained. (Off-screen doesnt count for me)
I'm not a big fan of that drain -> revive loop. What's the point then? If the characters wouldn't remember anything after their revival, that would be okay. Because at least for me the appeal is paying the ultimate price for pleasure, that loses a lot of it's effect if you know you're gonna come back.
File: 18.jpg (341 KB, 1050x1492)
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341 KB JPG

I just know this would happen someday
File: 22.jpg (106 KB, 1100x741)
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106 KB JPG
File: 001.jpg (370 KB, 1280x1043)
370 KB
370 KB JPG

File: D2G5jbXU8AIFB6X.jpg (92 KB, 1080x653)
92 KB

Akazawa is the best
Found this
[Endless Requiem (yasha)] Succubus Gakuen 2

金剛との真剣勝負02 | とんちゃん #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=65615212&mode=medium
There's moar in the link. Enjoy.
装甲空母鬼初春 | あまがえる #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=41392641&mode=medium
Commission: Hex Maniac vs Sun | I-Spoks #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=67249203&mode=medium
いけないきのこ | えもんず #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73031240&mode=medium
任務先でハマっちゃったサラダちゃん | 玲タリウム #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73778001&mode=medium
冒険家の受難 | 橄欖石 #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=73949997&mode=medium
神の穴 | 段古木 #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=52787404&mode=medium
Elves man... They are the real perverts
描いたものまとめ(R-18系) | a9b #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=64017847&mode=medium
クリスマス | てるふう #pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?illust_id=28292675&mode=medium
This should come out today https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/announce/=/product_id/RJ248486.html
File: file.png (953 KB, 819x622)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
They got a trial version of their upcoming game up. Follow to gain access to the download.
File: a_013.jpg (177 KB, 1023x723)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
File: a_017.jpg (126 KB, 723x1023)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
File: a_022.jpg (143 KB, 792x1023)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

The new chapter of Akazawa Red's succubus series! Idk if this is out yet, can't find it on any other site, if someone has a copy post it. I hope it would get a translation soon
It is scheduled for late April, so we have to be patient for a bit longer.

Just forward to the last story in this movie
( Regicide )

death by piano wire does not fit the thread description.

akazawa red succubus manga preview: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=74114493

Like the one above me , and still it is here
because these threads get about as much moderation as runescape.
Nnn... Nope.
No explicit snu snu. Doesn't fit them description. Try again Anon
Death by paizuri.

This was translated?!
Is there any translation for this:
Even a website where I can ask for a translation...
Is there any new hentai like female panther or sow
i mean that the girl kill the man after having sex with him
Not that the moment it seems. Someone's bound to translate that for free. Someday.

Or it can be requested as a translation commission for a price.

You can find a lot of that in Motherless, in the group 'Lethal Seduction'

It has a mixture of Death by Snu Snu and kill-you-after-sex though it's more on the latter of late.
Sneak peek about Doskoinpo's new manga.
It appears to be some succubus and a hero, classic story. Atm it's impossibile for me to know if there is death by snu snu, I hope so.
This GIF is reduced resolution. The full image is on the link below


My favorite from the game, too bad it's not translated yet.

It's out!
[Atelier Maso (doskoinpo)] Koshi Heko Yuusha
Hey guys, I will start developing a game with succubus. All of them "will finish the job". They will suck the energy from the character until they are mummified. It will be a game like Lust Grimm (when it comes to combat) but it will have a more serious atmosphere, darker.

The wold will be a serious one, humanity was hunted down by succubus and are now on the brink of extinction.

It's your duty to eliminate this threat.

I will give you more information about everything, from art, gameplay and where to support us if you like later on.

Have a nice day.
Mildly optimistic about a declaration like that, but it would be really great.

I always loved those the most:

Yea i am sure this random anon is developing a game about killer succubi.
I really laugh loud at your mistrust, Anon. But it is understandable.

Thank you for the suggestion about that circle. Is also one of my favorites.

Please, stay tuned as I will make a page for question and suggestions soon.

What I can tell is that the game will contain:
-True battles
-Once the succubus drop to 50% the BFRPG part will start.
-There will be temptation events.
-The art is awesome, made by a very talented professional artist.
-The text will have a variation of personalities. From loving to extremely evil succubus and everything in between. But all of them will kill you without mercy.
-The wold is destryed, and also more dark then the average succubus world that you see out there.
-No shota or loli
-The average succubus will have huge breasts and ass.
-The protagonist will be a grown man.

I came here to prepare people for the announcement and ask for help to spread the world and support us with money if possible. (A patreon is also on the way)

Thank you for your time guys.
Please, suggestions are always welcome.
You might want to look for alternatives for patron, they are prone to purge "unsafe" patrons.
Thank you. Do you have a suggestion, friend?
I was going to make one since the artist that I'm working with also has a patreon, and up until now, nothing has happened to him. Thank goodness.
For future reference, you can actually respond to someone specifically instead of vaguely making statements with no intending recipient
It's wise to make a patron as well, many already have an account there and therefore will make a donation there, but won't make a new account somewhere else just to support you.

I know of supskripestar, they were bullied by patron in the beginning but managed to pull through.

Iirc peterson and Rubin wanted to create an alternative as well, dunno what happened to that.

In addition you can also eventually make a PayPal wallet (dunno if it's called that) for those who want support you directly, but you to show first that you are worth supporting.

Best of lucks to your endeavour!
Did you know that up until now I had no idea how directly respond to a person. Thanks to you I decided to learn, Thank you, friend.

I suppose you are the guy who don't believe that I making a game about killer succubi?

I didn't commented that trying to be offensive or anything, you genuinely made me laugh out loud.

What is the probability of me being a troll and making that up? My bet is far higher then actually been telling the truth.

That's why I said it was understandable. Although it was funny.

I hope you enjoy our game in the future and come to support us.
Thank you, brother. I'll try to see the best option.
There is also Ko-Fi. It seems like Patreon though I'm not so sure about their policy.
Now that piques my interest.

Will it be fantasy medieval? Or present day post apocalypse?
I want my own "assassin creed" or castlevania (with the belmont clan). Damn, I can't wait to show you guys what I have in mind!!!

It will start in the past, you will follow the first the generation of Succubus Slayers. When the world was completely chaos.

I have planned for each character (generation) to have 4 games.

At the end of the generation, the time will advance. Until it gets to the present (but is not our world)

And I will also take the lore a bit more seriously. I will explain how a succubus uses her famous "energy drain", how and why they do it, etc.

Also, succubus are divided by clans, each with their own power and abilities that each game will approach.

Hellish Succubus, Plants, Insects, Royal, etc
And the seven deadly sins, the most hot, exaggerated, and cruel of the succubus.

I will explain more once I have more art on my hands.

I will also create a discord for questions and suggestions.
I'd take a gander that it's present day apocalypse. Or a bit more into the future.

How else a nearly extinct human race can fight back a horde of succubus than glass each succubus civilization with the Ion Cannon Satellite from space?
Aww shit...
Perhaps I will go to the future too! Who knows. Some succubus are optional and outside of the context of the clan being used in game.

They are summoned by especial conditions, so they can come from the future or modern age as well.

The artists asked me to include a gothic japanese idol succubus. And I shall do that.

The summoned exists for this, try something new. Or an Easter egg succubus.:)
I am the guy. I believe you are doing a game about succubi. I am sceptical about it being delivered. And I would love to be disappointed positively.
He says the art is awesome made by a talented professional artist. And then doesn't even link the artist or show any of the art lol.
This is all totally real and not some random dude having a boring day trolling people.
It's a smart idea to separate the game into smaller parts, possibly with just a couple of enemies in each one.
It let's you experiment with game mechanics more, and most importantly it provides you with clear milestones. Approaching the completion can give you the extra push to finish it, and provides you with a convenient spot to take a break.

Too many promising games got cancelled because the developer was too ambitious.
I want my own "assassin creed" or castlevania (with the belmont clan). Damn, I can't wait to show you guys what I have in mind!!!

Ye... This part is... If he is a troll then this is the best peek behind his troll cloak. And if he is real it is also the best indicator it will never happen.
I was only talking about my love for generations/descendants, not the game itself. :(

I believe I will have everything ready next week to start to show some work.

One question though. Do you guys prefer "Succubus Covenant" or "Succubus Slayers"?

I will ask the artist to design the logo, so I can start spreading the word.
Speaking of games...

Where is a suitable place for you to upload footages of your game demo?

I truly have no idea. I was thinking on upload on MEGA and put a accessible place. Or a demon in a "coming soon" page on Dlsite.
demo* (not demon)
As you said.

I guess it's Twitter then.
Be positively surprised then.

HEY EVERYONE! Just here to share the first page for my BFRPG with deadly succubus.

Stay tuned as more info and art are coming in the following days!


Don't forget to follow me on twitter and later, if you like what you see, support me on Patreon!

Also, please, help me spread the world around.

PS: And I finally chose my name for this endeavor. Please, call me Zion.
As far as western developed games go, I'm cautiously optimistic about Mia's Quest.


It's nice that there isn't much story setup required, you visit various locals, school, hospital, etc. posess other girls and lure men away to fuck them to death and your goal in each stage is apperently to get all the men.

You can lure multiple guys in the same place for a gangbang or whatnot and kill 'em at once.

Mechanically speaking the game is still a bit wonky though, there isn't much influence you have on whatever scene will be playing, the camera in scenes is not great in the last version I tried (And manual adjustment doesn't help much.) and I have no idea why the dudes sometimes instantly die after one session and sometimes you gotta lure them away several times. Maybe that's intended or I'm missing something.

Anyway, nothing that can't be fixed.
File: White Demon 1.png (229 KB, 500x707)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
So, I bring to you the first succubus, known only as White Demon.

This is the art you can expect from the game I'm creating.

For high resolution, join my patreon:

For more news and updates, follow me on twitter:

Here I also posted a bit of her dialogue in the game:

It has a release date now, 04-29. So we have to wait just 6 more days.
Interesting i was highly skeptical at first, thinking all of this is a joke.
But you might actually deliver. In fact I'll throw some money your way on the 1st of next month. Lets see if this game turns out to be something. If it does i would suggest you check out f95zone it's a pirate site however it's the best place to advertise these types of games since it has millions of monthly viewers and the best place to pick up patreons. For instance the most popular game there earns it's creator over 50 000$ a month.
Thank you, my friend. If you support me I shall make sure to put your money to good use. I want to create a series with many descendants and a interesting timeline, coming from the past to present and who knows going to the future.

This might be a long post but I wish to be as transparent as possible about this series.

I was often disappointed by succubus artists (both game developers and designers).
They did not transmitted the dangers of succubus. The danger of -temptation-.
The succubus would often:
-fall in love with the protag
-keep it as a slave
-be a loli (not my thing, I prefer adult succubus, from young adult to milf)
-Shota protagonist (never liked either, I don't feel myself in the game as one, and this is imersion breaking for me. Not to mention that shota generally was protected by a plot shield and treated and kept as a son or baby)
Also take a look in Lust Friend, the recent game, sequel to Lust Grimm. Almost no succubus have vaginal or anal scenes. Handjob, use of magic, etc. I was very disappointed.

Therefor, temptation is the main focus in the games I'm creating.

Please, take a look at 幻想世界魔物大全1 サキュバス.
That succubus there is lascivious, she is hot and she exiles danger.
The adventurer should have killed her because now she will tempt him with all her lust. From her smell to her looks, she will use everything to win.

And once he fall, there is no turning back. She's a demon, not a human.
And I shall make that clear in my game. Specially during energy drain scenes where her inhuman tong will be exposed, her "mark/tattoo" close to her vagina will glow, her eyes will change showing her demonic nature.

Even if she wants to stop sucking you dry, she can't. Is her nature. She has an endless lust.
Imagine being thirsty all the time, and each human you "drink" is just a sip of water. Then you are again thirsty. Succubus are in this estate permanently.
Continuing here since post was too long.

Succubus are demons, ruthless, lustful, hot, dangerous. If you take 50% of her HP in game with normal battle, she will change to sex battle. She has not being able to defeat you with her magical powers, now she will tempt you with her body.

Even the music I'm collecting for this game is darker. When you are receiving an energy drain, there won't be a serene or calm music, no. It will be a music of despair. Something that can pass down the feeling of "damn, I should have fought! This succubus is killing me! My... my arms! my hands!!! I'm becoming a corpse! It hurts! but it feel so good! damn it all!"
So, the main features of the game will be:
-Ruthless and cruel succubus (Although their personality will vary, they will all kill you if you fall into temptation. How they will kill you, aggressively, gently, etc will depend on the succubus
-Energy drain for all succubus. Always through vagina, anal or oral (some exceptions will include tail).
-Breast expansion for all succubus (to show that they are becoming stronger as they drink your life).
-There are many clans of succubus, but I shall explore only one for each game. This one is the Leaf clan, forest succubus based on plants (their design).
-Succubus that can be summoned. They will be in regions outside the main path (so make sure to explore) and these succubus will be off the theme of the game. A extremely voluptuous succubus queen from another dimension, one of the seven deadly sins, etc.
-And something things more that I can't remember now... :)
Now that's what i love to hear. I was never a fan of loli either, i don't like the lovey dovey shit or the vanilla stuff. The succubi are demons they want to drain your soul/vitality not hold hands with you.
That's why Succubus Prison was and still is the best succubus game out there. The fact that we have yet to get a sequel to that game boggles my mind.
Sounds solid. Will look forward to seeing what you end up doing with it. One thing I would suggest is getting an editor to look over the script and such for the English version. You're easy enough to understand, but it's fairly obvious to any native English speaker that English isn't your first language, so the dialogue and such doesn't really flow properly.
Well anyway good luck, hopefully your game appeals to people and takes off. The one problem i see with these games is the development process is fairly slow. It takes quite a lot of time for 1 person to design the game himself and another to draw all the art.
Still i am looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.
While it is true that english isn't my first language, most of the misspellings or out of context phrases is due to this damn small box where I can't see the whole text before posting! XD
And thank you guys! Please, help me spread the word around. I wish this series to become a reference in succubus games, just like succubus prison has become THE succubus game.

All I can say for now is that I will do my best.

If everything goes right, I believe I can release the game at the end of the year.

I don't wish a huge game, so big that I might lose myself in the development, and the artist is a machine. He draws like there is no tomorrow! XD

Please, send me your suggestions so it could give me ideas for the games.

Right now I have these suggestions:
-Hairy succubus
-Tall succubus (very long legs)
-Gigantic breast succubus
-MILF succubus (it didn't even needed a suggestion, as MILFs a re my favorite, and unfortunately the most rare).

Got anymore guys?
Varied skin colours could be solid. Delicious brown or devilish red, for example. As for body traits, could always go with a very muscular one. That's all I can think of for now though.
File: 1.jpg (413 KB, 1240x698)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Yea honestly the more MILF succubi the better.
Have the artist experiment with various body types. Some are taller, some are shorter, some are slimmer with smaller boobs, some have larger boobs, short hair long hair, different skin color, etc...
One thing i personally wish we'd see more are Succubi that look more demonic/devilish.
Something similar to this
Other than that, what you need to nail down mostly is their personalities. My personal favorites are types like Namea(Succubus Prison) or Alma Elma(MGQ) ones that appear gentle but are actually very cruel.

Quick question, you will only be focusing on Succubi right? If you do that's fine, i was just wondering is it possible to include some vampires down the line? I feel like they get overlooked a lot, yet i love the way they drain their victims to death.

Anyway make sure you have some preview ready in May, something that people can see and i will pitch in what i can and help spread the word.
One thing i forgot to tell you, you should probably make a discord. That helps a lot. It could be available for anyone to join, or it could be just for patreons. Think about it.
Don't worry, you will love The Seven Deadly Sins. They are the pure race of succubus, directly from hell. They are the most demonic like of them all.

Eyes, tails, horns and they are the only ones to have wings.

Later I will explain more about the lore of succubus, the clans, etc.
I know what you mean, brother.

But to tell the truth, I love succubus that finishes the job. Kill the victim.

If they are cute or aggressive, it matters not, because at the end of the day, it was all a lie. A temptation. To sick you dry.

She KNOWS what will happen to you, your suffering and your pleasure. She knows that your are going to die. And yet she continues, mercilessly.

That's why it doesn't matter to me the personality of the succubus if they don't finish the job.

In my game they will suck you until you're a mummy, and no matter their personality, their temptation, they will leave your mummified corpse behind... laughing.
Oh! One VERY important question!

Do you guys prefer only the penis to appear during the h-scene or the body+penis of the protag?

I ask this because there are many people who prefer only the penis so they could focus on the succubus. One guy said that the body of the protagonist disrupts his vision from the succubus body.

What do you guys think? Only penis or full body?
Penis only. Not particularly interested in staring at the dude.
This also means that I will have more money to invest on more succubus and it will take less time for picture.

I think overhaul, only penis is the best choice.

I shall make a hand to show the mummification of the character during the energy drain scene though. :)
File: M_EV1_41.jpg (56 KB, 660x500)
56 KB
You have to show some parts of the dude other than just penis. If you show just the penis then the succubus might as well be fucking a dildo. I am not saying show the guys face i don't want that actually but during some scenes some body parts need to be visible like this
File: N_EV1_13.jpg (61 KB, 640x480)
61 KB
Or this
File: N_EV6_42.jpg (56 KB, 680x510)
56 KB
And it be perfect if you actually show the guys body getting mummified/dried up
I know what you mean. And I really wished to include a lot of things. I was talking with the artist about the price, that's why I asked. But this is literally my first game. I don't have that much money to spend on the first game (perhaps on the second if the first is successful).

By adding mummified corpses (and variations) to the 25 scenes I have in mind will cost me a lot. Not to mention is time consuming for only one artist. I would have to reduce the number of succubi to implement this.

I was thinking about showing only the penis (and the base off the waist depending on the position) and draw a separated hand/arm that will serve for you to follow the general estate of your character.

This had/arm will serve like a health bar, when it is mummified completely, you died.

I really wish to show transparency here, my friend.

I can't promise something that I would not be able to do.

I hope you can understand.
Well i appreciate the transparency and i understand money is a problem. So maybe with the first game you can get away with not showing much.

Still i think showing as much as is shown in the first picture i posted is doable. It's literally just 1 arm and the base of the waist.

Anyway i already spend money on patreon on games like these, so i will see if i can spare some, but i wont promise anything, there's a lot of good games out there.
Like the first one? Yes, that would be possible I believe. But there comes the problem, inconsistency. What if it is a blowjob next? Is kind of complicated. I will see my alternatives here.

Thank you for your understanding, I wish you the best.
So, I talked with the artist and it will be something like this:
-The protagonist will have his clothes during the hentai scene with only his penis and an arm or hand standing out.
-Very little of his body will appear, close to the first image you sent me.
-He will have his clothes to avoid having to make the variations around his body. To preserve both money (to make the other scenes and extras) and time itself (So I can hopefully release by the end of the year).
-You can see his hand or arm getting mummified, it will be your indicator of what is happening to your character.

Long story short, imagine the character from the first image you sent me dressed, but his arm will still show what is happening to him.

I hope you like what you see once I got the art in hands.
I could translate this in a text file if you want. Not sure if you want to open up word pad to jerk off along with the video though, that's why I'm asking first.
That sounds like a good compromise. It was just important that the scene shows that the Succubus is actually draining a guy and not fucking a random floating dildo, because that's what it would look like if the penis wasn't attached to anything.

You should probably start getting out some more images of what some other succubi will look like and how some of the scenes will look like, if you want your patreon to grow in the upcoming months.
And you are no doubt correct my friend. The artist is already drawing the second succubus, after the White Demon.

When we finish the characters, the 25 succubus, we will start their scenes and this is probably what will make my patreon flourish.

A character is well and good but a well done sex scene attracts everyone.

Stay safe, brother.
>>881194 >>881183

Idea of succubus :
A small breast innocent youngster that will transform step by step into a gorgeous grown woman during energy drain could be pretty hot (or at the contrary, a small breast women that transform into a busty youngster) It will also open you story gates around this character
I got you covered >:-)
File: image7.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
Look at those damn Pixel tidies and arse!
Wow this is going to be a huge disappointment.
I don't understand friend. Could you elaborate why?
All BFRPG (Battle fuck rpgs) were made in RPGMaler (Or wolf).

And a lot of the scenes from games out there were made with the character dressed (the protagonist). Some games didn't even had a body fro the protagonist.

Hopefully, when I receive the art for the sex battles/scenes, you will change your mind.
That's a good idea actually. While i am not a fan of loli. Having a succubus that is smaller/weaker looking that transforms into a bigger one with big breasts and ass the more energy she drains from you is great.
He might be trolling or just doesn't like RPGMaker a lot of people don't. I am fine with it.

It all looks fine so far, just keep working at it.
I actually like showing the dude's face as well, especially if it shows some ahegao while he's sucked to death. As long as he doesn't look like Conan the Barbarian, but your typical JRPG pretty boy lead instead it's alright.
Yeah, that would be great. As long as I have a general idea of what she's saying and what's going on. There was a group translating the game but they haven't updated it in a while.
Why energy drain ? Imagine seing her growing for each soul she get >:D let's say she has some guys in her storage and feed on 5 of them when her breast are too tiny to seduce others guys. If she can wait until 5 mens...
It doesn't have to be specifically energy drain, it could be anything, we could have one Succubus with energy drain and another that collects souls like you describe. If he is gonna have 25 Succubi, which IMO is a bit too much for 1 game that he plans to release before the year is over, we can give him as many ideas as we want.
- Not overly huge boobs; like the ones in succubus prison.
- Alternatives to breast expansion, maybe longer hair, glowing aura, horns, eyes etc; best would be looking more mature, but that's properly too expensive.
- Giantess that shove you inside of themselves to "drain" your whole body away

Regarding penis or body, some parts of the body should be visible to show the draining effect.

BTW: Does only succubi start to use sex in combat once they are below 50%, or do you "fuck back"? Not much of a fan of battle fuck games.
I did not expected this much support. On patreon, Pixiv, DA, and here.

Thank you guys, for all your support.

This first game will be focused on the Succubus Leaf clan. Their design are based, as the name suggests, on plants.

There are many succubus clans out there. Succubus that sucks souls, succubus that drain water/fluids from the body, others drink blood, etc.

The Leaf clan, like a plant, drinks "water". They will suck their victim dry of all fluids to sustain themselves.

And that's where the story of the first game comes to fruition.

The Great Forest is expanding, and these demonic plants, just like their masters, the succubus leaf clan, drain life from the natural plants, making the surrounding area impossible for humans while giving them energy from the earth itself.

Many adventurers have entered the forest to kill the leader of the succubus leaf clan but none returned.

You arrived at the Levhan Mountain Village, one of the surviving places outside the growing
life sucking forest.

You are a member of the Succubus Covenant, and they are sworn to cleanse the world of the succubus rule.

That's it for now, will update with more info later. :)
I will also answer your questions later, a bit busy atm. But again, keeping giving me ideas of what you want in a succubus. I will write down everything once I have time! :D
A virgin succubus, maybe with a senpai teaching her how to savour you

Honestly i think you are going in the right direction with all of this. I particularly like how you got all the themes going on for different succubi.

leaf clan - drain fluids/water from your body
soul/demon clan(dunno how you are gonna call them) - drain your soul
blood clan - drain your blood(i am guessing they are basically vampires, maybe live in caves like bats)

I guess other ideas for clans/succubus could be

ice clan - drain heat from your body until you go completely cold, they could live in snowy parts

spider clan - poison you and drain your energy, they don't have to look like spiders or anything like that, but they are themed around poison(i guess they could have spider tattoos or something), the idea is that they inject you with poison and then drain your energy like a normal succubus except you are paralyzed unable to move as you slowly die, maybe they could even use spider webbing in some way, put you in a cocoon

mind drain clan(could use a better name) - they fuck you like every other succubi but they focus on draining your mind/memories away, their eyes glow a special color as they stare into your eyes as you slowly lose your mind and die

Obviously i am just throwing random ideas here, you don't have to use any of this, or maybe some of it gave you some ideas.

Other than that try to keep a variety of different body types. Big boobs/ass, small boobs/slimmer body, different skin colors, tattoos, piercings, eye patches, scars maybe, etc...
File: A7.jpg (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
Also here is a way, maybe you can ask your artist if this is easy to do(it looks pretty easy at least), on how to show the main characters body in some scenes(not every scene obviously) without having to draw and color his body
Just show him as a transparent silhouette.
The Origin of the Leaf Clan:
The Leaf clan were nothing more then experiments done by the Elemental Succubus Clan (the mages of succubus society) to pave the way to their true invasion.
The Elemental Succubus studied plants of many worlds and found their way of growing and sucking nutrients from the earth itself interesting.
They experimented on them and found a way to apply the same rule of extraction of nutrients that the plants had to the extraction of nutrients from the living victims.
They took weaker lesser succubus from the Hellish clan, with the permission the the Royal Clan, to experiment a full transformation.
The experiment was a success.
Their vagina, mouth and anus have aphrodisiac effects, that once the victim inserts, it is nearly impossible to revert the erection. And they take full advantage of that, sucking the victim of all bodily fluids, absorbing their semen as nutrients and killing the victim to satiate their endless lust, leaving only a mummified corpse behind.
For the hierarchy of succubus, they are barely considered succubus at all.
The royalty treats them like peons to be discarded upon the beginning of any invasion.
However, this changed once one of the Succubus from the elemental clan created the Leaf Stone that could be used to create vasts life sucking forests in no time. Quickly overwhelming almost any nation.
They got this stone as a gift from this Elemental Succubus, respect from royalty and power to create their own domain.
And so, the Succubus Leaf Clan was created.
A slime succubus clan would also be interesting. Best example you can get is Nurse Honey from MEH Succubus Summoning Series.

Super powerful succubus, always kills and absorbs the souls of her victims or their entire body to begin with and likes to kinda play with them although their ultimate fate will always be the same. And she has a "kind" personality to her although this aspect of her is more like a charade.

And she always has that royal aspect to her. And as you mentioned that you also want to include a royal clan maybe thats what you can do: Take the most powerful of each clan (leaf, soul, blood, slime what ever) and put them in one "special" clan. Like the ones that rule over all the other clans (Basically like the 6 ancestors in MGQ)

Does your world have like 1 Succubus ruler, that looks over all other Succubi? Like a queen of all Succubus? If so will she also have like a few of her "generals" or whatever you wanna call them Succubus that are directly beneath her?
She looks awesome!
Shit I didn't know f95 is so popular
>I was often disappointed by succubus artists (both game developers and designers).
>They did not transmitted the dangers of succubus. The danger of -temptation

Exactly. The game that did it right was imo succ prison. I liked very much fanart about succ drain from 硬固ナッツ despite that it was futa that I dislike.

>be a loli (not my thing, I prefer adult succubus, from young adult to milf)

Being a loli itself isn't a problem but rather childlish behavior, Vinum scared the shit out of me when she drained MC ability to speak and all his memories.

>keep it as a slave

Imo it depends on background. If she's weak succ I imagine having one slave in order to avoid attention. At least it make some sense, unlike...

>fall in love with the protag

That's the worst. Especially when she is aggressive at first and suddenly starts scream "Kimochi ii!". Sometimes it can be explained when MC has some superpower but usually it's plain bs. Succubuses suppose to look for dinner not for boyfriend.

>And I shall make that clear in my game. Specially during energy drain scenes where her inhuman tong will be exposed, her "mark/tattoo" close to her vagina will glow, her eyes will change showing her demonic nature.

Fuck yeah those are best


Not full body, definitely no. But hands,legs, penis, some little part of head, lower belly are ok. Repeating others at this point but succ prison did it best.
So, you were rescued from a succubus at young age by Kain of Avalon, an old and experienced succubus hunter, and trained by (hot) angels in both magic and battle fuck.
The fight starts with the succubus trying to overwhelm you with their magic, but if you show to be stronger she will resort to temptation. Battle sex.

Good one! I like this scenario too! Like:
MASTER-continue draining him, that's it my girl", YOUNG-this feels so good, master! Can I eat everything at once? MASTER-No, you don't do that. Quality man are rare to find, so savor this one slowly. Enjoy it to the last. PROTAG-Stop this! ARG! You are... sucking me dr- MASTER-Silence, stay quiet, food! My only concern is for my pupil. If you suffer or not is irrelevant. PROTAG- AHH!! It feels good, but it also hurts! My energy! MY LIFE IS BEING SUCKED AWAY!" -YOUNG: Master! my breasts got bigger! LOOK! Master- I'm so happy that this food is of this quality. Try energy drain now, but keep it under control, otherwise he ill be a mummy in no time!
There are many clans fighting for power, as single clanless succubus that just want to eat and move on.

What I can say is that there is the Royal Succubus Clan that reigns over hell, and each will have their specific place to rule.

However, succubus are treacherous beings, and often scheme against each other. Many succubus rulers rose and fell during the ages.

The Seven Deadly Sins are sealed away by the succubus themselves. They are called the "void clan", since they don't care if they will exterminate an entire world, they will suck all life away, and even other succubus can't agree with that. If all men are dead, where do they get their food? But don't make any mistake here, they are not "good". This is just them using reason.
I will share the general ideas for clans later, right now I'll be back to development. :) wish me luck!

Oh, and if you can, follow me for more updates on my Pixiv, I post there frequently. And support me here if you can, the more money I have, the more succubus you guys will enjoy :)
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19439140

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/OlympusZion

Have a nice day guys. I'll be back for more questions and will bring more info.
File: Untitled.png (16 KB, 653x349)
16 KB
Yea f95zone is wildly popular, for instance from February 19 to March 19 it had almost 16 million visits
Sounds great to be honest, looks like you have the story all planned out.
And yea i agree with you, the succubus should look at humans as nothing more than food. They should be sadistic in the way they drain you and laugh once they leave you a mummified corpse.
The Virgin succubus idea sounds good, i love the way you wrote the scene on the fly as well, they are basically using him as nothing more than a training tool, really good stuff.
To be honest I don't like the idea of their breasts growing as they drain the MC, hair might be ok though, I'd have to see to decide. A lot of games with scenes like that tend to end up with ugly arts.
Nemea and Myusca sizes are nice, and above all their bodies are balanced. I wouldn't like to see some oversized boobs like in this scene from succubus prison, it's straight up bad:

Custom Virtual Sex Death by Snu-Snu Fantasy?

Hello Friends,

I am willing to upfront cash to have a custom POV virtual sex video commissioned that would feature a death by Snu-Snu scenario (would be implied by dialogue in clip).

Once done anyone interested would have to purchase clip, should be in the $10-20 range.

Length would ideally be 10-15 Minutes, but up to 20-minutes should be fine.

Any ideas for a death by Snu-Snu scenario/script?

I have some scenarios below, any suggestions to help flesh out? I am sure I could flesh out any of the below, but want ideas and input that I might not otherwise think of.

If this interests you please help with ideas and input, I can collect various ideas and structure into a script which I then could post for future review.



LAST WISH GONE WRONG – Young man gets last wish granted to lose virginity, nurse volunteers or escort brought in, she was supposed to go easy on him, but gets carried away and fucks him to exhaustion/fucks him to death, well he was going to die soon anyway.

SUCCUBUS VS. KNIGHT/SUCCUBUS SLAYER SEX BATTLE – A hate fuck whomever cums first loses, have aggressive angry sex, Succubus verbally abuses mocks knight/slayer, Succubus wins of course, after she has fucked out his last life, she spits in his face dismounts him and walks away.

SUCCUBUS IMPREGNATION – A male considered genetically perfect by a Succubus is seduced so she can have his precious cum and make a ‘super’ Succubus. Once she gets what she wants she fucks him to death. Could include a taboo aspect (i.e. mother Succubus fucks son or daughter Succubus fucks father)

SEXECUTION OF PRISON INMATE OR SPY OR POW – Some “poor” male is brought before a dominant female she tells him she is going to end him by fucking him to death. She has laced her pussy with a toxin (perhaps called “Vixen” or “Venus Butterfly” or something) once he cums it reacts to his sperm and kills him. Could have him trying to hold back from cumming and her fucking him for all it’s worth to do her job and end him.

OR could feature a Hitwoman/Assassin, Sparrow or Femme Fatale that uses her toxic pussy to eliminate her target, she could be sadistic about it i.e. she loves killing men by fucking them to death.

OR in a Dystopian Future all males are allowed to live to 18-years old, once 18 each male is assessed by a female, men considered genetically superior have their sperm collected for artificial insemination into a female. Then all males are taken to sexecution clinic where a woman (the ‘sexecutioner’) uses her toxic pussy to end him as a humane execution method.

OR could have a School Girls (woman) Revenge on guy that has been perving or spying on her, she fucks him to death.

OR could have a Taboo aspect a sister/step-sister fucks her brother/step-brother out of his inheritance or fucks him to death for spying on her.

FINALLY, instead of toxin could feature Last Orgasm Serum (LOS), LOS collects all energy from a man’s body, all his life force is drawn into his testicles producing a powerful and long-lasting ejaculation in which a large volume of cum is shot out of his cock and male dies from cumming to death. Could have a syringe used to administer.
PART 3 Ideas

COUGAR SUCCUBUS – Mature Succubus in modern age, goes out to a club/bar picks out a young male full of vitality, seduces him, gets him to take her to his place, she fucks him to death in his own bed and leaves him to rot and moves on to the next victim.

SACRIFICE/DEADLY SEX RITUAL – Male willingly gives himself to a Succubus or Sex Demon or something he gets best fuck of his life; she gets his life.

VAGINAL DEATH BITE (PUSSY FANGS) – Woman has a birth defect or is a Sex Demon or Vaginal Vampire or something, her pussy has deadly fangs and loves fucking, fucking men to death as she gets more aroused her fangs start to come out and start to scratch his cock as she rides him. They cum at same time her fangs come all the way out and pierce his cock, she sucks out his blood and life. (fangs in pussy would just be implied by dialogue used)
Hello friend, somethings i wish to adress:
-That succubus is a loli/short. Imagine that size in a woman of 5'7 (170cm) to 6'0 (182cm). She would be very hot imo. Our succubus are above average/tall in general, there are exceptions though.
-I also don't wish EXTREME sizes, but I like huge boobs. Have you seen the artist Kloah? That size is what I'm aiming for as the last size for the energy drain body "level up".
-It is already included in the lore that when a succubus absorbs vitality from strong opponents they grow in size, but there is a limit to that as well. Again, search for Kloah girls for reference of what the top succubus general appearance will look like.
-We did a poll with the followers of the artist about fetishes and the number one was breast expansion, so we are including that as it is extremely popular and it will serve us well in the marketing campaign. Specially the Japanese, so I can raise more funds and expand the next game to even include animation.
-Once I have something to show you I will post it here. Right now I'm developing the maps and the artist is doing the battlers/appearance for the succubus.
-You didn't ask but I'm going to tell anyway XD
If you to have an idea about the sex battle look for Lust Grimm/friend series. That's why I'll try to create. Something similar.
and the last phrase for some reason made no sense. XD
*If you want to have an idea of what our game battle sex will look like, search for Lust Grimm and Lust friend. That's what I'll try to make. Something similar.
I see. Yeah Kloah's art looks really nice, if you're going for something similar I bet it'll be a good game. Good luck friend, I'll be waiting for updates.
alright, give me a day or two because I'm a lazy shit. didn't want to translate it if nobody was going to use it. going to transcribe it and then translate it so you can match the shapes if you lose your place. a lot of anime comes out today, so expect something either saturday or sunday.

Since you are still gathering ideas -

1) You mentioned succubi getting stronger through energy drain. As this is some RPG maker stuff, level system is there already. So maybe level draining enemy, who's more and more difficult to beat as the battle goes longer and she drains more energy/levels from you. That's a huge can of worms in term of game balancing, but the idea has been toyed around in a couple of other games, and still could be perfected.

2) You established that energy drain is painful for the victim. Maybe a sexual sadist then? So often we see "Oh, let me drown you in pleasure as I kill you" stuff. Maybe for a change the succubus who gets arousal from hurting victims, and as their feeding method is painful, it's just a perfect match.

3) All of the above! Obvious hidden agenda from my side, as points above are pretty much my two main kinks (enemy getting stronger at your expense and sexual sadism), and the mix of the points above would be a match made in heaven for me. A sadistic succubus going for a very, very slow drain (level by level for example) to prolong her pleasure and victim's suffering.
Thank you for your ideas!
I will try to address them as best I can:
1- This is impossible for a protagonist stand point. After the energy drain, you are dead. A mummified corpse. That's the whole point of my game, to make a more darker and serious story. If you come back to life, your death has no meaning. Your have only one life (not really you can load the game) and you must not waste it. The fear of death must always be present.
HOWEVER! if you face a succubus and she escapes or you let her go, she will drain other man and become stronger, so a rematch will be harder (and she will be hotter, bigger and sexier).

2- Energy Drain is a mix of pure, endless joy with a demonic and excruciating pain. Having your body forcing itself, due to the infernal demonic magic of a succubus, to produce sperm at the cost of your blood/fluids and then having then poured inside her vagina for her to feed is extremely painful.
However, unstoppable, minutes long orgasm is the best feeling in the world. And the pleasure is enhanced even more by the devilish succubus pussy, which is a weapon, made to extract semen from man.
Energy drain + Succubus Pussy = endless painful pleasure (endless until you die)

3- All succubus are kind of sadist, you will se that. They crave power and pleasure, so they will use you to have more, to have both in fact. Pleasure by killing you, that feeling that they are superior, you have surrendered to their pleasure and their own satisfaction of absorbing more power and becoming stronger. No to mention the they will be satiated for a few... minutes.
Even the lovely or cute succubus will want to see your body becoming a mummy.
Oh... I think you will love White Demon, she is very sadistic with this "superior personality".
She takes pleasure in see man succumb to her lost, suffer from her energy drain, but even so, not wanting her to stop her devilish magic.
>Your have only one life - *you

>She takes pleasure in see man succumb to her lost - *lust

doll drains guy to death

BTW, you said for your first game there's gonna be 25 succubi? Which is quite a lot, maybe a bit too much for your first game, i mean financially. You only have 1 artist working for you or are there multiple of them? Also can you link his/theirs pixiv i wanna see their previous art, the White Demon succubus above looks pretty amazing desu. I would want to see succubi with a more sadistic looking face though.
Hey SubNero.
My main objective was to put 40 succubus on the first game. But my finances only allowed me to put 25 considering variations of poses, expressions, etc.
that is why I ask for support on my patreon:

If you can, support me so I can bring even more art and succubus.

His site:

Each face will reflect the personality of the succubus. White Demon is very proud, arrogant type of succubus, completely different from Alma Elma for example.

But have no fear, there will be many types of succubus in the game, including a Alma type... "Ara Ara..."

Nice, I like what i see so far. Yea as i promised before i will back you on patreon, just waiting for the 1st of May to get my pay, kinda blew everything i had on other things, especially the new Subverse game.

But it's worth it, i really like what you plan to the with the game, i love the fact that the succubus treat you as a meal and every one of them aims to kill you(unless you escape or fight them off).
Also could never get enough Alma Elma, definitely need more MILF type succubus with lots of experience.
Oh! It was you! When you said that you were anonymous. XD

Thank you! Truly! If this game is a success, this is what I'll keep doing. I want to be the creator of THE succubus series.

The lore, maps, characters, design, clans, protagonists and story. I want to do my best in all of it.

And you will have direct access to a developer that wants to create killer succubus all the time for the rest of his life and also have this as a fetish! What could be better? XD

But in all seriousness, I'm starting now and want to expand this word I'm creating. I want the world to be understandable and believable while at the same time, magical and dangerous.

I want to do what I wish other developers did with their succubus.

So, thank you. I'll do my best.
File: DPt_XGeX4AAj8JX.jpg (79 KB, 1032x774)
79 KB

Yea i am hoping the game turns out to be a success, in fact i will help any way i can and spread the word.

With that said what are your plans for the first release? Are you planning like releasing a demo or something where there is only 1 succubus scene so that people can check it out?

Also here's an idea of a really hotlooking succubus basically black leather/corset, black wings, black eyes and black lips, something like this.

Definitely would be cool to see something like her in the game.
New Kami: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ250811.html
Hey, Nero! God damyum! I love her soooo much!

She will definitely be a royal succubus. While I don't think we can include her in this first game I WILL INCLUDE HER FOR SURE. I LOVE HER!

My plan is to have a playable public demo in July so people can test how the game will look and play.

The demo will contain One scene from White Demon (not with the protagonist, but it will be a traumatic experience of seen a succubus in action for the first time) and one or two actual enemies with proper scenes and combats.

I can't wait to show you all what I have in mind.

Right now we finished White Demon and are close to end the Lesser Succubus of the Leaf clan.

Prepare to see the ruthless, proud and cruel White Demon in July (hopefully).
Oh! And here how I would make a scene with this girl.

Lets call her Lust, just for time purposes.

Lust: You came all this way just to lose to me, eh?

Man are so weak, you overpowered me physically but lost to my temptation.

Are my boobs, and ass really that appealing?

Of course they are, I'm a member of the Royal Clan after all.

I am tired of sitting in stone, I will sit on you from now on.

Yes, I'm going to use you as my throne.

Are you happy? Or are you afraid? I think you should be both, human.

You must be prepared now, once I sit on you, I'll only leave after you are another dried corpse close to my stone throne.

I am greed itself, and I'll not let a single drop of you life escape me. Everything, from your fluids to your soul will be sucked by me.

Ara, this face! This is the beautiful face of fear I was looking for.

But your face shall change many times, from pleasure to despair and everything in between.

Are you ready?

Even if you think you are it doesn't matter.

NO MAN is ready for my pussy.

Many died just for insertion.

I hope you don't turn out to be like them.

Now, my penis throne, I shall sit on you and drain slowly your life.

Few honored human, as very few man will be able to enjoy this pleasure.

(Her legs shown her gorgeous pussy, her vagina was dripping like the mouth of a predator looking for it's prey.
There is no escape for me now. I'm am her throne until my death.)

(She majestically sits on you while her huge breasts bounce gorgeously, going all the way up and down.)

I lived to see this, I can't kill such gorgeous creature.

I will gladly be her throne... and food.
What do you think of the text? I just wrote it down. :)
>Few honored human - feel*

I love it man, it's just how i imagine her to be using her prey as her throne.

Looking forward to July so much and once the word goes out and more people try your demo i have a feeling your patreon will blow up.
Zion, when ever you get a demo going you should post it on a Forum called ULMF. The forum got a large community of death by snu snu fans and you will be surprised on how much they are ready to help. Here again I do not think its worth it to post without a demo.
I'm really glad you like it! I love these types of succubus myself. These "noble" arrogant succubus that things you should be honored that you are receiving a energy drain.

Thank you for the suggestion. I already put a topic there and will update later once I have the demo.

If everything goes right, I'll have the demon in July.

Right now I'm creating a more "slow" succubus. That goes like: "Semen... give... hungry... suck... penis... eat!"

She's gorgeous in her own way, dat mouth, tits and really cute pussy.

If you guys can, support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19439140

(I know, this is boring, but the more money I have, the more succubus I'll be able to put per game.)

Stay safe, all of you!
God man... I really dislike this small box. So many misspellings...

>arrogant succubus that thinks*
>I'll have the demo* in July.
RPG Maker games have one huge issue: They are, gameplay-wise, more often than not boring to play. It's just very hard to make the game interesting when the battles are turn-based and it's just a one-man party.

One RPG Maker game that imo had the right idea was the (sadly abandoned) vore game VOREORITE. Here are the links to the latest version:

Basically, it had pseudo-realtime combat. You and your opponent could act every x seconds, where x depended on your character's speed. When it was your turn you had to quickly decide what action to take, because the timer didn't stopped; if you pondered too long your opponent had another action.
Once you have chosen your action, you had to succeed in a QTE; if you cleared it your action did more damage / stunned for longer etc.

I think it would also fit very well for your game because it creates an atmosphere of urgency and dread which should fit your planned gameplay experience nicely.
Hi friend! Thank you for bringing this to me.

However, my objective here is a bit different.

I want the player to take their time and appreciate the art and the battle itself, that's why I will focus more on temptation them emergency of action.

I'll try to explain:

Take for example Lust Grimm/friend, ok?

You can touch her boobs and ass, or kiss her, etc. However you almost don't have a temptation event. (Unless your lust is really high).

I want to change that while keeping the core of that system.

Example (look at the following text like it was a battle):

-Battle Starts
-You fight her with spells and sword
-You overwhelm her physically
-She will tempt you with battle sex
-Battle sex starts
-Then you can touch her boobs, ass, kiss her, etc.
-Show her picture focusing on her breasts.
-Turn 1 of the battle sex (let's use a cute succubus as example): "Hey, hero. Please let me suck your dick! I'm so hungry! I promise you, I'll only take a bit, you defeated me already. There is no way for you to lose to me now."
-Change her facial expression to show her mouth opened with saliva coming out if accepted.
-and so on.

I want to be clear in this point about the game creation:
-I don't want to create a original/unique gameplay, is not the priority. No. When it comes to battle I want to create a game where you will be tempted all the time, almost every 2-3 turns, with different text and must refuse every single time while making her having a orgasm to win.

About the setting, I want to create a original and kind of believable world where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere and love and fear the succubus for her lust, looks and -temptation-.

Long story short, my game will focus on the order of things:
-Temptation (Including texts, sounds and pictures)
-Atmosphere (world building and character/story)
In all transparency Gameplay (in terms of creating a original battle system) will be a secondary thing. Temptation and atmosphere are priories.
What I meant is to use said game as a potential solution to avoid the following situation:

Succubus offers you a boob job. Do you accept?
- Yes
- No

So basically, you have to choose to lose, which contradicts the dark atmosphere you seem to be gunning for.

One possible solution would be to use the mentioned QTE.
The camera zooms to her boobs (to simulate the temptation and distraction), then you have to e.g. quickly press the four arrow keys lighting up on the screen, if you press them too slowly or make a mistake she has successfully "tempted" you into a boob job.
https://www.dmm.co.jp/en/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_152312/ It's out, anyone have a link? :D
Mate its out on DMM... DMM has Paypal. Just pay for it. I did as well
I see. These examples where poorly made, I apologize. There will be temptations like this (yes/no) where her text will be less aggressive. And there will be a event (in this case triggered by her skill that you can avoid based on your own stats) that will result in her forcing her way. Which will result in a more aggressive text.

One of the reasons why I prefer turn based is that you can play with only one hand.

But I shall see, I will ask my patrons and in other forums what people would prefer.

There is still a long way until the release and I can always include something for the betterment of the game.

Thank you for your time, my friend!
i really love your idea to also focus on temptation events! it's something i felt was lacking in a lot of succubus themed video games.

I always loved the idea of the main character overpowering a succubus physically, just to be tempted into having sex with her and miserably losing as a result.
they might have the same issue I do where it's not illegal to view hentai but to purchase it, wish he had a patreon or some shit.

Holy shit, didn't know there was a second repure aria in the works. It's a metroidvania where you play as a dude that can transform into girls with powers. When you get on low life you transform back into a powerless guy and get fucked to death by the monster girls.
Holy FUCK that was fast. Grazi
To be honest I'm kinda disappointed.
Yet another chapter where none of the boys are fully drained...
Me too, i was actually thinking there would likely be at least 1 person drained in it, but nah...
Didn't even know that there are countries where purchasing hentai is forbidden. I mean whos business is it to tell you that you are not allowed to buy hentai... Sounds stupid.

I was thinking the same when I bought it... Which is kinda sad because his art style is so good and the few (lets be honest here... there are not a lot of them) draining scenes he has are also done really good. Guess we can be lucky that Usuki sticks with his "always draining" approach

I loved it but damn I hated the cliffhanger. I was really hoping the white mage would use magic to energy drain the young boy.
Welcome to province specific laws in Canada
Speaking of laws (and censorship), it seems that I'll have to censor my game in some way for either west and east releases.

Western releases (like steam or even nutaku) will not tolerate mummification, or even the death of a character. -Suggestion for sites that allow that are welcome-.

Eastern releases I will have censored genital areas.

There is nothing I can do about it.

The only way I can release a completely uncensored version is on my own patreon in my own link.

There is nothing I can do about it guys, unfortunately. That's just how things are. We can't even enjoy our fetishes in peace.
Found a game that might be of interest to some of you:


It's a text-based sandbox game (with some images) where you play as a young male or female student in a town where people wanting to molest or rape you are around almost every corner.
While it doesn't, at least as far as I know, include snu snu, getting molested or raped causes trauma, tiredness, stress and other things, which eventually makes you pass out. Afterwards you either wake up in a hospital, or next to the next person or group of people that molest and rape you.
That platforms that primarily focus on ordinary games such as Steam restrict what kind of H games can be published there should be expected.
What about DLsite?
Maybe you could offer uncensor patches if everything else fails.

Well that just sucks, in fact if you can't even show the death of the character what even is the point in making this game? It's the games entire purpose. IMO you should just forget about Steam and release the game on your Patreon and DLsite, alternatively you could try to release censored versions but than give out uncensored patches on your twitter/patreon.

Either way, the game is gonna fail hard if you don't show the death of the character which is the entire point.

Honestly just go with your patreon/DLsite, if the game turns out to be as good as you say, you'll earn enough money as it is to continue your projects, if you censor the core point of the game itself, it's only gonna hurt you.

I for instance have promised to pledge to your game but if it's not gonna have "death by snu-snu" which is the entire point, i have no interest in the game.
File: Snu SNu.png (599 KB, 627x885)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Just a little edit...
Hey, Sub! Don't worry brother! It WILL have snu snu, and mummified characters like Succubus Prison.

I set out to make the best succubus game series and I will do everything in my power to achieve that.

Removing death is pointless, I would never do that.

In fact, I was searching for alternatives other than Nutaku and Steam.

FAKKU! and mangagamer seems excellent choices.

Plus, there is DLsite which is expanding by the day, so I can release there is well. In fact I was already going to do that since I'll release a japanese version as well.

Have no fear. It WILL have mummified corpses, energy drain and death by ALL girls in this game.

Is the reason why I'm making it, after

I was just looking for alternatives. And I think Nutaku and steam are out of the picture. I will release the game like it was supposed to.

However a uncensored version for genitals might be needed if I'm going to use only DLsite. :)

Which I don't think I will, considering the sites I listed.

Anyway, this game is about death by snu snu and it will remain so.

I am glad to hear that my friend, it's good that you are sticking to your principles.

As i said before i will do all i can to help support you, whether it's financially or by spreading the word around.

Fakku is a good choice, but honestly expect that most of the money you will be making will come from patreon and it will be the most reliable source of your income since you can collect it each month.

Anyway looking forward to seeing that demo, hopefully in July, cause that is going to be the thing that will probably kickstart your patreon into high gear and earn you a nice steady flow.
My quick ascention on both patreon and followers shows that people love a TRUE succubus, and I will make hundreds of them as the series develop.

Stay with me, Sub. I will bring you dozens of death by snu snu per game.
File: Lesser succubus A.png (248 KB, 509x720)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
I hear you man, thank you for your support!

Here, have a little gift. This is the Lesser Succubus from the Leaf Clan.

Her pleasure attack consists in blowjob, since she cannot move.

Her horns and tail are made of wood and leaves.

She can use blowjob AND energy drain to suck her victim dry.

Do you like her? :D
Oh man i love her design, i dunno if i said this already but i really like the artist you picked. He draws the perfect body proportions IMO. The White Demon and now this Leaf Succubus look amazing. I am actually excited to find out all the kind of Succubi he can come up to combine with various vegetation, i think there is some real potential for cool design there, here is hoping to maybe a Venus Fly Trap Succubus, talk about a real man-eater.

It's gonna be great man, we are gonna get this game the attention it deserves, all that hard work will pay off.
What game engine are you using to create your masterpiece?

RPG Maker?
Exactly. Imagine Lust friend but like this:
-Adult protagonist

-Way more temptation events in battle that can vary from:
--She will ask;
--She will force (you must pass a resistance check based on your status, otherwise she will start to ride, suck, etc you.

-Full screen resolution (1280 X 720)

-I will treat the lore and story of the world WAY more seriously than other games to create a more believable world. I will explain from who is the actual leader of the Royal Clan to how energy drain works.

-There will be no loli or shota.

-Defeat scenes that will have different texts based on how she defeated you:
--You let her suck your life? (More calm life drain)
--Were you overwhelmed by her physically (in battle)? (Aggressive life drain)
--Were you tempted by her AFTER defeating her, and instead of giving the final blow, fell into temptation? (Brutal Lifedrain)

-One clan per game.

I will show more info later >:-)

If you can guys, support me on patreon! If this support continues I shall include the 30 I had in mind.

Good day to you all.

Its amazing, i honestly like every idea you have for the game and it all sounds way more complex than i thought it would be.

It's good to treat the game more seriously, it be cool if the game had a nice story to follow, nice world building and interesting characters. The succubi in particular, i know you will have like 25 of them but the ones that are more integral to the plot should have unique and fleshed out personalities, some being more sadistic, some being more gentle, some not even caring as they drain you, some enjoying it more than anything, etc...

The 3 level variation in how they drain you is also a really good idea. Calm, aggressive and brutal. Really like that.

As for the one clan per game thing. Does that mean no other succubi will make appearances? I am guessing you will have to introduce some as you build the story even if they dont have any sexy scenes, like establishing the Royal clan members or who the seven deadly sins are, etc...

Also there is one suggestion i wanted to give you regarding dialogue. I saw some of the lines you gave White Demon and IMO she says too much "I will, I can", etc... It'd be more natural if instead of saying

"I will eat you now."

She said

"Time to eat" or "Time to feast"

It sounds more natural/sexy and less bland. Just a suggestion.
Hey, Sub!

-More succubus will appear for sure. When I say 25 I mean WITH sex/ero scenes and death by snu snu. The Succubus "Queen" will be present in all games to build the story but is the final boss of a generation, meaning you will only fight her in the last game of a generation (the 4°). Each generation will have a new succubus ruler.

-Did you saw her dialogue on Pixiv? Err... I was trying my best there to translate to japanese, that's why the english version was a bit strange. But I hired a japanese translator for the game. :)

Thank you for your support! Keep sending these suggestions to me!

Nice, when you said "Succubus Queen" i got Alma Elma flashbacks. Which gave me an idea, it would be cool to come up with some other moves that Succubi can do other than just "energy drain". Obviously those moves will also lead to your death but if you remember in Monster Girl Quest 2 for instance Alma Elma used Five Step Vaginal Hell to kill you, to this day it was probably the single best Succubus draining scene i played in any game, so that might give you some ideas on coming up with stuff like that where a Succubus drains the main character to death with some other move.

Yea i read the dialogue on Pixiv regarding White Demon, she was using too many "I's"(first person prenouns), but yea i guess getting a Japanese translator will fix that. Actually when it comes to those particular lines and the Succubus says:

"Time to eat"

That's almost always translated from when they say Itadakimasu.

Here is another question i have. I am assuming to progress the story you have to actually beat the Succubus, so when we do beat them do we kill them? Seal them away? Knock them out and just move on?
-I think you will be pretty satisfied with what I have in mind for the succubi in my game. :D

-With all due respect, I love Alma too, but she will look like a little kid when you receive energy drain from most of our succubus. Why?
-Their eyes will change completely:
--the white of their eyes will be completely black;
--Their pupil will turn slit and bright;
--Their inhuman, very long tongue will get out.
--Resulting in a very demonic and scary face that will make you say "Now I'm fucked, this is the end".

-You shall receive a sword of Adalon, from the city of angels, where you can use to completely destroy the succubus, sending their essence back to hell, where it shall be assimilated into hell itself, and might later give birth to a completely different succubus.
However, by this point she will tempt you with everything she has to prevent you from using the sword.
-The sword had actually a pretty cool design! :)

-Each succubus will execute energy drain in their own way.

-In the lore I created, succubus can/must feed through one 3 holes, mouth, anus and vagina.
These three places are the only ones where they can use energy drain.

They MUST drink the semen. I will update later with how a succubus body work. They only have one organ which distribute magical energy through their body to make them actually move, fight, etc.

When they drain you, this is where you sperm goes and where it will be processed as magical energy.

Succubus only look human, but they are all demons. Never forget that.

Yea so far i am liking all your ideas.

And again an idea i like from you, the eyes changing, their long tongues showing, it's like a sign that they are in feeding frenzy mode. Great idea.

Ok, good to know. So we do basically kill them when we defeat them.

Yea with 25 different Succubi it will be a challenge to make them all unique especially with their energy drain so i am looking forward to how you do it, but so far you have a lot of things figured out it would seem. It's good to know that even a game like this has a lot of lore and story in it.

I think your game might be the first game to ever have Succubi do energy drain via anal, i like that, it'd be nice if they also teased the main character when they do so, basically humiliating him in the process.

Here is another suggestion, since we are dealing with plant based Succubi, it'd be nice(and maybe you already have this in mind) to have some of them use smell/pollen to seduce you, maybe even paralyze you.

Great stuff man, keep it up.
New thread's up! Damn this one filled up fast.
Looks fucking awful. Game might have had potential but this convinces me it will be garbage.
Baiting nowadays is getting lazier and lazier...
It's not even baiting dude. I can already tell his game will be unvoiced, terrible game play, boring ass art that is all the same body type (also no eyes? what the hell is that), still images with no animation, and from what I read of his sample stories he's not a good writer either.
File: 614VmsFwoNL._SX425_.jpg (22 KB, 425x420)
22 KB
Man, that feeling when 1 guy making a game from his home, can't put in animations, get dozens of different artists to do artwork, doesn't put lolis with pre-pubecent bodies and isn't the best writer out there, what is he not a native English speaker or something.

I was expecting Witcher 3 levels of quality here.
It's definitely possible to do but so far it seems like he has spread his budget too thin and is depending too much on the artists art to carry his game.

And i love the art, you don't. I will play and back the game, you wont. Nothing wrong there, hopefully you will find someone who can create a game more to your taste.
While I am not a fan of the art it's not terrible it's actually way better than most of the stuff that is posted in these threads. I just think he's being overzealous about his first game. I can't say anything for sure until he gives as a sex scene sample.
It would have been better to stuck to a few amount of girls especially if they are all going to have the same body type anyway.
Also just because he doesn't have lolis in the game doesn't mean every girls needs gigantic tits and ass. It makes the game lack variety which is boring.

Boring for those that don't like giant tits and ass, for me i honestly can't get enough of it.

I wish Succubus Prison in fact replaced that tiny loli with another Succubus with giant tits and ass, the game would have been perfection for me then.
I didn't say I find them boring I said it lacks variety which makes the game boring. If there is no variety I'll just go look at the best designed girl in the game and be done with it because it's all the same anyway.

Boring for you, not for me. To me the girls can have the same proportions it doesn't bother me at all. In fact bring on the MILFS with big tits and ass, all 25 of them.
Ok dude enjoy those 3 picture sex scenes where the "temptation" is a zoom in on a picture that you've already seen.

Thanks dude, i will. Enjoy... well when a game to your taste comes along, enjoy it then, it wont take long.
I will be.
This circles upcoming game is going to be amazing.
Hey friend, there is no need for this. I ask for you to play the public demo, hopefully in July, and take the conclusion by yourself.

Some points you raised that I wish to address:

-There will be many body types in this game. From almost nothing to gigantic. However, the majority of players love succubus with HUGE breasts, just take a look at Lust Grimm, so we decided to show them more for marketing decision.

-There will be no voice, as it is expected from a first game from a developer. And I also don't live in japan, which is way easier to contact a girl for voice there. However the game will contain sex sounds for all succubus.

-Since the beginning I said that the game will be similar to Lust Grimm/Friend, but with far more temptation events that will result in a actual sex scene in game that will steal your HP and restore the succubus'. If this doesn't appeal to you, there is nothing I can do and I sincere hope you find your perfect game one day. We all deserve that.

-The story will be developed more in this game than most hentai that go by "defeat the sexy demon lady in her castle". I will try to explain everything.

I, unfortunately, can't please everyone. The overwhelming support I'm having from the people around the web show me that I'm on the right track.

I understand your questions and ask you first play the public demo before reaching to a final conclusion.

Have a nice day, my friend.
File: アルラウネ1s.gif (1.94 MB, 400x305)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Thank you for updating me on my concerns. As it is your first game I am not expecting the best I shall hold off on my thoughts until your demo comes out.
pic related is an example of the art in this circles upcoming game.

Oh lol, that legit looks awful to me. What is that like some chibi anime shit?
I fully agree. I miss the old dead thread before it got turned into development forum. I am having a certain vibe. Like it is the hentai homeless bum equivalent of star citizen. Here is Ztron5 for you...
It's better than the furry crap snumb raider posts even if it is relevant to the thread but I doubt anyone faps to that awful western furry shit.
My friends, let us all die through wanton succubus sex.
anyone got that tower of trample newest?
Update: I just rubbed one out and am no longer degenerate enough to delude pure snu snu with that foot smell fetish shit
Snu Snu is getting into the non explicit pool. Dude has a bullshit plot med condition that makes him cum gems, at the cost of lifespan. Ruthless women chase

The only thing that would make it worse would be if his dick tasted like chocolate. He'd be a dead man for sure.
Someone has an idea where to get the other episodes of "sexual tension" comic?

Thats for the first one:
Reminder there is a new thread

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