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File: NeverKnowsBest.jpg (180 KB, 1920x1080)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
The last big thread for anime just got bumped off so lets make a new thread for collecting all the good anime torrents. Share magnets for anime OVAs, TV shows, and movies. Manga and other related media is fine, but they have their own threads. I'll start with the magnets for the for the decades collections and some other notable magnets from the last thread.

Last thread: >>815952


>1980s Part 1

>1980s Part 2

>1980s Part 3

>1990s Part 1

>1990s Part 2:
File: 1514790912329.jpg (76 KB, 331x500)
76 KB
>1990s Part 3

>1990s Part 4

>Better Mazinger Z from 1970's

>Ghost In The Shell Collection

>The best version of Evangelion you ever did see (155GB)
What are the sizes of the torrents?
Large. Just open them in your client, they're a few hundred GB each.
still no hope for a 2000's set?
File: Soon(TM).png (17 KB, 1151x151)
17 KB
Some hope. I changed my mind on not doing them over the course of the last year or so. But I'm going to change how they are split up to deal with the fact that as the 2000's go on big file sizes, and long running series become more common. It will still be a while because my upload speed is shit. So I'm putting it on a seed box before posting a magnet.

Also thanks for the kind words from the anons in the last thread. I was still around for the whole thread but I drop the trip when it's not necessary to prove my identity.
you are a blessing, anon. take all the time you need with this.
i'm sure we can be patient a little while longer.
Can anyone upload Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! 2 and the corrisponding OVA BLU RAY RAW? No one seems to be seeding it on nyaatorrents.
This one should be seeded, though for some reason the subs are fucking huge on the last OVA, you can just force it to show Defaullt Style subs
>Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo!_Completed_BD720p_(10bit_SmoodFlamez) 3.44GB

>Lupin III - Full Collection 2018 157.5 GB

Updated subs for Goemon Ishikawa’s Bloodspray and more can be found at https://nyaa.si/view/1117281
That isn't bluray RAW, I'm talking about an untouched not encoded upload like this

These are ripped straight from the DVD and are untouched but only 1 of them is being seeded so I can't get the rest
File: 1525712647264.png (22 KB, 1653x130)
22 KB
pic related is what I want, but no seeders for season 2 of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo ! 2, I only managed to get the first season
I mean CD, I've been trying to find it all over but no one has been seeding it fully
Hello there i was just wondering 1 - what your sorting system was
2- if you are also getting movies and ova's amd ona's and other things
or is it just anime?
3- also i was wondering where your getting the stuff from like private or public trackers and do you have any kind of trump system in place? like do you have version 2 or 3 of any of these torrents where you find a far better version of the content? also how much screening goes into your selection? are you watching all of the torrents and then picking from the best quality? or just taking whatever you can find
File: 1970s.png (55 KB, 874x792)
55 KB

this has all the images magnet links and .torrent files
let me know if anything is wrong with it and ill try and fix it

if there is anything else i can add to it also let me know im just starting to learn html so the more stuff i do the better ill get
File: IMG_20180329_134414.jpg (170 KB, 1008x756)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
The files are sorted by year and then by folders with the Japanese titles in romanji, then any applicable English variant in parentheses after it. Individual files are named by Japanese romanji title and numbered if there is more than one file. I grab all types and usually denote it in the file name e.g. ep01, ova02, ona03, special04. If it's not denoted then it's usually a movie, the odd one part ova. The README file will also specify. So far the sources for these torrents have included: public and private trackers, IRC, random dropbox/mega links, and some open ftp drives.

There haven't been any updated versions yet. I do my best to find the best versions I can grab with a reasonable amount of time and effort. File size is also an important part. I perfer 1080p, but for long series I'll cut down to 720p if it means I can fit more unique stuff in. Unless it was a show I feel was important/popular enough to be worth it. Regardless I usually watch 1-2 episodes or a couple minutes if its a movie to verify everything works. I will compare two releases for overall quality and go with the better one. But there have been very few times where I have been spoiled for choice. Usually there is only one full set floating around since a lot of the encoding groups of the early 2000's are long gone, including their download links.

If I find a better quality version afterwards, or one is posted, I keep the magnet around. The idea for these torrents is more as starter packs than archives. Shows are complete and in a more than reasonable quality for viewing. They would make for a fine start to an archive. But, if one wants a version that has a higher level of quality or has extras like DVD menus and a NCOP/ED, then it's encouraged that they go out and find one and post the magnet link back here in this thread. Keep in mind 1970-1995 were all done by Ikov, whom for all we know is dead. No one knows his methods.
>those floppies
I'd fucking kill you for those.
anyone have suggestions on any anime in these compilations? preferably gory and brutal. will seed for a long time, got good upload.
id love to download them all but only got a 2tb drive mostly full
if you ain't watching berserk, you ain't doing it right.
i've read the entirety of the berserk manga 9 times over and i've watched the good anime at least 5, god i fucking love berserk.
i recently read fire punch which kind of reminded me of it too
They are indeed, pretty based. I wonder if there's a Misato one.
anyone have magical girl pretty sammy?
all the rips on sukebei are either untranslated or russian voiced
>magical girl pretty sammy
95 or 96?
File: Elfen-Lied.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
Elfen Lied

13 episodes + 1 OVA
Dual Audio
11.3GB file size

> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:v4gnhscwkbp7kveryfnsbq6nivql6bev&dn=Elfen%20Lied&xl=12193347112&fc=14
Any chance someone got cowboy bebop french dub?
Ya'll know Nyaa(s) exist right? What is the point of this?
better than porno threads
Ease of archiving
great thanks mate
File: 1544072162892.png (51 KB, 609x639)
51 KB
I would upload the anime I've got but my upload speed is around 600 KB/s which would take ages
who would want this shit?
File: ShyGalsDance.gif (1.19 MB, 712x475)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
File: prince of tennis.jpg (397 KB, 2000x800)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
anyone happen to have the prince of tennis series?
but not the one from 5 years ago
that one a shit
Anyone got a JoJo torrent with all the animations?
Are there any good Dragonball Super torrents? None on nyaa.
berserk 97?
What Nyaa are you looking at, anon? It has plenty of DBS.
How about you look in the 90s torrent and download it? What are you asking?
File: 1530273732861.jpg (444 KB, 700x1130)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
anyone got the castlevania anime both seasons?
also bump
Ok now I'm even more confused, how come the .si one works? the eu one tells me to download some stupid client. Why the hell does everything have to change? Frustrating..
In 2017, nyaa went down and several sites were created in it's place. The most prominent successor of the bunch is nyaa.si. The nyaa.eu you're visiting is a malware site and you shouldn't visit it or download software from it
Oh thanks for clearing that up, it seems it's under Dragon Ball as opposed to Dragonball. Simple but annoying mistake.
Does anyone have jojo part 5?
pls :(
i dont want to download 50 gb worth of anime just for 1 anime
That is not how torrents work. You choose what files you want to download.
>That is not how torrents work. You choose what files you want to download.
OP literally posted a magnet where there are decades and a bunch of anime of the decades in it
i would be donwloading all of them i do not want them all just fucking one
Do you understand how magnet links and metadata work, anon? You enter the magnet into your torrent client and it downloads the list of files, just like any torrent file. And just like any torrent file, you can select what files you want to download.
I can spoonfeed you if you need it.
1) Open torrent client.
2) Click 'add torrent/magnet' in your client.
3) Go to the top of this OP and think about the anime you want.
4) Do the math and realize that Berserk was released in 1997, so it must be in 1990s p3 or p4 (I'll give you a hint, it's part 3)
5) Paste the link into your torrent client, allowing it to download the metadata.
6) Go to the files tab of your torrent client and deselect all items that are not Berserk
7) Download only Berserk
Witch hunter robin anyone?
Check nyaa.si. If anyone was going to link it to you, they'd just be going there and pasting the magnet for you here because you're too lazy to google it yourself
holy shit you stink of new. lol

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