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Can we get an "Obscure adventure games" thread going?
bumping for interest
is anyone seeding this?
theres this one old game ive been trying to find and replay, i forgot it's name buti do remember you start out as a guy in his office at a casino he owns that you bought from borrowed money from the mafia, they come to get the money you borrwed back and you escape and go on journey running away from them.
you end up in a sewer and breaking into a prison only to try and break out, you end up in the country side and suddenly you are having car races.
its a weird game but i really wanna replay this if anyone has a clue?
Cave Story anyone?
File: tex.jpg (26 KB, 250x250)
26 KB
I believe this is the entire Tex Murphy series

"obscure adventure game"
Regardless, it's still a free download on the original website
If anyone has got the DRM FREE .EXE off Humble Bundle that'd be greatly appreciated.

The version in the website is the original build of course and though I have the game in Steam I'd like to have the .EXE too.
Ah, The Dark Eye!

A classic in my eyes. Featuring the voice of William S Burroughs, retelling classic tales from Poe, and helped in the development of my obsession of characters who you can't see the eyes of.
can someone redpill me on these Tex Murphy games?
anyone have "Eden"? A dino-pocolypse sort of game.
I this the one you're looking for?
anyone has the link for Google docs?
Evil Days of Luckless John?

Only working link I found
File: WayToGoIdiot.jpg (39 KB, 640x518)
39 KB

Worth your time boyz.
File: header.jpg (53 KB, 460x215)
53 KB
Anyone have the new barony DLC?
File: 1444973849617.gif (1.49 MB, 271x201)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
Please mista, seed this one. Thank you kind sir.
File: Mise_en_abyme.png (31 KB, 639x400)
31 KB
This site has a few adventure games and the copy of The Dark Eye here is easy to install and play
They are probably the best games from the FMV years, at least they managed to be consistently good as games instead of "I wanted to make a movie but it was easier to make a game instead" kinda thing that plagued those years of gaming.

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