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I was looking around for these dropout exclusive shows and didn't find them on any public or private trackers. I went ahead and downloaded them myself. Here's the magnet:

We don't need a new thread for every show.
Can't you uncultured fucks consolidate a bit?
anon, i'm not gonna shit on you for starting a new thread, and will actually thank you for what looks like some pretty weird stuff to check out, but this is not really how we do things here. use [Catalog] button to see other threads where you could have shared your stuff. Every time you create a new thread, an old thread dies, and with it the awesomeness it contained and the ability to add to this awesomeness. be mindful and you know. STOP KILLING THREADS
I was actually lookig for that! i don't know how things works here, but thanks!
Do you happen to have "uhm Actually" too?
seed pl0x
Anyone have cartoon hell?
please tell me WTF 101 is in this
just replying to myself because it finally loaded the magnet THANK YOU I've been checking streaming sites almost every week(every day in the begining) to see when they would get wtf 101 besides just epsisode 1
anyone have the D&D show?

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