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File: untitled.png (2.22 MB, 1300x1300)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Share your all time favourite megnets!
no porn tho
besides that all goes
ill start with the complete Twilight Zone series:
not a magnet link but it can still help you anons

Julius Evola Books(also The Hermetic Tradition should have a Guide 3 description infront of the address sorry about that)
i ment guide 4*
File: list.png (62 KB, 307x481)
62 KB
Hello I'll take advantage of this thread to share my very first torrent. I'm not sure I did everything right but if you like Jazz then this one is for you.
(see pic for the list of artists)

What is the audio format?

300GB of BBC Horizon documentaries
it's m4a
44gb of shitposts, via resilio sync

Yes, this is the rw key
Guys im looking for a torrent i know exists with a list of ISO standards, anyone have it?
File: M_A_S_H_1977.jpg (54 KB, 693x516)
54 KB
All 11 seasons of M*A*S*H at 720p.
This version doesn't have the laugh track, which makes its 10x better than the U.S. version.
Suicide is painless...
I don't remember any laugh tracks in M*A*SH* and I'm an American
The initial airing of M*A*S*H episodes in the U.S. had a laugh track edited in to find a wider audience. I'm not sure if reruns have the laugh track, but places like the U.K. did not include it
Slight mistake on my part, these should be 1080p as they are mkv files. It took a couple days for me to download it, has a problem with seeding

Also since I've posted in this thread again, I'd like to leave another magnet. This one is the Netflix miniseries Love, Death, & Robots at 1080p


are u tryin ta trick me
i thought you were talking about the tranny for a minute, too much 4chan for me
File: 1500726499589.jpg (18 KB, 480x270)
18 KB
Since my thread died after a long time, let me add The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.

>The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas (Complete 1-18) [January 2018 Update]
Best torrent I've EVER seen on 4chan!

Thanks man, glad you appreciate it :)
File: 1543726194369.jpg (11 KB, 163x160)
11 KB
there are people that actually like the laugh tracks?
Came to my fav board to find some cool things to watch documentaries about

Since there is no documentaries thread, this was the first one I got to see
pretty good

Does anybody have more links on documentaries or atleast recomendations on good ones?
Have watched many science ones, so I feel like history or modern themes more, but I'm pretty open to recommendations
I'm already a big Fagen/Steely Dan fan. Also like Chick/Hancock, but some of that stuff I'd never heard of - the Khalil Chahine stuff is very interesting.
Great selection anon, thanks for sharing!
Is there a torrent for google art project images?
Or just paintings in general
File: nova.png (16 KB, 433x253)
16 KB
Search "PBS Nova - The Complete Season xx" on your favourite indexer. They used to be on IPT but they've been deleted >:(

I'll try and cross seed what I got off IPT onto public trackers - I'll get back to you when I do....
Seed please, I've been stuck at ~55% for a few days with a few other persons
how its made 1 to 24 plus specials
Hows the quality?
havent checked the specials but most of it is in 720p

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