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Not doing much this evening so keen to find some cool new torrents.

Lemme know if you guys have anything that you want seeded. I'll then seed what I like, I guess.
Oh yeah, I do have tonnes of storage and bandwidth to keep weak torrents alive!
why does everyone make their own thread for this now
Because autism. There should just be a seeder megathread where people can just post random torrents and then high ratio seeders can just hop on. There shouldnt be 7 threads a week dedicated to one specific person seeding shit.
File: 1535264192193.jpg (30 KB, 357x524)
30 KB
theres one good thing in these tho. every time a thread like this is made a tranny porn thread might die.
but thats the one good thing here
ps2 ntsc games
Watts Atelier Online School - Drawing & Painting

File: 33 - NUivhvc.jpg (272 KB, 1242x1654)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
MissAlexaPearl videos:
it's pron...
and its disgusting
Could you seed this torrent for Rango BlueRay Extended Cut?


moomin full series
Not a bad idea. /t is dead enough for torrents to not be lost in megathreads.
>shit ton of ps2 games (possibly all the ntsc u games)

>Hey guys, look at me! I have a seedbox! Am I 1337 yet?
Get the fuck outta here
File: tsubasa.png (512 KB, 572x357)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
Animetosho had an old series called Tsubasa Chronicles on it. It was a very special story, something unique both with respect to the original manga and to the anime that came of it. If you've got time, please seed it. It's be much appreciated.


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