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File: Red_vs_Blue_Logo.jpg (260 KB, 960x960)
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Hi guys, thought I'd share this Red vs Blue torrent I made the other day. It has seasons 1 through 16 complete with english subtitles. Directly ripped from their youtube channel.

Feel free to also drop your personal favorite webseries!

>wasting bandwidth downloading this trash
Shiggy, my guy.
Then don't download?
File: DBZA_Popo_the_God.jpg (45 KB, 680x1000)
45 KB

Here is another of my favorites: Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abrdiged.
Same treatment; Everyting DBZA related I could find on their channel, with english subtitles if they had any.


Well I guess I can stop procrastinating with getting this set up on my Plex server now, thanks XD
Finishing up a Game of Thrones torrent now too, this one isn't ripped from youtube though. I've got a taste for giving back to the community now lol
OK this one isn't working for some reason
Why would you need to torrent this? You could directly watch and download from their YouTube channel... you've wasted an incredible amount of time on this

Not OP but:

1. For people who want to put it on various media servers (Plex, Emby, etc)
2. For preservation. Youtube channels can be shut down, deleted, etc. Will it happen to Roosterteeth? Unlikely. Did we expect it to happen to Machinima? No, yet it still happened.
3. Some people do not like streaming content vs *having* the content.
4. For people living in places with shit internet, where it's easier to just leave it download for a week instead of trying to watch individual episodes and having them buffer every minute.
5. For data hoarders.

Pick one or two to answer your question and then stop being a cunt.
>3. Some people do not like streaming content vs *having* the content
>5. For data hoarders
This. I have 8tb in storage space so I might as well use it for something.
Until the YouTube wrongthink moderators drop the content because some video is later claimed as "problematic" by social media SJW nazi's
>my guy
Has there ever been a more telltale sign that someone is a redditor?
22+ TB here and growing.
its so hard to do this as poorfag but i do have 12tb and will probably get more soon
does anybody have the Tunt/cunt life from inside gaming saved?
Yeah, been needing more space for a long while now, but as you said, poorfags unite.
if only you had this in movie, instead of episode format, where the whole season is one file
Thanks you, a lot. For years I've painstakingly searched torrent sites for any rips of RvB; recently I've managed to get reasonably high-res versions of most seasons. Don't have 16 though, so thanks.
>being this new
Technically doable, but that would take a lot of editing and time which I don't know that I have

Does the torrent contains the off-shot stuff too, like the animated video and psa?
I think you are referring to the non-canonical episodes from season 14, which it does contain
I aim to please

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