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Anyone here want a LOTR thread? How many people here play it?

I think I made the last one in 2016.

Are they your mini's? They're pretty good.
Nope not mine, but if you like i could definitely post some of them

Yeah go for it.

I'm interested in playing but I'm waiting for FW to release a 'middle-earth SBG'. The Hobbit films were that horrendous it's put me off buying anything with Martian Freeman's face on.
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It seems ive done a potato, this is my modest swarm of completed numenoreans, ive got a bunch more im working on currently. You could just play the current ruleset with older models, they still have the rules for the points included in the supplements i think
I kinda want to play. How are Easterlings? How about Uruk Hai?
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Pic of my captains
can't say i've read they're SBG rules but in War of the Ring they both seem competitive although Easterlings are lacking in unit choice if you only decide on them. You could do a full "Fallen Realms" type deal and take haradrim and some other stuff which i think would make them more viable.
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Looking good.


I was going to start Easterlings as my Evil side.

It appears you basically roll with spears most of the time to make use of their special shield wall rule.
Judging by the interest in this thread it might be worth starting /SBG/ back up again.
I always wanted to play SBG/War of the Rings when they were current, but nobody at my LGS even looked at them (like the rest of the US I think). Played at the scale and with the flexibility/simplicity I always wished WFB did. Are there actually people who still play it?

Now that FW has took over and is releasing new models and running events it seems to be undergoing a small revival, whether people play it will depend on your area but a few WHFB players jumped over.

This is what baffled people so much about AoS. GW had an award winning rule system sitting on a shelf and they just bypassed it for Scrumhammer. Total waste of opportunity.

Also reminds people that the most well designed games are not always the most popular.
Anyone know where to find rulebooks? I would love to get into this, and considering the lower prices/model counts it seems much easier to rope in friends to.

Could someone maybe break down the factions for me too? I get the basic defensive dwarves, horde orcs, but what about things like Arnor or the more obscure evil factions?

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