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File: what is this bullshit.png (1.6 MB, 992x1385)
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this card game, weeaboo as all fuck, is now in burgerese.

and i am drawn to it.

sell me or save me from the madness that is a new card game....

with waifus.
this game is great, also waifu wars are a thing. same name cards in play don't matter so go ham. game is a bit pricy, so but singles also they do have star wars as one set but jap land only sadly
File: foiling.jpg (242 KB, 990x669)
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It's been years since i played this. Imo, if you don't have a wifu in the game, not worth it.
Bumpy foils are cool.
I don't understand how this game works. Are the cards from different series supposed to be used only against cards within that series, or can you mix and match?
different formats, one is standard witch is pick only one set and build a deck from that, I belive you have all the person's in one deck? not too sure. the other one is just mix and match but no body really plays it
what is this game
There are several formats.
I forgot the format name but,
format 1 : you can mix and match any cards in a deck
format 2 : you can mix and match cards only from the same line of series. ex. all persona sets, all fsn sets, all love live sets
format 3 : you can only use cards from 1 set

The usual tournament scene uses format 2. afaik, no series are banned.
File: b0a43bce.png (311 KB, 350x489)
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311 KB PNG
mai waifu

Praise be to WS.

Who greenlit this shit?
nips are really into sw.
File: 788e672c.png (354 KB, 350x489)
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354 KB PNG
It's not so much the fact that there is an SW set, it's the fact that literally everything about the set looks completely terrible.
Is this set in English yet? Or coming out in English?
no english realease ever, as far as i know
Dang that would've been cool. I guess I could always play with a translation guide or something lol
heart of the cards might have them up, not sure>>53881224
first time the art isent fking movie stills
I cannot stand the fact that Japanese card games ALL use these tiny, unreadable text boxes. That along with art that comes across as weaboo bait most of the time turns me off of any of these games before anything could convince me of giving them more than a passing glance. Does anyone else experience this?
I am absolutely with you.
Nonetheless i will not shit on anyone who likes it( unless the rate of underage animu girl is too high, in that case i would prefer to avoid living near anyone who plays such a game).

Japanese is shorter than english and other white languages so the small textbox is justified for them, and apparently they like their awful artstyle since it seems to be the only thing that sells on that goddamn island.
Perhaps westerners would be better off making their own card games, who would have tought?
I don't mind the anime art style, as with all styles there's variance in content and quality. And I like large art in cards. Magic cards that end up with full art of larger art look great, even though I know it's the uniformity of most cards that makes their game visually unoffensive, unlike Japanese games.

Japanese cards are busy and messy and ugly. Art over the text boxes. Foil effects distorting color and hiding symbols, both used to recognize parts of the game you're playing. Text boxes being less opaque in more instances. When Magic does a special foil, a full art card, or clear text boxes it's done in a way that makes the card readable and recognizable.
File: WS_PR1_MM-PE03.jpg (116 KB, 500x706)
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116 KB JPG
I get your complaint when it comes to things like yugioh text boxes, but Weiss is really not that bad. I don't have any particular love for the game, (climaxes feel like they overshadow the individual card mechanics too much, although the same could be said of lands in mtg) but the formatting is overall solid.

And don't get me started on Magic's foiling.
File: 1049054.jpg (47 KB, 322x450)
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Another example, with more text. Still cleanly formatted and completely legible.

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