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File: tp_thearm[1].png (166 KB, 780x412)
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Previous thread here >>54337685
>The vampiric forces of TIME march to consume all realities, destabilizing their time-streams and causing them to spiral into oblivion.
>Few can stand up to this cosmic threat, this blight upon all the cosmos.
File: fear.jpg (19 KB, 500x375)
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>The darkness ever presses in, and we can't wake up.
>The Centarian-Andronian alliance.
>A collection of already harvested species led by the PanPadre and very determined individuals.
>they travel through the cosmos on wings of steel and bodies of Adamant.
Re-posting this.
>>Supposedly the name 'TIME' is a false one conceived by mortal beings across the multiverse to describe something they can never truly comprehend.
>The oldest sources refer to it as "Turemiesresquiasalmorquintessenceanathemissiance Islluminiarencetesancemorquiantennen MortemierderatellasquerrteryionallismoremparturientI'm El'Odim
>So it's name is death?
the only part that mattered.
Odim/Odium also means 'Hate/Hatred' in Latin.
File: 1499571926335.jpg (529 KB, 900x692)
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>Admitting that it's latin
>time to break down this fucker's name
>So it's Hater of....death....
File: dogora_toho1[1].jpg (27 KB, 500x373)
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I wish you good luck in your efforts to decode the name of TIME. May you be successful.
>It is said that to seek the truth behind the name of the Dread One known as TIME, is to risk a fate far worse than mere death.
File: 1499817389410.jpg (217 KB, 752x1063)
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217 KB JPG
someone out there wants to kill TIME so hard that it fucks off from this reailty.
File: 000717ht[1].jpg (96 KB, 500x731)
96 KB
>In order to achieve this, the being in question has harvested beings from all across the cosmos in order to dissect and study them, using their genetic material to develop weapons that might be able to 'harm' TIME.
File: 1494915320857.jpg (222 KB, 1023x709)
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222 KB JPG
>With so much genetic information plus the species actual knowledge is decides on a base form for it's saviors, a call back to ancient saurian lifeforms on Earth, humanity long since spread across the cosmos it's home gone, with a features of a few alien races. This is..the universe's only hope.
File: 1499826436355.png (1.03 MB, 1024x683)
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1.03 MB PNG
>These "Censors", named for their abilty to apparently Censor matter and ideas for TIMEs war isn't just a physical one, it is a war for the soul of the universe and only though total absolute destruction of all its forces can TIME be stopped. It isn't simply the covering and, hiding of TIME, it is the putting of SPACE where that TIME should be.
>How Censors can somehow put SPACE where time is, isn't well known, but entities that have been graced by the CENSORS presence report a black goop being fired from the mouths of the CENSORS that when coated a vampires simply made it disapper from this reailty all together, unable to be recreated by TIME.
The Centarian Empire does not have a single armed force. It has a loose gathering of castes that want a break from the monotony of the Father’s Vow(To eat TIME). the complete and utter destruction of Time, as they know it. Which happens to be a father and his small child. Every crusade takes a vow/s which are the myriad goals they’re trying to accomplish. Many crusades have crashed and burned due to the obscurity and or obscenity of their “vows”, not that this worries the Alliance in anyway shape or form, who due to the immense size of the empire, have no qualms about taking notice of the failed crusade that, even failed to return the all clear, they’ll simply send more Censors and Drones into the “problem area” until either it warrants the father himself appearing in person as even he does enjoy breaks from chasing Time to come and burninate the countryside, waves of aquatic hurricanes and typhoons and a slippery wave of destruction.
An alpha CENSOR is a 12 metre long draconic organism that with a wingspan of 9 metres is a truly daunting sight, thankfully its fearsome appearance is matched only by their friendly, and “ welcoming” and wishful demeanor.
File: 2679103393_bb272b3118_b.jpg (352 KB, 1024x768)
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File: 1500175732623.png (696 KB, 666x666)
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Don't bump, please collaborate.
>Even through TIME is the most dangerous threat, many of the universe's host horrors beyond understanding, sadly no most are most ravangaed by it's own primal desires at the heart of every living thing that inhabit it.
File: Emotions.png (1.15 MB, 1186x665)
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1.15 MB PNG
>Cult of personality, Cults, and worship, knowledge beyond matter, these are gateways to TIME and SPACE, through these DOORWAYS in the fabric of SPACETIME many horrible beings and the ones that do battle with them.
>Many of the other horrors that plague the many realms are terrified of the power that TIME wields. Some amongst them even pledge themselves to it, in the deluded hope that they will be spared.
>In the END it is all the same TIME SPACE they will tire, someone will fall, it has to happen, if not many, many ,any, all...no one knows what will happen in the END all they knew is that it can be stopped, with enough TIME and SPACE, the END
>The END is coming, it is unknown who will triumph when it comes, but it is coming.
>TIME and SPACE will inevitably clash, and this final clash will determine the fate of all things in the multiverse.
File: rudolph_news-1[1].jpg (28 KB, 400x283)
28 KB
>The stars twist and churn, screaming in agony as their songs are unmade.
>The great darkness presses in ever closer, devouring all light and hope and joy.
>the question is, will you stand against it?
File: alienmonsteriv.jpg (387 KB, 1600x1575)
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Late Night Bump.

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