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So me and my party got rid of a city of troublesome orcs. They resided in the middle of a fertile valley. Now that they are gone, the DMPC told us that we could invite one of the neighboring powers to take over it.

He said however that we should consider well which race we invite, listing thus possible gifts we could receive from doing so:

1) The nearby human king would probably award us with nobility (which would decrease costs and increase influence in all of his cities) and wealth;
2) The nearby elves would probably teach us spells or give us powerful magical artifacts;
3) The dwarves would probably award us with powerful armor or weapons, from mithril to even perhaps adamantine;

Which one of them would you guys vote for?

My group is discussing it a lot, since the wizard wants the elves and the martials want the dwarves. I'm sincerely thinking of voting for the humans since prestige seems to open a lot of possibilities.
land and wealth can get you better equipment and artifacts so go with the humans
Give it to the humans, go into mountains and clear out monsters from inevitable caves to give them to dwarves
invade elves

Give it to the dwarves and get your +3 weapons/armor early. Nobility and land will come when you eventually save the world, anyways.
Listen to the spell caster and give it to the Elves. Magic is awesome.

What would Dwarves do with caves? They already have caves and Dwarves need produce too survive as well.
Go with whatever race you've dealt with the most in your campaign so far, or whatever race the party most consists of. This will benefit you the most -- more than prestige, magic, or material goods.

You can't /thread your own post newfag.
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>1) The nearby human king would probably award us with nobility

That has got to be the most worthless thing they could possibly offer you and you know why? Because you are currently the rulers of a small nation of your very own.

Fuck handing it over, this is your patch of the world. They want it then they can fight for it but as they all seem to have let a city full of orcs live their for some time they seem weak as fuck and shouldn't fuck with the people strong enough to remove what they could not.

Vote for none, you have your prize.
Nigga what the fuck, you keep it for yourself. That's also the answer for every single similar situation. You free some land, building, castle, cave, you fucking keep it.
>Which one of them would you guys vote for?

All of these options/prizes are awful and if the PC's were smart they would just seize the land for themselves: offering up sizable plots of land, with low-property tax rates, to attract human and dwarven peasants to move in from their nearby respective communities... Maybe contract a small mercenary or some out of work adventuring companions to be a temporary military force while all of this is being established.
Be awful inconvenient to be building a kingdom only for some neighboring asshole to just pick apart your province because you can't be 'everywhere' at once- that and I'm sure the peasants would appreciate you being able to keep griffons, wyverns, and dire wolves away from their livestock. (provided the land has become overgrown).

In a couple of years they'll have their OWN little province which they use to acquire whatever they want.. That is, unless they're just HOBO TRAMPS who don't care about having homes or kingdoms and just want to go about killing things forever.
I'd understand if the PC's aren't ready for their rpg to turn into an rts.
>I'd understand if the PC's aren't ready for their rpg to turn into an rts.
Frankly this is what I think too.

I agree with those saying that keeping it for yourselves would be most profitable, but it would also cost a lot of work and time... which we could be using to advance the story.

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